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Found 9 results

  1. RearAdmiralBallsy

    Looking for New Clan

    Hi All, Im looking for a new Clan: I am a avid wows player and have competed in the last few clan seasons, Current clan achieved Storm League last season and I played in a large number of the battles. I love the tactics and team play and I am looking for a more serious clan to play with. My Current new account is sitting at 52% Win Rate, Suffered recently playing a lot of solo/weekend battles and with very new commanders, I have around 3000 battles in total across my two accounts. I favour CR play and Play that role in CB' normally, also happy in BB and DD. I enjoy tactics and the clan format - Seeking a more professional team and people to play divison with as I prefer a social game to solo play Discord User. I have: Zao, Hindenberg, Montana, Conq, Des Mo as tier X's between my two accounts. Friendly and Polite, easy going. Hope to here from you all. If there is no interest in me, I am also thinking about starting a clan, so if you like the above and are also looking for a clan, get in touch, however preference is to join a fun, friendly and competitive clan. Jack
  2. hi im looking for a social clan to join to play mainly operations and Co-op and play in divisions, i dont feel comfortable in PvP but maybe i will get into CW later. i prefer Discord over TS. i have 1 T7 non-premium
  3. MortenTardo


    WG, can you make some proper tutorials ingame on how to play different classes, what different commander skills do, modules and so on. It seems like there is alot of players that need to learn how to play their favorite ships, and i know from experience that sometimes its hard to figure things out just from playing the game. Tell players what sigma is and how it works, tell players what strenghts and weeknesses the different ships have. Teach them that even though you have 25km range on your guns, does not mean you have to stay at the border to be safe and that you have 100k HP for a reason, not just to save it for.... Something. I had a T9 DD on my team earlier sailing around the map and ending up at the boarder since "the enemy had he's radio location". And thats just one of many cases of players not knowing what they are doing. Alot of players need some education on how this game works. Please give it to them.
  4. Heyya guys! I'm semi new to the game, and my top Tier atm is level 5. I do also have a level 8 premium. And I'm striving to get a level X/10 ASAP. Now, I'm looking for a clan who wants to play some casual, but also competetively and "semi"-serious ranking. I play primarely as bb's / battleships. I prefer the tone in the clan to be casual, but everyone doing their best and in it for the win ;) Hope to hear from some of you.
  5. Welcome to the Roman imperial Navy. Contrary to historical strategy, we will not be ramming and boarding like Quinqueremes or Triremes, instead we use the modern and civil armament of high caliber cannons and torpedoes! Accepting anyone from Tier IV to tier X, if you're wanting to learn the game or participate in clan/ranked battles its up to you! Discord link available upon recruiting. Simply search ROMIN in your clan tab and you should be able to apply! GreydonIselmoe
  6. Greetings captains, I am Varenity the owner of SPQR. I'm searching for new members for the upcomming clanbattles/wars. First I want to introduce myself and the clan, I'm Quincy 17 years old and love playing WorldofWarships. I wanted always to setup a clan and I did on 20 januari of 2017, I always wanted to do the competetive scene with my clan so thats why I'm searching new fresh members that can lead us to victory in upcomming clanbattles! SPQR, It stands for: Senatus Populus que Romanus (translated: The Roman Senate and People). So right now we got 29/30 members and got +/-51% WR, Not bad. But soon clanbattles will be released and we want to setup a good competitive team that represented SPQR EU. \ [CLAN STATS] So what do we want? New active members! Which stats do u need to join us? I dont care much about stats but at least you need a postive WR and 1000+ battles. Which stats for Compteam? 52%+ WR and 0.90+ F/B and 50K+ D/B. Which communication device do you need? Just Discord, and this link to join. You must be active? Yes! this is the most important one! Do you exclude current members? Yes, I am in the following weeks, for new fresh members! So after all, you can sent a application and i'll look to it. Any questions? PM me or just reply here Thanks for your time! And goodluck on the battlefield captians!
  7. Let's all boycott the game, I know some of you only play WoWs(Kinda sad) but I think if we all stop playing for a while it will force WGEU to take action.
  8. bushwacker001

    Assault Carrier Mode

    I have never seen this before! One of our carriers spawned in not a great place It was all taken in good spirit by both sides and the carrier captain who obviously died pretty quick. Our team actually went on to win despite the early loss.
  9. SkullBreaker007

    Looking for a clan to play cw

    Hey I stared playing wiws in 2016 played for some time than took a break, a big one came back on feb 2018, since feb my PR and win rate is improving, I am looking for an active and competitive clan that I can play clan wars in, The closest I am to a tier x is that I have an iowa and am grinding it daily, But I also have rental ships for clan battles. The only downside to me is that I cant use TS, but I regulalry use discord and am happy to chat there. Looking for a fun and competitve environment. Cheers