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Found 42 results

  1. arquata2019

    Clan logo on ship/third clan flag

    Hi all! I recently joined a clan in world of warplanes and i saw that i have our logo on my plane, which is pretty sweet In world of warships you can't, but it would be nice if we can have a third flag with our clan logo, wouldn't that be pretty? I was reading something about this but were posted in 2017, which is 3 years ago So: can we have our clan logo on the ship or maybe a third flag with the same logo of the clan? and, how can i change the logo of the clan? can't find anything... @TheWarJaC @YabbaCoe any information? (hoping not to bother you two)
  2. arquata2019

    Past ranked flags

    Hi all! i was wondering how to get in the future the flags we had in the past about ranked flags, for example midway, hawaii... i saw the flags here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flags go down until you see "list of ranked flags" @MrConway @TheWarJaC? (hoping not to bother you two) maybe an answer by wg staff is better xD
  3. arquata2019

    "Armada" (CV Flag)

    Hi! I went to the captain's logbook and saw a flag which if translated in my language, it means "Aircraft carriers, ready for action!", and i need ALL cvs for that flag. If i go to wikiwargaming, it says "Armada" and i had to purchase a bundle with every premium ship release at that date. So, how do i get that flag? @MrConway , any idea? (every answer guys is appreciated).
  4. PanzerFairy

    How to acquire the Russian eagle flag?

    I have browsed the Internet, and could not find the answer. Could anyone tell me how to acquire the following Russian flags? I am mostly interested in the one with the eagle. The st. Andrew's cross one looks like a bonus added to a premium ship pack.
  5. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Funny flags in game

    Why did my few Swedish DD's defect to some strange nation overnight. I am running a flag mod but this happened overnight. Yesterday I still had the Swedish ensign on these ships, today it's been changed on its own to this: Thoughts?
  6. Ich wollte einfach mal wissen was Ihr so von dem überarbeiteten Flakmodul AA Mod 1 haltet, ich selber finde es insgesammt gesehen nämlich schlechter als das Alte. Bei Schiffen mit schnellem AA Cooldown macht es nicht wirklich viel aus und bei BB wird man idR auch was anderes verbauen. Ich hatte das alte immer auf vielen meiner DD und Kreuzer verbaut, da die extra Wolken ja bedeutet haben das der CV mehr ausweichen muss. Gerade bei Schiffen die relativ wenig Flakwolken haben, hat das gefühlt schon was ausgemacht. Bei den DD natürlich nur bedingt, das man die Flak ja idR aus hat bis man entdeckt wurde. Das man die 2 Wolken jetzt auf das Slot 6 Modul verschoben hat und diese nur noch bei Def AA aktiv sind, ist m. E. eher ein nerf. Erstens wird man idR eher das Reichweiten oder Reloadmodul in den Slot einbauen, da man von dem mehr hat und es haben ja auch effektiv nur Hightierschiffe den entsprechenden Slot.
  7. FukushuNL

    On DDs and detonations...

    I think it's a given that all people that sail their DDs should have some anti-detonation countermeassure, most preferably the 100% anti-det signal, mounted on their ship, right? In my opinion, this situation is the same as the detection captain skill we used to have that WG found manditory enough to bake it into the basic gameplay. With that I mean the "spotted" exclamation mark, which used to be a 1 point captain skill. The anti-detonation signal as such is as much a manditory part of any DD kit as the captain skill was back in the day, taking up one of the 8 signal slots where as the skill took up one of the limited amount of captain skillpoints way back when. Up to a point where DDs effectively have only 7 useable signal slots to play around with. So I want to suggest that WG with help from the community could take a more closer look at this issue and decide what would be the best option to solve this. A few options I like to share: 1. ofcourse leaving it as it is would be a viable option too. One does not have to be forced into carrying an anti-det meassure, but one already kinda is as not only will you be a liability for your team, if you detonate you can perfectly hear everyone in the match facepalm and calling you out for nout having the signal equiped. So we'd be only kidding ourselves if we would try to tell the other that setups without the 100% anti-det flag would be viable, right? 2 which brings me to just give all DDs a baked in 100% detonation proof hull, and only 7 signal slots to play around with. Things will stay as they are effectively and the flags could still be there for use in other ships where they might be a choice for people to equip them instead of a manditory thing. 3. Get rid of detonations all together as multiple people already suggested on the forums several times before. I however don't find detonations that much of an issue to get rid of it all together (not that I'm against getting rid of it either), but more that having a manditory spot on a speciffic class for something everyone will agree on must be put in that spot is the worst kind of gameplay and could easily be ommited, just like WG has done with the "Detected" captain skill which they baked into the basic gameplay. As such, this isn't a thread to discuss detonation as a gameplay mechanic, but DDs and the non-gameplay of having a signal slot every single on of us knows can only be occupied by the detonation signal. I personally opt for option 2: Bake the code for 100% anti-det flag into all current and future dds, get rid of 1 of the signal slots and put a fat cross over the anti-det sgnal just like +fire chance signals got with the RN cruisers for instance. I think one could only go for option 1 if one would want the chance to be there that one of the enemy captains would have forgotten to equip their signal and thus would have the opportunity to det said enemy DD, but that could very well happen to your own DDs and the enemies would then be able to det yourfellow DD. So in the end everyone would just want their DDs to have the 100% anti-det signal equiped 100% of the time, which makes having the choice to equip them essentially void and could very well be broken out of the game and the choice taken out of our hands, so we don't have to bother with it...
  8. 300ConfirmedKills

    Gamescom 2019 flag mission

    Has anyone successfully completed this mission and received the flag? I just finished stage 2, but stage 3 is not visible to me anywhere in the client, and I don't have the flag yet either.

    JOLLY ROGER FLAG (Rank 1 Award?)

    Hiya everyone, just wondering if this ranked battles season (which is gonna be cancer) that when reaching Rank 1 you will be awarded the Jolly Roger flag and not just the achievement? I hope that I do get it, as I've never been able to get Rank 1 because of things happening around that time. But Ive always been close haha. Happy Warshipping !
  10. _Kanaris

    Battle ensign

    When we have the opportunity to sail in a battle with a battle ensign? In Greek navy it was tradition in those years to fight with a battle ensign aft. This tradition changes after WW2 in late 60's. Battle ensign was a big flag that was fly just before going into battle. In 1912-22 and 1940-49 was 2m x 3m on the most ships. Most ships in game have an antenna aft for this purpose. u have only to ask to give u the flags of every nation for the period 1900-1950. I think that is not a big change in game. I will wait for that.
  11. Bitte ne Option Flaggen ändern für alle 2000 Schiffe (Sarkasmus) und am besten gleich Wappen für einzelne Nationen einstellbar
  12. eLuminX

    Valentine’s Day flag

    Hello, I just need quick clearance about the conditions on getting the flag. It says: "The battle must be won in a division in either Co-op, Random or Operation mode (division has to be formed before the battle)" Does this mean I have to form a division before I press the battle button in port or is it okay if I join a random division when I'm already loaded into a battle before loading is finished? Thanks for any help.
  13. Issues fixed on the patch 6.14.1 Thursday morning. 7-12-2017 1, Made some cosmetic changes to background image of the flag in Pan-Asia tree tab. 2, Fixed a bug that causes an emergency shutdown of the game client in some cases, while playing on the aircraft carrier in the process of reconnection to the server due to problems with the Internet. 3, Made some minor improvements on the server side. 4, Fixed Incorrect display of logged keys in tool tips Issues to be fixed on 6.15 update 1, Fix for When changing presets from the window to full screen and backward, the resolution of the window preset changes 2, Fix for The message about clan invitation is not displayed correctly 3, Fix for The color of the clantag in post-battle statistics does not match the color of the tag in the section "Composition of Teams" 4, Fix for Incorrect display of the range with active air defense in H-statistics 5, Fix for The buttons "Back to port" and "Back to battle" are shifted on the post-statistics screen 6, Fix for The WoWS client is displayed behind other windows when the focus is returned to the UWP login application. 7, Fix for It is not possible to enable the Ultra sounds quality on the Windows Store client 8, Fix for Combination Alt + Enter switches the game client to the "Fullscreen in the window" mode only for players with freshly created preferences.xml
  14. GenePatton

    Custom Flag

    Hi, In the premium shop, the Indianapolis is back on sale with a package including a custom flag. Last year, I bough a ultimate package for the Indianapolis, is there a plan to add the flag to all buyers for this package ? And in general, do you plan to add the custom flag to the buyer of ultimate package (Tirpitz, Blyskawica, etc) ?
  15. Griva

    Clan flags / emblems form

    As everyone know we need and want some kind of clan insignia. I seen somewhere in old Q&A that: @MrConway @Kandly First part - question to developers: Clans came and we still didn't get any clan insignia so.. when we can get it? but more importantly and this is my question: In what form we can expect to see it? What do you think about idea to create building in naval base for clan flag? Also maybe it would be nice option to add some small bonuses for this flag? Second part - poll for players: I want to show you some examples how I see it and I want to know what is the best in your option - simply how do you imagine clan insignia. All options decribed here are in poll above 1. Clan flag instead of nation flag This is the best option in my opinion - visually and technically. Clan can set the flag in clan options (where description and tag) and if set, all nation flags are changed to clan flag. Optionaly there can be option in game that you can disable clan flags in you client but still everyone else can see your clan flag. 2. Clan flag as normal commemorative flag This is interesting option and technicaly probably the easiest solution but it makes some problems. Some flags like "Ranked league" flag gives some bonuses so by using clan flag we have to give up any potential bonuses and all other flags we have. Interesting solution would be adding some bonuses to this flag, for example there can be building in naval base And building it gives us clan flag for all members but to make it more interesting this flag could give us some some small bonuses like additional +2% more credits / exp / free exp or any other combat bonus. 3. Ship emblem This solution probably need way more work and actually it's not as nice as flag In very short we get emblem on our ship - very the same like in world of tanks. 4. Clan flag as the third flag This solution need some work but it's simple. Instead of change current flags, just add 3th slot for clan flag. Still there is one problem - not all ships has place for 3th flag probably and to be honest 3 flags at the same place don't looks so cool imo (it's more messy) 5. Clan camo This is very problematic in many ways and I think I am going to create separated thread about this feature becuase it's nice option but very hard to implement as clan insignia for many reasons. We would pick how ship camo looks and that would be our "clan sign". Big problem for camo is economy. Camos gives us bonuses but we pay for it... this means we can't create perm free camo like this. If you have any other ideas - share it with us Also would be nice if you like/upvote this question for greater reach
  16. Brutaluc

    Flags in the premium shop?

    Is there a chance we will see a change in the availability of flags in the premium shop anytime soon? Why I am asking this and what I am looking for is a chance to buy the flags that I want. And I am not talking about Dragon Flags. I am talking about Combat Flags. At this time they can be bought in a package with Economic Flags. While I'd prefer just to be able to buy stacks of individual flags of the one I'd like. I can even accept bundles to a certain extent. But in the available bundles I can for example buy for € 29,99 : "The Flags You Are Looking For" 180×Zulu; 180×Equal Speed Charlie London; 180×India Bravo Terrathree; 180×Papa Papa; 180×Zulu Hotel; 40×Sierra Mike; 40×Hotel Yankee; 40×India Delta; 20×India Yankee; 20×Juliet Yankee Bissotwo; 20×Juliet Charlie; 20×Mike Yankee Soxisix; 20×November Foxtrot; 20×November Echo Setteseven; 20×Victor Lima; 20×India X-Ray; 20×Juliet Whiskey Unaone. That is a total of 900 Economic Flags and 300 Combat Flags. That's 75% of the package that I do not want. And that is just too much, basically throwing away € 22,50 out of € 29,99 an amount of money I'd spent without thinking on the game if it bought something I wanted. When it would be € 7,50 for just the Combat Flags I'd buy it, or when it would be € 29,99 for four times these Combat Flags or even for equal amounts of all flags I'd buy it. But I do not feel like buying a package that for well over half is something I do not want. Even worse, at the moment I'd only really like to buy some Sierra Mike and still have most others. I'd happily pay 3-4 Euro's for a stack of 100 specific Combat Flags. Which would make the same amount of Flags (1200 as in the bundle for € 3,99 per 100) for € 47,88. Isn't that better for both parties, Wargaming and me? Much more profit on the same amount of items and no feel of throwing away money for things I do not want? Also I wouldn't hesitate to buy those stacks whenever I needed one. That said, I simply really do not get why flags are not available like that. Pay to win can't be an issue as the flags can be bought already, even if it is in an uninteresting bundle.
  17. lup3s

    Restless Fire flag

    http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/time-for-divisions/ Someone who knows if this Restless Fire flag will grant a bonus? I'm thinking about a bonus in the genre of the Restless Fire Camouflage, such as +10% Captain XP or something like that. :edit: This question has been answered, the Restless Fire flag has no bonus.
  18. Both PvE and PvP environments contribute to Wargaming's success at Gamescom, but actually about the 30-50% of the events and rewards are reserved for PvP, this way PvE gaming is excluded. It is a weird company policy this one of Wargaming.. first it asserts at Gamescom the popularity of PvE, stating it is a great success: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/gamescom17/gamescom-munication/ but then WG makes the majority of the events and missions exclusive for PvP only.. In PvP the access to events and related rewards is two-way (a battle in PvP is worthy to complete both PvP and PvE missions, which are open for completion in PvP also), whilst PvE content access is one-way only (a battle in PvE can only complete PvE missions and rewards, not PvP ones). The most of the events which are available for PvE (Co-op battles) can also be completed through PvP (Random or Ranked battles) and rewards are granted by participating there also, whilst the most of the events available for PvP are PvP only and cannot be completed through PvE: no mission is PvE exclusive, there are mainly only PvP exclusive missions, events and rewards. For example St. Patrick's flag, Gamescom flag, special ships (from High School Fleet of Blue Steel to Smith destroyer) and many other contents, as well as most of the missions, are available through PvP only. Considering what was claimed for Gamescom, there should be more consideration for the PvE environment and gameplay, the game content should be open to PvE also, and it should be granted to anyone to obtain these kind of rewards in any kind of mission regardless of PvE or PvP, letting players free to decide which gameplay suits them most, and when.
  19. I mean seriously, 35k base XP? In 3 days? With a single line (and Dunkerque) available? What were you guys thinking? It's almost the same requirement as the Smith mission, but we had 10 days to complete it and we could use any ship we wanted. And more importantly, it was for a premium ship and not a cosmetic flag. In its current form, the mission is pretty unreasonable. Most people who are going through the French cruiser line are probably somewhere between Emile Bertin and Algerie, so the average XP is around 1050. This means that completing this mission will require about 34 games to complete. Assuming an average game length of 14mins, that's about eight hours of playing a single line (and probably even a single ship for some people). All that, just for a cosmetic flag. Seriously, this is absolutely insane. If you want to keep the 35k requirement then make it standard XP (i.e. flags, camos, premium, etc... are taken into account) and not base XP or reduce the amount of XP required by a lot. Like, "divide by three" kind of "a lot". And to those of you who will defend WG's decision by saying stuff like "WG doesn't own you crap, stop being so entitled" and what not: It's a cosmetic flag, not a premium ship. It costs them virtually nothing to create, there's no playtesting needed and it makes part of the player base happy. There's no need to sour relations between WG and the player base needlessly like this, there's already enough tension as it is. "Well if it's only a cosmetic flag then why do you care so much? Just don't do the mission". That would be everyone's reaction if it was a flag like the easter flag, but it's not. In this case it's the historical naval jack of one of the participant in WWII, so some people do care quite strongly about it. Remember that just because you don't care about it doesn't that other people don't. Please be reasonable with this Wargaming, the current requirements are genuinely quite bad.
  20. Why did this flag change appearance?? I really don't like it... bring back the old flag design!!! NEW: OLD:
  21. aleksandrov2

    Le Fheile Padraig flag

    Hej, I have a question. I have a Le Fheile Padraig flag and I can read in a describtion: "There is a fortune behind every corner. Maybe you will get lucky and it will not be in a form of a torpedo." So what does that mean? What can I expect, if I mount that flag?
  22. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody heard about the ARP Flag and the last set of three captains we should recieve if we completed the entire ARP content. From what i know they would deliver those withing 14 days after the ARP content was over and it is now exactly 14 days later. Yet i havent recieved the Flag nor the last three captains so i was wondering if anybody else already have them or WG EU just forgot about it. I tried searching through the forum but couldnt find any topic about it hence the new post. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else P.s. I know that allot of people dont like animu in the game with historical ships but please keep the flaming on low, thanks.
  23. StringWitch

    Does Smith have the wrong flag?

    She is shown flying a 48-star flag, so is the depiction we have in game specifically from 1912-1916? In 1916 all Smith class destroyers received twin tubes with no reload in replacement for their original single tubes with one reload each, so I would probably associate the 48-star flag with this remodel, which doesn't exist in-game. I just would've thought she'd share the 46-star flag with the as-built 1912 Arkansas, since afaik nothing about her model in-game distinguishes her from a likewise as-built 1909 depiction.
  24. GenePatton

    Tirpitz flag

    Hi, I would like wargaming to issue to all Tirpitz owner, the Tirpitz flag. it would be awesome. In my opinion every ship should have his own flag.
  25. Aloha, So i noticed today that my flags i grinded all got removed and replaced by an ugly greenish pigeon flag. (yes, i know its a gull) Is this supposed to happen? Did i get 2-3 of my rank rewards removed? I really want to know, because if this is the standard procedure, than i wont bother next time.