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Found 5 results

  1. Lupin_sansei

    Fan made USN BB Split Tech Tree

    Hi all My friend Seefelder and I have created a new split tech tree. This time for the USN battleships. I know there were made different posts about this topic some time ago. Anyway i want to show you the idea we got. At first we listed the missing BBs in the game. We keeped going and created a split tech tree starting at tier V to tier X with a premium at tier VII. At this point i want to share some thoughts as foreword. After the introducing of the premium ship Massachusetts with buffed secondary gun range and reduced maingun range we decided that all split tech tree ships will be brawler and get buffed secondary gun range and sigma and reduced maingn range likewise Massachusetts. All secondary gun ranges have the same level as the german counterparts at each tear. The AA range will stay at US level. I listet those stats below. AS the key of inspiration for the specific tech tree taste the Massachusetts is listed below too. BB Split US Navy New Side-Tree (Brawler) USN Ship tier Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X P Tier VII P Tier VIII Ship Name Nevada Pennsylvania Tennessee West Virginia Indiana Tillman Constellation Massachusetts Note A-Hull 1930 refit B-Hull 1942 refit A-Hull 1941 refit B-Hull 1943 refit A-Hull 1930 refit B-Hull 1943 refit A-Hull = B-Hull VII Colorado B-Hull 1944 refit South Dakota 1920 with hypothetical WW2 refit Design Tillman I with hypothetical WW2 refit Lexington-class BC maybe hypothetical WW2 refit This was the key inspiration for the brawling taste of this line Year 1914 1915 1919 1921 1922 1916 1916 1939 Displacement 27'500 t - 30'500 t 31'400 t 33'723 t 32'100 t 42'100 t - 43'900 t 63'500 t 44'200 t 35'600 t Main Gun 2x3 + 2x2 4x3 4x3 4x2 4x3 4x3 4x2 3x3 Caliber 356mm/45 356mm/45 356mm/50 406mm/45 406mm/50 406mm/50 406mm/50 406mm/45 Reload Original 34 sec. 34 sec. 34 sec. 40 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec. Reload Game 34 sec. 34 sec. 34 sec. 32 sec. 32 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec. 30 sec. Secondary Gun A 12x1 127mm/51 + 8x1 127mm/25 12x1 127mm/51 + 12x1 127mm/25 14x1 127mm/51 8x1 127mm/51 + 8x1 127mm/25 16x1 152mm/53 MK13 ? 14x1 152mm/53 MK13 10x2 127mm/38 MK28 Secondary Gun B 8x2 127mm/38 MK28 8x2 127mm/38 MK28 8x2 127mm/38 MK28 8x2 127mm/38 MK28 ?x2 127mm/38 MK28 ?x2 127mm/38 MK28 ?x2 127mm/38 MK28 Base Range 4.5 km 5.3 km 5.3 km 7.5 km 7.6 km 7.7 km 5.3 km 7.5 km Max. Range 6.8 km 8.0 km 8.0 km 11.3 km 11.5 km 11.6 km 8.0 km 11.3 km AA 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 76mm/23 or 127mm/38 MK28 127mm/38 MK28 AA 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors WW2 refit 40mm Bofors 40mm Bofors AA 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon WW2 refit 20mm Oerlikon 20mm Oerlikon Base Range 4.2 km 4.2 km 4.2 km 5.0 km 5.0 km 5.2 km 4.2 km 5.0 km Max. Range 6.0 km 6.0 km 6.0 km 7.2 km 7.2 km 7.5 km 6.0 km 7.2 km Short review of the list if it is not fully visible to you. Tech tree T V Nevada T VI Pennsylvania T VII Tennessee T VIII West Virginia T IX Indiana (South Dakota 1920 class) T X Tillman (Tillman I Design 1916) Premium T VII Constallation (Lexington class battlecruiser) After this list I want to share with you some comment from our part. I did not list the specific number of AA-guns. I only listed the kind of guns used on the B-hull and their ingame range. The Premium ship West Virginia '41 was announced while working on this tech tree. Honestly I dislike the choosen name. I would rename the premium ship Maryland so we can use the West Virginia with the 1944 refit. As these ships will be brawler we have decided that the A-hull for tier V to VIII will be the one after the corresponding 1930s rebuild and not the initial build. The only exeption is Pennsylvania with the 1941 refitted A-hull. The B-hulls of those ships will be the final one from 1942 to 1944 (after the attack on Pearl Harbor) with the 127mm/38 MK28 twin turrets, 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikon replacing the former secondary and AA guns. For tier IX and X we decided to choose the planned South Dakota 1920 class Indiana and the Tillman I design that suits the two top spots on the tech tree. Both ships will just need a hypothetical rerit for being competitive. The amount of secondary and AA guns on the refitted hulls are not settled. I conclude the list with the premium tier VII. The Lexington class battlecruiser Constellation. We choose this ship name so Saratoga can be used for a other ship (...maybe a hypothetical future premium CV with the initial 203mm guns on it). We have not final decided if this ship will get the planned hull or a hypothetical 1942 refit. Maybe we can make two premium ships. One with the planned hull and one with a refitted one likewise the Kii. Thank you for your attention and please feel free to leave a comment below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P. S. Comming soon: Fan made Submarine Tech Tree for 8 Navys
  2. Lupin_sansei

    Fanmade Carrier Splitt (CV and CVE/CVL)

    Hi all My friend Seefelder and i were thinking about the Carrier gamplay and came up with an idea, to split the Carriers in two new groups: light/escort Carrier and Carriers. This fanmade gameplay will come up with 3 full sets of CV / CVE/CVL Techtrees. USN, IJN and Royal Navy. The Gamplay would be like this: Light/escort would take the lead as supporter and hunter, while the Carrier would mainly strike. This means light/escort Carrier would have more fighters then the Carrier. The fightersquadron on Carriers will be reduced to 1 group. Airsplane configuration Light/escort: 2 to 3 fighters and 1 to 2 dive bombers/torpedo bomber (depending of its tier) Carrier: 1 fighter, 1-3 dive bombers and 1-3 torpedo bombers (depending on its tier) Techtree USN US CV Splitt (CV and CVE/CVL) Ship tier Tier IV Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X Ship Name Long Island Charger Casablanca Sangamon Commencment Bay Independence Wright Note CVE-1 CVE-30 CVE-56 CVE-26 CVE-105 / AP-Bombs Uptiered CVL-22 / AP-Bombs CVL-49 / Saipan Class / AP-Bombs Configuration 2/1/0 2/1/0 2/1/0 2/1/1 2/1/1 2/1/1 3/1/1 Hangar 26 28 (Original 30) 30 (Original 28) 32 34 36 (Original 33) 42 Ship Name Langley Bouge Ranger Lexington Wasp Essex Midway Note Downtiered Downtiered New Configuration 1/1/1 1/1/1 1/2/1 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/3/2 1/3/3 Hangar 26 33 76 78 95 100 137 IJN IJN CV Splitt (CV and CVE/CVL) Ship tier Tier IV Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X Ship Name Hosho Zuiho Chitose Shinyo Ryuho Ryujo G18 (Ryusho) Note Techtree Change Techtree Change CVL CVE 1943 as Build CVL Uptiered CVL Project CVL Configuration 2/1/1 2/0/2 2/1/2 2/1/2 2/1/2 3/1/2 3/1/2 Hangar 24 30 30 33 36 48 48 (Project 42) Ship Name Taiyo Hiyo Hiryu Unryu Shokaku Taiho Hakuryu Note New CVE New and to balance Downtiered New Configuration 1/1/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/3 1/3/3 1/3/3 Hangar 30 (Original 27) 40 (Original 54) 73 75 (Original 73) 84 90 (Original 82) 100 Royal Navy RN CV Splitt (CV and CVE/CVL) Ship tier Tier IV Tier V Tier VI Tier VII Tier VIII Tier IX Tier X Ship Name Argus Hermes Unicorn Furious Majestic Centaur Colossus Note New and to balance New and to balance Configuration 2/0/1 2/0/1 2/1/1 2/1/1 2/1/1 3/1/1 3/1/2 Hangar 22 (Original 18) 25 (Original 20) 33 36 37 42 48 Ship Name Eagle Courageous Audacious Illustrious Arc Royal Implacable Malta Note New and to balance Configuration 1/1/1 1/1/2 1/1/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/3 1/3/3 Hangar 30 42 (Original 48) 60 65 (Original 55) 72 81 108 What do you think about it.
  3. LastButterfly

    BTT : Italian TechTree (Fanmade)

    Well, here I go again ! After having posted the American Tree : http://forum.worldof...chtree-fanmade/ And having added my Japanese Tree : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/79352-btt-japanese-techtree-fanmade/ I'll now go on with an obvioulsy very powerful nation navally speaking, the third which comes to mind after USN and IJN ! Wa ? British ? French ? German ? Russian ? Never heard of, sorry. Here is my Italian Tech Tree ! Hope you'll enjoy it ! Important disclaimer about this tree (It's still the same as on my other TechTree topics, don't bother re-reading it if you already did) : Butterfly Tech Tree Regia Marina As always, you will find below a quick explanation about the global gameplay each branch would adopt : Destroyers : All italian destroyers possess a better performing engine boost than the average destroyer. -Tactical Branch Branch of 4 destroyers at rank V through VIII. Their armament is by all means weak, canons and torpedoes alike, and coupled with their relative weakness, it means they should avoid fighting, or at least not alone. Their main strength is a formidable concealment along with a great manoeuverability and acceleration. It makes of them toe perfect scouting tool who can spot the movement or the ennemy or capture areas. Besides being able to exchange their smoke screen for a sonar if they wish, the higher tiers also possess a radar consummable, making them terryfying tactical tools. -Pepper Canon Branch Weak destroyers, but very easy to steer, relying on dodging rather than tanking, along with their formidable speed. Their canons are one of a kind : they fire only HE shells, reload extremely fast and have increased penetration chances. However, they have a low range and the fire chances are extremely low. Coupled with the good concealment of the branch, it makes of these destroyers the best DD hunters and killers, and in close-quarter duels, other destroyers hardly stand a chance against an experimented captain. However, they lack punch on higher warships, especially because of their torpedoes : although these indeed reload much faster than others, their damage and low flooding chances make them virtually unable of ensuring a kill on sometimes even an already-damaged ship. -Coarse Salt Canon Branch These destroyers are as weak as the Pepper Canon Branch. However, their armament picks up in terms of number and/or caliber, and damage aswell – besides, they can us AP shells. This allows them to be still a threat towards destroyers, but also to be able to damage heavily an unsuspecting cruiser or deal more fires and damage on battleships. Beware, however : if duels drag on longer than expected, they'll be forced to dodge heavily and their canons may no follow the hard steering, making them better at hit&run attacks than fierce battles. Besides, their torpedoes are still only there for additional damage. -Mark&Execute BranchA fusion of the Tactical and Pepper Canon branch, the two destroyers at TIX and TX possess both a great speed, concealment and dodging abilityes, the fast-firing HE only canons, and the scouting tools such as a radar. This makes of them truly firghtening opponents for ennemy destroyers and as long as they don't get caught in a crossfire from multiple ennemies, they can be devastating both in the tactical field and in terms of battle achievments. -Heavy leaderCapitani Romani, TX of the Coarse Salt Canon Branch, is a sort of fusion between the CL and heavy DD gameplay. Her firepower and overall approach of the fight becomes close to the light cruisers', while she keeps the speed and dodging abilities of destroyers. If she is able to tank a bit more than other DDs, her concealment, however, is in the line with cruisers and not destroyers, but since she is classified as a destroyer, she doesn't have a citadel, making of her a very unique ship. Light Cruisers -Basic BranchBranch of two cruisers lacking both resistance, power and torpedo armament ; however, they know how to be rather fast and manoeuverable for their tier, making of them a good introduction to the gameplay of higher-tier Italian cruisers. -Close Quarter Branch Branch of short and medium-range light cruisers, rather well concealed, but poorly armored. They possess an engine boost concumable and are easy to steer, making of them something along the lines of big Dds ; and just as Dds, they excell in areas where they can hide behind cover, surprise their opponents for their fast-firing canons or torpedo them. A duel is always in their disadvantage as soon as they lose the benefit of a surprise attack, and usually, their offensive moves often comes down to kill or get killed. However, with their armaments and dodging abilities, they should be able to take on destroyers and cruisers pretty well once the captain gets the hang of it.At higher tier (Costanzo Ciano and Treviso), they also become able able to play safer and assist their fleet from a further range like heavy cruisers do, making them more versatile and able to answer more efficiently to any situations. Heavy Cruisers -Supportfire Branch Traditionnal heavy cruisers branch, although they also rely more on dodging and less on tanking. Their acceleration is not that great but once they've picked up speed their handling becomes very confortable and they become very hard to hit. Their offensive power is average, although their range is a bit on the lower side ; however, they possess a special ability. By slowing down below a certain speed, they become able to fire at a longer range, effectivelt turning on supporting snipers. This can allow them to assist their fleet even though they're very far from the action or if they mispositionned themselves ; however, it comes as a double-edged sword, as by being slower they won't get closer quite as fast. Besides, and that's the real problem, slowing down means becoming much easier to target, and their low acceleration isn't helping making of them nothing but target practice if they fire from long-range for too long. -Light battlecruiser Most singular cruisers at tiers VIII, IX, and X. These are equipped with a high-caliber, fast-rotating, average reload armament. Their big guns have a tremendous penetration, making of them terrors for cruisers at medium range and lower, and they're also able to punch other ships violently. In terms of gameplay, they're surprising closer to light cruisers than heavy cruisers, relying on surprise attacks and their superior handling and gun rotation and reload. That's because their armor is closer to that of light cruisers, which doesn't allow them to take many hits : therefore, artillery duels in open sea are to be avoided unless they are certain the opponent can be taken down quickly and won't have to much back-up. Battleships -Glass Canon Branch A tense but satysfying branch of battleships. Their canons are remarcably powerful and able to penetrate a lot of armor at once, along with long-range capabilities in higher tiers. However, their dispertion is terrible, making long-range fire too random to be relyable. They have a an easy handling, accelerating and turning like cruisers, but won't tank as well as other battleships. It forces them to find the right moment to close in, since they will obliterate anything point-blanck if they can reach it, because they excelle at close quarter thanks to their fast-turning canons and decent secondaries. -Heavy Battlecruisers Ships playing more or less like the battleships, but with an even greater manoeuverability and speed along with and engine boost consummable. It makes them litteral paper-made nukes, going down at the first badly taken salvo, but capable of flancking the ennmy and landing heavy damage or devastating strikes on anything they outmanoeuver. Although they're hard to play, leaving them not pressured may aswell result in a surprise-death from an unexpected direction. Aircraft carriers -Strategy Branch Carriers mainly centered on scouting and fleet defense, although they do possess some slightly more offensive configurations. Their aircrafts are very fast and tank damage well but their air groupes are not that numerous, forcing them to pick their targets well. Their fighters are well performing and can stand up, in terms of damage, to american fighter squadrons from fighter-specialized carriers if they're upgraded as much as possible.They possess a unique type of aircraft known as Reckon Squadron, faster and more concealed than regular aircrafts along with a much faster reload, but which cannot stay in the air indefinitely. Their air groups are made of 5 aircrafts ; however, torpedo bomber groupes are only made of 3 aircrafts. Two Air Wings are available : Strategy Oriented (ex :Aquila 2/1/1 +2 reckon) or Action Oriented (ex Aquila 2/3/0 +1 reckon). Other : -Hybrid CLV Seaplane carrying Light Cruiser, playing much like the japanese Ooyodo. She therefore has scouting ability along with the possibility to buff allies of hinder ennemies via the use of specific seaplanes, and is therefore a support-unit. Anyway, thay should be it ! I love Italians. I remain available, here or in private message, for any commentary/question/rage or if any element of this tree brings up questions such as “what the hell is this design supposed to be ?” And then again, thanks for having taken note of my work, and I'll see you next time with probably either the German or Russian tree~
  4. LastButterfly

    BTT : Japanese TechTree (Fanmade)

    Hi again ! I am the one who posted this fanmade USN techtree : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/78903-btt-us-techtree-fanmade/ So without further ado (adu ? addo ? Add... Er, whatever) without waiting any longer here's the second on my list : the Japanese Tech Tree ! Important disclaimer about this tree (It's the same as on my other TechTree topics, don't bother re-reading it if you already did) : An important word on Design ships and blueprints : Butterfly Tech Tree Japanese Navy Below you will find a quick explanation about the global gameplay each branch would adopt : Destroyers : -Fast Firing Branch Branch of 4 destroyers at ranks VII through X : Ayanami (Fubuki Mod.II), Akizuki, Yamatsuki (Project V7) and Ayanami (1954). These destroyers differ from other IJN vessels thanks to their fast-firing canons, however, their HE shells are pretty weak, forcing them to rely on AP shells to deal good damage on lesser-armored vessels or areas. Their torpedoes are powerful, but they reload slower and are sometimes less numerous, reducing their offensive abilities. Although kinda slow and hard to manoeuver quickly, they possess great AA capailities and can fit both as a fleet escort and as an attack ship. -Long Lance Branch Branch of destroyers at ranks II through X. These destroyers wield the best torpedoes in the game, capable of inflicting tremendous damage aswell as travelling far at higher ranks. These torpedoes are their main armament. Thei speed is correct, however their overall manoeuverability is poor ; besides, their canons are slow to load and turn. Since the ships themselves aren't that well concealed and don't tank well, their survival chances are reduced in chases or direct fights. Therefore, their captain needs to have a good map and game awareness and to position their ships efficiently in order not to be caught and killed or unable to assit their allies.They do NOT have an engine boost consummable. -Short Lance Branch Branch of destroyers at ranks II to IX. They possess very powerful torpedoes with a good reload, but travelling only at average distances. They are not the fastest or most manoeuverable, but their armor allows them to tank a little and bounce lower-caliber AP shells if properly angled. Their canons are also decent and can deal correct damage and serve well as a self-defense tool too, however if they fight an artillery duel for too long they're bound to lose at some point. They make good offensive ships by all means, but their primary armament remains torpedoes. -Scout Branch Two destroyers at rank 5 and 7 : Minekaze and Akatsuki (Fubuki Mod.III). These destroyers are faster and easier to steer than their peers. Moreover, they are harder to detect as they have a better concealment. Their armament, however, isn't strong enough to challenge someone in a direct battle and won't have them winning long-lasting fights. They are made for scout, area control, aswell as detecting and preventing ambushes and similar tasks. Thei lack of brut firepower is compensated by they higher strategic utilities based on speed and discretion. Light Cruisers : -Anti-Air BranchTwo cruisers at rank 5 and 8 : Yuubari and Ishikari (CLAA design). These two ships possess a very fast firing main armament but with disappointingly bad HE shells, similar to the “Fast Firing Branch” of destroyers. Therefore, their power with AP shells and their strong AA capabilities, makes of them strong ships against aircraft carriers or anyone willing to show them their broadside. They remain, however, light cruisers and are therefore vulnerable to placement errors, high caliber shells, and are less manoeuverable and concealed than destroyers. Besides, their torpedoes are negligeable – Ishikarai doesn't even have any at all. -Classical BranchTypical Japanese light cruisers, at ranks V, VI, VII and VIII. They possess a decent firepower thanks to canons of 140 or 155mm, however their most frightening armament remains torpedoes, very powerful and capable of travelling quite far. These cruisers are easy to steer and pretty fast, however their defenses are very low and they fear particularly any kind of ennemy cruisers. -Large DD BranchOld light cruisers at ranks II, III and IV. They have a gameplay similar to destroyers of these ranks, with low caliber canons, weaker on protected targets, and okay torpedoes, but a high speed and manoeuverabilitiy. Their armor is close to nothing. They are, however, good when it comes to get used to what IJN light cruisers are like in higher tiers. Heavy Cruisers -Classical Branch Most classical heavy cruisers of Japan, at ranks V through X. These cruisers are very strong, possessing a very high speed, excellent firepower, powerful medium to long range torpedoes and correct armor. However, among their main weakness, a certain lack of anti-air power can be noted, along with a higher reload time for main armament than most other cruisers. Their shells having a rather flat trajectory, AP long-range shots through decks are often ineffective, forcing them to use HE shells instead. Besides, the torpedo angle of most of them doesn't favor short-range duels with manoeuverable opponents equipped with torpedoes aswell. -Battlecruiser B-65 Ship available at tier X, Daisen (B-65) also named super-type-A, meaning improved Zao, is a battlecruiser with a very heavy 310mm main armament, a decent AA protection and 8 torpedo tubes. This ship, terrifyingly powerful, has as a main weakness a tremendous inertia and difficult steering, making good forseeing of the battlefield evolution mandatory to to use her and avoid being caught off position. With a talented captain, Daison should be able to talk on any ship, from the lighters to the heaviers. However, her high-caliber main guns are obvioulsy less suited for anti-destroyer duties because off thei higher reload and highre dispertion at longer range. Hybrid Cruisers and Seaplane Tenders -Support Branch Branch of ships for those who choose to sacrifice firepower (canons and/or torpedoes) for the ability to carry numerous seaplanes. These very special ships are not made for direct combat, but possess several unique abilities in order to assist their fleet in many ways. They can assign some observation floatplanes to allies to increase some of their stats like firing range or reduce dispertion during a certain amount of time. They can command fighter seaplanes to escort allies or directly attack a certain incoming hostile squadron. They can use scouting aircrafts to search for ships or torpedoes in certain areas of the map, giving vision and information to the team. They may even be able to use offensive seaplanes to straff ennemy ships, disabling a part of their AA or secondary armament for some time, facilitating the job of the aircraft carriers or brawling ships. Using these well may give a decisive advantage to their fleet ; however, their armament reduced makes of them deliciouly innofensive targets on the battlefield and being caught usually means dying when one saisl them. They do possess some armament tho, allowing them to defend themselves against lonely opponents. A word about Mogami Available in three configurations (classical light cruiser, classical heavy cruiser or hybrid seaplane-carrying cruiser), Mogami can be equipped in three ways to fit any of these role and is therefore unlockable via three different branches. However, the unlocked configuration depends on which line you grinded to get her : for example, if you unlock Mogami via Myoko, only the heavy cruiser version will be avialable to you. In order to unlock all of her configurations, it is necessary to grind all three branch and to unlock Tone, Kushiro and Myoko beforehand. Battleships : -Introduction Battleship : Low tier battleships meant to introduce player to the gameplay of BB without giving them complex specializations right away. -Battlecruiser Branch Officially classified as battlecruisers, these ships sacrifice a part of their armor to get a faster speed, or better manoeuverability. Therefore, they're capable of quick repositions of their ships and firepower. However, in a duel against a real battleship, speed and manoeuverability is their only advantage. They should try never to engage one alone if they don't have the upper hand. Despite their speed and decent secondary artillery, destroyers remain a threat ; besides, their AA is kinda bad. -Power Branch Main battleship branch of Japan. They're caracterized by a tremendous firepower and a frightening penetration. Therefore, their main targets are ennemy battleships. Although they're often quite fast, they're not the easiest to steer. Besides, despite a good-quality secondary armament, anti-air weaponry and anti-torpedo defenses are bad or even sometimes lame for their tier, making them vulnerable without support of scout to help them. -Seaplane Branch Two battleships at rank 6 and 7, Yamashiro (Fuso's sistership) and Ise. Just like the Support Branch of Hybrdi cruisers, these two are hybrid battleships : they sacrificed a part of their firepower for the ability to manipulate several useful seaplanes, increasing their reckon and supporting abilities, or able to defend themselves against hostile squadrons. Aicraft Carriers -Introduction Carrier Low tier carrier meant to introduce player to the gameplay of CV without giving them complex specializations right away. -Speed Branch Branch of carriers from rank 5 to 9, and possible Hakuryu configuration. These carriers are fast and manoeuverable but their AA armament is weak. They possess a mild number of squadrons, however, these are faster, and reload much quicker than the usual ones. Thanks to them, they can dish out an uninterrupted stream of low-power attacks to continuously harrass their opponents. Their fighters, however, are weaker, and they have to rely on their speed to avoid ennemy fighters. Possess two possible air wings : Attack Speed (ex Unryuu 1/2/2) or Defense Speed (ex Unryuu 2/1/2) -Number Branch Branch of carriers from rank 5 to 9, and possible Hakuryu configuration. These carriers, more detectable than the Speed Branch but as fast and with a slightly better AA power, are caracterized by a very high number of squadrons in the air at the same time. However, their speed and reload time are not nearly as fast as the Speed Branch, thus the difficulty here isn't the speed of the aircraft stream, but their sheer number.Possess two possible air wings : Attack Group (ex Shoukaku 2/3/2) or Defense Group (ex Shoukaku 3/2/2) -Swarm Branch Branch of carriers from rank 5 to 9. These posses an astronomical number of sqaudrons, made of a very low number of aircrafts, allowing them to conduct very special attacks. However, their aircrafts are very weak, being of a lower tier than their mother carrier, resulting in heavy losses. Possess two possible air wings : Torpedo-bomber Swarm (Ex Kaga 2/5/2 – torpedo bomers are groups of 2 aircrafts) or Fighter Swarm (ex Kaga 4/1/4 – fighters and dive-bombers are groupes of 3 aircrafts) Once again, I hope you enjoyed, sorry for my the English errors too. Besides that, I welcome every comment, question or anything else you might have to say about my funny fantrees. The Italian Tree is already done and the Russian and German ones are going well. I hope you'll like them ! Till then, thanks for having read~
  5. LastButterfly

    BTT : US TechTree (Fanmade)

    Hi everyone ! (eh. I'd have preferred a more original introduction but I don't have any in mind, sorry) My name is Last Butterfly - which you probably know since it's written just there on the left. I am a somewhat well-known French-Forum dweller, sometimes answering harshly to whine topics, although my main activity besides that was to post short amateur naval articles. Among them, I have been for a while the maker of fan techtree with little restrictions, made solely for entertainement and curiostity about ships. And I figure out it'd be sad to leave them only in French, because who knows, maybe some people could be interested in my work in other forums too. And since I don't speak Polish, Spanish, Czesh and Turkish, and the only words I can align in German are "Ich bin einen kleinen Vogel", I figured I'd share it there, on the English forum. So please enjoy my hasty work for fun and don't hesitate to comment, question or correct my mistakes (including English errors which probably swarm - I apologize for them in advance, I'm doing my best but I'm no excellent in foreign languages by any means) Important disclaimer about this tree (Please read, it's not long I promise =3) : Without further useless presentation, here is the first of the serie : Butterfly Tech Tree US Navy Below you will find a quick explanation about the global gameplay each branch would adopt : Destroyers -Attack Branch Two destroyers at tier VI and VII (Porter and Somers), equipped with a terryfying short-range armament. They possess a large number of canons and torpedoes which drastically increases their offensive capabilities. However, at medium and long-range, the trajectory and flying time of shells renders them ineffective ; besides, the torpedoes don't travel very far. These destroyers are less concealed and maneuverabale, and serve as miniature light cruisers, with a devastating power only if they find a way to close on their target. -Escort Branch 5 destroyers from TVI to TX. Their weapons are similar to the Versatility Branch in terms of number but differe in efficientcy. Canons have a lower range ; torpedoes are weaker and take more time to reload, but they travel slightly further. These destroyers possess an enhanced smoke-screen generator and, in higher tiers, an anti-air consummable. They are more efficient in front of the fleet, serving as picket ships to spot, slow down and engage enemies before they can reach the capital ships ; however, they are not good at fighting alone and need in return the support fire of bigger guns to handle the threats. Therefore, their role of escort is a pact : they extend the view range, survivability and anti-air power of larger warships, and in return get the support they need to fight properly. -Versatility Branch Main US DD branch. Their advantage is that they have no particular flaw, although they have the flaw of not having any particular advantage either. This is the easier branch to start learning the gameplay of destroyers ; they are capable of answering properly to any situation; as canons and torpedoes are good for both attack and defense. Easy to fit in any fleet composition, they should be able to find something useful to do no matter the situation. -Allan M. SumnerIn progress ; this TX has not been finalized. I am not satisfied with the current special flavor I intended for her. I'll update as soon as I find something that'll make her decent and slightly different from Gearing. -Special Branch Branch with three destroyers at rank IV, V and VIII. Although very similar to the Versatility Branch, these special destroyers trade their torpedoes for a minelaying ability, therefore reducing their efficiency against large warships, but increasing their strategic choices in terms of map control. Light Cruisers-Pew Pew Branch Light cruisers equipped with canons of 140mm or less. Three ships correspond to that category, at rank II, VII and VIII. The last two – Atlanta and Juneau – have a great anti-air power and fast-firing canons, making of them perfect destroyer-hunters and citadel-invaders for close cruisers, but also excellent flamethrowers on heavy ships. However, their short range, slow speed and overall weakness makes any error fatal and forces them to play along with allies if they don't want to be exterminatedNote : Atlanta possess torpedoes at very short range -Classical Branch (with or without torpedoes)Light cruisers equipped with canons of 141mm or more. There are 6 of them at rang III, IV, VI, VII, VIII and X. These are versatile light cruisers possessing great AA and a relatively good firepower thanks to their numerous medium-caliber guns. The latter allow them to engage any ennemy with the hope of inflicting large damage. However, their lack of maneuverability and speed reduces their survival chances against larger warships, and the loading time, not particularly fast, makes missing salvos dangerous. Heavy Cruisers -Classical Branch (with or without torpedoes) Standard, all-purpose heavy cruisers at tier V through X. They have a decent firepower and correct reload time making of them a threat for everyone – not mentionning the good AA armament. They sometimes lack the punch to penetrate the heavier ships, sometimes forcing them to aim at areas with a lighter armor. They are also kind of slow compared to foreign cruisers, and higher ranks do not possess any torpedoes, making them vulnerable at potato-range. -Power Branch Heavy cruisers specialized in high firepower, at rank III, VIII and IX. They have a higher loading time making anti-destroyers duties complex ; however, the damage per salvo are increased. Moreover, the shells adopt a particularly high arc of fire, allowing them to take advantage of plunging fire to penetrate heavy ships by the bridge and citadelling them from here. They remain slow and have no torpedoes. -BattlecruisersReal cruiser killers capable of fighting with battleships head-on, available at rank VI and X. Their shells have enough penetration and damage to be a threat to any protected warship, and they keep the maneuverability of a cruisers along with the anti-air power. However, they sacrifice armors for that, thus making them vulnerable to flanking ; besides, a certain lck of lower caliber secondary armament makes them vulnérable to destroyers. Battlships -Introduction BattlshipBattleship without any speciality, meant to introduce players to the gameplay of battleships without giving them complex specializations right away. -Solo Warrior branchBattleships of rank IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX. These monsters posses a high degree of autonomy and can pull out a good fight even alon against any ennemy thanks to great armor and anti-air armament. Their firepower is muc heavier than the other branch, which is however, compensated by a higher reload time ; they are also more maneuverable but slower. Thei main weakness comes from a light, short-range secondary armament making them vulnerable to destroyers, forcing them to think before moving in order not to fall in a trap. -All-purpose Branch Main US Bbs, correct in most aspects and safely classified are average everyweher. Their canons are more numerous but slightly less powerful, making them as efficient on cruisers as on battleships. Their anti-air armament is very good for a battleship (even though it doesn't replace the safe umbrella of nearby allied cruisers) ; besides, they're faster in higher tiers, but their maneuverability is therefore only average. -Fully MuricanTX battleship of the US tree Montana, having the advantages of both branches, namely an armament as good on battleships as on cruisers, a good speed and maneuverability, and an excellent AA armament for a ship of her type. Her weakness remain in her lighter secondary armament, really efficient only at short range. Aircraft Carriers -Introduction Carrier Carrier without any specialty, meant to introduce players to the gameplay of carriers without giving them complex specializations right away. -Air Supremacy BranchCarriers at rank V, VIII and X and possible configuration of Essex. Their air wings are centered on fighters and are best used defending the sky and spotting the ennemy. Their anti-air armament is tremendously high, but their damage power rather mild. They are also detected from very far away and kinda hard to turn or move. They possess 2 possible air wings : Full defense (ex Lexington 2/0/2) and Balance defense (ex Lexington 1/1/1)Their fighters have an ammunition, reload and/or damage buff compared to other branches -Offense BranchCarriers at ranks V through X and possible configuration of Essex, with air wings centered on bombers, meant to deliver extremely powerful strikers on the ennemy ships. Their anti-air armament is very good. They're detected from far away and hard to steer but accelarate faster than the Air Supremacy Branch. They possess 2 possible air wings : Balance Offense (ex Yorktown 1/1/2) and Full Offense (ex Yorktown 0/1/3)Their fighters do NOT have the ammution/reload/damage buff. -Light Branch Carriers of rank V through VIII, which are special comapred to others. They are rather small and harder to detect, as well as being faster and easier to steer ; besides, their anti-air aramemnt is still rather good. Their air wings are made of a small number of smaller squadrons which are usually of a higher rank than usual, making them more resistant.They possess 2 possible air wings : Ofense Oriented (ex Wasp 1/2/1) and Defense Oriented (ex Wasp 2/1/1) Their fighters and torpedo-bombers are groups of 3 aircrafts of rank [rank of their mother carrier +2]. Their dive-bombers are groups of 4 aircrafts of rank [rank of their mother carrier +1]. Hope you enjoyed it despite its imperfectness (and the imperfectness of my English aswell). I have already done a Japanese and Italian tree ; besides, Russian and German destroyers are complete aswell. If people seems intersted, I will post more of them afterwards. Till then, thanks for having read~