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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm trying to grind the FdG and I'm in serious need of advice. The guns on this ship are unreliable, so hanging back is like throwing the game on purpose. But pushing in always leaves me alone and focused by the enemy team, because at high tier every other BB and even tanky cruisers are so yellow they shine like the sun. Even DDs hang back, so I often see them passing me by in the direction of our spawn. I'm at my wits end how to play this ship. Any advice?
  2. Favuz

    Izumo or FdG?

    Hello guys, I recently unlocked both of those ships. With my limited amounts of silver, i am able to afford only one of the two. The one i'll not buy will be put on hold for a long time, as Fletcher and Neptune will come first. I'd like an advice from experienced BB players on which one to buy. Consider that i'll probably sold the tier IX when i'll unlock tier X, because with almost same MM i'll better drive yamato or Kurfurst, and because i kept both Bismarck and Amagi. Another advice i'd like to ask I'm currently sitting at nearly 300k free xp. Would you spend 100k for Izumo (or 50k for FdG) to buy and Mount straigth the top hulls? CV are rare at high tiers, but i don't want to be nuked from CV at the start of the match. Thank you in advance
  3. Mangrey

    So WG when can i brawl again ?

    Hey WG not saying the Tir 8 and 10 are bad ... they are not good enugh... the secondarie nerfs are utter BS I want them back where they shot at the super structure, You all ready for nerfed on Burn. now a days they are useless even when fully spced in secondaries. The next thing is that My AP can over pene most Cruisers then under 10KM .... why the hell that ? im suppose to fight at that range why not give thoes citadels or pens ? I got bad sigma and will miss most shots and I might even get torped to death by the crusier And WG do some thing about the TIr 9 .... it is just crap ...... it is a bigger Bismarck with a Citadel... no one wants that IT is hard times now with all the damn HE spam in a giant boat... I get that you want to lower the amount of Battleships in game but if you really wanted that then dont add OP BBs to the game like the Tri 9 and 10 of the RN. mang