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Found 29 results

  1. AwesomeBoat

    Free XP signals

    Hello I'm currently saving free xp for the Nelson, I have no more free xp signals. Is the camouflage and signals container type better than more Resources for economic signals Thanks
  2. Scottish_Total_War

    Doubloons Issue

    Anyone else having issues of not being able to convert ship xp to free xp?
  3. ImperialAdmiral

    Free XP and steel ship flags

    Hello. I think it would be nice if the owners of Free XP, steel or any other special currency ships could get their premium flags especially that pretty much evey premium ship has such one in the files. It coud be via chain of mission that could be done on a particular ship. Some upcoming flags are pretty cool. Is there any official WG statement about this particular thing? I would love to know @MrConway @Crysantos
  4. DuneDreamer

    Free XP conversion rate

    I've been recently diagnosed with FXCRS ( the Free XP Conversion Rate Syndrome) by my personal doctor. I know that WG manipulate it from time to time, changing it from 1/25 to 1/35. I believe it was 1/35 a week ago. Does anyone know if this happens on regular intervals, on a particular date or are they deciding it on a secret board meeting behind closed doors and under high levels of security?
  5. As the title tells, i am hesitant to fully recommend this game to my friends. Let me explain why: The number of ticking clocks on content increases, we got them on free XP and coal ships (Musashi & Kronstadt will be removed, just like Missouri) and on rewards for events (Royal Navy). I do understand it for the last one. But for the others ? A good example are three of my friends. I told them about this game, they played it and had fun. But they also want to get good when they play together and go for high end stuff, aka tryharding. They also did buy premium time and ships. Two of them were about to get good DD players and one a good BB player. Then they asked: "Whats the best creditmaker in the game?" My answer: Missouri, no longer in the game, only for players who played from date X to date Y. "What can we go for instead ?" Musashi or Kronstadt. Oh well, soon both get removed aswell. What this leads to is that it forces people to play almost only this game to reach this content. If we want to take a break from WoWs, to come back with new excitement afterwards, we will miss stuff. Thats ok for ranked seasons, events and stuff like that. But for long term goals like free XP/coal ships ? Absolutely not ! Forcing people to play a game is a very bad way of marketing. People play it to have fun in the first place, some for free and some pay for it. If everything gets a huge grind with time limits, it takes aways alot of fun and turns the game into work for some people and they dont like to pay for work. My friends went on to other games where content isnt limited on time like here. And i understand that. The bad things are that i cant play together with them anymore, the community lost three players with great potential quite fast and WG lost three customers. I think they are not the only ones who left the game because of this and that hurts the playerbase. That is meant as constructive criticism. @Crysantos @MrConway
  6. Larky2k

    Loss of free XP on Cleveland

    Just reinstalled WoWs after PC died and was looking forward to playing Cleveland at T8. Prior to the release of the patch i been playing her a lot to accumulate free XP to get the next ship when its released and to buy the modules back. Well its all gone
  7. Drunken_Jedi

    Free XP conversion discount?

    Anyone got an idea when the next bonus conversion to free xp might be? I'm stockpiling a load of free XP but have some to convert, but obviously want to get the biggest bang for my buck. The calender is just a mess and couldn't see it at a glance.
  8. charley_harman

    Geting Free XP fast

    I'm trying to find new ways to get free XP quickly in the game, with out spending any money. in most matches i am able to make about 50 free XP using premiums ships such as the hood. which means it is going to take me ages to get to the nelson. any ideas on how I, or others can improve out Free XP gain? thanks
  9. Captain_Bloodless

    Advice on how to spend 375k free XP

    Hello, made this poll to ask opinions
  10. Flukeyluke

    incentives for playing elited ships?

    so currently once a ship is elite there is very little incentive to continue playing such a ship. currently the game trys to force you up the tiers as elited ships only gather free xp and credits i would strongly suggest looking into a bonus for elited ships to encorage players to not power level to tier 10 which currently seems to be the only incentive. the free xp currently handed out is nice but is 100% useless to f2p players as they have 0 ways of accessing it the possble bonus should be smaller than a primium ship of the same tier if the bonus is to credits or xp i would suggest once a ship is fully upgraded and given its elite status give that ship a repair cost reduction. say 10% tops maybe give it a price reduction on the already cheep camos say 25% just give something so players who are loyal to the same ship for long times are rewarded in some way *looks at fubuki and north carolina*
  11. aydyldz


    Sonunda Missouri'yi aldım. Stress bitti , alırkende tek kuruş para harcamadım en çokta o hoşuma gitti.
  12. Hi folks, a few weeks ago during a weekend there was a discount promoting the conversion of your XP earned from Elite ships to Free XP. The discount changed the normal rate from 25 Free XP to 35 Free XP, per spent doubloon. I dont really need the XP at the moment and was wondering how frequent WarGaming throws such a conversion discount in the game?
  13. In the video Musashi has the 44 refit of more Anti-Air guns and removed some secondary guns for it. ¨While the ship was under repair in April 1944, the two 15.5 cm wing turrets were removed and replaced with three triple 25 mm gun mounts each. A total of twenty-one triple 25 mm mounts and 25 single mounts were added at that time, giving the ship a light AA armament that numbered one hundred and thirty 25 mm guns.¨ Why is the Naval Legends using the '44 refit in the video, but not the Musashi we will see in-game?? I think this is a poor balancing of Tier in the matchmaking of not using the latest upgrade Musashi got. Musashi wasn't know for shooting planes down like a boss, but would do a good job of defending it self to it's capability. Think Wargaming should give us the final version of Musashi, not the first build.
  14. I tried to look for information, but couldn't find any so please let me know if this has already been answered somewhere before. The test server patch notes for 075 note that the Cleveland will for a while be the only CL ship in the line, it's going to be a tier 8 and you will get it by playing New Orleans (T7). However, the news article on the upcoming US light cruisers has the whole tree in it, including T6 (Dallas) and T7 (Helena) and instead of NO at T7 you actually enter the tree via Omaha at T5. So. What happens if you're grinding to cleveland through New Orleans during the phase 1 of US cruiser changes, but don't quite make it before the phase 2 hits and you have a lot of XP on New Orleans you can't use anymore? Transfering all of it to Omaha might be a bit odd especially since it might be way too much for a T6 ship (Dallas) and what if somebody wanted to get the Baltimore (T8) instead and now all of his precious XP towards that goal is sitting at Omaha. The only fair thing really would be to automatically convert it all to FreeXP. Do I perhaps smell an opportunity here? Or will we get spoiled too much if things get overly fair?
  15. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Missouri or British Battleships

    Hey all, So I've been farming the crap out of free xp on all my premiums and tier X battleships and I'm sat at around 350-400k. Intially this was to get the Mighty 'Mo and farm dem credits like no tomorrow (thats literally the only reason). However it would seem that the RN battleship line is coming fast, faster than I thought so should I just turn in my free xp for the 'Mo or use them all for the RN line...thoughts.. Cheers
  16. MS_Surface

    Premium store on NA and EU

    Someone on Notsers latest stream said i could buy 100x Papa Papa flags for less than 3 dollars. So i went to my premium store in EU because i figured we should have it too. I was surprised at how bad the EU Premium store is! So if you're going for the mighty MO, better open an account on NA because EU doesn't even sell Papa Papa flags while in NA you can buy it in packages or alone, very cheap. I was also surprised by the fact that while NA has 8 nice packs of signal flags from €2,77 to €13.89, WG EU has 3 crap packs from €9,99 to €29,99. If i had an account on NA, i could buy 100X Papa Papa (+300%freeXP) for €3,77 but i have a EU account, and EU premium store doens't even sell Papa Papa flags, anywhere.
  17. robihr

    new reward/freemium ships?

    does anyone know when are the new reward/freemium ships coming out? i dont see purpose in playing any competitive modes without clear incentive and also i have over 1mil free xp waiting for next free xp ship. will there be any steel only ships in near future? when is ETA on next free xp ship? IIRC next ships should be jean bart and alaska. i saw jean bart is in testing and all i could see from alaska is stat preview.
  18. Everyone and their uncles are up and about with fun and engaging discussions about Salem and Krohnshtadt and Alaska and a bunch of other ships that are available for free xp or coal. While I do not in any way begrudge anyone their new cruisers and battleships, I for one would really like to see some new destroyers made available for coal or free xp. Since I am not really good enough to reliably pull my weight in higher tiers, I would be most interested in new destroyer designs at middle tiers or below, but I would by no means say no to - for instance - a nice little tier IX destroyer for the usual 750 000 free exp. And if WG would make a couple of tier X destroyers available for the requisite amount of coal, I wouldn't mind that either. Now I'm completely with those of you who think that progress up the tiers should be taken at a measured pace. I am not looking for this as a way to skip the tiers. But since there are a bunch of ships coming out for coal and free xp already, I can't help but notice that none of these - so far - are destroyers. Why is that? Wouldn't it be fun to have some nice destroyer designs to spend coal and free xp on, as well? And if so, what tiers, nationalities and special gimmicks are we looking for? For once, I'm not going to be the first to vote on my own poll. Instead, I'll wait to see what you all think about this!
  19. I am sitting on top of almost one million free experience at the moment. Will there ever be a way to spend them for a cruiser/destroyer-main like me?
  20. At some point I want the Yamato but I don't want to play the Izumo at all. So I would like to skip it completely with free xp. According to my calculations that requires B Hull 44k C Hull 60k Yamato 249k Overall 353k Izumo XP (or free XP). Now to convert elite xp (I have enough of that) into free xp, at the normal rate I would need 353k/25=14120 doubloons. Have there been deals in the past that give you more free xp for each doubloon when converting? Will this happen again? I know there have been deals where you get more free xp per elite xp, but haven't seen one where the doubloon conversion rate was better. Honestly, for an exchange rate of 25 free xp per doubloon it's not worth it at all, way too expensive.
  21. In the upcoming patch there are going to be some changes to ships such as Fuso losing the first hull (not much of a loss) and the new Trashkent not getting the upgraded guns. WG are planning to compensate people (which is nice) by giving back the credits spent buying the upgrades if you still have them (which is nice) and giving you a corresponding amount of ship XP for the specific ships - which is completely useless for anyone who already ground through the particular ships. I already have the Yammy and the Khebab, ship XP on Fuso or Trashkent is utterly pointless for me. When I played those ships I spent extremely valuable free XP to get the modules (or blood & sweat grinding stock ships, can't remember) so it would be nice and good and fine to get the compensation XP in the form of free XP I could actually use instead of completely pointless ship XP on boats that have been spawning new coral reefs for a while now.
  22. FukushuNL

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Been saving up free XP as long as I play and when coal became a thing, saved that too. Now I'm only 1000s away from the 750k fxp and can buy the Musashi with coal and the coupon. Now apart from the discussion which ship is best in the fxp and coal department, my ships of choice are the Musashi, Jean Bart and Bourgogne. but although I can virtually buy the Musashi either way, where the jean Bart and Bourgogne will land in the premium places is still a big mystery. So as long as info about how to buy the 2 French BBs still is unavailable, I can't get Yamato's sister. But that's something I have to live with and not the point of this thread. Well, not much is, though :) I was just curious where you think the two Frenchies will land. I think Bourgogne in the arsenal for as much as Salem, or more. And I guess Jean Bart will probably be the next fxp ship. Also, looking forward to both BBs as to what either will play like in the final build.
  23. PapVogele

    Free xp to burn

    So yeah, I got 850k free xp just burning in my wallet. I got the missouri just before they removed it and frankly, I dont want any more BBs in my port, I dislike playing them. so what to do? Burn through it to get all the american cruisers unlocked? save it for when the akizuki line is expanded ( really love that ship )? go down a different line? I’m bewildered (yes, I actually used that word!) Tbh I pretty much got the DDs I like and love to play, cruisers are kinda in a bad spot atm with the BB meta ( I hate island humping) and BBs are just not my style. any suggestions? :)
  24. This weekend has a discount on XP -> Free XP conversion. This would tie in really nicely with the upcoming USS Missouri, which we're told will be sold for free XP... but unless I've missed it somewhere, we've had no confirmation from WG of how many free XP it will cost. Errrr.
  25. SirCaitlynJenner

    Free xp conversion

    So i am sure somebody already popped this one, but what's the point of this super special commander xp to free xp events? Are we never gonna be able to get 35:1 on shifu xp again? Also why would anyone convert commander xp to free in the first place?