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Found 4 results

  1. Ahoy captains! SERIES #1 Following Wargaming's recent changes to the way sound mods work, I've taken the opportunity to not only update my previous Sendai mod, but also to add both Nachi and Nagato to the fleet -- projects which I had begun some time ago, but simply left unfinished. My goal with these mods was to add some female anime voiceovers that sound a little more serious and mature compared to the various "schoolgirl" voices, thus expanding the variety of available voice packs. Nachi, the soldier: Speaking in a bold and masculine manner, Nachi may be the ideal choice if you're looking for a female captain who sounds like a professional military officer, at least as far as movies and videogames are concerned. She is a serious but gregarious fighter who embodies the samurai warrior archetype, up to inviting you to a drink after a successful battle. Recommended for: Cruisers and Battleships. Nagato, the amazon: Serious and somewhat intimidating, Nagato nonetheless still has a soft side to her voice and keeps calm even under pressure. Compared to Nachi the fighter, Nagato is a commander who is used to plan and lead major maritime operations, befitting her original role as flagship of the IJN's Combined Fleet. Recommended for: Battleships and Carriers. Sendai, the daredevil: Bridging the gap between the aforementioned "schoolgirl" voices and the maturity of Nachi or Nagato, Sendai falls somewhere in-between. Youthful and energetic, she's a confident swashbuckler who enjoys living on the edge and boasting of her exploits. Recommended for: Destroyers and Cruisers. Samples Nachi: "Enemy to starboard! Take aim carefully!" (played upon: focus fire quick command) Nagato: "Damn... the enemy fleet is pretty good." (played upon: about to lose) Sendai: "Ain't this great! I love it." (played upon: enemy ship sunk) Downloads Nachi: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zTnYfrMo2EWIWHaJldVQZKMh2_Gh0eNV Nagato: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DmRw0IdJ2X3akHAAID9F_jQpBGrjtWNy Sendai: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cC_SEAU9RBXwz1fVc3Sy8RSxevmfLTHv SERIES #2 After a few weeks of being busy with other things, I've finally managed to cater to a few requests that had piled up. With exception of Isokaze (aka "Saberkaze", given her voice actress' role in the popular Fate franchise), these mods are probably on the less serious side. As I had already accomplished with series 1 what I initially set out to do, I figured there'd be no harm in adding a couple voices that are even more on the "fun" side of things. I particularly like how Zui turned out, as she's quite the chatterbox, which gave me lots of material to crop and rearrange. Isokaze, stern protector: A mature voice belying her young appearance, Isokaze makes for a viable alternative to Nachi in that her personality seems similarly disciplined and focused on the action at hand. She shares a voice actress with Saber from the Fate franchise, with a noticeable similarity in her tone and speech patterns. Recommended for: Destroyers and Cruisers. Haruna, the maiden: The epitome of purity, Haruna is a soft-spoken personality with a big heart, so humble that she speaks of herself in third person. Her very being seems consumed with an intense need to care for her friends and comrades, all too easily at the expense of her own safety or comfort. Recommended for: Cruisers and Battleships. Zuikaku, the tsundere: A talented if hotheaded individual, Zuikaku intends to dominate the skies and show everyone how it's done. She takes great pride in her skill and, although not actively fostering an air of arrogance, can very quickly get very upset if her abilities are called into question. As quick to forgive as she is to take offense, her spirit and dedication still make her a good friend to have around .. if one can handle her occasional outbursts. Recommended for: Carriers. Samples Isokaze: "Enemy fleet sighted. All ships, prepare to attack!" (played upon: spotting multiple ships) Haruna: "Haruna will give it all she's got!" (played upon: activating DFAA) Zuikaku: "Fuel, ammo... planes are all fueled up and ready to go." (played upon: battle start) Downloads Isokaze: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wuDh3emamWHY37Aki3QLbir9HW7dk9ho Haruna: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FaTTOcluWps9pStqm48Z3cXSs7BUxwCQ Zuikaku: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sF5bVmbFJ4De69qG9iTxPfwGmxyVnfMl Description These voicepacks have been created from scratch using files from the browser game and include a few manually cropped or merged voicelines to suit various events and triggers in WOWS as best as possible. Due to the absence of carrier-related voicelines in the original, a number of pilots from the Yokosuka Girls Maritime High School have volunteered as air crew (meaning: fighter/bomber/spotter voices use HSF Harekaze's files), allowing this mod to support carrier gameplay as well. Notably, Harekaze's voicelines are also used in quick commands from other players, so that users of these mods will always hear the chosen captain for their own commands, whereas other ships will be represented with different voices, adding to the immersion of a diverse fleet. Instructions & Troubleshooting Download and unzip the chosen archive (or all of them) into your client's installation directory as follows: .../World_of_Warships/res_mods/ After successful placement, new options (KC Nachi, KC Nagato, KC Sendai) should be available in the battle voiceover dropdown of the game's settings -> audio menu. The mods should hopefully remain compatible with the game for some versions to come; just remember to move the mod's folder from the directory into the same folder of the game's current version number. If you cannot see the new options in the audio menu, please check if your game has a duplicate "banks" folder in the normal "res" directory and rename or move it elsewhere (safer than deletion), as it may override any and all voice mods you have installed. I hope you will enjoy these new voices. See you on the high seas!
  2. Shalvea

    [ALL] female German Voice Mod

    Updated and Working with Patch Hi everyone! After hours and hours of blood and tears, we finally made it. thanky you again @Tuccy for your help! we proudly present the first german female voice mod. feel free to give feedback. if you first want to listen to it, OM has streamed some hours Klick in Action Stations! [DSW] Shalvea
  3. FPSLiverpool

    (ALL) Mermaid's Wraith

    Mermaid's Wrath is a total overhaul of the English language voices of World of Warships. Containing everything from Quick Commands and Torpedo Warnings to PvE Operations and even the Tutorial~! Love the aesthetic of the Haifuri/ARP/Azur Lane characters but can't understand Japanese? Do you just want a soft, feminine voice warning you about your ship being on fire? Or do you just want to replace the hammy acting of the PvE Operations? We’ve got you covered with over 1000 voiced lines of dialogue! We’ve also branched into crew portraits and even changed the captain names~! Audio: 1.00 - Initial Release, 481 lines replacing all vanilla dialogue 1.01 - Edited 3 lines relating to Raptor Rescue PvE Operation 1.15 - Edited 97 lines for Received Quick Commands and Aegis Operation, and added an additional 165 Received Quick Commands! 1.16 - Edited 5 lines relating to Aegis PvE Operation, and fixed one that was misplaced 1.50 - Massive overhaul and recoding due to the 0.6.13 update, includes test of the new sound formatting and compression for enhanced quality 1.60 - Added 235 lines to Received Quick Commands~! 1.61 - Aessaya derped the last patch, fixed now~! Silly programmer, no snacks for you! 2.00 - Added 169 new lines to most generic dialogue. Swapped out a dismissed VA for two actresses and refined the formatting of all files 2.1 - Added 77 lines for voiced game tips (doesn't seem to be active in the client yet, but we're already ready for it), also reworked the Operation "Raptor Rescue" for 0.7.7. 2.1.1- updates/fixes for the returned operation "Dynamo". 2.2 - Added 80 new lines for increased variety. 2.5 - added 196 new quick commands response lines by Tiffany Grant. Visual: 1.0: Initial release, replaces all captain portraits 1.1: Portraits that were doubled-up have been replaced by variants from the same country. And Unique Captains have been added 1.2: Added Roulette and Angela 1.3: Added 9 Sci-fi April Fools captains 1.4: Name replacement added, in manual form via the usual drag-and-drop raw files, and in an automatic form via an executable program (instructions included) 1.5: Changed Kappa to Soup-chan (until we find a suitable replacement), added Dasha Perova as a Soviet unique commander and changed Kirishima (Bear) into an Otter~! 1.6: Added 7 new Unique Commanders 1.7: Added 1 new Unique Commander 1.8: Added 7 Azur Lane captains 2.2: Added Halloween and event captains. Dasha and Historical packs not affected. New Mod Showcase Videos More of the basic lines that are often used, such as fire and flooding alarms, and ship sighting callouts. More PvE Operations~! Narai, Cherry Blossom and Hermes Operations will arrive once we have the right scripts ready It's your bog standard extract your files into the WOWS/res_mods folder in the correct patch number. and then you are pretty much ready to go. At the moment, the parts are only available in different parts as manual downloads, that will be changing eventually. Come back each patch for the new update. Mermaid's Wraith Voice Pack Mermaid's Wraith Crew Portraits Pack Mermaid's Wraith Crew Portraits Historical For those who don't want the anime captains. Mermaid's Wraith Crew Names File Mermaid's Wraith Crew Names Tool (to automatically convert new client version names upon new patch) - - Now with added instructions. Dasha only pack. At the moment we’re looking for distributors on the RU and SEA servers, people who we can trust to duplicate this thread onto the other servers without incident. Later we’ll be opening up a Patreon to help with production costs but for now we’re just taking small steps. We’ll keep you posted
  4. kodos

    [MOD] Female Crew Commander

    Replaces all Commander Portraits with female anime/comic ones, except for Britain which got the Halloween Commanders instead. Uniforms are not historic correct Download PS: IJN is Red, US & Pan-Asia Green, Soviet is Black and for there a different kinds of Blue for the rest