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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I'm going to rant quite a bit here, I admit that freely, but I'm going to list off a bunch of things that need to be done by Wargaming for the game to be healthy again, yes, this is my opinion, but a large amount of players share this opinion with me, and our concerns need to be voiced, again, for the thousandth time. Because Wargaming likes not listening, as every Customer Service debacle has proved time and again. First off, let's start with Wargaming themselves. Wargaming - Your communication skills are not just lacking, they're non existent. - Christmas Convoys - Server event disparity - Graf Zeppelin mess - iChase/Fochgate mess -You utterly disregard your supertesters. - They told you UK BB's were OP, you released them anyway. - They told you German DD's, French Cruisers and British Cruisers were going to be underwhelming to 90% of the playerbase, you released them anyway. - You have a nasty habit of changing ships the day before release, making all your ST's and CC's look like liars. - Instead of focusing on important aspects of the game, like the mechanics, you are too busy adding gimmicks and ships that literally no one cares about. - Pan Asian DD's and a CL before Italian lines, Dutch lines, Swedish lines, South American lines...I could go on. - Deep Water Torpedoes, Radar on ships it really should not be on, just more gimmicks that will make balancing even more obsolete. - Matchmaker is beyond retarded. - Disparate numbers of DD's combined with disparate numbers of radar ships decides games before they begin. - e.g earlier today my team had 2 DD's and zero radar ships, their team had 3 DD's and 3 radar ships. Our DD's were obliterated unceremoniously and we were simply outspotted and lost. Gameplay - High tier (7-10) maps are awfully designed and far too open, this favours BB's more than any other class, as they are the only class that does not rely on some cover. - BB HE needs to be readjusted or removed completely from the game, especially with RN BB's, it is far too powerful, makes any form of angling worthless and negates all skill on the receiving player's part. Skill should never be negated, this is the most frustrating thing for a player of any game to experience. This BB HE can also remove all AA of many ships in just two salvoes or sometimes three, rendering them almost defenceless against CV's. - Speaking of CV's, 'The Great CV Rework' that was promised either never came...or it was the adding of the alternate controls which do absolutely nothing but throw some hotkeys around, another promise broken, and CV play is still buggy, poorly balanced and often frustrating and simply not engaging for many, fixing this would mean more CV players, meaning better overall class distribution. - Again, another CV point, AA balance is completely out of whack for most ships, it needs a nerf across all BB's from tier 6 and up with some minor exceptions, many Cruisers need their AA brought up too, as do some DD's. This would balance more effectively how each class fared against CV's in general, and would reintroduce the need for BB's to be escorted by their smaller counterparts to survive effectively. - Underwater citadels should be removed from the game. Completely. When you show broadside, you should be punished, period. Currently only cruisers are, and they are already the hardest class to play effectively, BB's, who already have the most health and armour, get this added bonus across the board with some exceptions on top of that. German turtleback is however balanced by their poor main gun accuracy. - BB Dispersion needs a serious looking at, when the supposedly least accurate ships can land multiple citadels at 20km across multiple salvoes, yet the more accurate BB's cannot, something is seriously wrong. - BB concealment needs a massive nerf across the entire board, that some BB's (and it's quite a few) outconceal many Cruisers is horrendously retarded. Some cruisers also need their concealment buffed as well, as many have barely 4-5km more range than their concealment fully specced, and practically the same when not specced, no other class has this issue. This will also improve their survivability. - CL's vs CA's. With the introduction of IFHE, CL's effectively made CA's obsolete, they can outdodge them, outrun them, and out-dpm them. The exceptions to this rule are the cruisers at tier 9-10. CA's should all have a heal, while CL's should not. Yes, I'm including the Furutaka in that. I feel that the Graf Spee is a good example of what CA gameplay should look like compared to a CL. - RN BB's require a blanket nerf, removing HE alone is not enough unless their concealment is also respecced as on top of all that they still have underwater citadels and superheal. - MM needs to be adjusted to limit BB's (or an overall capital class nerf) to 3 or capital ships total to 4 and DD's to 3 or 4 as well. This will solve many, many problems instantly. If BB's have to wait too long in queue as a result, give them a Jutland mode, this has been discussed at length on the forums here. - Minute long radar needs a slight nerf, no radar should last more than 30 seconds, DD's are powerless to defend against it. Hydro could also possibly use some adjustment. - Ships like Belfast and Saipan should not exist. Period. At least remove them from the shop. - DD's should receive massive xp boosts for spotting (which is currently almost not rewarded at all) and be given xp if ships that are using their smoke do damage. - Similarly, Cruisers should get more xp for plane kills than other classes, and more xp for ships who are spotted by their radar/hydro being damaged or killed, possibly also xp for spotting torps with hydro. - BB's should receive significantly more xp for tanking damage/receiving potential damage, other classes also need this improved but not by as much. - German Cruisers need their AP penetration angles and normalization buffed slightly. They should not have received thermite HE for free. AP was their specialty, and that was what should have been buffed. - Matchmaker needs to be programmed to balance classes better but more importantly, balance radar ships better. - Older lower tier ships (IJN and USN at tiers 4 and 5) have been powercreeped dramatically with some exceptions, they need to be buffed a little. Mostly looking at Phoenix, Kongou, New York, Bogue, Nicholas, Myogi and Wyoming here. - Remove detonation, at the very, very least in ranked and competitive modes. This mechanic decides games and negates skill. - Prevent DD's from taking full pen damage from BB AP, a class that counters another class on the rock, paper, scissors system should not be deletable from full health at range by the class it's meant to counter. Players and Clans - Remove the blatant abuse of clan numbers, if WoT can have 100, so can we. - Have Clan Battles at more tiers than (the currently known) tier 10. - MANDATORY tutorials for all classes at tiers one and four. - For DD's, these should include smoking allies, contesting caps, your role in killing BB's and explaining how spotting works and your role in it. - For Cruisers, these should include escorting allies, using your AA effectively, difference in ammo types and you role in spotting torpedoes and killing DD's. - For BB's, these should include effective use of angling, waiting for broadside targets and your role as a tank soaking damage. - For Carriers, these should include your role as a spotter for the team, which targets are best and your role in picking off large, unsupported ships. - As said already, these should all be absolutely mandatory so everyone has a t least a basic understanding of the mechanics of the game. Content (This is more a suggestion section for future lines and where Wargaming ought to have their priorities set.) - Pan Asian DD's are nice, but come on, China before major and minor European navies? Sorry Wargaming. - Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish and Greek navies should be high priority, there is a very large selection of ships in those navies including some very unique ones. - South America also has a lot of ships to use, and interestingly, multiple BB's. - Spain has quite a few players who I'm sure would enjoy a Spanish premium. Canarias for example would be perfect as she would also be the only British built CA in game, generating even more interest. - Swedish Cruisers would be an excellent CL line, I also propose that their national flavour would be giving them vigilance for free in the same style that German Cruisers get IFHE for free. This would make them more teamplay orientated. - A Yugoslavian premium DD would also be very welcome to a lot of the playerbase. That's about all I have for now. I would love for people to add on anything I've missed out on here. And hey, @Tuccy, @Ph3lan, @Kandly, @MrConway I would love for Wargaming devs to read this and would have muchos respect if you could pass this on. Thanks. I'm literally just trying to point out glaring issues here, not trying to bring the game down at all.