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Found 2 results

  1. dasCKD

    Announcement to USN CV players

    This is a public announcement to new players going up the USN carrier line so you don't make the same mistakes I did. It is good practice to free XP your way past certain aspects of some ships (i.e. the stock hull of the Amagi, the FCS of the Mogami, the stock hull of the Colorado, etc) because often these stock hulls are so detrimental to the performance of the ships that it can often cost the allied team a victory. When going up the CV line, most people upgrade the flight control system and the planes, as these are the main performance limiters of CVs and then they grind the stock hull later. This is normally good practice, considering how little the hull of a CV usually matters in the CV's usual performance. This is NOT the case for the Bogue, Independence, and Ranger! Hangar size for USN CVs: Stock hull upgraded hull Bogue 24 28 Independence 30 37 Ranger 58 73 More plane resupplies means that as a carrier, you'll be able to replace those planes you lose to enemy AA and fighters, meaning that you can stay in the fight and be useful to the allied team for longer. As a carrier, it is what lets you carry you weight. To those new to USN carriers, save your free XP for these ships! PSA over /(-_-)/ P.S.: And stop playing Bogue in AS, you're the reason your team keeps losing!

    [Research] ... not fun

    Howdy, could not find a thread regarding this, so I apologize if this has been written already. For me the Tech Trees themselves are ok, but the way the game progresses within them is fairly odd. Take a look at the Kongo for example. You start out with a rather underwhelming ship which has a vastly lower main gun range than it's predecessor, the Myogi. However, the Kongo has more guns and other attributes which sort of make up for the "upgrade" from Myogi to Kongo. However, when one moves from the Kongo to Fuso, things are different. A fully upgraded Kongo is so much better than a stock Fuso that one could wonder why to bother changing the ship, other than to grind the way down the line towards the next ship. Much lower range, much less AA, slower... The step from one ship to the next should feel like an improvement, but it really is not in so many cases. How can this be improved? I do not have an immediate idea. The whole module research stuff would have to be changed, apparently. it would be great if the modules would offer a choice instead of being almost mandatory. Destroyers sometimes have that kind of choice when they can choose between faster or longer range torpedos. The could also receive higher calibre guns, faster traverse speed, higher range or higher fire speed. Similar choices could be added to other ships as well.