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Found 9 results

  1. Shammyzap

    Deliberate friendly fire?

    Edit: The incident is near the end of the match. This is the first time i've ever experienced a team mate deliberately shoot at me, what should i do? i cant see a section on ticket creation to report such an issue. I've attached the replay if you'd like to see the incident. Cheers! p.s. criticism of my gameplay is also welcome :) Edited* Replay link removed from the message due to naming&shaming.
  2. Stretch71

    Friendly torpedo alerts

    As an inexperienced player in the game, one of the major issues I see is with friendly torpedo fire. Either ships not looking for friendlies when they fire, but also friendly ships not being aware when they have been fired (for example, doing an about face into a torpedo spread that had been legitimately fired into open water). The ability to warn friendly players that a spread had been launched would be good. An automated 'fish in the water' that also pings the ship on the minimap would be good. Or alternatively make it a manual shortcut message on the F keys (do we really need both 'support required' and 'SOS' for example). This could work in a similar way to WoT when arty players ping the target they are firing at. That's my thought for the day - I hope this is the right forum, I couldn't see a specific 'feedback' one.
  3. RoadRunner0815

    Friendly Fire Hit Box corrupted

    Als ich mit einem Flugzeugträger spielte, kamen irgendwann das Chatfenster voll spammende Meldungen zu Freundschaftsbeschuss. Sofort wurde ich pink markiert. Mein Problem mit der Hit Box: sämtliche Flugzeuge waren im Träger und wieder startbereit. Zu dem Zeitpunkt konnte kein Kapitän mehr in meine Torpedos fahren, da es mindestens 20 sec. her war, da meine Torpedos auf feindliche Schiffe abgeworfen waren. Der Träger an und für sich war weit entfernt vom nächsten Kapitän und ich war weder aufgedeckt noch sonst was. Ehrlich?! Übler Mist !
  4. DataDemon

    friendly fire 0.7.2 WTF???

    Hello everyone. Since you see that I play in HAMI you may trust me that I do not intend to troll around or getting my teammates killed. This patch there is a new interesting feature with friendly fire. In my game I was playing Des Moines, got close to a missouri and, trying to kill off an enemy dd on low hp accidentially hit Missouiri. Well it was not accidential, I knew I would be hitting him but shooting a low hp dd has priority, as missuri was full hp. Well as it happens I dealt 0 damage with my shell on him, but started a fire. Well crap happens, right? (The same can also happen if bbs secondaries hit a friendly ship by chance). Well there was the "stop hurting your allies signal as always". Missouri did not repair, for which I do not blame him. You should never repair 1 single fire, especially since there was a dd nearby. He might have done it to 'punish' me as a lot of random scrubs tend to do, which is dumb aswell, but common in randoms. Nevertheless, it just so happens that after the 3rd tick (<10 sec!) I became pink already (which sucks but fine so far). At the same time I started to take damage. His fire damage. And not the regular damage, but multiplied. It started with me losing 2k per tick, ending in 22k last tick. And I could not do anyhting. All I did, with full HP, playing as I would play any competitive match, was to set 1 single fire on my teammate which he did not (or could not) repair. End result, I died in less than 15 sec, got the teamkill status and I would even claim my team got one of the best ships in their game killed off for nothing. Question 1: WTF Wargaming??? Question 2: Is there any way to do somehting about it?
  5. [edited] Here in a nutshell is the problem with team damage compensation, or in fact, lack thereof: An idiot who sadly cannot be named on this forum decided to shoot a slavo of torpedos from his Fubuki into my blind side from 100M away, Completely deliberate because he is a total posterior. The only damage I took in the match that I had not repaired (Atago) was from him, near the end of the match. It costs me 48,325 credits to repair my ship from his damage yet I am only compensated by 37,066 by the game from him. So not only do I go from full health to near death as a result of his actions, i lose a stack of cash: the difference between his payment and my cost plus I spend money on a premium repair kit to stop flooding (another 22,500) that had up until then not been used, I have wasted flags to maximise cash outcome (premium ship driving it for cash). We all get moments where there is an accidental clash of ships when driving in close proximity which is neither here nor there but for damage done by shooting / torpedos / fire / flooding as a result of team killer fire the fine system should be far, far more penal. If you hit someone with a salvo of torpedos you should be fined 4 times the cost of repair and that payment should ALL go to the person your idiocy harmed. In addition, every time you do the same thing within 24 hours the fine should double (and double again and again) and the payout stay the same - the idea is not to make taking team damage profitable, just not loss making and punish more punitively continual offenders. So, in this example, it cost me 48,325 to repair. He should have been fined 193,300 credits all of which was passed on to me. Had he done the same to someone else he would then be fined base cost X8 and someone else base cost X16. Very easy for WG to implement, any time the team damage exceeds 500 hp people are put on the punishment fine system. Would have the double effect of making taking team damage from idiot less painful and giving people a far more noticable deterent from being so stupid as to fire at their own team.
  6. Hi, does anyone know if secondaries shot from short range, lets say BB A and BB C ( pun not intended ) are travelling more or less parallel to one another, with BB C being a bit behind BB A, now we have enemy BB X coming from the prow side of BB A not parallel but almost, lets say roughly 20ish degree angle. All 3 ships are fighting at a range from 5 Km, does BB C's secondary fire, or can it, hit BB A ? And if so can it cause fires also? I would make a pretty picture but my paint skills are somewhat rusty so try to use your conceptional brain power. Thx
  7. I have started playing this game a few days ago. I have played world of tanks, and I am astonished by the amount of intentional friendly fire that is going on in WoWS. To be honest, it is making me decide to not play this game at all. In the last games, I have been shot at by friendly ships at the start of a battle for no reason that i can think of.. My name is not pink or whatever, i really can not think of any reason that someone would start shooting me. It has happened too many times now... Suggestion to WG : make ppl pink if friendly fire happens in the start of battles much sooner.. There is no way to report such a player other than that he plays poorly... in my opinion that is WAY too mild.
  8. KptStrzyga

    TKing with torps

    WG, why not make torpedoes harmless against ships from own team? Team killers and trolls will have one less tool to annoy others. Or make torps do half damage to friendly ships. If this poor destroyer would survive my hit with few HP left I wouldn`t feel so bad with it but it happend so fast..... Poof and omg Sims is gone.