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Found 30 results

  1. Kancolle_Kongou

    WoWs EU forum discord server

    This one has been in test for the passed 3 week, and its still not perfect, but a okay start. ( I know theres a reddit one. i made this one under a request from someone who wanted an EU forum discord server.) So i would like to invite you guys to the server. (Keep in mind its still in work so some stuff will change and more rules will be added over time) https://discord.gg/cNVbT3n
  2. ZAZOU82170


    Salut tout le monde! :) J'aurais besoin d'info sur l'exploitation des flux RSS2.0 du forum. J'ai du mal à les intégrer dans le Discord que j'exploite. J'ai fais un webhook et automatisé la récupération depuis un site de processus automatisés "Zapier" mais je comprend pas car il fait bien le push en test mais pas en production de manière automatisée. Des idées? ZAZOU
  3. Commander_Cornflakes

    Dark Theme of the Forum

    Hi guys, I'm using the Dark theme for this forum and there are sites where it has contrast problems making texts unreadable. -> background has nearly the same color as text Like here: And how it looks after marking the text: Please make it readable again Obligatory WG-staff ping: @MrConway
  4. Hi all, Do we have that old Forum bug back (that doesn't show images in posts)? Leo "Apollo11"
  5. SmartassNoob

    Forum glitch. Can't upload files.

    Tried to upload a picture, but got an error message, saying that "there was a problem processing the file" and to contact some unspecified "us".
  6. It's come to my notice that some can't download my mods from the forum links, but others can. Does anyone have a clue as to what this issue is about? Is WG on it?
  7. NothingButTheRain

    How mark a forum member blue?

    I know that if someone does that, the person who's name is in blue gets notified. So how do I do that?
  8. jerkchicken

    Moskva HE buff

    The moskva need for real a HE buff... Its just terrible compared to the other T10 CL's. Some comparisons (not all T10): Hindenburg: 4 main turrets, 202mm devided by 4: 50,5mm of penetration and excellent fire change. And great DPM! Zao: 4 main turrets, high HE damage, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and the best fire change (~19%) Des Moines: 3 main turrets, heavy HE shells, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and high change of fire per minute. Moskva really needs a HE buff because the way the HE is right now is just really bad. Moskva hits because his arcs alot of the belt armor which in the most case will ''recesse'' (break) = No damage. Moskva now has 220mm of main armament guns which will be devided by 6, so we will come out of 36,7mm of penetration. This can't pen the deck armor of a Yamato, Großer Kurfürst and even the Khabarovsk. While the hindenburg can do this with 4 guns and better reload! And yes why only the moskva? and not the Des moines: Des moines has better arcs that can hit the superstructure better then the moskva can do. Most of the time in the moskva you will use only 2 main guns on the front and not the rear gun. Moskva get focused alot these days, it had worst consealment among all cruisers + bad ruddershift and the worst of all bad belt armor and can get citadeld all over the time with sailing at the weirdest angles. So what does the moskva needs to make the HE useable? Just devide it by 4. So we can atleast pen more then before, because the HE right now is in bad shape real bad shape...
  9. Pala12

    [S-W] Schattenwölfe

    Die Schattenwölfe:Wir sind ein Multi-Gaming-Clan, der am 04.Juli 2013 gegründet wurde. Mittlerweile sind wir über 150 aktive Spieler in diversen Games.Wir veranstalten als Clan Interne Spiele, Turniere, Raids, entwickeln gemeinsam neue Taktiken und Strategien.Unser Clan ist ab 18 Jahre für jeden zugänglich und nach oben gibt es keine Grenze!Was haben die Schattenwölfe alles zu bieten ?- Familiäres und demokratisches Clanleben- Gemeinsames Spielen, Teams, Raids, Turniere, interne Veranstaltungen ect.- Competitive und Casual Gaming- Homepage: schattenwölfe.de- Teamspeak³: ts.schattenwölfe.de - Facebook-Gruppe: facebook.com/groups/Schattenwolf- Steam-Gruppe: steamcommunity.com/groups/Schattenwolfclan- Viele Whats-App-Gruppen: Lachende Wölfe, Warships, Heroes of the Storm, Battlefield, Overwatch usw.- Ingame Clangruppen in: "Battlefield", "Diablo 3", "Starcraft 2", "Dota 2" ect.- Ingame Clangruppe in World of Warships: [s-W] SchattenwölfeWas spielen die Schattenwölfe alles ?Durch eine große Anzahl an Mitgliedern bieten wir eine große, nahezu endlose, Auswahl an Games, zu denen wir Events veranstalten und eigene Forumbereiche besitzen. Diese reichen von Aufbauspielen wie Minecraft zu Shootern wie Overwatch bis hin zu Actionspielen wie World of Warships!Schlusswort:Seit August letzten Jahres besitzen wir auch einen Bereich für World of Warships und suchen noch fleißig an engagierten Mitspielern.Solltest du also einen familiären und demokratischen Multi-Gaming-Clan suchen, der ein großes Angebot an Spieler & Games aufbieten kann und du evtl. aktiv an der Clanentwicklung oder Ausbau des Bereiches für dein Spiel mitwirken willst ohne großartige Verpflichtungen zu haben, dann bewerbe dich direkt bei uns schattenwölfe.de , melde dich direkt im Teamspeak³: ts.schattenwölfe.de oder schicke uns Ingame eine Clanbewerbung!Mit den besten GrüßenDie Schattenwölfe
  10. Captain_Breeze

    Respect to the Forum Regulars

    I love this game but am only an average player, I work away from home for long periods so find it hard to stay consistent, I find I have to re-learn again each time I get home. My main point is that I'd like to thank the regulars here for the amount of input they do here in the forums......some of you write books worth of info, I take my hat off to you all. I like to read the forums whilst I'm away as I can't play due to poor broadband width. This keeps me up to date with the positive and negative aspects here in WoWS One things for sure, this game has so many variables to think about in each and every match, all of you have your opinions and not all of you agree and it's interesting to see the differing ideas. I will get home next week and I hope to try even harder at getting better. Some of you may have seen this picture before, but it is a cracker, my work place. Just a BIG THANKS to you all, keep up the good work.
  11. Okay, da jetzt sogar einige sagen, "DBs sind OP!!!111elf", man aber TBs locker ausweichen kann, obwohl die doch allgemein als Inkarnation des Antichristen gelten... Daneben immer mal abwechselnd Smoke, HE, Radar, CVs oder sonst was als OP gelten... Verstopfen immer mehr Threads von Kevin, Mandy und Co. den Gameplay Bereich! Da es doch sehr mühselig wird, hätte ich die Frage, ob sich das Forum endlich, ENDLICH mal einigen könnte, was denn OP ist! Muss man den Leuten denn in Trölf Milliarden verschiedenen Threads immer folgendes schreiben: "Eigentlich alles in WoWs lässt sich folgendermaßen erklären: Idealzustand - funktionierendes Teamplay Istzustand - mangelndes Teamplay" So long, der Aliph.
  12. SSN_DaVinci

    Firma Profilo

    Scusate ma come mai alcuni hanno la firma di profilo ma io non posso inserirla??? Qualcuno può delucidarmi?
  13. Jan_van_Galen


  14. Spuggy

    The Forums have changed!!

    Just some feedback for the new 'improved' forum
  15. F0rs3ti

    Neues Forendesign

    Hallo zusammen, heute Morgen ging ja das neue Forum an den Start. Ich bin ein bissl über die Anzeigen der User verwirrt. Bei mir steht, ich hätte 3311 Schlachten und 148 posts. Mein Ingame Profil sagt ich hätte 3072 Schlachten (+plus 78 COOP) und am Freitag hatte ich noch ca. 180 Posts. Woher kommen diese Werte? Warum diese Abweichungen?
  16. C'est bien de la daube , c'est pas clair , pas pratique , on a du mal à lire les infos ... Alors ouai c'est joli , mais ça sert à rien si on ne vient plus sur le forum parce que ça devient pénible. Ouai , c'est du ouin ouin , mais je suis super unicum sur le forum ( noraj') . C'est vraiment la version mobile qui agace le plus, sur un grand écran d'ordinateur , c'est bien plus évident :( pourrait on revenir à quelque chose de plus soft mais de lisible ? Bonne journée les gens o/
  17. Platzpatrone

    Frage zum Forum

    Moin, habe das Problem, wenn ich einen Thread lade, laedt er alle Antworten auf einmal, was bei 2000+ Antworten dann Firefox zu lange dauert. Wo kann ich das begrenzen? Ich finde es nicht, weiss auch nicht ob das an Firefox, oder dem Forum liegt. Vielen Dank und gut Schuss
  18. Good Morning Guys, im not sure, if thats the right Place to ask because usually the Question goes to a Moderator of the Forums. How ever, i have 3 Questions remaining. One of them is about the Forums, below my or your Avatars it says the 1st registered Date and below this it says 0 warning Points (what does this Warning Points say?) The 2nd Question is, i saw the Results of "Time for the Divisions" Event posted at 17.12. by Moderators or Staff but they are shown as posted today at 19.12. where does that Time issue came from? The Reason why im asking is the Fact that im gladly one of the Winners in Category 2. And also it says, the Prices for the Event will be given out tomorrow - which means if thats posted on 17.12. (tomorrow is 18.12) but today is the 19. And to add some Information, those Results are posted in the Spanish and German Section for now (which is located here) http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69006-zeit-fuer-divisionen-die-gewinner/ and last but not least: As i logged into the Game it says removal of 1x Type 18, 1x Type 17 and 2x Type 16 Camo i guess that was about the missgiven Prem Camos to Players right? Because im wondering while i never had Camos of this Type Number. I hope i can receive some Answers from you Guys, have a good Day.
  19. Hallo zusammen, Vorab: Ich habe keine Ahnung ob das der richtige Bereich ist, aber die anderen passen auf jeden Fall nicht ^^ Ich habe mir schon des öfteren Gedanken über eine Shoutbox im Forum gemacht. Für die die nicht wissen was das ist: Eine Shoutbox ist im Prinzip ein Live-Chat im Forum (meistens ganz oben) in den man z. Bsp. schnell eine Frage stellen kann. Das Pro und Contra habe ich mal unten aufgelistet. Pro: - man kann schnell Fragen stellen, ohne immer ein neues Thema eröffnen zu müssen - Bei Usern die sich nicht immer trauen ein neues Thema zu eröffnen, bleiben evtl. Fragen ungeklärt - mehr Interaktivität zwischen den Spielern/Usern Contra: - erfordert eine ausreichend hohe Moderation - missbrauch - Alle geschriebenen Nachrichten sind Öffentlich Um Missbrauch aus dem Weg zu gehen, kann man evtl. erst einen Zugang bei einem mindestens 2 Stunden registrierten Account ermöglichen. Ich persönlich habe schön des öfteren Fragen gehabt, für die ein neues Thema sinnlos wäre und damit eine Shoutbox praktisch ist. Was meint ihr?
  20. CasualSlav

    Forum po ostatnich zmianach

    Kilka dni temu w silniku forum coś zmieniono. I nie chodzi mi tylko o wygląd ikonek pod logo gry - forum chodzi zauważalnie wolniej, dłużej i nie od razu w całości ładują się posty. Nie ma na... forum działu poświęconego... forum, więc komu to zgłosić? Zapewne support mnie odeśle na... forum.
  21. Mit dem Forenupdate von heute gibt es außer den neuen Smileys für Spieler zudem die Möglichkeit sekundäre Spielergruppen zu setzen. Dazu geht man auf sein Profil und klickt dort auf "Edit my Profil" Spieler mit Sekundärgruppen sollten folgenden Abschnitt mit den für sie verfügbaren Gruppen beim herunterscrollen sehen: Die Sekundärgruppen werden unterhalb der Hauptgruppe angezeigt, sofern man welche ausgewählt hat.
  22. Jak w temacie. Dopóki się nie zaloguję to mam prezentację tematów z podziałem na strony. Po zalogowaniu mam każdy temat pisany "ciurkiem". Czyli np półtora metra scrollowania jeżeli temat jest długi. Pewnie jest to gdzieś ustawialne w profilu, ale kurcze nie widzę gdzie... Ktoś pomoże? Z góry dzięki...
  23. Aotearas

    Forum notifications bugged

    Just wanted to give the website team a heads-up: I no longer recieve any notifications (for example when someone quotes me). Have double-checked and my notification options still have the box checked. I had also unchecked and checked again but I'm still not recieving any notifications. A minor annoyance at worst, but irregardless something that would need fixing. If it helps nailing the problem, the last notification I have on my list is from April 7th. Thanks
  24. KarmaQU_EU

    Adding to the WoWs experience

    A healthy MMO has more appealing aspects than just gameplay. A basic form is clans. However there can be more to community experience than just differently structured pvp, which clan battles are. More features aimed at fostering community cohesion as a whole are needed. Because of the currently limited population of WoWs, I believe that increasing community presence and activity will benefit the growth of the game. WoT already has a notable market presence due to several years of marketing, as well as solid internet culture presence, but it pales in comparison to other games on the market, for instance Dota or LoL. While some factors are game-design dependent, which is for another discussion, the structuring of the player experience goes beyond gameplay structure and mechanics, and is a tangible thing which can be influenced by design. Some games such as RPG style MMOs have such designs embedded in the gameplay, but WoWs does not currently have such features. Even in WoT, there is only a barebones clan competitive pvp based community structure which does not do much for community presence beyond gameplay aspects and gameplay rewards. There is simply too little design for human agency based interaction in addition to the alliances based on the gameplay. For instance, there is little communication in random battles. "I'll cover you" "We'll push this way" "Get ready for ..." "... incoming" "AA huddle" "I'll take point" rarely do these things happen, even less does actual commanding at the strategic level happen. It is a barebones gameplay experience where stats and numbers are pitted against each other in a tedious cycle of grinding. It is easy to think that 'this is how a ftp game model works' but I digress: I do not think this is how ideal game experiences in general works. A game based on barebones gameplay has less holding power and less growth opportunity. Thus shows the importance of going beyond just good mechanics and control structures. Chess has incredible mechanics ratings but very little generalist appeal. It takes more to create appeal to a game than just doing honest to god work like creating ship models and balancing stats and refining the 3D engine. In this topic we will focus on the appeal increasing opportunities able to be created via forums and news. Just some examples which express my thoughts: [1] Please see attached screen shot of the NA forums; as shown, the subsections are much more purpose and based, while using the forum structure to better fulfill diverse utilities catering to the different activities of the community. Some core interactions with the community have a dedicated section. This is better than the loose forum structure we are using now, where purposeful interaction based on human agency is difficult due to lack of space, topic-based input is rare because of disorganized structure, and archived content is close to meaningless because there is no follow-up. Overall forum activity lacks in productivity. Ultimately, forum activity should be as meaningful as gameplay is for the overall WoWs experience, and be a meaningful impact or inclusion for the gameplay itself. [2] The presentation some recent content could have been improved. The game website news page is a little cluttered and 'uneventful'. Content is presented in a big mess, thus unable to fulfill the most of their potential. For instance the HMS Vampire focus video was only used loosely in conjunction with extra content, such as on asia (http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history-feature/naval-battles-indian-ocean-raid/), while on the EU was presented as was, belonging to no particular stream of content, unlike the bad advice which is at least a 'series', but is presented with all other content as well and not fully making use of its unique essence. Some presentation of content could have been unified based on exclusive features from the different regions, for instance pairing up 'bad advice' series with http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/pukapuka-fleet/ as they are of similar nature. Structuring presentation of such content for maximum community impact and making full use of what we have even if that means having to draw content across regions is necessary. Cross-market investigation such as other online game websites, or even cross industry inspiration from light culture magazines may help. Ultimately, linking extra media meaningfully with in-game gameplay would be ideal. [3] Haven't quite thought of a third point yet, so what does everyone here think about community experience in relation to overall game experience? How can WoWs be improved along this line of thought? I mean the ARP content was nice but it was presented in a very uneventful way, just barebones extra rewards missions and skins. The Jacuzzi mode was nice but it is a one-off, barely fitting in with the bare bones model of gameplay. WoWs does not fully take advantage of the creative nature of such content, severely reducing their actual impact. Truly linking extra content to gameplay meaningfully is something that even LoL or DoTA is trying (with lore, community stuff and whatnot) but cannot completely fulfill yet. Even amongst the actual RPGMMOs few have taken full advantage of extra content in all its forms and perspective. The company Blizzard is one good example. But then again there are just the nobrains CS type games which are still very workable as business models. In the end, am I trying too hard, am I thinking too much for this game? Thank you for reading thus far, I look forward to your input. There is no poll due to the imaginative depth of this topic, and cross-region forum links or archived links are welcome. Broadening perspectives is always welcomed.
  25. Bonjour à tous ! Pour fêter Halloween je propose un événement le forum, organisé et géré par mes soins. L'événement sera décomposé en 4 sessions de 3 jours chacune, du 22/10 au 3/11. Les sessions vous permettront de gagner des bonbons (points), au terme de l’événement un classement sera établis, les 5 premiers joueurs avec le plus de bonbons gagneront des lots. Un mot ou une expression en rapport avec Halloween ou l'univers de World of Warships sera posté à la suite du message, comme un jeu du pendu vous ne verrez que le nombre de lettres du mot ou de l'expression. Pour vous aider, des indices seront éparpillés sur le forum sous la forme d'image de lettres (voir spoiler), il y a 4 couleurs pour 4 indices, les couleurs sont Orange, Noir, Verte et Bleu, pour trouver les indices, il faudra trouver le maximum de lettres (sinon toutes ) d'une même couleur, le nombre de lettres par couleurs sera indiqué, les lettres seront à remettre dans l'ordre pour former l'indice. Les indices auront un rapport direct avec le mot ou l'expression, inutile de chercher compliqué. Ex: Si le mot à trouver est "bonbon" les 4 indices seront : Sucre ​Carie Confiserie Candy Règlement : Les réponses devront être envoyé par MP avec ce titre précis : Event Halloween / Session ( 1 / 2 / 3 ou 4 ). Vous devez envoyer ce message à moi même et à Azkolek en copie. Envoyer le MP en invitation et non en copie - voir lien - ( me suis trompé ) Tous les messages qui ne respectent pas ces conditions ne pourront être pris en compte. Un seul MP par jour et par personne. Les sessions démarrent à 20 H (heure de Paris ) : le 22/ 10, le 25 /10, le 28/10 et le 31/10 Et se termine à 12H ( Midi ) : le 25 /10, le 28/10, le 31/10 et le 3/11. Les joueurs pourront partager ( ou pas ) les fruits de leurs chasses aux indices sur le forum. Les lettres seront glissées dans mes messages uniquement. Elles ne seront pas forcément dans des spoilers ou dans des citations. Les lettres seront des images de lettres, sur fond jaune, d'une couleur : Orange, Verte, Noire, ou Bleue Après 24h je mettrais la première lettre à chaque groupe d'indices pour vous aider à les mettre dans l'ordre. Calcul des points : + 5 bonbons pour chaque mot ou expression trouvé + 3 bonbons pour chaque indice trouvé + 1 bonbon par lettre ( mettre le lien du message dans lequel se trouve la lettre en guise de preuves ) Dans le cas d'une égalité dans l'attribution des lots, les joueurs les plus rapides à avoir envoyé leurs MP seront déclarés gagnants. Les lots à gagner : 1ère place: Code bonus (1 x Diana + 1 place de port + 3 jours de premium + 300 doublons) + 1 titre forum spécial (à définir) 2nde place: 500 doublons + 1 titre forum (à définir) 3e place: 300 doublons + 1 titre forum (à définir) 4e & 5e place: 100 doublons Les vainqueurs sont : MarLeclerc avec un total de 149 bonbons, gagne un code bonus contenant un Diana et sa place de port, 3 jours de premium et 300 doublons. Il gagne également un titre forum exclusif. Alexisnew avec 99 bonbons, gagne 500 doublons et un titre forum exclusif. aurelien123_winner avec 21 bonbons gagne 300 doublons et un titre forum exclusif.