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Found 15 results

  1. So i wanted to discuss the French tier X Battleship the Republique and why, in my opinion, it shjucks monkey balls. Lets start at the beginning, the early tiers of the French battleship line are all ships with loads of guns. I had no issues with the low tiers, in fact i found them quite enjoyable, especially the Lyon with its 16 guns. Now comes the Richelieu at tier VIII which i thought i was not going to like, but i was wrong. I managed to do fine with it and i really didn't have any issues with the ship. On to the Tier IX the Alsace, oh boy what a ship to behold. Lovely lovely ship, 12 guns, very fast with speed boost, turtleback armor making it harder on the enemies to citadel you and great secondaries to top it off. Yeah i really liked this ship and if the Republique was going to be anything like the Alsace then i would be very pleased. Unfortunately the Republique could not be more different. So lets start the rant, The Republique is supposed to be a "fast" battleship, this is supposed to be the gimmick of the French battleships or at the very least its promoted that way. Well it kind of is and it kind of isn't. The Republique is reasonably fast for a battleship when sailing in a straight line with speed boost active. However the ship loses a tremendous amount of speed when making even the slightest of turns. Any A or D buttonpress will set back your speed from 30+ knots to well under 25. I've had this ship speed dip to a sad 23 knots when making a half turn and that was with the speed boost active. Although statistically it doesn't look half bad the ship feels like it goes to a complete standstill when turning. Combined with the second largest turning radius only beaten by the G. Kurfurst, which is a floating city block, the ship feels extremely sluggish. Enough about speed, lets talk guns. The Republique is supposed to have awesome guns. Large caliber, good accuracy, great shell ballistics and a fast reload time. Well for some reason i cant get the guns to work. Either my game is bugged or i'am doing it wrong, or maybe it's just that this ship doesn't have great guns after all. So far i can make all the tier X battleships work in the game. I have no issues hitting ships or getting citadel hits. However, not with the Republique. Only if the enemy shows me that perfect broadside which becomes less of a common thing at the higher tiers, i manage to get those juicy citadels. I managed to score bounces on several different cruisers with angles that any other BB would penetrate, it has frustrated me so much that i have forced myself to load the HE almost all the time. On top of that it is supposed to have great accuracy, well for some reason i don't notice that at all, and before you all shout at me saying i can't shoot for shait, i have no struggles hitting targets with any of the other tier X BB's in the game. The reason why i find it difficult is likely due to the fact that this ship only has 8 guns, and when bow tanking you lose 50% of your firepower. Now to compensate for its lack of guns the Republique gets a "fast" reload time. Well... not so fast, just like the ship's speed the reload time is not as fast as you might think. With base upgrades its 21 seconds, that's only 5 seconds faster then most of the other tier X's, so in reality that might give you 1 extra volley in a 60 second shell-slinging contest with another BB. Also take in consideration that every other tier X is slugging 12 shells per volley while the Republique only throws 8. The only exception being the Yamato, but well yeah, its a Yamato, i'll give up 3 of my 12 guns any day of the week to get those 460mm guns. Adrenaline rush can help reduce the reload even more but this goes for the enemy as well. Sure you'll get like a 19s reload near the end of the game but the enemy has a 23s reload now so the difference is even smaller than before. The only thing that is really good about the Republique's guns is that with flags you get a 50% fire chance which makes this frenchie a great fire starter, although the fire chance is similar to that of the Conqueror, the Brit has 12 shells with 50% while the frenchie has to deal with 8. All in all the TL:DR version, I cant believe that the Alsace felt so much better in almost every way compared to the Republique. This is the first line in the game where the Tier X felt more like a downgrade, or rather a sidegrade instead of an upgrade to its tier IX counterpart. The guns, which should be the Republique's selling point, feel terrible and i much rather play with the guns of.... well any other tier X battleship really... ALL of them feel more useful. Republique: Pros: - Reasonably fast reload - Fast as long a you move in a straight line - Turtleback - Great firechance Cons: - Only 8 guns - Sluggish maneuverability - Lack of guns - Sensitive to HE - Not enough guns - Great accuracy my ASgard - Its missing at least 4 guns - Great penetration, pffft - It needs more guns - Huge turning circle - 404 GUNZ NOT FOUND
  2. Immoxb

    Which is better?

    Hey guys! I am currently choosing between the Republique and the Yamato. Since I have a hard time deciding, I saw my shot to start a thread and let you guys help me! So, what are you guys thoughts on the Yamato and Republique? Pros and cons? Their playstyle? I know myself I like agressive playstyle (Montana and G.Kurfürst are my current T10 BB's.) So let's get the discussion going
  3. Bonjour ami matelot francophone. Le clan ELYSEE est un clan sympa, convivial, amical, où détente et plaisir de jeu sont les maîtres mots. Le clan sera heureux de t’accueillir si : - tu es majeur (ou si un de tes parents fait déjà partie de ELY) ; - tu utilises ou comptes utiliser Discord (un minimum de présence sur Discord est requis pour bavarder, échanger des expériences, apporter ou recevoir des conseils, jouer en division, mission ou bataille de clan etc...) ; - tu souhaites jouer en clan, en division, en mission ou seul, mais en toute convivialité, bonne humeur, amitié, et respect des autres joueurs (clan ELY ou pas, bon joueur ou « noob ») ; - tu privilégies le plaisir de jouer aux ambitions de la compétition et du classement - mais rassures-toi, nous préférons gagner que perdre une game, et faisons en sorte de progresser, tous ensemble! - tu aimes jouer en GUERRE DE CLAN et est donc disponible un minimum de temps, lors des batailles de clan (Discord impératif, dans ce cas). Pas de niveau requis, même si avoir atteint le rang VIII et/ou posséder au moins un navire TX est un plus, pour jouer en clan. Pour les jeunes joueurs, nous nous attachons à les conseiller et coacher, à jouer un minimum avec eux, pour les faire progresser, évoluer dans le rang des bateaux, et atteindre rapidement le rang X pour pouvoir jouer en clan, avec leur propre navire. Une inactivité de plus de 60 jours devra être annoncée, justifiée ou expliquée, sans nécessairement entrainer une exclusion (on n'est pas des sauvages!). Pour nous rejoindre: - Me MP sur le jeu/tchat --> Fredo5914 (aussi: Miss_Caverne ; Capitaine_Caverne_73 ; novarim ; ch0conuts ; marcorosso53440 ; Languedoc) ; - Au port: CLAN --> recherche de clan --> -ELY- --> demander à rejoindre - Directement sur Discord - URL: https://discord.gg/BcCwkHt A bientôt, au détour d’une île, sur une map, ou dans le CLAN ELYSEE. Fredo NB: L'amiral est une amiralE ! Donc, les misogynes et sexistes, il vaut mieux aller voir dans un autre clan... ;-)
  4. ltnFurry

    un lion cherchant un clan

    Bonjour à tous, Irl, je m'appelle Thomas et j'ai 17 ans. J'habite dans le nord de la France. Je suis un ancien joueur WOT ou j'y ai passé de nombreuse heures ^^. Je cherche un clan dans WOWS pour dans un premier temps bien m'amuser avec d'autres personnes et pourquoi pas me lancer dans les ranqued J'ai en ma disposition au niveaux des bateaux: -croiseurs T6 allemands et T5 Japon. - porte avion T5 japonais - je peux racheter au cas ou mon cuirassés T6 US. - et je compte sécher l'arbre des cuirassés allemands des leurs sorties -je dispose aussi des destroyers T6 US et T5 japonais. Mes classes préférées étant les croiseurs, les porte avion et les cuirassés Allemands qui ont l'air énorme !!! Je dispose d'un micro et j'utilise Discored le chat vocale mais peux très bien utiliser autres logiciel. Si ça intéresse, j'ai la Xbox ONE avec BF4 dessus ou je suis rank 110. voila tout BON jeu à tous !!!
  5. TheGous

    Fond d'ecran

    Bonjour à tous ! Je ne sais pas si je post au bon endroit, mais je voulais savoir si il était possible de récupérer quelque part l'image de fond de Evénement : " Offre spéciale du week-end : 14 juillet ! " ?? Je la trouve vraiment sympathique et aimerait en faire mon fond d'écran, et oui un peut de coin coin et de chauvinisme ne fond pas de mal ;) Merci ! Bon vent et Bonne mer a tous ! TheGous
  6. Thefrenchguy22

    Inventons des Navires !

    Bonjour a Tous ! Comme la plupart d'entre vous j'adore WOWS, et j'ai toujours voulu créer mes propres navires, des "Fan-made" si vous voulez, et je profite de ce moment pour vous présenter quelques unes de mes créations. Sur WOWS, j'ai remarqué que de nombreux croiseurs Français étaient principalement des Designs Prévus, mais jamais construits (Exemple : les croiseurs T3, T8, T9 et le T10) du coup, je me suis dit, pourquoi pas continuer dans cette lancée, en faisant une sorte d'histoire alternative ou la France ne Capitule pas, et le dévellopement de ses navires continue. C'est là que je vous présente un croiseur français que j'ai conçu : le "Victor Hugo" ! "Navire de tête de sa classe, le Victor Hugo est le Premier de quatre Croiseurs lourds Francais, Conçus entre 1940 et 1943. Ses Sister-Ship sont : le "Jules Ferry", le "Edgar Quinet" et le "Léon Gambetta". Avec un Tonnage de 17 000 tonnes a pleine charge, il possède 3 tourelles triples de 240mm, un armement secondaire et une DCA puissante, il emporte aussi avec lui, deux hydravions de reconnaissance. Sa Vitesse de pointe est de 31,7 noeuds, et il a un blindage somme toute correct pour un navire de cette taille." N'hésitez pas a me dire ce que vous en pensez, comment m'améliorer, et dites moi aussi si vous souhaitez en voir d'autres !
  7. Battletroopers

    Croiseur de bataille Strasbourg

    Bonjour, Dommage qui'l n'y est pas le croiseur de bataille Strasbourg dans le futur arbre technologique français des cuirassés. Tiers VI par exemple. Comme son aîné de la classe Dunkerque, le Strasbourg était un navire de ligne. Longueur : 214 m Déplacement : 26500 tonnes, à pleine charge 31570 tonnes. Puissance : 107500 ch (131 960 ch à feux poussés) Vitesse : 29,5 noeuds ( 30,9 noeuds max ) Blindage : ceinture: 283 mm, pont : 115 mm à 125 mm, tourelles : 360 mm. Armement : 2 tourelles quadruples de 330 mm Longueur : 214 m Début de la construction : novembre 1934 Date de lancement : 12 décembre 1936 Classe : Dunkerque Chantier naval : Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire à Penhoët Rayon d'action : 7 500 nautiques Vitesse : 29,5 nœuds (30,90 nœuds max) Qu'en pensez-vous?
  8. MasterGamer333

    [MOD] Flags Of The World

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GERMANY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNITEDKINDOMG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SWEDEN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scottish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Year of creation : 1913 Displacement: 22,189 tons standart Length: (w.l.), 541 1/3 feet, over all, 544 1/2 feet Beam: 88,5 feet Draught: max. 32 feet Deck (see Notes) 10"-16" Lower deck side 17"-10" Turrets 11" Turret bases (N.C.) 7" Secondary battery 12 1/2" Gonning tower Machinery: Parsons turbine. 4 shafts. Boilers: Indret. Designed H.P.: 29,000=20 kts. (since increased). Oil fuel: 2,600 tons. Radius at 10 kts., over 7,000 miles. Gunnery Notes.- Carry 100 rounds per gun for 13,4 inch and 275 per gun for the 5,5 inch. Janney electro-hydraulic mountings to big guns. Special cooling for magazines-temperature 77° Fahr. Magazines can be completely flooded inside ten minutes. Height of guns above l.w.l.: 1st turret, 30 1/2 feet; 2nd, 37 3/4 feet; 3rd, 33 1/2 feet; 4th, 28 1/2 feet; 5th, 21 1/3 feet. Arcs of training: Nos. 1 and 5,270°; Nos 2 & 4,280°; No. 3, 120° either beam. Arcs of secondary guns: 120°. Big gun elevation increased from 18° to 23°: max. range is 23,000 metres. Lorraine has had turret removed amidships to make room for catapult. Armour notes.- Turrets of maximum thickness at ports, instead of uniform thickness as in Courbet type. According to the 1917 Edition of "Flottes de Combat", the barbette shields are not of uniform design. Those for the end barbettes are 13,4" thick, for the super-firing barbettes 9 3/4 thick and for the central barbette 15 3/4 thick. The double bottom is carried to the under side of protective deck. Main belt is 13 1 feet wide, 5 7/12 feet below and 7 3/4 above l.w.l. Battery 197 feet long with 7 in. Bulkheads. Protective decks: lower 2" slopes, 1 3/4 flat. Upper, 1 3/4 flat on top of belt. Notes.- Provence and Lorraine belong to 1912 programme, one being a replace ship for the Liberté, blown up September, 1911. Estimated cost, GBP 2,908,000 per ship=GBP 126 per ton. In 1919-20 tripod foremasts and directors were installed. Both converted to partial oil burning, 1927-30. In 1932-35 they were extensively refitted, being given new 13,4 inch guns (originally ordered for Normandie class), additional AA. and machine guns, enhanced protection, and small-tube boilers, burning oil, and subsequently made 20 kts. continuously at sea. Special notes.- Provence was heavily shelled at Mers-el-Kebir on July 3, 1940, and severely damaged, though she was afterwards taken to Toulon for refit. On Nov. 27, 1942, she received further heavy damage from her own ship's company at Toulon, her stern compartments being submerged.
  10. The French battleship Richelieu was noted for her unusual forecastle armament consisting of a pair of large quadruple turrets. In 1935, the keel was laid down for what would become the newest and largest battleship-class ever to be constructed by France. The class was named "Richelieu" after a French clergyman, nobleman and statesman of the 17th Century. Richelieu became the lead ship of the class and was followed by the Jean Bart. Two others - though never completed - were to be known as the Clemenceau and the Gascogne. By 1932, French authorities understood that they would have to work to counter the strongest threat to Mediterranean Sea operations - the Italian Navy, now under the power of strongman dictator Benito Mussolini. The Richelieu battleship class was part of the French answer to the threat and served - more or less - as the figurative "shot over the bow" against the Italian Navy in the region. http://www.freetimeh...trp/TRP5750.jpg Up to this point, French ship designers and builders maintained a respected tradition of producing top-of-the-line warships for over two centuries. The Richelieu was a design built for speed with good armor protection and sound technology to better the ships of the Italian Navy and even make the Germans take notice. However, as a signer of the Washington Naval Treaty following World War 1, France was required to build her new ships within certain predetermined and agreed upon limits. As such, the battleship resided within a tonnage restriction though her choice of main guns were of 15" (380mm) caliber - then the largest and heaviest available when the vessel was designed in 1932. The one design feature that could be seen as "questionable" for its time was that all of the 15" guns were mounted forward within two large traversing turrets, each turret fitting four guns. This design choice was made to reduce the total armor tonnage across just two large turrets - as opposed to a typical design setup containing three or four turrets. To reduce the possible damage to the quad turret arrangement from a single direct hit, an armored divider was built between the right and left gun pairings. The four guns did not operate individually as on other contemporary vessels but as pairs so, if struck and put out of action, only half of the 15" inch gun armament on either turret would be immobilized. The French Navy felt the Richelieu would be firing all 15" guns while approaching enemy shipping, this in effect presenting the smallest silhouette possible, allowing the Richelieu full use of all of her powerful armament available. Secondary armament came in the form of standard 6" guns. All nine gun emplacements were mounted aft in the design across 3x3 traversable turrets. The French battle plan concept concerning their new battleship countered the classic naval "Crossing the T" strategy in which ships fought to position themselves to fire a full broadside against oncoming enemy ships. If approaching the enemy, technically only any forward-facing guns within range could be called upon to fire. For typical battleships of this time, that meant that only half of the available heavy armament could be called to bear. However, had also shown its fair share of "running" battles in which capital ships needed to fire substantial armament against pursuing enemy ships as well. As such, the Richelieu design would, essentially, have a "big gun" disadvantage - able to only muster her 6" spread against an enemy's own large-caliber weapons. Like other contemporary capital ships of the time, the Richelieu was equipped with an aircraft deck with and integrated aircraft hangar structure. This allowed the carrying of several floatplane aircraft for reconnaissance use and artillery spotting sorties. Aircraft were launched by way of two catapults and could send aloft up to four seaplanes from the Richelieu's stern section. The Richelieu had not still not been commissioned but was however deemed seaworthy for additional trials by mid-April of 1940. World War 2 was underway, paved by multiple German conquests across Poland, Holland and Belgium and the Germans officially invaded neighboring France on May 10th, 1940 - a concerted effort being made to press the army hard towards the French coast to counter the French Navy response. Richelieu was at sea undergoing gunnery practice and speed trials from May to the middle of June when she returned to the western port city of Brest for needed repairs, scheduled crew changes and to take on more journey stores. As the German Army advanced, the French Government became very concerned that their prized battleship would be captured in port so, on June 18th, the decision was made to send some of the French fleet (including the Richelieu) from the home port at Brest and make for the French province port at Dakar, West Africa. Richelieu had to leave most of her expected stores behind, some still sitting on the awaiting docks. She also left with only 250 x 15" shells aboard and, worse, with only 48 powder bag charges for her 15" main battery; In short, she was not ready for a fight. Richelieu arrived at Dakar on June 23rd, the day after France capitulated. French authorities were force to sign the surrender with Germany and, to even the bitterness left from the armistice ending World War 1 decades prior, Adolph Hitler demanded the same passenger rail car the Germans signed their surrender to the Triple Entente be used.
  11. MasterGamer333

    [MOD] Banderas Del Mundo

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GALICIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANCIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALEMANIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REINOUNIDO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ESCOCIA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Bonjour, Il y a déjà deux sujets consacrés aux deux croiseurs du projet C5 Aucun des deux n'est spécifique au Charles Martel. Je vais essayer ici de faire ici la synthèse des deux sujets concernant les informations spécifiques au Charles Martel. N'ayant pas de droit d'administrateur et nos modérateurs ayant d'autres tâches bien plus importante (dresser les trolls) je vais essayer de le faire via des copier/coller et des citations. Pour le moment ce sujet va être un vaste chantier, mais le navire vaut réellement l'effort.
  13. Here is the T50-2 from World of Tanks to World of Warship. Among the fastest ships of WW2, these light cruisers used names after roman age generals. 110.000 hp (a half of an Iowa class battleship, that wheigh about 10 times more!) and 43 knots fast, they where also used as destroyers after WWII by the italian and french navy (2, captured). Here the story: http://en.wikipedia....i_class_cruiser The prototype was a soviet ship, built and designed in an italian shipyard: http://en.wikipedia....class_destroyer Regards.
  14. cpt_sparrow_jack

    jean jacques honore

    in which tier 10 ship do u consider to put the new france special captain(19 points), in ca line or bb line and why?