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Found 7 results

  1. Kaseko


    Hier bitte alles zur Alsace rein.
  2. Gaensebluemchen01


    Wundert mich, dass noch niemand über die Entwicklung im Schatten der Richelieu berichtet hat... WG bastelt parallel an der Lyon als Tier 7 BB. Zwar als sogenannte Reissbrett-BB nie realisiert bzw. vom Washingtoner Flottenabkommen verhindert. Aber 16 x 34cm Rohre klingt ziemlich brutal...
  3. Age Group: (25<>35) Real Name: Just like the nickname says Country: Mauritius Languages: English, French Discord: LeGiry #8542 Ships: T10: Thunderer, Yamato, Henry IV, Minotaur, Salem, Gearing, Shimakaze, Harugumo, Sommers; (all with respective legendary gizmos and 19pts captains) T9: Fletcher, Yugumo, Kitakaze, Friesland, Neptune, Saint-Louis, Kronshtadt, Alaska, Izumo, Friedrich der Große T8: Akizuki, Benson, Kagero, Baltimore, Charles-Martel, Edinburgh, Mogami, Amagi, Bismark My Random stats used to be in the lower 40's for a long long time, cause I couldn't care less in randoms, Warships has for the most been a play-for-fun activity for me, my fun being: "Get in ship →blap or get blapped →go port →Rinse & Repeat." So please don't write me off based on those. I can assure you in a competitive clan battle I am an entirely different beast. I also make my best to be regularly available for CW. Previous clans: [FMP] Season 1-3 (eengrish speaking weebs) [CF40] Season 5 -6 (Baguettes & Croissants) [_ZOO_] Season 7 (It's freaking Monkey's clan duh!) These are all cool lads, good humour, lots of laughs. Definitely keeping in touch and recommended to anyone looking for fun divisions. However I am now looking for a clan with bigger competitive aspirations with seasoned captains invested in tactical approach and much finer strategic game-play. Ideally I'll make a nice fit to a clan that plays as early as the clan sessions start or even during RU prime time even if occasionally. CW activity:
  4. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Review: T5 Jaguar, French Destroyer

    Hey guys! Managed to get the mission for the T5&6 destroyers Jaguar and Geupard from some premium containers gifted to me from a subscriber so I thought I put my review here if any other players are struggeling with this ship and maybe want some tips and tricks on how to play it to its strength. First of, I dont think the T5 Jaguar is a good representation of the French destroyer line after have played the T6 Geupard as well. I say this because the T5 Jaguar cant slot the upgraded speed boost module to get your French speed boost to last 4.5 minutes, but more important, it doesn't have access to the Main Battery Reload Booster that is the game changer for this line and what transformes the T6 Geupard to a very dangerous Destroyer Hunter/Killer if played right. But if we talk more about this T5 Jaguar, you shouldn't really play this as a run and gun French DD, but more like a US DD with good torps, good lobbing arcs on its shells and pretty awesome firechance. So make use of all the small islands on those T5 maps and sit behind cover and set ships on fire left and right, when you are done with that you can go out in the open and kill of enemy BBs with your French DD torps which are actually quite potent. I also have to say this. Having only played the T5 and 6 so far I can see a huge potential in this line. That said, I dont think this line is for everyone, I dont think this line is for the average, casual player. This line is high risk/skill, high reward!! But if you make mistakes in these ships you will get punished .... HARD! So for a DD main like me, that has been a DD main since CBT, and loves a challange, I see many fun games for me in the future, grinding this line. But having played all the other lines and also only having experience of the T5 & T6 of this line so far I think the skill floor for these destroyers are quite high, higher then any other DD line in my experence. All other DD lines usually have some redeeming treats, smoke, good stealth, good AA or maybe some heals. This line will reward players that knows when to stop fireing, players who know when to engage and when to go dark. Players that can read and interpret information given to him from the game and and the minimap. You dont have any heals in these ships. To become successful you need to rely on your cunning and ability to setup perfect ambush points on the map for the enemy DDs to maximize on the potential of your speed and MBRB. Just to mention the Main Battery Reload Booster that are available on the T6 Geupard. Imho, you should never waste the MBRB on a cruiser or a BB unless you are certain you can secure a kill from it. MBRB should only be reserved to take out the enemy DDs, and THAT it does, were talking almost Kitakaze/Harugumo DPM for 15 seconds at T6-7, That said, at T6-7 you can devestate most cruisers showing broadside to you if you shoot AP with MBRB. So here is my review on the T5 Jaguar. I will also upload a review of the T6 Geupard soon on my channel, so if you are interested in that, make sure you subscribe to the channel so you dont miss any updates. Oldschool Gaming @ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTFH4vF-jnNdTSppCezDIw As I said before, the T6 Geupard is when this line starts to really shine. And when the Destroyer Hunter/Killer shows himself. As I said, I see a potential in this line!
  5. Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable From: Thu. 22 Aug. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) Until: Thu. 22 Aug. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update size: 1 GB Update 0.8.7 continues the cycle of updates focusing on French destroyers. Take part in the new Stage of the French event: research the French destroyer branch; gather the new collection; and obtain the new unique Commander, Philippe Auboyneau. Aside from the new event Stage, we've prepared some significant changes to gameplay: a new progression system—the Research Bureau; an updated matchmaker; and improved mechanics for the priority AA sector. What's inside? French Destroyers Event: Part 2 Research Bureau Ranked Sprint Game Mechanic Improvements UI Improvements Armory Content Additions and Changes Other Changes and Improvements You can find the whole list on our Portal, or in the newest Dasha video: Action Stations!
  6. Salut ! Des leaks tout chaud de cet après-midi indiquent l'arrivée d'un nouveau destroyer premium français de Tier V, le Cyclone, de classe Bourrasque ! Les stats ne font pas rêver: HP: 11700 vitesse: 30 kts rayon de la courbe de giration: 560m gouvernail: 3.04s dissimulation: 7.2/3.36 km Consommables: DCP, smoke de tier 4 (oui oui), spood beest normal (pas le french) les canons font pleurer: 4x1 130mm/40 Mle1919 reload: 10s rotation à 180°: 18s portée: 11.72 km obus HE: 1900 dmg, 9% chances d'incendies, 725m/s obus Ap: 2300 dmg, pénétration 5/10km = 91/49, à 725m/s les torps: 2x3 550mm Mle1928T reload: 84s (le pire du tier il me semble) 12233 dmg portée de 6km à 57 kts, détectée à 1.2km la dca est inexistante, je préféré la passer. En bref ça m'a l'air très mauvais, à part la portée qui est la meilleure du tier si je ne m'abuse, le reste des stats est risible... Vous en pensez quoi ? la source: https://sea-group.org/?p=3092&lang=en
  7. French destroyers vs Russian destroyers I would like to compare these two nations in this post; please comment about which is better. Speed: French is faster, though Russians still fast. French have improved engine boost. Health: About the same. Guns: Khabarovsk: 4x2 130mm, base reload of 5s, base rotation of 20s/180 degrees, base range of 11.24km, 900m/s Kleber: 4x2 139mm, base reload of 7s, base rotation of 10s/180 degrees, base range of 13.56km 840m/s Kleber has access to main battery reload, as well as improved AP shells, allowing citadels on cruisers at close/medium ranges. Torps: Kleber has 8km torps. Khabarovsk torps only for emergencies. Concealment: Khabarovsk: What concealment? (10km base) Kleber: Useable (7.98km base) Rudder shift/Turning circle: Khabarovsk: 11.1s, 760m Kleber : 4.8s, 740m Question: Which is the best nation to go for? I know that French can cap more easily, though they don't have smoke. Which is better at open-water gunning and wasd-ing? Which playstyle is more interesting? Please let me know your thoughts.