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Found 22 results

  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, i have started a new discord server for game-play, divisions and game-discussion. This week i am doing a start-up giveaway ... 2500 DOUBLOONS for one of the members. The servers link: https://discord.gg/Y7amYqg See you in there, good luck the poll will be live using a plug that discord provides. Oh and do not forget, good luck and fair seas !
  2. natswright

    Got a free Kaga carrier

    Got a free air drop reward today, a KAGA carrier, with a 10 point captain! I never knew you could get a ship via a free drop, so I'm excited to try carrier player, although kinda feel thrown in at the deepend, with it being a tier 7 ship! Whats the ship like, I had a quick go in a training match and got to grips with the basics, but have never done any CV play!
  3. Hallo, ich möchte nur kurz auf eine Info aufmerksam machen, die bestimmt schon in einigen Beiträgen erwähnt wurde, mir aber bislang entgangen ist. https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/game-guides/re-spec-my-authoritah/ Vielleicht hat es ja noch jemand nicht gewusst und ist jetzt so erleichtert wie ich :-)
  4. Kann jemand von euch sagen, wann es das nächste Mal möglich sein wird, die Kapitänspunkte kostenlos neu zu verteilen? Ich dachte irgendwo gelesen zu haben, dass das nicht mehr weit hin ist. Danke.
  5. DjLeafgreen

    Warships closed beta.

    WG scamming ;///// i kry

    A word of THANKS

    Just a word of THANKS to World Of Warships, for providing me and my son a game that we can play together. And then I mean TOGETHER, as in both playing the same time in a 'division'. AND, for granting me the luck of receiving an ARIZONA with a 10 point Captain and a port-slot. Great ship. The temptation of course is to go 'try luck' al the time and get a Hood... However I do not think I can be that lucky! Greets to the other captains/players, this is really a great game.
  7. Free reset of Commander skill and Upgrades for everyone (Clan or no Clan) until 16th February. And for new players, this link below will take you to a great website for choosing the best Commander Skills for each ship, look for "Captain Build Recommendations". http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc
  8. Admiral_Noif

    829th Hamburg Port Anniversary Free code

    Free code from wows facebook if you haven't noticed yet: Redeem code: 751189Hamburg Provide: - 1 x Bismarck collection container - Port of Hamburg flag mission
  9. FREE FREE CAMMO AND FLAGGS (original from REDDIT Magnus_Lux Submarine Captain for credits) http://bit.ly/2Flaggs (maybe thank you?) Hey guys,Since I know how much you all love free stuff, here are some bonus codes I found while stumbling through the Twitter-verse. PT060CAMMO6 - 10x Type 6 camo PT060FLAGS3 - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) PT0606CAMMO - 10x Type 6 camo PT0603FLAGS - 3x every flag (inc. Dragons) As far as I can tell they should work on all servers (have tested both ASIA & NA and the code came from EU) Enjoy! Confirmed EU,NA,RU&SAE All gone.................
  10. blackdevil9

    Unified Account

    Hi! I am not sure why you didn`t share free XP with all three games, but I can guess the reason. Too fast advance in Warships... and if that is the problem then why not put limit on spending and sharing that "unified xp" in warships? And this "dublons"... frankly! It pushing me far away from the game! I want gold and unified free xp and I am not alone, there is many more players that don`t wanna` play anymore because of this kind of mistakes! If you declared "Unified accounts" you should give them to us! Only reason I am writing this is that I started to think about leaving wargaming for good and tryin` some other games. Deep down I don`t wanna do that but you keep pushing me away with false promises and no sincere explanation of why you did not deliver promised. I hope you realize that is important to us to give us valid reason for not giving us something you promised, because of that explanation WE (and me) WILL wait and keep playing wargaming games far in to the future! Thank you for your time!
  11. Bonus Code from Facebook Signals - Camo's - Container DST23EU18FB EU Only Confirmed, worked for me
  12. eXpressi


    WG hat auf Facebook zur Feier des Unabhängigkeitstages drei Fragen gepostet. Die Antworten bestehen aus Zahlen, die Zahlen ergeben einen Bonuscode. Zu finden ist das "Rätsel" unter Klick mich, du Luder! Für Faule: Keine Ahnung, was man geschenkt bekommt, kann gerade nicht einloggen.
  13. Guardtard


    Do you play World of Warships regular? Don't let your oil go to waste, join forces, join OLEUM Latin 4 oil Apply now!
  14. When I mentioned a previous EU ship giveaway in response to people complaining that NA had one, I got the complaint that the giveaway wasn't announced anywhere official. So now when I heard of another giveaway in advance I thought that someone might be interested in that information. There will be a premium ship giveaway during Flamu's stream on Friday 1/9 (tomorrow, at the time of posting). He starts at around 18:00 CEST as usual and normally ends around midnight. He will be raffling ships around when there are normally the most viewers (~20:00, no exact time set). As far as I know there won't be anything else special about the stream, so no WG guests or anything like that. The ships being given away are: 1 x Lo Yang (EU, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x Tirpitz (EU, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x Alabama (EU, need to be subscribed to Flamu) 1 x ship of choice from store (NA, only need to be following Flamu) 1 x ship of choice from store (NA, need to be subscribed to Flamu) tl;dr - You can get a Lo Yang and Tirpritz for free if you play on EU. Disclaimer! I'm just a random guy who heard about this on today's stream and thought that a few people on the forum might be interested. The information provided is as I heard it and I'm not to be held responsible if any of it turns out not to be true.
  15. Prycek

    Type 18 Kager Camo Free?

    Hi guys! What's with the Kagero type 18 camo? It's a gold camo but I do not have any price next to it in the camo versions screen for my Kagero. Is it free then or do I have to pay 3000 gold anyways? I don't want to waste 3000 gold over this camo for Kagero but it seems like its free for me. Does anyone have similar issue with this?
  16. Linkaex

    Free Forum Signatures

    If anyone wants a simple signature to use here, I will make one for free. Don't expect fancy wonders. I do it simple and clean like the one I have. Just send me a high quality picture you like and tell me what kind of text you want on it. I will make sure it fits the requirements for this forum board. I will crop, resize it, enchant it, give it a border and a text you want. If you want a specific font please redirect me to where I can download said font. Eddit: I use Photoshop
  17. Dr_LoVe69_makesWoTgreat

    Are we gonna get free gold?

    During WoT beta test we were getting 250 gold each day from WarGaming for testing purposes. Are we gonna get any gold(or what is it called) here?
  18. Sgt_Taube

    Kapitäne umskillen

    Hallo Leute der feucht fröhlichen Unterhaltung. Kurz vorweg, falls es irgendwo schon stand bitte ich diesen Post zu entschuldigen, bin rein zufällig drauf gestoßen. Ihr könnt zur Zeit also alle eure Kapitäne umskillen...für lau :) Schöne Feiertage noch!
  19. B4karra

    USS Missouri vs Musashi

    Estando cada día (afortunadamente) más cerca el final de la disponibilidad del Missouri en el cliente del juego, me dispongo a analizar los pros y los contras de adquirir uno u otro barco e intentar ayudar a decidirse a aquellos que todavía no tienen muy claro si no adquirir el Missouri y hacerlo únicamente con el Musashi. Si eres un fan de uno u otro barco pues este no es tu hilo. Si eres un murrica pues ya te ha decidido y si tu novia es una waifu también. Un pequeño inciso, para mí el precio de 920000 Free XP se vuelve a salir una vez más de la progresión. En su día ya comenté que el Nelson estaba sobrevalorado en unos 25-30 k de XP libre. Aún así, si aceptamos como buena la progresión tier VII 375k - tier IX 750 k, y asumiendo que el Musashi es un tier 9,5 su precio debería ser de unos 890k, 30k por debajo del que parece será su precio final. En primer lugar analizaré el coste en Free XP. Para comparar utilizaré el coste de rushear con Free XP hasta sus respectivos hermanos en árbol tecnológico estándar, incluyendo los módulos que más se asimilan en prestaciones (rango, cascos, etc...). El coste del Iowa sería de 709170 XP libre y el Yamato de 781450. Aquí en mi opinión hace falta una corrección y es añadir la compra de un camo premium. En el caso del Iowa sería 4k doblones y el Yamato 5k doblones, que al cambio a XP libre y teniendo en cuenta el cambio 1 --> 25 serían 100 y 125 k más respectivamente con lo que quedaría: Iowa: 809170 Missouri: 750000 Yamato: 906450 Musashi: 920000 En mi opinión, todo aquel que pueda debe intentar si o sí ir a por el Missouri, evidentemente porque no va a estar disponible, y para el Musashi siempre vas a tener 1 años más (que es lo que estará aproximadamente el Mo en el cliente) pero en el hipotético caso que ambos estuvieran disponibles para mí el Missouri seguiría siendo el elegido por los siguiente motivos: 1) Menor coste 2) Menor coste con respecto a su gemelo 3) Versatilidad. El Missouri es un barco que lo puedes jugar tanto de lejos como de cerca, junto a la flota o en un pequeño grupo de jugadores. Y tiene radar, añadiendo daño por spoteo y muchas más posibilidades a tu juego. Por último esto no quiere decir que el Musashi vaya a ser un mal barco, su blindaje y sus cañones van a dar muchos sustos en tier IX y el hecho de ser premium + el camuflaje va a dar unos buenos créditos (menores que el Mo, pero aún así por encima de la habitual en tier IX). Lo que me echa para atrás es su excesivo coste en relación al otro premium y en relación a su gemelo, y eso sin contar que se podrá adquirir un camuflaje premium para el Yamato (reduciendo el "coste" a 140k de XP libre menos)
  20. Well guys the time is now finally upon us. The Mighty Mo, (Missouri) Giveaway is here from OttoCarius21st TwitchTv channel. Simply follow or subscribe to join in and try your luck. EU/NA only. Yes yes yes... we know we can't give you the actual (Missouri) But what we can do, is give you 30,500 Doubloons bundle to change your (XP) to unlock the Mighty Mo, (Missouri) Giveaway is on (Feb 25 2017, 21:30 pm GMT - 21:30 UTC) Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for this giveaway. Via Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times (x3) the chance to win on giveaways. OttoCarius21st was a featured player in the Community Contributors Battle on February 18th 2017. Along side Kandly, Mighty Jingles, IEarlGrey ShipComrade, Keviseeb, Notser plus many many more great names! This is one of OttoCarius21st ways to give back to the community and also grow the stream. Feel free to pop along and get involved, Good luck and fair sea's Click to Join Channel Click to View Past Giveaway's P.S Follow or Subscribe to YouTube and Twitter via Revlo and receive 500 rations each week, Never miss out on a giveaway join Discord.
  21. DexterMaximus

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    First. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere! Second. Credit is due to the dudes in who found it, the chaps on the reddit board! Free ship!!!! yeah! So In brief You can get a free ship if you have the magazine or can get a copy or have an IOS device (Probably) What makes this sweeter is the fact that this is EU only!!!!!!!!! Can you actually believe that the EU is gonna get something ?
  22. i get few time this info , with elite ships. i also read that in manual. but i cann find only € paid exchange. some help to do it free? thx