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Found 4 results

  1. BattleshipGunner

    Free XP Farming - How?

    Hello, I'm trying to farm free xp but I don't know how to do it efficiently. The only premiums I have are Scharnhorst B and Warspite. I enjoy playing both, though my Scharnhorst has hardly ever won any battles (probably because I only got it 2 days ago). I very much enjoy playing my Warspite and I think I am decently good at playing it. I don't have an Anshan or any of those other premiums that give boosted free exp. Is it even possible to farm enough free exp for a Nelson (in a reasonable amount of time)? Thanks EDIT: I just got the Anshan.
  2. Okay, somewhere I read that free XP is based on the amount of XP you earn in battle. However, I don't see that in my case. I thought then, 'okay, if I play better I get more Free XP' - makes sense. But seems not the case also. Without asking too many questions, here are my pictures for you to tell me how is this possible. Battle I Battle II I performed much better in 'Battle I'. Yet, I got much less Free XP. Why? (It was the same ship, victory in both cases and the same bonus in both cases)
  3. Hi All, I used my free XP to regrind the Russian DD line (I have close to 4 Mio). Why the Russians? It's the only line where I have just one ship, the Khaba. So It seemed a logical one to grind. I had to regrind from to Novik to the Storozhvoi and then up to the Khaba. For the Minsk I didn't require to get the B-Hull to get to the Taskent. It took me 707.990 Free XP to grind this line. Some of my clanmates, who do a regrind by playing, said proudly ;) that they were close to tier 8 already. In my case getting to tier VII was 140.990 free XP so getting to tier 7 is 'only' one-fifth of the way... they still have some way to go. 10k for free, 20k first grind, then each grind 10k. This way you need 4 regrinds to get to the Colbert 57.000 research points, in free XP 3.083.960. The next ship assuming the Ohio will be in the same Research points category will take you probably take you 6 grinds (even if you have 3.000 RP left from the Colbert). 6 grinds is a LOT of time or a LOT of free XP (4.25 Mio). Ps and then I am not counting the credits.
  4. AwesomeBoat

    Free XP signals

    Hello I'm currently saving free xp for the Nelson, I have no more free xp signals. Is the camouflage and signals container type better than more Resources for economic signals Thanks