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Found 41 results

  1. Was there some reason why I was completely barred from posting last night? Couldn't post in any of the existing threads, all were view only even though I was logged in?
  2. HipSGuinness

    Club de débat du Forum

    Bonjour à tous, nous vous proposons une nouvelle initiative communautaire. Un club de débat, "réservé" au forum ! Quel est le but ? Débattre sur des sujets variées mais en lien avec le jeu ou le forum, afin de donner de la visibilité à vos avis ou des retours auprès de WG. Vous pourrez à la suite de ce sujet, proposer vos questions/sujets, qui pour vous n'ont pas assez de visibilités ou de réponses. On va essayer d'être le plus large possible afin de satisfaire le plus grand monde. Comment on devient Adhérant ? Un groupe (non limité) de membres du forum : - Community Manager - Modérateurs - Community Contributor - l'équipe Wiki - et des membres du forum choisis Le choix sera fait par les autres membres pour l'inclusion aux débats. Suivant les apports et l'activité que certains joueurs apportent sur le forum (réponses aux questions, guides, idées et autres). Comment et quand ? Une fois par mois, sur Discord (Grotte de Tanatoy), sera tenu le débat qui durera une petite heure environ. En présence des modérateurs (animation et compte rendu), des autres membres du club et si possible des Community Manager (Tanatoy). A la fin de la réunion, si possibles les modérateurs ou d'autres membres mettrons à disposition un Compte Rendu synthétique et informatif. Cette initiative n'est pas une course, mais un moyen de récompenser les personnes qui s'investissent pour la communauté, qui peuvent parfois ressentir un manque de liberté d'expression sur le forum, et peut être pourront compléter ce manque par la participation à ce club. Qu"en pensez vous et quels sujets vous semblent importants ? Nota Bene : Ce sera un club non officiel, c'est-à-dire que WG ne le reconnaitra pas, comme tout ce qui se passe sur le serveur Discord.
  3. Hi everyone. Can anyone please tell me / post a link to a description how to disable the ‘recent visitors block’ in the players’ forum profile page? Thx. o7 p.s. posting from mobile, hence the broken font sizes. Sry f that.
  4. TheMightyOkapi

    Forum problems

    Hi all, As you will probably have guessed from the title, I'm having difficulties with the forum. To put it succinctly, I play on the EU server and live in the EU. But whenever I visit the forums I get directed to the NA forum [if that is a thing]. So, I read, I think, I formulate a witty and brilliant reply and try to add it to the discussion. Then I get the message "you need to have participated in 5/10/50/X battles to reply to this thread. I am not a veteran but have over 700 battles under my belt... So I go to log in and my login details are refused... So I change the "NA" to "EU" in the address line, get directed to wargaming EU site, navigate to WOWS..forum..login and login successfully - in game name in the top right corner and all, go back to the thread in question and get told " you need to login to reply to this thread. AAAARGGGHHHH! So, how should I log in in order to participate in the forum or am I doomed just to spectate? Thanks in advance, The Okapi [mighty]
  5. 159Hunter

    Paragon system

    Dear moderators, I understand that there is a dedicated topic for this. However: most people come to this particular section of the forum to discus the game as it is, as it was and how we expect it to be when WG announces changes (we did this for CV rework, for the 0.8.5 AA changes, when clan battles were announced, when Stalingrad was announced, when steel was announced .... ). Point is, people are used to this. If you don't want us to discus the game here (ok, a decision you made based upon an interpretation of a forum rule I misread I guess) could you then please add a locked, sticky topic with the direct link to the correct topic? This will avoid you having to close a lot more topics AND it will also show that WG is not trying to hide the discussion in an obscure part of the forum that most of us don't use.
  6. Edit by moderation: This thread is now meant to discuss rentals in ranked constructively! Avoid unnecessary posts like flaming and whining about rentals. edit: in this sense, for any discussion on the matter yet check the linked (and closed) threads, on which u might refer to. thx. aaand, for the more outdated, one from page 2 cheers, njoy
  7. Agarast

    Canal Forum FR

    Bonjour, Etant un habitué du canal français sur WoT, je trouve que cela serait sympathique et utile qu'un channel ouvert H24 sous la dénomination "!!! WOWS FORUM FR" soit mis en place par les joueurs et recréé de façon quotidienne. C'est un plus pour partager / retrouver des connaissances / et créer des divisions. Pas d'objections?
  8. Hello dear English and English speaking community. I wish I could write this in a more happy mood but I’m afraid I can’t. What happened you may ask? Simple. All of this comes back to 15th March of 2018. On that day, Spanish Forum, News and Support closed, with the excuse that we were simply “not worth the resources devoted to us”. We, the Spanish community, felt really bad but we could cope with that, as our posts and topics were placed on archive, where at least we could check them and move things up and down to our new web. But this has changed. Suddenly and without warning, the Archive containing all our valuable information, data, tech tree proposals and numerous questions and answers are gone. I don’t know for how long as I had not checked since, let’s say, 1 week ago. But still, I feel conflicted about it. Why? Because I don’t know the reason for the complete removal of it. You may say it takes space and resources but did it really? After all, no more resources were used on it, it was just like those old forum treads from 2014 or so, lost to the oceans of time but still useful or interesting. So why WG, WHY?? I myself have no trouble, not much anyways, writing and reading English for news, suggestions and such. I even venture to do posts and whole treads and more things. But for the poor fellow commoners who don’t know English what is left? To be impossible to know what happens next ingame? To use translators all the time, which without doubt will be full of flaws? And what happens to the content we created? We just have to accept that is rubish and without value? To be left with doubts, impossible to answer? Why WG? Why you are so damm interested in removing all trace of the old Spanish forum, even if it did not had resources devoted to it? WHY @MrConway and people who may be responsible?
  9. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Forum layout

    Hello Captains & WG Crew, My question is quite simple really. The NA forum layout is more straight forward and has it's sub categories listed clearly versus the EU forum section. Also, I've noticed that some sections does not apply particularly to the forum post in question. I feel that the NA forum layout is more practical and to the point, whilst addressing most of the points needed to spring clean. Therefore, the following is my request/question. Would it be possible to mirror the forum layout as it is on the NA forum to the EU forum? Many thanks.
  10. Vagabond_2017


    N'y aurait il pas un farceur qui ferait des attaques en DDoS sur le serveur du forum EU ces derniers temps ?
  11. Kancolle_Kongou

    WoWs EU forum discord server

    This one has been in test for the passed 3 week, and its still not perfect, but a okay start. ( I know theres a reddit one. i made this one under a request from someone who wanted an EU forum discord server.) So i would like to invite you guys to the server. (Keep in mind its still in work so some stuff will change and more rules will be added over time) https://discord.gg/cNVbT3n
  12. Z4Z0U


    Salut tout le monde! :) J'aurais besoin d'info sur l'exploitation des flux RSS2.0 du forum. J'ai du mal à les intégrer dans le Discord que j'exploite. J'ai fais un webhook et automatisé la récupération depuis un site de processus automatisés "Zapier" mais je comprend pas car il fait bien le push en test mais pas en production de manière automatisée. Des idées? ZAZOU
  13. Commander_Cornflakes

    Dark Theme of the Forum

    Hi guys, I'm using the Dark theme for this forum and there are sites where it has contrast problems making texts unreadable. -> background has nearly the same color as text Like here: And how it looks after marking the text: Please make it readable again Obligatory WG-staff ping: @MrConway
  14. Hi all, Do we have that old Forum bug back (that doesn't show images in posts)? Leo "Apollo11"
  15. SmartassNoob

    Forum glitch. Can't upload files.

    Tried to upload a picture, but got an error message, saying that "there was a problem processing the file" and to contact some unspecified "us".
  16. It's come to my notice that some can't download my mods from the forum links, but others can. Does anyone have a clue as to what this issue is about? Is WG on it?
  17. NothingButTheRain

    How mark a forum member blue?

    I know that if someone does that, the person who's name is in blue gets notified. So how do I do that?
  18. jerkchicken

    Moskva HE buff

    The moskva need for real a HE buff... Its just terrible compared to the other T10 CL's. Some comparisons (not all T10): Hindenburg: 4 main turrets, 202mm devided by 4: 50,5mm of penetration and excellent fire change. And great DPM! Zao: 4 main turrets, high HE damage, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and the best fire change (~19%) Des Moines: 3 main turrets, heavy HE shells, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and high change of fire per minute. Moskva really needs a HE buff because the way the HE is right now is just really bad. Moskva hits because his arcs alot of the belt armor which in the most case will ''recesse'' (break) = No damage. Moskva now has 220mm of main armament guns which will be devided by 6, so we will come out of 36,7mm of penetration. This can't pen the deck armor of a Yamato, Großer Kurfürst and even the Khabarovsk. While the hindenburg can do this with 4 guns and better reload! And yes why only the moskva? and not the Des moines: Des moines has better arcs that can hit the superstructure better then the moskva can do. Most of the time in the moskva you will use only 2 main guns on the front and not the rear gun. Moskva get focused alot these days, it had worst consealment among all cruisers + bad ruddershift and the worst of all bad belt armor and can get citadeld all over the time with sailing at the weirdest angles. So what does the moskva needs to make the HE useable? Just devide it by 4. So we can atleast pen more then before, because the HE right now is in bad shape real bad shape...
  19. Pala12

    [S-W] Schattenwölfe

    Die Schattenwölfe:Wir sind ein Multi-Gaming-Clan, der am 04.Juli 2013 gegründet wurde. Mittlerweile sind wir über 150 aktive Spieler in diversen Games.Wir veranstalten als Clan Interne Spiele, Turniere, Raids, entwickeln gemeinsam neue Taktiken und Strategien.Unser Clan ist ab 18 Jahre für jeden zugänglich und nach oben gibt es keine Grenze!Was haben die Schattenwölfe alles zu bieten ?- Familiäres und demokratisches Clanleben- Gemeinsames Spielen, Teams, Raids, Turniere, interne Veranstaltungen ect.- Competitive und Casual Gaming- Homepage: schattenwölfe.de- Teamspeak³: ts.schattenwölfe.de - Facebook-Gruppe: facebook.com/groups/Schattenwolf- Steam-Gruppe: steamcommunity.com/groups/Schattenwolfclan- Viele Whats-App-Gruppen: Lachende Wölfe, Warships, Heroes of the Storm, Battlefield, Overwatch usw.- Ingame Clangruppen in: "Battlefield", "Diablo 3", "Starcraft 2", "Dota 2" ect.- Ingame Clangruppe in World of Warships: [s-W] SchattenwölfeWas spielen die Schattenwölfe alles ?Durch eine große Anzahl an Mitgliedern bieten wir eine große, nahezu endlose, Auswahl an Games, zu denen wir Events veranstalten und eigene Forumbereiche besitzen. Diese reichen von Aufbauspielen wie Minecraft zu Shootern wie Overwatch bis hin zu Actionspielen wie World of Warships!Schlusswort:Seit August letzten Jahres besitzen wir auch einen Bereich für World of Warships und suchen noch fleißig an engagierten Mitspielern.Solltest du also einen familiären und demokratischen Multi-Gaming-Clan suchen, der ein großes Angebot an Spieler & Games aufbieten kann und du evtl. aktiv an der Clanentwicklung oder Ausbau des Bereiches für dein Spiel mitwirken willst ohne großartige Verpflichtungen zu haben, dann bewerbe dich direkt bei uns schattenwölfe.de , melde dich direkt im Teamspeak³: ts.schattenwölfe.de oder schicke uns Ingame eine Clanbewerbung!Mit den besten GrüßenDie Schattenwölfe
  20. Captain_Breeze

    Respect to the Forum Regulars

    I love this game but am only an average player, I work away from home for long periods so find it hard to stay consistent, I find I have to re-learn again each time I get home. My main point is that I'd like to thank the regulars here for the amount of input they do here in the forums......some of you write books worth of info, I take my hat off to you all. I like to read the forums whilst I'm away as I can't play due to poor broadband width. This keeps me up to date with the positive and negative aspects here in WoWS One things for sure, this game has so many variables to think about in each and every match, all of you have your opinions and not all of you agree and it's interesting to see the differing ideas. I will get home next week and I hope to try even harder at getting better. Some of you may have seen this picture before, but it is a cracker, my work place. Just a BIG THANKS to you all, keep up the good work.
  21. Okay, da jetzt sogar einige sagen, "DBs sind OP!!!111elf", man aber TBs locker ausweichen kann, obwohl die doch allgemein als Inkarnation des Antichristen gelten... Daneben immer mal abwechselnd Smoke, HE, Radar, CVs oder sonst was als OP gelten... Verstopfen immer mehr Threads von Kevin, Mandy und Co. den Gameplay Bereich! Da es doch sehr mühselig wird, hätte ich die Frage, ob sich das Forum endlich, ENDLICH mal einigen könnte, was denn OP ist! Muss man den Leuten denn in Trölf Milliarden verschiedenen Threads immer folgendes schreiben: "Eigentlich alles in WoWs lässt sich folgendermaßen erklären: Idealzustand - funktionierendes Teamplay Istzustand - mangelndes Teamplay" So long, der Aliph.
  22. GM_DaVinci

    Firma Profilo

    Scusate ma come mai alcuni hanno la firma di profilo ma io non posso inserirla??? Qualcuno può delucidarmi?
  23. Strzelam_za_jeden_HP


  24. Just some feedback for the new 'improved' forum