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Found 4 results

  1. Ares_de_Borg

    Monaghan (Tier VI Premium)

    Hier bitte alles rein was mit der "Monaghan" zu tun hat, Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Fragen, Videos, usw. ;) Die USS Monaghan (DD-354) war das letzte Schiff des Zerstörers der Farragut-Klasse. Sie wurde nach Fähnrich John R. Monaghan benannt. Die USS Monaghan wurde am 21. November 1933 am Boston Navy Yard gelegt und am 9. Januar 1935 gestartet. Sie wurde von Miss Mary F. Monaghan, Nichte von Fähnrich Monaghan, gesponsert und am 19. April 1935 unter der Leitung von Commander R. R. Thompson in Dienst gestellt. Während der nächsten Jahre operierte die USS Monaghan hauptsächlich im Nordatlantik und bildete US Navy Personal aus, das im Zweiten Weltkrieg diente. Die USS Monaghan war während des Angriffs auf Pearl Harbor am 7. Dezember 1941 anwesend. Sie nahm 1942 an der Schlacht am Korallenmeer und der Schlacht von Midway teil. Die USS Monaghan wurde 1944 bei einem Taifun östlich der Philippinen versenkt. Verfügbarkeit Die Monaghan war zuerst Ende Mai / Anfang Juni 2018 über den Umweg über die Liberty-Container für die Halsey-Sammlung verfügbar. Beim Öffnen eines solchen Containers hat man eine gewisse Chance, einen Auftrag für verschiedene amerikanische Schiffe zu erhalten, unter anderem die Monaghan.
  2. GSPDibbler

    Farragut Ranked Vaping Build

    HelloPosted it before in 'how to farragut' but no one answered so i thought - may aswell post it here with a proper title.I am working on a skipper build for upcoming season for my Farragut. Due to worse concealment than IJN DDs i dont expect my Farragut to be superrior in cap-contesting, Anshan has better artillery (in close range farragut outgunning it, probably, but most DDs engagements in ranked are - if both ships spot each other - to schoot and turn away or even turn away right away. Especially in the early game). And IJN DDs and the Anshan can stealth torp while farragut cant, so torping smokes in Farra are kinda out of the question unless situationally in favorable circumstances. So I am thinking about 2 builds. First is AA support boat (droping RPF to take AFT and manual AA), but thats not the one i want to ask advice. The second one is the vaping build. Simple - farragut has superrior US smokes, i would like to maximaze it and support the team that way. May be great on high tier ranks if only i remaine disciplined and position well (thats the reall trick here...)basics or 'duh'Preventive Maintenance - to not lose turrets and tt, duhLast Stand - sine qua non of DDs, duhSuperindendent - +1smoke so - duhConcealment Expert - another sine qua non of DDs, duh...so that makes away with 10 points, 9 leftSmoke Screen Expert - seems like a no brainer in vaping build, lot of space for cruisers and BBs... i never used it before tho (!), eager to try it outJack of all Trades - with flags and premium smoke we are talking some seriously low cooldown on smoke. Dont know exact numbers yet but i will come back with them, right now its theory crafting since i hate to waste dubloons and i dont have elite cmdr points...Numbers: smoke last 118 sec, cooldown 144 sec (althou i dont know if port view counts flags aswell - in game it seems shorter), either way the gap between smokes is barely 20ish seconds, results in random battles were very good and smoke screen is darn large.5 points leftRPF - showing nearest threat, help to avoid torps, hunting DDs, be aware of flanking ships and, important in vapin build, from where allies are spotted. Also, Farra has 6,4 km torps, but they are fast - its possible to ambush other ships from behind islands, even only from RPF estimation. Some hate that skill, but regardless, i dont think one can deny its superiority in ranked battles.Priority Target - since one point is left and its the most helpful - assesing how many enemies have line of sight, which may help to idetify positions, sort ofWhat do you think? What would you change and why? Is that build gonna be viable for most ranked battles or its more situational?
  3. Jacob_J_Weebs

    Lower Tier Guides: Farragut VS T8 MM

    Another low tier guide, this time featuring the T6 US DD, the Farragut, facing some very rough MM as is common since 0.5.9. Mostly T8 enemies, carrier targeted and a standard battle to boot! This commentary emphasizes the usage of the guns and smokes, never once stopping firing to allow that damage to eventually pile up.
  4. Tier 2: Tier 3: WAKATAKE WICKES Tier 4: ISOKAZE Tier 5: NICHOLAS FUJIN MINEKAZE Tier 6: MUTSUKI FARRAGUT ANSHAN Tier 7: HATSUHARU BLYSKAWICA KIEV MAHAN Tier 8: LO YANG (Part 1) LO YANG (Part 2) Tier 9: Tier 10: Fujin Minekaze Mutsuki Kiev Blyskawica