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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys, Couple of people have mentioned here and I've also noticed the extreme amount of incapacitations since the second to last patch. Now I just wanna show you an example: I don't have an image for the first one. Here is the second one: Here is the third one: Here is the fourth one: As you can see it is the same game. Within 10 minutes! I was shot by only 2 Gneisenaus. Every hit I received was an incapacitation. This is not bad luck. WG. Get your things together! Okay, just played another game in Hood. 3 incapacitations plus a final dead turret. All this within 2 games!
  2. Graeme17O1

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Fleet 1701 has 50 active captains in it with more in the waiting to join. Those of us who play CVs (myself included) are horrified at what you (wargaming) have done to our beloved World Of Warships. Not only have you ruined and hurt CVs but you have also made DD play completly unbalanced You have people talking of, and leaving the game............. Whats the chance of a server back roll? Sony did this sort of thing in Star Wars Galaxies. When they made a huge change (like this) the made the rest of the game poor to say the least. It made alot of people quit. Lets not let this happen here. Just our opinion. I'm sure others have theirs.
  3. WujekJeff

    Nasze "osiongniencia"

    Hej, W związku z zamykaniem płacz tematów, proponuję podejście z humorem do tematów, które na co dzień nas frustrują w WOWS.
  4. Ghost_187


    !!!!Scheiß Ortung!!!! Also langsam müssen die Entwickler mal etwas dagegen unternehmen!!! Kann doch nicht sein das Schiffe einen Orten können und man außer das Schiff abzuschießen was sich evtl noch versteckt und nicht getroffen werden kann nichts ausrichten kann. In einem Gefecht 5 Gegner mit Ortung und das am besten mit Boost noch mal 4X macht 20 mal Ortung und du kannst einfach nichts machen um diese Ortung zu kontern gerade wenn das eigenen Team nicht mal Spielen kann und nichts macht. Ein Störsender oder die Anzahl und Zeit der Ortungen zu reduzieren und dagegen zu wirken wäre echt angebracht.
  5. Now, I'm not one to usually bash on the matchmaker, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. Can someone please explain to me why the matchmaker decided to put 2 tier 7 destroyers against two that are tier 8, when its primary goal is to find ships of the same tiers on both teams. It shouldn't really have much of a problem finding them since 4-5 dds per team is a really common theme right now. Sure, divisions can present a challange for it but with so many dds in the game at the time it's unlikely that this was the case here. Apparently our team got balanced by having more radars on our side.
  6. Secondo voi perché se faccio una battaglia classificata ci sono ben 4 giocatori con corazzate SEMPRE E di questi 4 ( tirpitz, bismack, nord carolina e alabama per esempio) 2 camperano e muoiono per ultimi, 1 muore subito perché va al centro, l'ultimo o è l'unico bravo o ha solo avuto culo ma alla fine muore con il fuoco incrociato. Ora si posso capire che usare le corazzate è difficile( venduta la richelieu, non mi piacciono i siluri) ma usare le corazzate nelle ranked è IMPOSSIBILE. Quindi quelli "nabbi" o nuovi, che hanno per esempio SOLO una bismack o un amagi, e non hanno altre navi ( tranne quelle precedenti dello stesso albero tecnologico) MUOIONO E PERDONO .......anche dopo 3 minuti. Usare una corazzata, essere un nabbo, sbagliare i colpi e aspettare 30 secondi di ricarica, mangiare qualche siluro e morire sotto il fuoco incrociato è una brutta combinazione. Ma quei poveri stupidi con le corazzate non lo capiscono che sono "nabbi" o "incapaci" o "inutili" o "campers codardi già morti" e continuano a giocare le classificate e io devo bestemmiare e scendere al rango 15 di nuovo Ditemi se mi sbaglio, bella!
  7. anonym_pqTG0p9ig0iw

    I can't install the game..help me!

    Hello i have a problem...i can't install the game and the virus program is not the problem it's AVG Free the PC have and my own PC have the same virus program....it's like the game is being blocked from install the game and the update...yes i have tried to install the game before this time but i uninstalled it again because of the same problem as now...i have tried to restart the PC and that doesn't work either so i don't know what it could be who is blocking it...the internet is fine here and on my own PC i don't have this problem at all...something is blocking it from installing and update the game and i really don't know what it is...so i really hope that you guys could help me with this! i really wanna play the game :O
  8. Dampfboot

    Meh....weekend ahead

    Looking forward to an abysmal World of Warships weekend, with no double XP, no missions and only weekend warriors. Not even an interesting premium ship. I guess I will have fun & engagingtm weekend and spend more time with my familytm.
  9. I'm not sure if this was just for me... LOL! Maybe a riddle we must solve? Thank WG for the challenge. Something to ease the pain of ranked maybe? SharkMan77
  10. SmartassNoob

    Forum glitch. Can't upload files.

    Tried to upload a picture, but got an error message, saying that "there was a problem processing the file" and to contact some unspecified "us".
  11. Brais_Destructor

    No me arranca el juego

    Me acabo de intalar el world os warships y cuando presiono en boton de jugar no pasa nada, pq?
  12. Element_n


    Witam. Po załadowaniu gry wyskakuje mi 'wczytywanie' okrętów. Mogę tak czekać do usranej śmierci i nic się nie stanie. Jeśli wybieram zakładkę 'badania', to wczytuje tylko tło - gałęzi z okrętami brak. Jeśli kliknę na głównym oknie inny okręt gra się natychmiast zawiesza. Jedynie czat działa.
  13. Dean__2

    Aktualizacja forum

    Jak to zazwyczaj bywa w IT jak idzie update to zawsze sie coś !@#$%^&* na plecy :P Widzę, że cała masa tematów nie jest zaktualizowana, brakuje postów, niektóre tematy nawet nie są zmienione. Ten od rankingówek miał zmieniony title chyba z 2 tygodnie temu, a nadal jest po staremu :P (czyli VI sezon).
  14. The_Great_SCH

    Yet Another Ranked Rant

    "Oh look, another noob whining about other noobs, because he is a noob" you will probably say. Partly, you are right. The reason i write this post, is to rant and try to help people who still needs to break the chains of this enslaving mode we call Ranked Battles. By the time I am writing this, have too many battles in this ranked season, and still sit at R4, and I am starting to wonder if I will ever be able to rank out. Most of the unicorns are over with this nightmare already, some made it under 200 games, and the rest of us, the noobs, scrubs, plebs, call us whatever you want, still need to feed this monster. Here are some basic pointers everyone should f*ucking learn, before even starting the f*cking season in the first place. 1. If you agree on a cap and agree to stick together, cap it fast! - DD's tend to let one in and others just sail around, not to get radared. 2. If there is one capable player in a DD or Belfast, please try and contest the enemy cap from SAFETY! - contesting is important to get the lead early 3. If you have point lead, F*CKING STAY TOGETHER AND DEFEND YOUR POINTS! - even 9 extra points is enough to win a f*cking game 4. If you are a DD, your job is to screen for torps and possibly spot - do not yolo rush just to get one kill (idiots) 5. If you're a BB, camp in a safe place, ONLY IF YOU HAVE TARGETS TO SHOOT AT! - also, you know you are allowed to shoot DD's rght? 6. Cruisers, I get that you have smoke, but please use the f*cking hydro if you plan on sitting in smoke, and don't stop your f*cking engine, especially if you're in a Belfast. 7. NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO PUSH IF YOU LEAD, STAND IN GOOD POSITIONS, AND DEFEND, THEY WILL PROBABLY PUSH 1 BY 1 AND YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE!!! So, I made it into 7 noob tips, maybe some pro's could add some more, to help those, who are struggling to reach R1, or R5 even. I am sick and tired of playing one good game, getting a star, and then losing it after, because my team cannot manage certain situations and point leads. Gentlemen, this mode is about winning, not about "getting that one kill".
  15. Well ... its not funny I know ... but we can leave this open just for the laughs. Today is a horrific day for me. 5 defeats, 2 victories ... and they all have something in common. Brainless BB players. No naming and shaming please ... the reason I am making this topic is that perhaps some players who do this "mistakes" might change. Yes I know, I am an optimist.
  16. Jickelson

    Komme nicht ins Spiel

    Hi, habe heute ein merkwürdiges Phänomen gleich 4x: ich sehe die Übersichtskarte der Zufallskampagne, komme aber nicht ins Spiel. Die anderen Schiffe bewegen sich, aber ich komme nicht dran. Habt Ihr eine Idee, woran es liegen könnte?
  17. UnBrokenK

    WOWs support center

    Hello, I have recently joined WOWs and i posted a ticket at the support center.. 2 days counting and still no reply! I mean if u wanna have a great game you start from the basics, which in that case is the support team.. still waiting for a reply........ Thanks
  18. Ladies, gentlemen and officers of the RN (once ingame): I am Yuzral and the video below contains lessons on why strategic redeployment in a 21kn BB is bad, stopping firing on your target before it's actually dead can be bad, some minor torpedo "dodging", and yet another reminder that getting broadside on to a battleship is cause for, yes, a paddlin'. Enjoy:
  19. klaus_mitffoch

    Fail compilation on youtube

    Hello there, today I had bad game - its totally understandable that you wan to share good games - but sometimes your worst moments are funniest - so why not share with us? mine vid: Moved from "Community Area → Other"
  20. We did win in the end, but not before my unfortunate Myogi comrade blew up and i was propelled at 33 knots in reverse, hats off to the team which managed to win despite this If anyone else has some...interesting collisions do post, would be good to see
  21. hallo, ich habe folgende keys : World of Warships Closed Beta Key World of Tanks Invite Code World of Warships Bonus Content kann sie aber in EU nicht aktivieren, bitte um bearbeitung meiner tickets... danke
  22. lumberjack500_Fulminata


    Am i supposed to receive my CBT code in my e.mail after i bought it or does it take time to come through?