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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, Until today i was using a cheap logitech keyboard. I bought a Razer Ornata keyboard which is also supposed to be good for gaming. But now I have this weird lag that i did not have oh my old keyboard. Every time (almost every time) when i press CTRL the game freezes for some time (1-3 seconds) and its frustrating. Tried the old keyboard and it works ok. Can anyone explain why this is happening or why its keyboard related?
  2. WHY the game keeps freezing and crashing when attempting to login?! Since the last update the game (sometimes) freezes and crashes when i attempt to login! As a result not only the game freezes, but the whole PC! I CANNOT stop the game even through the task manager and the only way out is F13 (cold restart)! I DO NOT use any mods! I asked this very same question elsewhere, but i recieved no feedback! WHY??? Why this keeps happening and when WG is going to fix this issue?!?
  3. I'm aware I've created a post about this before but I'm unable to find it again, and I know I'm not the only one with this crap. And yes, I'm severely annoyed because I cannot even [edited]press Port without the damn program giving me a hiccup. Since the release of the game runs like crap. Summary: Wows.exe stops responding upon clicking any button, pattern seems to be once every three clicks. Happened after CV rework ( My mate also has the problem. Note we both have over 100 ships in port. Game is almost unplayable due to the afore mentioned issues. It's really starting to make me think about throwing stuff into my monitors again like I used to do when I was ten. End of file.
  4. Captain_Offshore

    WoWS nicht mehr spielbar

    Hallo Kapitäne, Seit dem letzten Update ist WoWS bei mir unter MacOS Mojave nicht mehr spielbar. Ständig friert das Spiel mir im Gefecht ein oder es beendet sich einfach ohne Fehlermeldung. Häufige Verbindungsabbrüche zum Server bin ich ja gewohnt. Aber jetzt geht nix mehr. Hat noch jemand die Erfahrung gemacht? Hat vielleicht sogar jemand eine Lösung dafür?
  5. Recently, just a few days ago, I started experiencing fatal crashes when starting the game. Shortly after logon, sometimes before the harbour is loaded and sometimes a few seconds after, the screen goes blank, sound locks up and computer cease respond, requiring a hard-reset or power-down. It doesn't happen every time, but about 2/3. Once the game loads, it remain stable and I can play for hours. I can even alt-tab and do other stuff. I first suspected my old graphics-card was begining to give up, but I have no issues in other games I play, such as Stellaris, Diablo III, Path of Exile and Never Winter. I also downloaded Heaven Benchmark and let it run on extreme for a while in order to see if that could trigger some error, but it was also fully stable. I tried a repair and also removed the preferences.xml-file yesterday, but that didn't help. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Buonasera, scrivo qui perché ho bisogno di capire se e' solo un mio problema o riguarda anche altri giocatori. Da ieri, con l'ultimo aggiornamento del gioco, mi capitano spesso dei blocchi del gioco. E' iniziato tutto ieri sera anche se sono riuscito a giocare tutto il pomeriggio. Non capendo cosa stava succedendo ho iniziato ad andare per gradi e ho prima disinstallato il gioco e reinstallato (questa mattina), controllato le richieste hardware, riscaricato i driver scheda grafica e controllato impostazioni audio/video. Ho aperto un ticket di segnalazione alla WG e allegato i vari report cosi' come descritto nelle guide nelle pagine di Help del sito di supporto. L'unico modo per sbloccare il gioco e' chiuderlo forzatamente con Ctrl+Alt+Canc-Termina applicazione (che appare come "Non risponde"), il tutto ripetute volte. Questo pomeriggio sono riuscito a giocare senza blocchi improvvisi, ma al momento di uscire dal gioco si e' inspiegabilmente bloccato ancora nella pagina (dentro al gioco) che chiede la conferma di uscita. Ho gia' controllato il gioco e la sua integrita' con il programma presente nelle Impostazioni del Wargame Center. Ovviamente ho ricevuto la sanzione per inattivita' in gioco (30 partite in modalità coop prima di poter accedere alle altre modalità) Qualcuno puo' darmi qualche dritta? Non so piu' come risolvere, Grazie.
  7. pulutykaszaft

    Game crashes

    When I launch the game and log in, everything is fine but after a half minute the screen freezes but the cursor still is moveable. I can only exit by the task manager.
  8. GuderianDK

    Frozen water

    Is it just on my client or has the Water stopped moving?
  9. klemi007

    Game crashing

    Hi all, I am having game crashes (game freezes and msg appears) after updating to new version. It happened to me 2 times so far, both while starting a game in tier 6 cruiser, and after not having played a game for some hours (ie. new gaming day). I atached the error msg i get. My best guess is one of the skins on one of the ships is either broken or does not load properly. After I close the game and restart it, previous game (still in progress) crashes again as soon as it loads. First time it happened on 1.1.2015, after reboot and taking another ship it worked OK (rebooting into same game session resulted in a crash), happened again on 3.1.2015. I was able to play any ship without any problems in the meantime. ADD: Just checked the python.log in notepad++, found 339 hits on "error". Looks like collision model problem. Problem is inconsistent, so please help me solve this. I also attached a python.log file, it shows that error occured while loading Ryujo collision model. python.log
  10. laBanshee

    keyboard freeze/hang

    fellow captains, I have been feeling that after patch 0.6.0, it happens much more often that my keyboard hangs/freezes. In a lot of situation i press A or D and thought i was turning, but in fact i wasn't. And i end up eating the torps. Before 0.6.0 i had about 3500 games and it happened 2 or 3 times. After 0.6.0 it alrady happened 5 times. Anyone feeling the same or it's just my tin-foil hat?
  11. Skyllon

    Gui freezes randomly

    Anyone else has noticed this issue? I've noticed that using chat / opening chanels in port, leads to GUI become unresponsive after some time. Main menu opens normaly but clicking on any option triggers no action. Same with clicking on ships or inport menus (Modules, Exterior, Profile, etc). You can minimise and bring back chat windows, but it is impossible to close them. Only solution is killing a process from task manager. It has happened for me before, but wasn't that frequent in previous patches.
  12. Hi all, How often do you experience WoWs crashes and / or freeze-ups? Introduction: I am old IT Pro and most of the time (I hope ) I know what I am doing... I got my first computer in the early 1980's! ZX Spectrum from London in 1982/1983 Commodore 64 in 1984 (I even had 5.25" floppy drive for it - big as a shoebox) Atari ST 512 MB (expanded to 1024 with "piggyback soldering" chips) in 1987 PC era started for me in 1992... I have several computers on which I run "World of Warships": New PC at home (Intel 4 physical cores + 4 logical cores, 16 GB RAM, nVIDIA GTX 1060 6 GB, Win10 x64) Old PC at home (Intel 4 physical cores, 8 GB RAM, nVIDIA GTX 760 2 GB, Win10 x64) Laptop (Intel 4 physical cores + 4 logical cores, 8 GB RAM, AMD GPU 2 GB, Win7 x64) Spare workstation for after hours (Intel 4 physical cores + 4 logical cores, 12 GB RAM, nVIDIA 750 Ti 2 GB, WinVista x64) Technical problems I sometimes experience: #1 Game freezes-up in port when I change flags. The only remedy is to kill the EXE (via "Task Manager") and restart the WoWs. This happens in both regular build without any MODs, with some Aslain MODs installed and in "Public Test" builds (without any MODs installed). Also this happens on all my desktop PCs (see above for specs) with frequency of 1-2-3 times a week. #2 Game suddenly freezes-up during battle. The only remedy is to kill the EXE (via "Task Manager") and restart the WoWs. This happens in both regular build without any MODs, with some Aslain MODs installed and in "Public Test" builds (without any MODs installed). Also this happens on all my desktop PCs (see above for specs) with frequency of 1-2-3 times a week. #3 Game freezes-up during battle just a moment after my ship is destroyed and when I am being transported into "Spectator mode" . The only remedy is to kill the EXE (via "Task Manager") and restart the WoWs. This happens in both regular build without any MODs, with some Aslain MODs installed and in "Public Test" builds (without any MODs installed) Also this happens on all my desktop PCs (see above for specs) with frequency of 0-1 times a week. #4 Game freezes-up during battle with sudden repeated flashing of the screen (i.e two images constantly swap - usually with purple colorization). The only remedy is to kill the EXE (via "Task Manager") and restart the WoWs but at this time the FPS drop to 5-10 FPS (in WoWs and any other game/simulation that uses 3D) - the only way to fix it is to restart PC or to manually disable/enable graphics card in "Device Manager". This happens in both regular build without any MODs and with some Aslain MODs installed. I have never experienced this in "Public Test" builds (without any MODs installed). Also this happens on all my desktop PCs (see above for specs) with frequency of 0-1 times a month. #5 In past almost 18 months that I play WoWs I had exactly one (1) EXE crash with exception listed (i.e. pop-up windows telling you that EXE crashed with general info about crash). General info: I have high FPS (around 60 FPS almost all the time with everything set to MAX - VSync enabled) on all my 3x desktop PCs and lower values on laptop (graphics set to MEDIUM). I also have "MSI Afterburner" utility (I use it all the time) and with it I can see all stats for my CPUs and GPUs. When freeze-ups occur I see that WoWs almost never uses 100% of my CPUs and GPUs. Discussion: The only device I never had a problem with is laptop but this is also a device I use much less than 3 desktop PCs (95% 3x desktop PCs vs. 5% laptop). The other "common factor" is usage on nVIDA graphics cards - all 3x desktop PCs have them (albeit different) and all of them have latest drivers installed. Any similar experience guys? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Edited to "4 physical cores + 4 logical cores" where I erroneous written "8 physical cores"
  13. Zdravím, začátkem září se mi začalo stávat, že po úvodní obrazovce se složením týmů, ve chvíli, kdy bych se měl objevit na herní mapě, problikne obrazovka, okno hry celé zprůhlední a zpravidla se ukáže zpráva, že ovladač grafiky přestal odpovídat a byl obnoven. Od té doby se totéž stává často i při samotném spouštění hry, nebo třeba i při opouštění pobitevních statistik zpátky do přístavu. Tehdy mi nezbývá než ve správci úloh shodit hru a celou ji restartovat. V případě, že se problém vyskytne při spouštění hry, tak se vzácně objeví i tahle zpráva: Tehdy aspoň nemusím hru shazovat manuálně. Jen mohu dodat, že před týdnem jsem nechal počítač vyčistit a přepastovat (zhruba 3 dny poté kupodivu vše dočasně fungovalo), vyzkoušel jsem čtvery nebo patery ovladače, ale problémy jinak přetrvaly. Mýlím se, nebo mi zkrátka odchází grafická karta?
  14. Myasaki

    beug de Warship ?

    salut a tous ! avant la mise a jour de warship je tournais a 60 ms stable (conection a 1MO/s) maintenant c'est carement injouable ! mon navire s'arette; je suis redirige vers l’écran de conection ... bref ... c'est impossible a jouer ! si d'autres joueurs ont le meme souci que moi ou des reponses a ce souci merci d'avance ! ^-^/
  15. Knert_steel

    Stuck at loading screen!

    Hi! Massive frustration here! Was having issues getting past the loading screen in WOWS, so I thought a re-install might help it - but no. So then I did a CLEAN install of Windows 10 - and I'm still not getting past loading screen! I can hear the music in the background, but loading bar won't move a bit. What is this?! Got this issue after the update.
  16. Hello guys, I'm sorry for the long title but it's a strange problem. I've uploaded a video on my Gdrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byu5SDNKpGqaWE5nODF4em9HdzA/view?usp=sharing What can this be? Thank you for the attention
  17. Seriously somebody needs to do something abouth this crap. This game is unplayable for many of us. In case anybody just tuned in, I am talking about disconnects and over 60 seconds of game freeze which usually end with me recieving a full torpedo salvo to the side. A well common bug many times discussed on this forum, but apparently not interesting enough for wargaming to actually do something about it SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.
  18. warbds

    random freezes

    Well I had some with the closed beta test but now I see the game jump from frame to another at some times. Aim see the target jump to another position rather .......... They hit I'm not on the target I was.
  19. iPanic96

    Unusual lagspikes/freezing

    First thing first! I apologize for my English! It's not my main language, so grammar might be a bit off... Hope it's still readable though. So, then the actual case. I bought the 3 ships pack yesterday (15.04.15) and noticed some lagspikes or some kind of freezing I never seen before. Saw some other topics were players had a similar problem, but could't find one that actually explain the precise problem I have. I have a decent PC (I can run battlefield 4 on medium - high settings and still have a pretty good fps). Still, it takes ages for the ships to show up after I've started the game. But that's not the main problem. When I get into a match, the first 4-7 minutes works absolutely great. Then all of a sudden, everything freezes, even though the ms is around 50, and the fps at 60. I can still shoot and hear the shot, but I can't see it. Then after around 30-45 seconds the ship starts moving again but much slower than before it froze. I can't change the course of the ship, because the reaction is taking around 10 seconds to actually take action. It's like I'm falling behind with 10-15 seconds and still have a good ping while it happens. It doesn't change even with the settings on low, though I have no problem playing on high quality the first part of the match. The problem is pretty similar to this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRS2J8O4XqM - but for me the ship doesn't pop back in the position where the ship actually is stationed after the first lagspike/freeze or whatever it is. It's really annoying how it works perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere it just basically goes to crap and makes the game unplayable... If I made it clear, it would be nice to hear if anyone else got the exact same problem as me, and hopefully a solution if there is any yet. And sorry for a long post...