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Found 8 results

  1. Kurogane79

    Unspotted but still getting hit

    Hi, ive played for some years now and lately get some games that i cant explain.. For example.. I played my yamato was complete unspotter and have not been spotted in that game yet. but 2 ships from the enemy team shot and kept shooting accurately and hit everty single salvo,.. there was no smokescreen near, no radar or hydro or plane detection showing.. nothing.. how is it possible to be completely unspotted but still get shot at that accurately?
  2. When you are in map view - the alt-battle interface removes the ship-names from the overlay - why!? In game view with alt-battle interface: http://imgur.com/dQhomYs Player names & Ship names In game map view with alt-battle interface: Self-ship name & Player names. I'd argue its far more important to see ship names than player names in that view if the choice is one or the other. The only reason to use M view is to get an over-view of fleet composition / layout and you remove the information from the player when they try to use it.
  3. When some player uses Hydro for example, it would be good if his teammates can see that, maybe as a icon above player or as a info text in different text section.
  4. KRBeC

    Try ship you don't have

    Hi guys, have you ever been pissed off once you got new ship/tank/plane finding out it is not what you expected? I may have a solution (which may be well implemented in all WG titles). The idea is all about the possibility to "try it before you buy it". It should work this way: .. in your tech tree you will have a "try" button (either directly in tech tree, or as a switch that will bring you to "testing" tech tree and you select from there, but that would be one more unnecessary step in entire process). .. by pushing the "try" button, new "game" will load - simple mid-sized map with several "special" zones (aka cap zones are now) .. zones - various parts of map where you would be able to test whatever you need (zone with practice targets of different types, zone with aircrafts spawning and attacking you, zone where you remote BB shooting at you) .. set-up testing - you will be able to pause this game and change set-up of your ship (try different components from research tree available for this ship, perhaps even different modules and consumables) .. whenever you like, you just press "quit" and this testing game ends, no experience gain, no credit income This way you may try ships before you exp them. Or you may try ships you don’t even want to play, just to see how they behave at sea so you could be able to sink them with better efficiency. Availability for players - this might be done several ways. Either as "free for all", or use some sort of restrictions such as to be able to test ships of no more than one level above the highest-tiered ship you have (or even highest tier of same type or of same nation)), disabling testing of premium ships, letting player to pay for consumables used (as in training battle) etc. I would prefer "free for all" so everyone could be able to try say Yamato and then start his exping race towards getting that ship.
  5. HI, yesterday when playing div with friends we had an reoccuring issue. after the first coupple of battles when all the first wins that we wanted/"needed" we still wanted to play.... ....bot none of us wanted to decide which tier or ship. this is occuring quite frequently for us not because were bored but becasue we have so many ships. the idea here is to have a button that turns on/off a RNG so when you press battle you get a random ship from your port. this would be selected on indiuvidual basis but still work in division. (in case someone selected a ship tier is given if noone in div selected manually tier will be random) [edit] to work in division the thing would need to do a check that everyone has a ship of the randomly selected tier first. i and i hope many others would like to see this RSSS in game.
  6. walter3kurtz

    Interface QOL improvements

    Changes to make the game more accessible to new players: 1. Make alt-interface and detailed ribbons the default setting (why put new players at a disadvantage); 2. Make the minimap large by default (again, why put new players at a disadvantage); 3. Enable last seen positions and ship names on the minimap by default (same). Changes that improve the game for existing players: 1. Prevent players from entering battle without camo due to camo running out and pressing "battle on"; 2. Give the option to (un)equip a certain flag on all ships; 3. Improve the ship carousel by making the names of ships that have no captain more visible (the whole ship carousel thing annoys me but this probably the most) Feel free to add other simple suggestions but keep it simple. This improves the chance of a suggestion being implemented.
  7. sprototles

    Little things to do

    Hi all captains I created this threat for us basically if you have any small idea how to improve gameplay or some effects or feature, i think its better to put it all in one thread instead of creating 100s of topic per every idea lets say we will post ideas and comments separately, so it will be easier to like/disloke someone's idea I hope so you will like this idea and consider this thread as useful
  8. Fogas21

    Smoke Curtain for CV fighters?

    I was scrolling 9gag and stumbled upon this gif: http://9gag.com/gag/a2mVb5d Just an idea for discussion, be gentle :3 For example: the fighters could drop a smoke curtain but they will get reduced speed because of the increased mass of the planes. or the BBs can launch a plane that circles around her and during 1 or 2 rounds it drops smoke. (this would replace the fighter or spotter plane)