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Found 2 results

  1. TheNamelessLegend

    Nerf HE and fires.

    Ever since the game has been released from open beta, all I can remember is the huge focus Wargaming has on fires and high explosive. Time and time again I have returned to the game only to meet with continuous, overpowered high explosive spam. Even when I play ships that are supposed to be resistant to high explosive, it is impossible to avoid the damage. And the damage is way too much. And then I see what ships are in testing... More stupid, high rate of fire, high fire chance ships that have too little armour for armour piercing shells to do sufficient damage. Over the years I have seen more and more ships get their citadels lowered or changed in a way to make it impossible to hit, mainly the American battleships. Not to mention the overpowered heal that British ships get! WHY?! ALL BATTLESHIPS SHOULD GET THAT KIND OF HEAL, ESPECIALLY TO COUNTER AGAINST THE DUMB DAMAGE OVER TIME AND HIGH EXPLOSIVE SPAM. The aircraft carrier "rework" (ruin) was a joke. I hope that gets reverted as soon as possible. If Wargaming considers that a success, then I'll consider my life a success. Which neither are.
  2. Taken from thearmoredpatrol.com Fires will now be extinguished in 30 seconds instead of 60 on all tiers of destroyers and cruisers, except for Admiral Graf Spee, for which the new number will be 45 seconds. This change is designed to make the low tier gameplay more comfortable for the new players and to reduce the difference between the Repair Party I and Repair Party II consumables. I'd say it's great and about time! Bit sad that the Spee is only 50% affected, this thing needs buffs as any other cruiser. Now give cruisers hydro and def AA in separate slots so they can start acting as the multirole ships they are...