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Found 1 result

  1. HMS_Kilinowski

    How to french DD? - Builds and Playstyle

    Surprised nobody started that discussion already. How do the ne french DDs work? What is their role? How do you play around its weaknesses and cash in on its strengths? I currently have the T5 Jaguar and T6 Guepard in port, which seems to be the point, where the play style starts to evolve towards the unique french arc, that is speed and situational firepower. Let me start with the Jaguar and maybe talk about the Guepard later, if not covered by somebody else in the meantime. Short Disclaimer: My suggestions reflect my personal opinion and playstyle and needn't necessarily be universal. Jaguar (T5): My best idea is the traditional bully-DD build: Skills (in order of progression): PM, LS, SE, CE for the basics. Then take another 3 out of the following 4 skills: AR, BFT, DE, AFT. That is all theoretical. You will likely just grind through that ship and put a max 10pt captain on it. Modules: I went with the DD-standard: Main Armaments mod 1, Propulsion mod 1 and Aiming Systems mod 1. The key weaknesses of the Jaguar are slow turret traverse and having no smoke. You could counter the first weakness by taking EM instead of LS and MBM2 instead of ASM1. That would however generate new weaknesses, e.g. being a sitting duck after rudder oder engine are damaged and more dispersion, resulting in less dpm. Having no smoke is a problem under CV-favoring metas. Your AA will not reliably shoot planes down, not before they strike you repeatedly. So an alternative build would be to replace SE by BFT. It is not much in terms of AA but you also get the buff on gun reload. The hp buff is only 10.5%. SE is rather a choice if you want your captain to go up the line, as for e.g. Mogador that buff will be almost 16%. AFT could be a choice for a 14 pt captain. You would get extra AA and better harrassment on BBs, but the shells are really slow and air drag will have them plummet from the sky at max range, hard to land hits. Personally I like the Jaguar as a hybrid build. It has very fast and hard hitting torpedos. CE and camo will give you a detectability of 6.3km, so you got a 1.7km stealth torp window for your 8km torps. The speed of 68kts will make them travel that distance in about 45s, which is fast enough to catch a BB off guard. Try not to torp them from the front, as 3 torp salvos have wide gaps, rather torp at an angle of 30-45°. The concealment is still good in comparison to how the line evolves from T6 on. So you can take caps, ambush DDs and, as said resort to stealth torps, when your HP are depleted. The general playstyle is close to russian DDs, so you fight from greater distance. The gun arcs are quite nice, but shell velocity still is mediocre. It gets better at higher tiers, but for now, stay in medium range. Rely on your speed boost to confuse aim. Also your turret traverse is slow, so hard maneuvers should be limited to evade the smarter players. Also don't start your turret rotation as you see the enemy, try to anticipate where enemies might op up and get your guns ready beforehand. These DDs don't react well to surprises. The Jaguar does not get the reload booster. Keep distance to USN-gunboats to land more hits than them and close the distance to russian DDs, to make your higher fire rate dominate his better arcs. Don't however close within 4-6km as you will get in russian- and USN- torp range. You are fast, you can control the distance. Don't start shooting, if the enemy DD smokes up. You don't have hydro to keep him spotted and his team and he will still see you and shoot you. Avoid clusters of enemies but rather attack isolated DDs, like torpboats sneaking up on your teams flanks. Summed up, the Jaguar is a well-rounded package, with weaknesses that can be played around and strengths it can force upon its opponents. Play it mostly like a russian DDs until you can't and then switch to ninja torp mode.