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Found 1 result

  1. (Disclamer: i finally finished my opening post to a satisfactory degree, old post in spoiler bellow) So i decided to make a topic to see what the comunity here would see as theyr ''dream ship'' or a ship witch one thinks would best aid them for either preformance in game, or just be the right tub that ticks all of ones preferences concerning parameters/preformance of a ship. So, i wanted to make a few simple rules so we dont get ships with triple phase ion powered plasma cannons and sutch, those rules are pretty simple, make, design and just put together a ship be it real, cobbled together or modefied that you would love to have in game but keep it somewhat within game balance/preformance of the respected tier you'd put it at. I'm interested in seeing what you come up with. SO, let's me start then, my dream ship/s would be (got 2 in mind) and theyr both made up to be somewhat within the game limits, names i took from real ships. So first off a DD, a IJN DD to be precise. The specs for it are as follows. -Tier: IX (since thats the now golden tier i supose) -Class: Fubuki type II (Anayami subclass) -Name: Shikinami (after a existing ship of the class) Survivability: -Hit Points 18.200 Artilerly: 3 options like Harekaze -1st: 3x2 127mm -2nd: 3x2 100mm -3d: 3x1 127mm (US) Torpedoes: -3x3 610mm standard F3 torps with a max range of 10km and reload of 90 seconds on the tubes. The ship would have the sweet 3x3 torp launcher arrangment so it would be verry flexible and the spreads would be tighter making for better hits, or greater misses. Detection would be (maxed out with apropriate skills and modules) the classic IJN sneaky DD of 5.4km detection. AA would be more in tune with the current meta. -16x 1 25mm -6x 2 40mm -3x2 100mm (when equiped with akizuki turrets) Manuverability: -Speed: 36.5 knots (not counting speed boost or flag) -Turning radius 620m and rudder shift of 2.5 seconds Detection is the classic IJN sneaky DD 5.4km when maxed out. Consumables is where this ship would offer personalisation for ones playstyle. -Slot1: Hydro or Def AA -Slot2: Smoke or TRB -Slot3: Speed boost or Repair party Damage controll 2 versions: -1st: Standard Repair party -2nd: Russian type with no cooldown but only 4 charges. Soo, that is my dream T IX IJN DD, a IMO quintesential IJN torpedo boat but can also fight back at DD hunter gunboats, it wouldnt be a sure win 1v1 against a gunboat but it would defenetly put up a fight, AA wise it wouldnt be something OP but im sure it could put up a fight somewhat. I tried tp keep it somewhat in ''balance'' gamewise and not giving it anything out of the ordinary, but it's set up for full flexibility/adaptability to gamestyle, meta changes, game mode changes etc. Now if only WG.......hint, hint _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Second ship, IJN again (nippon bias i know ) This one is for the lolz/memes, imagine this in a division with a Kitakami and Asashio. Tier: X (since it's where Kitty is now) Class: Kongo class BB (retrofitted, modernised with what if tech) -Name: Kirishima 1942 (since we have one already i had to add a year for a hypotetical year for the conversion) Survivability: -Hit points: 68.500 -Torpedo protection 37% Hit point increase because of upgraded armor etc.. Artilery (retrofitted/updated) Main: -2x2 356mm/50 type 2 (brand new model of 14 inch rifles) -Reload of 20 seconds -Range of 22km -Turret traverse of 30 seconds -Dispersion of 190m, sigma 2.05 -HE shell damage of 6500 -HE shell initial velocity of 860m/s -AP shell initial velocity of 830m/s -AP shell damage 13700 -Fire chance 30% -HE Penetration 65mm Secondary armarment: -10x155mm/55 type 2 (top sekret new undiscovered nippon 1000x forged guns ) -Reload of 4.5 seconds -Range of 7.2km (stock) -HE shell dmage 2800 -Fire chance 11% -Shell velocity of 900m/s -Dispersion 92m Tertiary armarment (next secondary caliber) -10x2 127mm /40 Type89 A1 mod.3 (the ones with the shround dome on top) On these, everything is as it is now in game exept the range, witch is increased to 7.2km (stock) AA (again, modernised/upgraded in a what if retrofit) -10x1 25mm/60 type 96 -26x3 25mm/60 type 96 -18x2 40mm/60 type 5 -10x2 127mm/40 type89 mod.3 Torpedo armarment (here it gets jucy ) -14x4 610mm IJN type 90 gorgeous fish of pure fun Basicly the torps from the Yudachi with the same specs apart from the increase in speed from 60 to 68 knots. Maneuverability: -Max speed of 31.5 knots (due to more armor) -Turning cyrcle of 740m -Rudder shift time of 12.5 from 14.9 seconds (captain got a new wheel ) Detectability: -well......it's a Kongo class BB, not exactly stealthy, soo nothing changes here. Consumables, again this is where things get a bit interesting and here you would have to choose wisely, since it would be completely new. -Slot1: Damage controll (Georgia type) or Radar (russian with +5 seconds to duration) -Slot2: Repair party or TRB -Slot3: Speed boost or Hydro -Slot4: Smoke or MBRB -Slot5: 2x Fighter or a special scout plane with the following atributes. The plane increases main battery range but also increases secondary battery range by 1km and it spots subs within it's flight circle. Picture of what it would look like. This ship would be completely bonkers, it would cause chaos that even a Kitakami couldnt make, players would either grin to a illegal extent or just loose it when this ship would be in a game, now i personally love crazy ships, the less logical they seem, the more i like them, thats why i added this torpedo BB in the mix, it may be the ultimate paper dream but never the less, would defenetly be hillarious to see floating around.....mabe it can become a ''boss'' in a possible (not optimistic about it unfortunatly) future Operation mission, a TX operation with a theme centered around the IJN ''decisive night battle'' doctorine, a group of players has to battle it out and defeat the IJN fleet during a night time engagment around Guadalcanal as the map, idk, WG defenetly should look into Operation, still had allot of potential imo. Happy hunting ya'll P.S. Original post is in the spoiler bellow.