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Found 6 results

  1. Hallo, evtl. bin ich ja auch einfach nur blind, aber mir fehlen die Filtereinstellungen bei den Kapitänen in der Reserve. Genauso wie bei den Schiffen würde ich gerne alle Anime-/Appregio-Kapitäne ausblenden lassen, wenn ich sie schon nicht verkaufen oder entlassen kann. Danke
  2. Quazie

    Ship Filters

    Can you add a new filter to the ships in port please. It would be handy to be able to filter for ships that you have not cleared your daily bonus on.
  3. Hallo Community, hab gerade beim sortieren (filtern) meiner Schiffe im Hafen festgestellt, das da eine check box ist "ungeeignete Schiffe ausblenden". Was bedeutet das? Wenn ich das auswähle passiert nichts, es sind alle meine Schiffe noch da. Bitte lasst mich nicht dumm sterben und klärt mich auf. Vielen Dank
  4. MS_Surface

    Player Stats Filter and Win Rate

    There should be a form with dropdown menu filters, in game or on web site, that would allow users to check stats in a faster way. Like: Show: (wr, xp, dmg...), Nation: (any, USN, IJN....), Tier (any, I,II...), Class (any, CV, CA...), Ship (any, Omaha, Furutaka...) and maybe even a after/before date filter. All fields but the first should have option "Any" and allow multiple choices. Some options, logically, would be dependent of previous option (Ex: selecting Tier V would prevent ships from other tiers showing on next filter.) This would allow players to see Win Rate in Tier 3 ships or the Damage made by IJN Battleships or really just about everything else. About Win Rate I hope i'm not wrong but saying 60% WR means basically that a player had a positive influence of 10% in a determined number of battles. Now having 10% influence on 20 battles is not the same has having 10% in 1000 battles therefore i think Win Rate should be calculated using win percentage and number of battles. and a question: I've seen several times Win Rate percentages by server. How is this calculated? How can a server have 54% WR? If someone wins, someones looses, if it's a draw, it's a draw for both, right? What other factors are taken into consideration to say a server has 54% WR? Thanks
  5. Jethro_Grey

    Visual Filters

    WoT has the option to use various filters to change the look and feel of the game, things like 50's cinema and such. Right now the only way to get the game to look prettier is to use Sweet FX and similar. But since these plug into the Client and get people banned, i propose to implement them asap. So, dear DEVs are filters already on your to-do list? If not, can we has?
  6. Hi, Among the different filters for the port, you have the option to select "Show ships suitable for the scenario". When I apply this filter, all ships are greyed out. I wonder what is meant by 'the scenario' ?