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Found 6 results

  1. andrija_kaser_1

    Hits under the magazine

    Alright so yesterday i decided to do experiments with several warships in training area. I choose a battleship for testing and several bots that were bbs,dds,ac, etc. I wanted to check if there is any chance of causing 'quick detonation' under their turret. I was actually surprised that magazine hits did not result in detonation, but rather darker hull color and heavy damage. I never got a citadel or caused a detonation. So why does that happen very rarely? Shouldnt it be 0 hp and destruction of the entire vessel?
  2. I was enjoying watching this incredibly good player and being happy about my grind towards the Des Moines untill I saw this part. Please view this moment in this replay oa a Des Moines starting at 8:30. Then at 8:39 something strange happens which nobody else noticed in the comments. How can this Des Moines shoot straight forward, while all its three turrets are still turning from more than 100 degrees away? A second earlier all three turrets were pointing backwards while that torpedo hit, then after that it looks straight forward and shoots with both front turrets. In my ship its not possible to fire untill the turret has finished turning. Happy to learn what the explanation of this detail is. Thanks. Des Moines gameplay
  3. TheBigLanowski

    HOT FIX: Firingrange circle disappeared

    Hello fellow captains, since some more experiencing the bug there the range circle for the main guns disappear, I hope this hotfix will get pinned! It is not possible to activate them in the menu again but it is possible to do so by editing a file until WG is able to find the source that cause this problem and fix it. (Maybe if all your main guns get deactivated/destroyed at the same time?) HOW TO FIX! At least I found a solution for the problem! Open preferences.xml (with notepad) in the main WoWs folder and scroll down until you find <minimapOptions>. You can write true or false for the options you want or don't want, the range circles can be enabled/disabled here as well. Should look something like this: <minimapOptions> <visibilityRangeEnabled> true </visibilityRangeEnabled> <mgRangeEnabled> true </mgRangeEnabled> <taRangeEnabled> true </taRangeEnabled> <visibilityPlaneRangeEnabled> true </visibilityPlaneRangeEnabled> <lastVisEnabled> true </lastVisEnabled> <atbaRangeEnabled> false </atbaRangeEnabled> <aaRangeEnabled> false </aaRangeEnabled> </minimapOptions> Picture of the problem:
  4. wiking333

    Sound bug

    Hi. So I found a bug but first let me say sorry for posting a bug topic on wrong site (I never did this and I am completely blind and green about that stuff, sorry). The bug is simple and it's fairly common, I mean it happens every one-two mayby three battles, it's a sound bug, it lasts usually few seconds and it usually happens while shooting from main battery. This sound is represented by... anus... What do I mean by that? Well, it's a farting sound mixed with acctual main battery firing sound and sometimes sounds of captain saying stuff in the meantime... That's it... PS, this is completely different thing but I must ask: shouldn't battleships have bigger range on their main guns? I mean I know it's a game and we cannot have only OP battleships just sitting on starting area and shooting people, but I find it strange that I can (with upgrade) fire my 4 main guns only up to 11km... They are ridiculously slow to reload which makes them easy target (I'm talking about the first tier battleship because that's how far I got, don't know how it looks after this point). Thanks and sorry, wiking333
  5. Silvir

    Ship controls

    So having started playing today i have noticed something that is bugging me quite a bit. Turret controls. 1: the aim is a bit iffy forcing me to change zoom a lot and at times fire each turret at a time to make sure i actually hit where the cross-hair is aiming. Parts of it getting used to but the whole zoom in and out just so that the turrets will aim correctly is a bit weird or is that intended??? 2:This is my main concern!! - Rear, Front and side turrets. Does anyone know why there isn't an option to divide controls between these.?? I have many times ended up with ships firing at me from different directions but i can't properly divide my firepower or properly plan my movement, because all turrets are trying to aim where i am looking this is very VERY frustrating!!! Loving the game so far though. and has there been topics about this before...Is there any information on the turret controls??
  6. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    Hey al,l I have started to have a problem in-game that could be a bug? Had it yesterday and just had it in my Yubari. Seem to suddenly loose the ability to zoom aim or aim/fire torps. guns fire but no aiming? Rather frustrating becoming a speedboat with AA guns which seem to work? I don't think its me but....... And just had similar happen in my Phoenix. Not able to target guns but they fired and torps worked? 13;28Hrs