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Found 51 results

  1. OM40

    Flag profiles/presets

    it's about time we have this in-game WG, it might sound like a minor thing but I believe it's a big quality of life upgrade for the majority of players. WG pls give us the ability to create multiple flag pre-sets for different situations e.g Comp, randoms, exp grind etc that can be saved and switched around whenever. +1 if you agree shoutout to @Slightly_Obese_Geese the English main Kappa
  2. JusticeDog

    Applying camouflage and flags

    Hi eveyone noob question warning! I've been awarded camo, but for the life of me can't work how to apply it or find it anymore? I play in a PS4 platform. thanks in advance and apologies for the noobieness of the question 😊🙏
  3. GuderianDK

    National Flags?

    Will we ever get national flags for WOW?
  4. Greetings, Me and our clan's Deputy are pissing and moaning for over a year regarding some kind of way to remove all signal flags from our ships at once with the click of one button since we switch to Co-Op very regularly to keep sane. Now my derivative of this idea was, what about a preset button for flags? Every player can create an unlimited amount of presets for flags and name them according to what kind of set-up it's being used on. For example, if I play battleships, always, all my battleships have a certain set of flags, but for some nations, i.e. British, Japanese, I'm using a few different flags than I use on Americans or French for example. So why not implement a system allowing us to create presets, clicking the flags you want to be on that preset, save it, and then you can simply put all your 8 flags on instantly by clicking the preset you created. Especially now with all the game freezes and performance hiccups it's an extremely tedious process of removing & mounting all 8 flags since the client freezes for roughly 10 seconds at every button you click. Regards, Sirion.
  5. OM40

    Combat Flags

    WG mentioned that combat flags will be available in the Arsenal in bundles for credits, how much do you think its fair for a bundle of 10?
  6. SEN_SEN_Channel_Portugue

    No more flags bundle in shop ?

    Last days I saw one cant buy anymore a lot of flags from Premium Shop, in fact, last days are only 2 choices available for flags-only : a bundle at 31 euros, and another at 13 (12,84 ) euros. Its this a permanent change ? I used to buy small packs of what I need only, like papa-papa, etc ; Right now, this smaller bundle are no more available, instead are tons of containers at sale; I wonder, they will force us to buy only big packs now and/or containers lottery ? I confess I do not like this .... Your toughs, guys ? Anyone have an inside ? https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/
  7. Mydgard

    Which flags do you have?

    Hi! Now when WG restarted the French flag event, I read the discuss and I saw some unknown flags, so I'm interested in which flags do you have. To start I show mine, if you don't know any I can tell you his story.
  8. ImperialAdmiral

    Free XP and steel ship flags

    Hello. I think it would be nice if the owners of Free XP, steel or any other special currency ships could get their premium flags especially that pretty much evey premium ship has such one in the files. It coud be via chain of mission that could be done on a particular ship. Some upcoming flags are pretty cool. Is there any official WG statement about this particular thing? I would love to know @MrConway @Crysantos
  9. antean

    Clan Flag

    I'm sure this has been mentioned, however, I did not see much with the search function here …… My suggestion is this; Why doesn't WoWS offer Clan Flags as an option that could be bought either directly or via Doubloon purchase from the premium shop? WoT & WoWP have clan emblems - I suggest a flag for WoWS although a clan emblem could fit on a ship somewhere, as well (a smoke stack for instance). Already there is a 'second' optional flag slot available for the Am & Ijn national lines. Already there are many 'commemorative' flags which are barely utilized. Why? A lack of extra flag slots. If one has the US MMC flag or an Alpha flag a player will use those (I have the A flag in NA). With the completion of the US Cruiser Mission, I have the second flag slot for my US ships so I fly some of the US commemorative flags. However, there is no place (for myself) to fly an a extra flag on any other nationality of ship. Clan Commanders pay Doubloons to register a Clan Name. I am sure many Clan Members would pay WG to be able to fly a 'Clan Flag' in 'dedicated clan flag slot'. I will immediately buy a 'dedicated Clan Flag Slot' as soon as WG offers one.
  10. gfregfre

    plus de flags

    Bonjour, depuis la dernière mise à jour je ne peux plus gagner de flags. (ils sont "issued") je pensais que cela était du a un nombre trop important de mon stock donc j'en ai utilisé une centaine mais rien n'y fait. il m'en reste encore entre 200 et 250 mais d'autres joueurs en ont plus et n'ont pas ce problème. sauriez vous me dire ce qui cloche? voici des images :
  11. Th3Fl0

    Special flag bug

    Hi WG-techs, Concerning the "special" flags that you can mount on your ship, the "Ouroboros" (+777% to Free XP) in particular, is bugged. I had two games in a row in which I noticed that the 777% of free XP wasn't rewarded, or at least it doesn't show accordingly in the post-battle report as you can see in the screenshots provided. If anyone else has this same problem, feel free to add down below. Th3Fl0 * UPDATE * Apperantly I was too fast to post my question. It does add to the free xp, but what I don't understand is why the payoff from the signal isn't show in results. In my opinion it is somewhat confusing.
  12. Tjerk_Hiddes

    commemorative flags

    Hi there all nice people on this forum In ranked battles I "earned" my first commemorative flag, A nice gesture from WG, does not cost anything and has a nice feelgood factor. That made me think. Is it a possibility for WG to create commemorative flags for Supertesters, alphatesters, weekend testers and Closed beta testers? It would be nice to recognize the "old bunch" in a game. Sentimental? Maybe. Good Idea? For sure. Your thoughts please and some feedback of WG-staff would be appreciated too. Thank you for your time,
  13. So, the flags we get through ranked battles (with the exception of the rank1 Jolly Roger and the rank 14 Port of Kure flag that everyone should have) are removed at the end of the ranked season... Why? Is it because we'll get new league flags in next season? Why not let us keep them at least until the beginning of next season?
  14. Warderer

    Issued flags

    A bit of a noob question. Why when i get new flags from achievements it says issued on them and i dont recieve them?
  15. Flukeyluke

    flags? 10 daily?

    Edit, i dun goofed! mods feel free to move to Current Update so i just got a report in ranked for running a ship with no flags.... why no flags? well its my 14th game of the day and i have used the 10 daily flags i have earned in my first few matches the chap who reported me was a rather grumpy fellow but thats a diffrent story for a diffrent day... in my opinion if you can earn the medels that grant you the flags you should get the flags regardless if you have already had a kraken that day etc.... perhaps limit it to one medel per game rewards the rewards and make it a smaller box of say 5 flags 1. what are the possible solutions to running out off flags when you are limited to such a short supply? 2. why can we not buy flags with in game credits? ?. 1st bloods are worse and very hard to stock pile since you can only earn them in boxs of ones... 4. Any *new* news about the idividual flags being able to be broght for gold in the primium shop? i remember it was trialled on another server. currently we are stuck with bundles which contain flags which we may never use for example one bundle has 55 torpedo flooding flags which will be useless to someone who only plays high tier amarican cruisers or BBs... and so do nothing but needlessly infltae the bundle price 5. Will the supply likely increase after the random loot boxes are added to the servers or have these been scrapped? Ps i get lots of reports because i (insert salty [edited]comment here) and am not the gratest player.
  16. I, like so many other people, really fancied the free rewards for spending 25000 doubloons on stuff I wanted anyway. Problem: I'm traveling with my family and will not be home to spend the doubloons. Fortunately I was only an hour away from a clan mate, so I drove over. We got behind his laptop and spent our hard earned money. He got a year of premium time and converted some XP. I got perma camo's for 5 T10's. Problem solved. Back to the family as it was already past 23:00. Turns out the event didn't start until 02:00 the next morning, we were just under 3 hours too early. Tickets were created and here it gets weird. My mate had his premium time taken away and got his doubloons refunded. The representative could not reset the XP, but as that was only a small amount it didn't matter much. I got a reply that many players made the same mistake and that WG was looking at ways to remedy the situation. Then it got really quiet. After a few more pokes the tone changed and I was basically told that I messed up and had to live with the consequences. I do not agree... It is my opinion that if one player gets help, players with the same problem should also be helped. Also, if an expensive event like this is launched, do not post an activation button before the event goes live, especially if it only runs for a few days. (If I was the only one to fall for this, but a costumer support representative wrote me that 'a lot of players' made the same mistake) When I objected to refusal I was told to post my comments on this forum so the developers can read my concerns and react to them... I'm just dying with suspense, what will come next..?
  17. ODD_BALL2


    again my PTS reward flags have not gone into my EU server,twice in a row now. and yes said my reward waiting in my account
  18. NothingButTheRain

    Lost my GC2017 flag

    Hi. I've started playing WoWS recently and am enjoying it a lot! I also got this gamescon flag when I started playing WoWS for only a couple days and I was trying out stuff. Because I didn't really understand how things worked with the signal flags and such, I added the gamescon flag to one of my boats but forgot which one! How can I find it? I just read on the wiki I only get a single one? What happens to the flag if the boat I putted it on got sold? I needed port slots untill I bought doubloons so I sold a couple boats. So anyone know where I can figure out which boat has this flag mounted? Thanks! Ow, I'm not sure here is the right place for my question, but I guess it's a safe bet since it's a newcomer forum part here :)
  19. t0xic_p0et

    Flags on WW2 ships....

    As the royal navy use the white ensign, is there a German, American and Japanese equivalent for their Navy or did they just fly the country flag?
  20. Griva

    Clan camo and other features

    I want to discuss here about some clan features. Most importantly I want to see other players opinion so that we can create some good idea that may be used by WG devs. Clan camo I didnt find any thread about it (there should be) and because this feature is very powerfull I want to talk about it: The idea is simple, players get some kind of "camo editor" prepared by devs and clan can create their own unique camo for members. Before we extend this idea, we should start with some obstacles: Camo in game provides always some bonuses but the problem is that we always pay for camos. Simply speaking we can't create perm free camo for clan members with the same standard bonuses and also we witout bonuses because it going to be useless. Another thing is that even if we can add standard camo and accuracy bonus still there are many camos with many additional bonuses so we have to give up one camo anyway. Solution to this problems can be naval base building. For example if we build "camo structure", clan members can get the possibility to buy camo for credits (or oil) and this way we have to still pay for camo. We can extend this idea by adding bonuses. If we get "camo structure" we can set or buy additional bonuses for our camo like +20% free exp or +5% credits or whatever we want imagine here. Also creating camo for all ships can be more complicated thats why clan camo can be used only on tier X ship. We can go even further and enable this camo only for clan wars battles what is still nice addition. As you can see this idea can be extended in many ways so I want to see your opinions about it and also some new ideas related to it. Clan flag This feature going to be implemented anyway (in some way) but maybe we can change form a little. I made Q&A question here and would be nice if you vote for implementation and also share some ideas about it here. Clan store When I say 'store' I mean building where we can buy some unique things, for example flag store. What if we add building where we can buy signal flags? I want to point out that flags can't be cheap here because this going to break balance in general. Other option can be to buy this crapy "unique equipement" or even create special "clan signal flag". Of course this flag would be used only in clan wars so it would not break balance of random games. I want to emphasize that everything above is very loose idea, not complete feature/solution, use it as base idea for brainstorming.
  21. kjkb1980_o7

    Personalised Flags

    Hi, Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere and I've missed it but I was wondering how you get to add Personalised Flags in the game please? After a bit of Googling I believe it may be a Mod but if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. With thanks, Keiron (kjkb1980).
  22. Edit: Ignore the message below, the flags DO stack, sorry for the confusion. (I wrote down the wrong numbers on my first observation, Commanders really do get +100% XP when both flags are equipped.) Can somebody else please confirm that the flags for +50% Commander XP (Zulu Hotel) and the normal +50% XP flag (Equal Speed Charlie London) do NOT stack, i.e., the commander of the ship does not get +100% XP and instead only gets +50% XP more than the base XP (as seen in the in the aftermatch team panel). That means that mounting both flags simply wastes the Zulu Hotel flag. At least to me this seems to be a bug. Edit: Did the Equal Speed Charlie London flag give XP bonus for both the ship and the commander before the 0.5.2 patch or did the commander always only get the base XP?
  23. Im new to the game how would I use the flags advertised in the specials if I purchased them please ken
  24. dasCKD

    Mount flags to all ships

    Every ranked season, players who reach certain ranks get rewards that entitles them to discounts on servicing discounts. If they could actually remember to mount the flag that is. For players with a port with 20 ships or more, I think that most players would appreciate an in game menu command to quickly mount a flag to all ships. The option will no doubt also be useful when the ranked season ends and the player wants to mount their old flags to their ships.
  25. JollyRoger1516

    A question concerning flags

    This is one is a two part question. Don't worry not trying to cheat the system it will make sense as it is the same topic. Question 1) - On, I believe Friday, I suddenly found the Restless Fire Flag in my inventory. I don't remember ever participating in an event for her so is this a bug or what did I do? (not complaining btw only confused^^) Question 2) - I obtained the Nelson about a week or 2 ago. Weren't we supposed to get a flag with that thing? Or will there be an event where we can obtain said flag. Cheers for the answers already. Jolly