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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been asked by the guy who accused me of cheating via counterstrafing to share my secrets. In essence, counterstrafing is really simple, though there are a few rules to establish first: - The UI is a mess, there will be times when it screws you over, making you lose your window of opportunity. - The fighter icon is not indicative to the position of your nor the enemy fighters. Why? Well, I believe that fighters are in reality just a single dot independent from the models, but the position of the icon itself is actually averaged from the position of the actual fighters. This is why the icon sometimes flies all over the place and causes you to miss strafes even when the icon is still in the strafe path since the actual dot that represents the "hitbox" has either long gotten out of it or just grazed it and took no losses because RNGesus hates you (also requires an understanding on how AA/fighter dps really works). - Giving multiple commands via apm spam usually only slows down your fighters and is thus undesirable. Now with that out of the way let's get to counterstrafing! Imagine the following scenario: You're click fighting a squad and a second enemy squad swoops in to ping pong you. At this point you have two options. 1. Strafe out first and let the enemy kill their own squad. 2. Wait for the enemy to strafe out and counterstrafe. Both options are risky, which is why having a second squad yourself helps immensely. If you go with option 1 you make yourself vulnerable to baits. Option 2 on the other hand gives the enemy a small window in which he can catch your fighters without killing his own if he times his strafing out right, giving you no time to react. But since barely anyone is aware that counterstrafing is an option or simply can't get the timing right number 2 is usually my tool of choice. So how do you counterstrafe? Well 1. When the enemy squad is strafing out, take note of which direction they are going. The icon is buggy in this regard as it may circle around a bit before going in the actual direction (remember what I said about the icon above?), but with enough experience you can usually tell in 9 out of 10 cases. 2. Give ONE move command (not an attack command) in that direction first. This gets your squad out of the "stun" they receive when an enemy is strafing out. 3. Place the strafe command in the same direction so that your fighters will start strafing either immediately or shortly after. Don't place it too close or your fighters will circle around to get into position like idiots. 4. Watch as enemy fighters fall out of the sky. Simple, no?