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Found 9 results

  1. Supertest FAQ

    Captains, We have noticed there are quite a few myths and misconceptions floating around with regards to Supertest and Supertesters, so let's have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions! What is the Supertest program? Supertest program is an initiative for volunteers, who are willing to help our game development team by assisting the Quality Assurance and other departments. Simulations and test environments gets us only so far, and it is always good to run new features past an external audience capable of breaking the builds in new, exciting and creative ways. Who are Supertesters? Supertesters are players who voluntarily give up their own time to help test early builds of the latest patch which includes new ships, new maps, new modes etc. Supertesters are expected to be capable of filing out detailed reports of bugs and issues they find within the game as well as completing surveys on new ships and maps. They must be able to give clear evidence for the issue, and offer their best judgement towards a solution. The dev team does not have to agree with this though, as often there are more than one ways how to tip the scales. Supertesters are expected to be knowledgeable about game mechanics, in-game balance, and have some idea about the state and preferences of the larger game community. From this knowledge they give balanced and reasoned opinions. How does Supertest help with the updates? For each new update, Supertesters run typically several sessions with various tasks, depending on the content: Basic check on the new / modified ships (Don’t think balance in this case, think clipping, model and basic function. Before we move to balance tuning, we need to know the ship can sail at all ) Basic check on the maps (Are the islands solid? Are there any invisible rocks? ) Basic check of functions (Can you actually select the new campaign? Can you collect the collection?) And a ton of other important things which may sound boring but are crucial! For each update we get both feedback and bug reports - and while it's possible a bug sneaks past (be it because it is tied to a specific hardware, or simply because we did not manage to trigger it during Supertest phase), most major bugs get caught already in this stage. How does Supertest help with ship balance? Mostly by driving the test ships around to the best of their abilities and thus gathering gameplay stats for us. This is usually one of the biggest time investments, and it can be also pretty frustrating as the testers often have to struggle with ships in early stages of the balancing process (The veterans of Royal Navy cruisers test still scream a bit if you refer to this test). The Supertesters also provide written feedback (often varied), however the gameplay stats are the most important thing. Dealing with them is not necessarily easy though, as first they often do not match the text feedback and second we need to adjust for the skill (see below). In any case, however, the Supertesters, Contributors etc. do not directly deal with ship balance. That is the task for our Game Design team. What does a Supertester do? Typically? Berate us for yet another last minute change in test tasks or ship tests Apart from that, typically Supertesters talk to other STers worldwide, poke us about things and most of all… Play the game! What can Supertesters tell me? Not much about the things being tested. While ship stats are usually on the Dev Blog and ship history is out in the open, the Supertesters will not tell you whether they think a test ship is good or bad. They tell us instead Also note that in battle they usually have their hands full dealing with the “new ship syndrome” (ie the entire enemy team going “Mine!” the moment they see them). So… If you see them testing new ship and want to know more, the best place to go is the Dev Blog! Are Supertesters potatoes or pros? Varied But try as we may, we seem to have trouble getting below average active players in the Supertest, typically we start in the high end of average band and pass smoothly into above average. Of course, especially in first few battles in an unknown ship, everyone can have a “potato” moment . Still, even the biggest lemons we tested had consistently highly above average win rate How do we select Supertesters? The main selection criterion for this program is motivation and willingness to sacrifice the time and effort to make the game better! Another point is of course ability to stick to the NDA and work well with other Supertesters, including the common language. Do the Supertesters have to agree with WG? Definitely not! We expect the Supertesters to be open in their feedback and tell us if they do not like some decisions. As long as the feedback is constructive and civil, we of course welcome their thoughts. We also provide platforms for the Supertesters to voice their objections, and the only limit is they should not post feedback related to things on Public Test (as the ST forums anyway offer a more direct route). Once things are out in the open, Supertesters are free to comment (again, not using the “NDA” knowledge). How many Supertesters are there? This depends on the region, for example our ST program in Russia is the most numerous, but in other regions it is around 100 testers (replenished when needed). What do the Supertesters get out of it? Our eternal gratitude! Apart from that, we are trying to compensate them for the time spent testing, both on ST server and on Live server. How do I Join? Supertest recruitment is open whenever needed! For North America, a recruitment wave happened recently and for EU, one is close at hand so stay tuned and follow our portal, social media and forums! Action Stations!
  2. Chers membres de la Communauté Francophone de World of Warships, le Wiki a besoin de vous ! Encore ! Le concours hebdomadaire du Wiki reprend et cette fois-ci nous sommes sponsorisés par Wargaming ! A la différence du premier concours ( lien ici ), cette deuxième édition va récompenser la meilleure fiche par 15 conteneurs Anniversaire d’une valeur de 40€ ( hors promotion ). Comme pour la précédente édition, vous devrez participer en remplissant un Google Form, nous vous donnerons le lien demain quand le concours ouvrira, pour rappel, il dure 7 jours. L’objectif du concours est de « remplir » le page de navires sur le Wiki, par des fiches, que vous allez remplir à l’aide du Google Form et de vos connaissances sur les navires. Cette fois-ci, et pour justifier l’investissement de Wargaming dans le concours nous nous orientons sur un contenu un peu plus précis, notamment à l’égard des débutants. En effet, le Google Form est pensé de manière à ce que vous ayez le moins de travail de mise en page possible, les paragraphes sont définis de manière à ce que nous puissions sortir un guide, certes plus concis, comparable à l’excellent guide de OhMyDoge sur le DesMoines ou encore certain des guides de malimoo. N’oubliez pas que ces fiches que vous remplirez seront à destination de joueurs clairement moins capables que vous, ne vous en tenez qu’au gameplay qui vous semble le plus facilement assimilable et viable rapidement. Le Google Form est en 3 pages, pour remplir la première, je vous recommande d’utiliser un logiciel de traitement de texte ( bloc note, pages, Word, Open Office ) afin de vous éviter un missclick si vous rédigez votre fiche directement sur le Google Form. Ce Google Form sera séparé en 3 pages, sur chaque page vous aurez à rédiger ou cocher des cases selon la méthode choisie, n'hésitez pas à vous aider du wiki pour visualiser les modules, équipements, compétences de commandants. Vous aurez à remplir, pour la première page du Google Form, la description du navire : Voila qui termine l'exemple de réponse au Google Form que je propose. Sachez ceci pour la désignation du gagnant, nous allons prendre en compote tout ce que vous avez rédigé / partagé sur votre réponse au formulaire, nous ne jugerons pas sur les fautes de français que vous pourrez commettre, ni à la quantité ( le nombre de lignes ) , mais bien sûr à la qualité de ce qui est écrit. Plus votre fiche sera intéressante à lire du point de vue d'un débutant, plus vous aurez de « chances » de gagner. Nous donnerons ici ( en réponse de ce sujet ) le lien du Google Form, ainsi que le nom du navire qui inaugurera cette deuxième édition du concours hebdomadaire du Wiki. Petit indice, il s'agit d'un croiseur de Tier 8. Le concours démarrera chaque lundi à 12h et se terminera le lundi suivant à 1h du matin. Le gagnant sera annoncé au plus tard 48h après la fin du concours. Et enfin, si vous avez des retours à nous faire, des suggestions, des demandes nous ferons notre maximum pour y répondre. Les résultats du concours : ( semaine / navire de la semaine / pseudo du gagnant ) Semaine 1 : Admiral Hipper, Agrireasan Semaine 2 : Ernst Gaede, FullAkra Semaine 3 : Nagato, Notice_Me_Senpoi Semaine 4 : Des Moines, Lansing01 Semaine 5 : Okhotnik, #FAQ :
  3. Hallo miteinander, Unser Entwickler sub_octavian hat auf Reddit hier für euch eine kleine Tabelle zusammengestellt, damit man eine gute Übersicht hat, wieviele Strukturpunkte mit der Reparaturmannschaft in WoWS auf den jeweiligen Schiffen wiederhergestellt kann. Ich denke, dass ist auch für euch sehr interessant, daher hier die Info: lg, Crysantos Edith sagt: Infos wurden leicht angepasst, da sich ein kleiner Fehler bei RNBBs eingeschlichen hatte.
  4. Ich hab mir die Idee von Reddit geklaut. Nachdem ich öfter mal die selben Fragen in unterschiedlichen Topics gesehen habe, dachte ich, es wäre keine schlechte Idee das zu Übersetzen. Zum Originalpost gehts hier Frage: Was ist das? Antwort: Das gesamte Dünkirchen-Event hat drei unterschiedliche Teile. Einer davon ist "Operation Dynamo", ein PvE Szenario, das du mit anderen Spielern abschließen kannst, wobei du bei einem Abschluss bis zu 5 Sterne verdienen kannst. Weiters gibt es die "Dünkirchen Sammlung", die ähnlich wie die "Jagd auf die Bismarck"-Kampagne im Mai funktioniert. Du musst 16 verschiedene Items sammeln, um die Sammlung zu vervollständigen. Diese Items findet man in speziellen Event-Containern. Duplikate können getauscht werden, in einem Verhältnis von 5:1. HINWEIS! Bitte tauscht die Duplikate erst ein, wenn folgende Gleichung erfüllt ist: [Bereits erhaltene Items] + [Duplikate] / 5 = 16 Andernfalls könntet ihr Duplikate "verschwenden", wenn ihr das ertauschte Item im nächsten Container ohnehin bekommen würdet. Für jedes Sammlerstück, dass nach Vervollständigen der Sammlung noch übrig ist oder gezogen wird, gibt es 15.000 Credits! Als Letztes gibt es die Auftragsreihen "Die Farben der Dunkerque" bzw "Stählerne Blume", in denen man sich Flaggen und Verbrauchsgüter erspielen kann, mit einer einzigartigen Permanenttarnung für das französische T6 Premium Schlachtschiff "Dunkerque". Frage: Wann endet das Event? Antwort: Das Szenario "Operation Dynamo" läuft für zwei Wochen, also wird es höchstwahrscheinlich am 3. August um 3 Uhr morgens enden. (Das ist nicht bestätigt, aber sehr wahrscheinlich.) Die Missionen um die speziellen Event-Container, sowie die beiden Missionen für die Dunkerque Permanenttarnung dauern höchstwahrscheinlich bis zum 10. August. Die Daten sind genau einen Tag nach dem jeweiligen Eventende für den Nordamerikanischen Server, so, wie es sonst auch immer gehandhabt wird. Frage: Was kann ich in diesem Event erspielen? Antwort: Für das Abschließen der "Operation Dynamo" bekommt man: bei 3 Sternen - verschiedene Flaggen bei 4 Sternen - die Belohnung für das Abschließen mit 3 Sternen und einen französischen Kapitän der Stufe 10. bei 5 Sternen - die vorherigen Belohnungen und 24 Stunden Premiumzeit Beim Vervollständigen der Dünkirchen-Sammlung erhält man einen besonderen britischen Kapitän der Stufe 10 mit verbesserten Fähigkeiten, ein Achievement und eine Erinnerungsflagge für das Event. Beim Abschließen der "Stählerne Blume" bzw "Die Farben der Dunkerque"-Missionsreihen erhältst du verschiedene Verbrauchsgüter sowie eine einzigartige Permanenttarnung für das französische T6 Premium Schlachtschiff "Dunkerque". Frage: Wie bekomme ich die speziellen Event-Container für die Dünkirchen-Sammlung? Antwort: Diese Container können mit speziellen Missionen erspielt werden. Diese haben nichts mit dem Szenario "Operation Dynamo" zu tun. Bei jeder Mission erhältst du einen Container. Die Mission "Zur Rettung!" kann einmal pro Tag abgeschlossen werden. Bedingungen: Erspiele 2000 Basis-Erfahrungspunkte in einer beliebigen Anzahl von Gefechten. Keine Coop-Gefechte. Die Mission "Schützt die Evakuierung!" kann einmal pro Tag am Wochenende (21.7.-24.7., 28.7.-31.7., 4.8.-7.8.) abgeschlossen werden. Bedingungen: Gewinne ein Gefecht und erhalte mindestens die fünftmeisten Basis-Erfahrungspunkte deines Teams. Keine Coop-Gefechte Die Mission "Ein galanter Ritter zur Rettung" kann einmal pro Tag abgeschlossen werden, allerdings nur im neuen britischen Stufe 6 Premium Zerstörer HMS Gallant! Bedingungen: Gewinne ein Gefecht und erhalte mindestens die fünftmeisten Basis-Erfahrungspunkte deines Teams. Keine Einschränkungen beim Gefechtstyp. Für diese drei Missionen gibt es einen kleinen speziellen Event-Container. Die Mission "Ein galanter Ritter zur Rettung II" kann einmal pro Konto abgeschlossen werden, wieder nur in HMS Gallant! Bedingungen: Gewinne ein Gefecht und erhalte die meisten Basis-Erfahrungspunkte deines Teams. Keine Einschränkunden zum Gefechtstyp. Die Belohnung für diese Mission ist ein großer spezieller Event-Container. Das Permiumschiff HMS Gallant wird NICHT benötigt um die Sammlung zu vervollständigen. Es verschafft dir bloß einen zeitlichen Vorteil, da du mehr Missionen pro Tag erledigen kannst. Anmerkung: Die Missionen für das Wochenende im August sind auf dem EU-Portalartikel nicht angegeben, auf dem von NA allerdings schon. Ich werde mich deswegen mit einem Moderator in Verbindung setzen und den Post editieren, sobald ich genaueres weiß. Edit: Laut @Tuccy hier gibt es auch im August die Missionen, also wird es wohl ein Fehler auf der Homepage sein. Frage: Wie bekomme ich die spezielle Permanenttarnung für die Dunkerque? Antwort: Es gibt zwei Wege die Tarnung zu erhalten. Wenn du das Schlachtschiff Dunkerque schon besitzt, kannst du die "Die Farben der Dunkerque"-Missionsreihe abschließen, die relativ einfach in Coop oder Zufallsgefechten abschließbar ist. Wenn du das Schiff nicht besitzt, kannst du die "Stählerne Blume"-Missionsreihe abschließen, die leicht schwieriger ist und ein Schiff der Stufe 8 oder höher erfordert. Außerdem kann die Mission nur in Zufallsgefechten erledigt werden. Beide Missionen geben die selbe Endbelohnung. Du kannst beide Missionen abschließen, wenn du alle "kleineren" Belohnungen einsammeln möchtest. Die Dunkerque ist aber nicht benötigt um die Tarnung zu erhalten, falls du das Schiff einmal kaufst. Die Tarnung wird deinem Konto hinzugefügt und eingelagert. Wenn du später das Schiff kaufst, kannst du die Tarnung benutzen. Frage: Was passiert, wenn ich sowohl "Die Farben der Dunkerque" als auch "Stählerne Blume" abschließe? Antwort: Wenn du beide Auftragsreihen abschließt, bekommst du beim zweiten Abschluss den Preis der Permanenttarnung in Dublonen gutgeschrieben. Für alle, die das Schlachtschiff Dunkerque schon besitzen, ist das ein einfacher Weg 2000 Dublonen gratis zu bekommen! Quelle Diese Information war falsch, tut mir Leid. Obwohl @Tuccy sagte, dass es 2000 Dublonen geben würde, ist die echte Kompensation drei Millionen Credits. Was natürlich einen fahlen Beigeschmack wegen der Misskommunikation hinterlässt. Frage: Welche verbesserten Fähigkeiten hat der besondere britische Kapitän? Antwort: Der besondere britische Kapitän "Jack Dunkirk" kommt von Anfang an mit 10 gratis Fähigkeitspunkten. Folgende Fähigkeiten sind verbessert (wenn du sie trainierst) gegenüber normalen Kapitänen: Tausendsassa (Verbessert die Nachladezeit aller Verbrauchsgüter um 10%, normalerweise 5%) Eliteschütze (Verbessert die Turmdrehgeschwindigkeit um 3°/Sekunde bei Kalibern < 139mm und um 1°/Sekunde bei größeren Kalibern. Normalerweise 2,5°/Sekunde und 0,7°/Sekunde) Nebelwandexperte (Vergrößert den Radius der Nebelwand um 30%, normalerweise 20%) Frage: Was hat es mit den beiden Kapitänen der Stufe 19 auf sich, die ich bekommen habe? Antwort: Die beiden Kapitäne wurden für die beiden Zerstörer für "Operation Dynamo" hinzugefügt, Anthony und Cyclone. Die Kapitäne sind bereits für diese Schiffe trainiert. Du kannst die Kapitäne auf jedem anderen Schiff verwenden (britisch bzw französisch). Zurücksetzen der Fertigkeitsverteilung kostet Dublonen oder Elite-XP wie bei jedem anderen Kapitän auch. Wenn "Operation Dynamo" vorbei ist werden beide Kapitäne wieder von allen Konten entfernt. Alle Elite-XP die du mit den Kapitänen gesammelt hast bleiben aber erhalten. Frage: Ich habe zwei neue Schiffe in meinem Hafen, Anthony und Cyclone. Warum? Antwort: Diese beiden Schiffe wurden für das "Operation Dynamo"-Szenario hinzugefügt. Sie können nur für das Szenario verwendet werden, nicht für Coop-, Zufalls- oder Gewertete Gefechte. Wenn "Operation Dynamo" beendet ist, werden beide Schiffe automatisch von allen Konten entfernt. Die beiden 19-Punkte-Kapitäne werden mit ihnen entfernt. Frage: Das Operation Dynamo Szenario ist unmöglich zu schaffen! Antwort: Die Operation besteht großteils aus Flugabwehr. Daher würde ich dazu raten, die Anthony zu benutzen, da sie Zugang zum Defensives Flakfeuer-Verbrauchsgut hat. Natürlich kann man das Szenario auch mit der Cyclone spielen, sie hat einen Nebelgenerator, den man nicht wirklich braucht, aber stärkere Grund-Flugabwehr als die Anthony. Außerdem ist sie schlechter darin, Schnellboote zu zerstören). Für beide Schiffe solltest du die "Flugabwehr Modifikation 2“ auswählen, um die Reichweite der Flugabwehr um 20% zu erhöhen. Im Bezug auf Kapitänsfertigkeiten, "Manuelle Kontrolle der Flugabwehrbewaffnung“ hat keinen Effekt auf die kleinkalibrigen Kanonen dieser Schiffe, also solltest du die Fertigkeit vermeiden. Stattdessen benutze "Inspekteur“ um eine zusätzliche Aufladung des Defensiven Flakfeuers zu haben, "Tausendsassa" um die Abklingzeit desselbigen zu verringern. "Experte der Überlebensfähigkeit" erlaubt dir, weiterzukämpfen falls du es nicht schaffst einem Torpedo auszuweichen. Versenke die Torpedo-Schnellboote bevor sie die Zivilschiffe erreichen. Aber dein Hauptfokus sollte auf gegnerischen Flugzeugen liegen. Schieße so viele wie möglich ab, platziere dich im Zentrum des Konvois um so viele Schiffe wie möglich in deiner Flakreichweite zu haben (Hinweis: Aktiviere die Darstellung des Flakradius auf der Minimap). Koordiniere den Einsatz des defensiven Flakfeuers mit deinem Team für die großen Wellen. Pass besonders auf gegnerische Jagdflugzeuge auf, wenn du (fast) alle abschießt, wird das Finale viel einfacher, weil deine eigenen Verstärkungen die gegnerischen Sturzkampf- und Torpedobomber ohne Gegenwehr angreifen können. Frage: Welche Schiffe kann ich für das "Operation Dynamo"-Szenario einsetzen? Antwort: Für Operation Dynamo kann jeder britische oder französische Zerstörer der Stufen 5 und 6 verwendet werden. Das bedeutet, dass neben den speziellen Schiffen Anthony und Cyclone auch der neue T6 Premium HMS Gallant eingesetzt werden kann! Mit Ausnahme dieser drei Schiffe gibt es aktuell aber keine anderen, mit denen du teilnehmen könntest. Frage: Ich sehe keine Ankündigung auf der Homepage. Bin ich blind? Antwort: Die genauen Missionsdetails sind hier zu lesen. Diese sind die selben für alle Regionen. Für EU, die Missionsdetails können hier eingesehen werden, und für die speziellen Missionen für HMS Gallant hier. Falls ich etwas vergessen haben sollte, erwähnt es im Thread und ich werde es hinzufügen. An dieser Stelle noch vielen Dank an thekrautboy, der dieses FAQ ursprünglich auf Reddit gepostet hat. Ich habe es nur übersetzt, die Erstellung geht auf seine Kappe. HoppouChan
  5. Tutaj gracze mogą zadawać dowolne pytania na temat gry. Odpowiadamy innym graczom krótko i zwięźle i na temat Chodzi o rozwijanie wiedzy o grze i jej mechanice. Uwaga: to nie temat do dyskusji, ale do szybkich pytań-odpowiedzi. Przykładowe pytanie: Perk kapitana na przeładowanie pomiędzy rodzajem amunicji wymaga załadowania wszystkich dział? Przykładowa odpowiedź: Tak. Jeżeli jedno z dział ci się ładuje, to perk nie zadziała. I działamy w myśl zasady: "Jeżeli nie wiesz i nie zapytasz, jesteś głupcem przez całe życie. Jeżeli nie wiesz i zapytasz, jesteś nim tylko do tego momentu.", a nie "wujek google gryzie?"
  6. Hey, I made a video about some of the common questions that I see being asked of others and me. The video has answers to the following questions: 1. How to highlight an enemy to your team?2. Why is my ship turning on its own?3. How to show enemy ship HP?4. How to follow shells when they have been fired?5. How to enable replays?6. Why is the game too easy?7. Where can I see my stats?8. What does poi mean? If you have any other questions then feel free to ask them here, in PM, on reddit, or even youtube.
  7. I was browsing worldofwarships.eu website after reading news there, and stumbled upon reading FAQ entries. I found there this: I haven't had chance to try it out yet. But is such mechanic included in game? You start drowning from torpedo hit, and if you run ashore, you dont die? Does it also prevent further damage, or how it works? Those who wonder where this FAQ was, it is here: http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/faq/
  8. Q: What will happen if you get shot below the water line will your ship begin to flood or will it just be normal damage A: Both things will happen. You will have the HP bar as well as some kind of flooding bar. As for flooding mechanics - it is complex enough, but players do not need to now how internal things actually work, it is enough to know that after a certain number of hits under the waterline with big guns it is possible for the ship to capsize. And it can actually happen even before you loose your green HP bar points. Predicring further questions, there will not be any repair/flood micromanagement - everything that can be repaired will be repaired to at least of 50% effectiveness automatically, or to 100% with consumable used, same story with flooding. Q: How will the upgrade system look like? A: There will be predefined lists of what you can mount onto the ship, and all armament and machinery will be in that lists. We call them pre-sets. Everything that is listed in pre-set will be installable at once; players will not be allowed to mount each AA gun manually. Q: Will there be scouting-specific aircraft launched from non-carrier warships? A: Yes, you can launch hydroplane from non carrier warship. All planes will provide scouting for every allied ship.So spotting will be a little different from WOT, but based on the same principles. Q: Will the firing range be much longer than the spotting range? A: Yes, firing range for many ships (BBs especially) will be much longer than the spotting range - use your planes, Luke! Q: What kind of ammunition will there be with the different classes of guns? A: AP/HE/Common, etc. AA guns will have the HE and radio-controlled shells as well. Armament will be customizable like in WOT - you will be able to load shells you like most, though only historical types of shells for specific guns. Q: Is there going to be weather on release? A: There is going to be a wheather, but no guarantee for it to be in release version - though later it is very possible. Q: Can you give me a tier number for the Bismark? it will be a tier 10? A: 8 at best Q: With Air craft carriers, How many planes will I be able to launch and how Do I control them? IN a RTS view? A: Many planes - at least tens of them. Yes, they will be controlled in RTS view Q: Will we be able to lay smoke screens in the game? A: Smoke screens are possible. Q: After the testing is done do you expect Patrol boats(PT and Eboats), submarines, and destroyer escorts? A: No. No U boats, no PT boats, no patrol boats. Our game is about big ships. Q: Will waves and wind be a factor when shooting? A: No! Ships of WWII had complex FCS and Gyroscope systems to avoid these factors. Q: How will the interface of game play be like such as sniper mode torpedo mode and so on? A: Third person view, binocular view, arty-style view for long-range firing and top-down view for aircraft managing. Q: Will we be looking at realistic engagement distances and times? A: Yes, realistic distances, though shells will have a tuned up speed (like 3-4 times higher to make game a little more fast-paced). Shells will also have their dispersion ellipse as in real life. You will have to predict the position of impact of your salvo, though the game will show you the exact dispersion ellipse of that zone. After first 3 salvoes, you dispersion ellipse will become minimal, which represents specification of target parameters Q: Since ships have multiple gun turrets, how will that work? A: Main caliber guns, controlled by player will aim all at one target. And no, this can not effect WOT problems. Second caliber huns are controlled by AI, though you can mark priority targets for them. Q: Reading that players choosing a Destroyer will have a three accompanying AI-controlled destroyers, and choosing a Cruiser will have an accompanying Cruiser; How will that work? A: That's very old info. We will have no AI controlled ships in PvP - if player choose a DD, than balancing tool will get another three players on DD in that team slot. Totally there will be 10 slots approximately. Q: What's the tonnage of the biggest ship that'll be featured on WoWs? A: Less than 80k. We are not considering ships with higher than 80k displacement to appear in game, because such ships are more about magic than about possibility of technology of 1940s. Q: What Top Tiers will there be for release? A: USN will have the Iowa and Montana as the tier10 BBs in game, while IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) will have Yamato and N13. There will not be any ships with higher tier than 10. Q: If you run your ship aground would it be impossible for it to sink? A: Yes. But it will also be almost impossible to live long after that with small HP left. Q: Can you tell us why its only going to be the USN and the IJN at teh release of the game and not having a third nation? A: Because it takes about 3 months for one person to make, for example, a battleship. Of course we have more than one 3d modeller, but you must understand, that ships are very complex things, and it takes time to build it and to tune it with a gameplay point of view. So we decided to concentrate on two nations with biggest fleets in WWII, and to implement other nations after. Q: How far are you guys on getting alpha/beta out? A: Well, we are already on a pre-alpha stage, so we have some maps, some ships and some gameplay features working. When we are done with core gameplay features and with polishing them, we will start the closed Alpha. a) There are like 30 ships already made, but very few of them are actually tuned enough to be in game. b) Already acceptable, though there are still things to remake and to polish c) We already fight each other on a developer fightings. Q:Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such? A: You will be able to switch between torpedoes and main caliber guns. Q: Somewhere above the devs said smaller nations like sweedan, and dutch ships would be in game, would this be as a tech tree or more likely premuim ships? A: It depends on how many ships we will find Q: When your carrier (or any ship with aircraft flying) is sunk, will your aircraft instantly be destroyed or can you still control them until they run outa ammo and fuel? A: You will be able to control the rest of your planes until they are out of fuel. Q: Also, will ships be able to become "beached" or will the battle ground be out in open water further from shore to prevent this? A: There won't be any special radar sight of any kind. Radars will just bring bonuses to accuracy and range of sight. Q: Will there be a team damage occur? Will there be a fine system in place similar to WoT? A: Yes, there will be similar system Q: What will be German Top Tiers, once the Tree released some time after? A: Currently we are planning to have their H39, H41 and H42m though thing may change closer to release date. Q: You've already disclosed Top Tier available upon release. And what will be Tier 1? A: Erie for USN and Katoriclass for IJN Okay. I wasnt posistive on the exact range of the secondary batteries. I was mostly curious about the ability of using them seperately from the Main battery. As well as being able to use them as AA when needed.. Player will use only Main battery by himself. Secondary battery, as well as DP guns and/or small AA automatic guns will be handled by AI. #2 can we switch between lines? eg, from BB to CL or from CA to DD or CL/CA to CV? or do we need any transaction ships like the KV-13 in WoT? 2. There will be some transaction ships, yes. what will be your basic game mode, will it be similler to that of WoT where you have a base and your objective is to cap or destory or has this yet to be decided Of course our game modes will be somehow similiar to WoT, but I can't tell you the details right now. For large ships will we have the ability to choose how we want our guns to fire? eg. a full broadside where all guns are fires sumultaneously, a staggered broadside when each turret fires one gun at a time, or a rolling broadside where each gun is individualy fired No, there likely won't be the selection of firing method. Only full broadside. There are so many things to watch at in the game, that you probably will forget where you are heading right now, when a duel with another BB will take place. So we don't want to burden player with too many options - all the same, this is a MMO action game, and not a simulator. When you release new nations will you release all basic lines (ie one for each class) at once or staggered? It depends on different factors. I'm not ready to talk about it right now. how are the multiple turrets on some ships going to be aimed All main caliber guns will point at one target. In public matches you have stated that there will be a basic limit between battleships destroyers and such to make teams more balanced. In clan wars will we see a similar feature or will it be you bring what you bring. Becasue if so i see most cw teams to be all BB and carriers It is also the question yet to be answered between devs - we are not decided yet. It's known that Gold and Free EXP will be shared between WoT, WoWP, and WoWS. However, will premium account status be as well? Yes Some battleships such as the German H class designs had a large set of main guns AND torpedoes. In these case, which of those would be the main armament, or would they both work as such? You will be able to switch between torpedoes and main caliber guns. One more question. Given the layout of the main batteries, either in a turrent all forward design or a split 2/2 or 2/1 forward and aft turrets. Will we have to align our ships to bring all guns to bear or will only the guns that are on target fire? Basically I would hate to have an HMS Rodney and fire at a traget in front of me, only to find that my third turret blew off the second turret.... Another question.... Will we be able to mount extra equipement? Like these from WoT: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Equipment If so can you give a sneak peak into what they might be? 1. If a turret has some obstacle to the vector of shooting, it will not fire. 2. There will be some kind of extra equipment Quite a few of the early dreadnought-style battleship classes that may be included in this game had underwater torpedo tubes included in their design. Do you have any idea at this stage if these will be included in this game, or might that step on the toes of early destroyers and cruisers too much? BBs with torpedo tubes would be able to use torpedoes. Just a few questions here 1.Will we be able to adjust the torpedo's speed ( with speed also the range ) and depth? 2.Will there be different torpedo's available, not so much as in each launcher has its own specific torpedo but like shell choice. A variety per launcher. Aswell as different options for loadouts of a torpedo bomber on CV's. 3.Will the Type 93 be available for IJN? If so will it stand out as much as in real life ? 4.Does IJN have dedicated Torpedo vessel's in the tech tree ( Kuma class and Fubuki class for example )? 5.How will the wave mechanics look like. Will the water behave somewhat realistic ? 6.Will there be upgradable bulge / torpedo nets for vessel's ingame ? 7.Will there be a chance for a torpedo to "dud" on a vessel ? 8.Is there going to be a minimum arming range for torpedo's in the water ? To prevent some fast destroyer to just sail close to the enemy CV for example and launch a salvo of torpedo's. Or is this not going to be necesarry ( other mechanics in play )? 9. Will there be splash damage from shells and torpedo's ( Area of effect )? 10. If planes crash on the deck will they do a certain amount of damage ? 11. Will we be able to disable the propeller / rudder of a vessel and make them immobile ? 12. If two Tier 10 CV's from the same nation battle 1v1, both launch the same amount of Fighter Planes what decides the outcome of the winning CV Is it going to be crew experience somewhat like WoT ? 13.Can I get a ticket for the alpha testing ? :p Thank you 1. Only the angle of firing. 2. That is possible 3. Type 93 It will be balanced from a gameplay point of view 4. Yes 5. Waves will be just visuals. 6. Upgradeable bulges are possible 7.Torpedoes will always work as intended 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Some amount of damage - yes 11. Only for a certain period of time 12. Players skill wil determine that. 13. Not right now. There a couple of ships like Furious, Alaska, Deutschland that fall awkwardly in between Heavy Cruiser and Battleship will they require there own MM or do you have a way balance them as Cruisers / Battleship. Some of them are more close to BBs and some are more close to CAs, so we will balance them as BBs and CAs. Will the super yamato be part of the game? If i remember my ships correctly its pictured on one of the pictures on the main page. No. Ships with guns larger than 18" are not going to appear in game. The exception is made only for Germany, as there are only 8 guns on their battleships, which is lower then on normal BBs of 1930s-1940s. Will homing torpedoes engineered by Germany http://en.wikipedia....ki/G7es_torpedo be included in some way? Can ships go dead in the water i.e. still be afloat but dead? Can individual batteries be disabled? Can INDIVIDUAL ammo loads explode? For example, say the secondary aft battery is destroyed. Will there be, say, a thirty percent chance that its ammo load explodes and does sizable damage to the ship? Will listing occur? How will ships be arranged at the start of a battle? Can rudders be damaged so that the ship only turns in one direction? 1. That is possible. 2. No 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Like tanks in WOT 7. Yes Am I correct in assuming that certain similar ship classes will be consolidated into single units? For example, the Mutsuki, Kamikaze, and Minekaze class destroyers were all basically the same ship type with small differences in armament, and the Tennessee and Colorado class battleships were basically the same design, with one mounting triple 14" guns and the other mounting twin 16" guns. If this is the case, will the consolidated classes have all the names from all component classes available? Secondly, I've heard rumors that the guys at World of Tanks are working on a hull model replacement system that will allow you to customize the look of your tank's hull. If this is the case, will there be a similar system in place in World of Warships to allow us to pick from various sub-types of the ship classes? 1. Consolidated classes will have the names from all component classes, though your examples are not correct for our game. 2. As I've said earlier, we will have presets, that determines the armament, engine, equipment, etc for a ship. i know the turrets (if the tank had them) were and are interchangeable what will this amount to? EG. hull, turrets, island. Many things will be upgradeable. There actually might be a better way to do this. In a game like this it gets hectic, yes, but not too hectic to fire on multiple targets with a single cannon load. This is the situation I picture: You are in an Iowa class engaged in a closing battle with a Yamato. He's flanked by a destroyer that's closing quickly to torpedo range, hoping to catch your broadside with a full volley. You would normally be able to square off in an even fight with a Yamato but that destroyer WILL cripple you if it hits you with even a few torps but, if you take down the destroyer with your next volley then that leaves you one volley down on the Yamato giving him a significan advantage if you're taking the hits. If the only option was to fire a full broadside then you'd have to choose which target to hit. However, if the guns would always stagger, and fire the first available or the lowest numbered gun first, you could put a round or two into the destroyer(and hit hopefully) crippling him if not exploding him outright, then fire the remaining rounds into the Yamato. Why not just have the guns auto stagger? You forget about secondary guns of Iowa, that will sink a destroyer. The Japanese Type 93 Long Lance torpedo is notorious for its warhead size, and very long range. Will they be unique among all other torpedoes in game, or will they be balanced with similar ranges and firepower to other countries? If they are unique, will the specalized Kuma Class cruisers Oi, or Kitakami have a chance at appearing in game? We will balance the Type93 to other torpedoes in game. There will be Kuma, yes. 2 - Torpedoes were sensative equipment and could misfire, not detonate, or just steer off course. Will torpedos in game function with the same level of unreliability, if so willl histories more dubious torpedoes be equally dubious in game? Torpedoes will always work. Some WWI era ships were built with En Echelon style wing turrets, usually done to allow for larger broadsides when it was unclear if superfiring turrets would work, will ships with en echelon turrets appear in game? These kind of ships will be able to fire broadside from all turrets. Will there be other types of carriers in game other than Aircraft carriers, either as premium or unique lines...such as (just examples not asking for a specific on each ship) Flying Boat Tenders, Full on seaplane carriers (not Hybrid warships which are already confirmed), Kaiten (manned torpedos) Submarine Carrier. These types are unlikely to appear, at least in release. The Germans were well known, but not alone in convertnig merchant ships into warships for various reasons. Will converted merchants appear in game at all, be it as a unique tree, premium, etc? No Anti aircraft vessels, or ships whos primary armament is against aircraft, rather than surface ships. (but usually dual purpose) You will see such ships in game.
  9. I just grabbed all the questions already asked on the NA forum, and added the answers as well, just so WG doesn't have to double post too much :) Before I start, a lot of posts use hull classification codes: BB: Battleship CB: Battlecruiser DD: Destroyer DE: Destroyer Escort CV: Aircraft Carrier (Cruiser aViation) CL: Light Cruiser More here: http://en.wikipedia....fication_symbol Q: Which time period will be covered by the game? A: In the game we will introduce Warships from the start of dreadnought era till the dusk of the Artillery Warships. Q: What classes of Warships will be presented in the game? A: In the game we will introduce following types of Warships: Battleships. This is the heaviest ship of the team. The most armored and protected warships, which normally have medium speed and large-caliber weapons Cruisers. Depending on the specific warship, the main traget of this class will be hunting enemy destroyers or protecting the team from aerial enemies. And, of course, Artillery battle with other cruisers. Destroyers. The smallest and the fastest in World of Warships. Torpedo's are their main weapon and battleships main targets. Also can help with aerial defence of the team Airaraft carriers. Big and vulnerable warships, which have big range of fire thanks to planes: fighters, bombers and torpedo carriers. The gameplay on an aircraft carrier will be similar to RTS-games. Q: Will you have submarines in the game? A: No, because submarines are quite vulnerable, when not underground. So there won't be any player controlled submarines in the game. Q: Who is developing the game A: Lesta Studio under Wargaming control. Q: Will you be able to give a warship a name and make it displayed to other players?Also, are we going to be able to fly flags, to reflect country and clans? A: It's planned to allow players to select warship name from the premade list. As for flags, we do plan to allow clan flags aside of regular premade list of flags (which will include countries). Q: What size of maps will WoWS have? A: 50х50km, with probably bigger ones in future. Q: Will you integrate all 3 projects in one battlefield. A: No, because it's impossible Q: When will Alpha Test be started? A: As soon as the game will require this stage of Development. Q: Does player controlls only one warship? A: Yes, he does Q: How many nations will be introduced in the game? A: By released we will have full Japanese and USA trees. Afterwards we plan to introduce Britain, germany, USSR, France, Italy. Q: How the crew system will work? A: Crew will be represented by small amount of main officers, which will have their own skills and perk. There will be a possibility to knock out the officer. In this case warship will suffer penalties similarly to vehicle in World of Tanks. Q: The average dogfight lastedroughly 45 seconds, and small tank on tank fights would not ussually last long either. However ship to ship clashes would often last hours on end, and usually a few ships would be sunk and others damaged before one side retreated. How does WG plan on making battles last only 15 or so minutes? A: In time period of our game warships already had enough firepower to sink an armored opponent fast enough. History also has some facts about 'oneshots'. For example, admiral-class battlecruisers Hood was one shot by Prinz Eugene during WWII, because of setting ammunition deck on fire. We are very careful to historical details and will tune the gameplay in the way, when player will feel operating a true steel monster.