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Found 1 result

  1. ArkRoyal_R09

    Nothing new

    I think a real problem occurred in wows, was when WG decided to give the global AA buff (which was too much imo something a little less would have done) and either later or around the same time (i'm not 100% sure) they got out their new best friend (at this point) Mr sledgehammer and hit the american CV's making them not comparable to the Japanese . This fixed problems that were good in the short term as american CV's were extremely good as they were back then, however it has now created longer lasting problems by the virtue that american carriers just are not used anymore (or at best rarely) why ? because your planes get shot down just as easily as Japanese and yes you might not lose the squadron but you may come out with only 2/3 planes after a strike. Also this pushed the Japanese out further since AA was better you didn't need as good fighters since you could depend on teammates AA a help you out more. So we have now reached a point where I really do think its carriers that now (more than ever before) need to have their re-balance. i'm not sure how to do it, I have some ideas but they are just some guys ideas nothing more. If carriers got their re-balance and perhaps a very very minor drop in AA range (not dps just range and i'm sorry BB's this nerf should be aimed at you) with the hopes that players will now play cruisers more, as Def AA makes a difference, american BB's have a good role again, rather than just another 9/12 16" battleship. it should make Russian dd's less strong as they have the highest Air detect and finally make the american carrier viable as an alternative to the Japanese.