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Found 2 results

  1. I want to discuss here about some clan features. Most importantly I want to see other players opinion so that we can create some good idea that may be used by WG devs. Clan camo I didnt find any thread about it (there should be) and because this feature is very powerfull I want to talk about it: The idea is simple, players get some kind of "camo editor" prepared by devs and clan can create their own unique camo for members. Before we extend this idea, we should start with some obstacles: Camo in game provides always some bonuses but the problem is that we always pay for camos. Simply speaking we can't create perm free camo for clan members with the same standard bonuses and also we witout bonuses because it going to be useless. Another thing is that even if we can add standard camo and accuracy bonus still there are many camos with many additional bonuses so we have to give up one camo anyway. Solution to this problems can be naval base building. For example if we build "camo structure", clan members can get the possibility to buy camo for credits (or oil) and this way we have to still pay for camo. We can extend this idea by adding bonuses. If we get "camo structure" we can set or buy additional bonuses for our camo like +20% free exp or +5% credits or whatever we want imagine here. Also creating camo for all ships can be more complicated thats why clan camo can be used only on tier X ship. We can go even further and enable this camo only for clan wars battles what is still nice addition. As you can see this idea can be extended in many ways so I want to see your opinions about it and also some new ideas related to it. Clan flag This feature going to be implemented anyway (in some way) but maybe we can change form a little. I made Q&A question here and would be nice if you vote for implementation and also share some ideas about it here. Clan store When I say 'store' I mean building where we can buy some unique things, for example flag store. What if we add building where we can buy signal flags? I want to point out that flags can't be cheap here because this going to break balance in general. Other option can be to buy this crapy "unique equipement" or even create special "clan signal flag". Of course this flag would be used only in clan wars so it would not break balance of random games. I want to emphasize that everything above is very loose idea, not complete feature/solution, use it as base idea for brainstorming.
  2. 1. Hello, I would like to discuss how it could work for a single gameplay design to appeal to different tastes. Being able to cater to multiple target consumer types is a strong trait for a game, as it can increase exposure and market power, and lower risk while facilitating development. Since types of development are not compatible with all game models, the focus will be on WoWs and its unique characteristics. Earlier I have roughly considered the ideas of [1]:Expanding on game design, to extend the initial game concept into more forms; and [2]:Greater synergy between the core game and derivative material. These were proposed because of the weaknesses of WoWs gameplay: mundane, repetitive, materialistic and grindy. These limitations pose an unfortunate limitation to the appeal of WoWs as a game. While WoWs is still under constant development, the priorities atm are highly technical and principle for the likes of WoWs, such as bugs, optimization, balance and tech tree expansion. Expansions on more dynamic elements for the game, even for a core element such as environmental effects aka weather, are only under preliminary integration. In one sentence, these are all contributing factors limited to the "gameplay" experience, and not the more encompassing "game" experience. As a MMO game, WoWs is not as lively as more 'artistic' and 'experience' based online multiplayers in the market, ones emphasizing on "atmosphere". Even though WoWs is designed to be a vigorous game, it comes out instead as a bit "rigid", or so limited in its experience. Partly we must consider the historical nature of the content: it is not as buoyant as fantasy materials, and less easily expressible via repetitive gameplay. We must also consider the business model WoWs inherited from WoT, thus that it's game mechanics are inflexibly based off a former system as well. In third, while WoWs is a multiplayer game, it is a strictly Zero-Sum game. These factors combined pose severe limitations on the space of growth in the game concept for WoWs. While this is not necessarily a problem, as with all sports type pvp entertainment, overcoming certain limitations and generating new forms of interaction with the core concepts can significantly improve the experience of the game concept. The addition of more user-friendly concepts or custom styles of expression for the core content, is considered. This is based off the logic of either improving in a generalist way, or improving in customized ways. As mentioned, there is limited growth readily available in a generalist way, of which most priorities are already underway. Thus the potential of customized features. 2. Imagine chest. One can either play it in its tournament form: statistics, variables, calculations. Or one can play it the way they heard of it as a child: the mimic of a battlefield, Soldiers of different tales pitted against each other, heroic sacrifices, the Queen is ransomed for a pawn, then the King is finally cornered. Add some lasers, it resembles a battle of unique spaceships; play it in a non-traditional way, and there is no end to the scenarios that can occur. Elementary mechanics, but endless versions of the experience. Can such a line of logic be applied for WoWs? In rare occurrences, when not limited by the limiting and normalizing control factors, players already try to project their human agency into their ships via different playstyles, they apply skins to characterize the ships into fantasy or historical actors; expanding to voice effects, GUI designs, and... not much more? a pity. However, the key idea is that these have all been applied without changing the game play mechanics. It does not matter if you fantasize yourself shooting a spaceship, or a monstrous beast, the variables determining if you win or lose, live or die, are the same. However, the user finds solace in imagining different backdrops under which such mechanics occur. Thus, he can find many more kinds of thrills and gratitudes from the game experience. In fact, different theorems is inherently necessary for people to strategically function in the game at all. Some people are driven by adrenaline, some by set-on-paper goals and objectives. In the end, it does not matter if you theorize chess with math, or with story-based scenarios; whatever you can make sense of it with, whatever your playstyle, use that to master and excel at the same game mechanics. 3. Now applying that to the idea of [1] and [2], for [1], while fully functional alternative game-modes are yet out of the question, features based on simplified and gamified mechanics, or alternative representations of mechanics, such as craftable consumables, signature ship (w/ bonuses), and some other either semi-randomized, user-management based or luck-based rewards. Even the daily exp itself is an example (despite it more likely was implemented via business logic rather than game logic). However I am finding difficulty to consider along the logic of [1], as shown from the reasoning regarding limitations earlier. I had strongly used Blizzard as an example of a company expanding its concepts into forms, but I am currently finding difficulty in considering that for WoWs. I still recommend introducing more behaviour recognizing algorithms. The main focus will thus be on [2] for now, increasing appeal via alternative methods. -The one thing I praised WoWp for was its intro cinematics, I can't believe we don't have cool movie-quality camera shifts on our battleships yet, like the battle introductions from the recent Battlefleet: Gothic Armada. While WoWs did hold an event for "historical" screenshots, perhaps it should have just held an event for "dramatic, creative, or special-effects representations of the game content, either directly obtained from within the game engine or recreated through any artistic medium necessary". I personally would have drawn a tilt-shifted perspective drawing of my favourite battleship. (I learned drawing from mimicking technically accurate sketches of fighter jets.) Easy for wargaming to obtain community creative input that way, while there is still the popularity. This is a very widely used method. -I am not a game designer so I don't know how to implement varied background stories for the same game content, but remember I did mention the example of chess, and some ship skins. -I would like to contrast the "Arpeggio" content with the example of "Kancolle Enchant" mod by Xandier59 @ PravdaTeam. The mod, if I understand correctly via description, completely changes the style of the game itself so that it resembles one based on core content that is different from now. This provides a different user atmosphere, but still limited to the same game mechanics. That is, I believe the intention of the ARP content. However, ARP is not as complete as the "Kancolle Enchant" at providing a immersive alternative atmosphere for the game. While I understand the difficulties of creative effort to officially redesign a GUI system based on ARP features, the end result was a mediocre effect of immersion (I personally could not even get the voice-acting on the ARP captains to work). If the option of changing ports to the ARP option completely revamped your game, thus that it actually justified special selection of a port mode, it would certainly have made a specific variety of consumers out there happy. However, it seems that official undertakings are out of the question. -Derivative material such as the "Bad Advice", "Head over Keels" and "Puka fleet" series all contribute to the variety, but as was said, they are presented in a cluttered and insignificant way, alongside all the other news. And are only lightly linked to game experience as of now. However, I find it difficult to come up with a method of granting them any significant and meaningful influence on the game as of now. -The only behaviour recognition algorithm based acheivement in-game, the "lone warrior", currently has no meaningful value besides some material benefit. The "Kraken" flag is based off of kill-stealing. There is little value of player agency in the game for now. Perhaps...? 4. I am out of creative oomph (was out since part 3) and u are probably out of patience (thank you for reading) so the end! So, any ideas to add some more flavour, variety, soul to this game? Considering the limitations, it will be very difficult, but using the same game mechanics and basing experiences to be different for now is the only compromise I can think of. I did not use any specific examples from other games because cough* but if you have any please do share.