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Found 2 results

  1. Now recently there's been an insane trend of teams melting - ruining the fun for everyone (well at least I don't enjoy being on either side of that) but in addition to that going on we got this: People spamming join battle at the same time while on Teamspeak/whatever you use for voice - to get into a battle. It leads to clans being on both sides of the same match which is bad but even worse - as MM don't care about splitting divisions we get situations like this: I mean - FIVE ppl from a clan on one side. My side? One division afk (top tier) and a melting team. Seriously this level of MM manipulation should be dealth with. Same goes for three radar cruisers on one side, none on the other and not considering divisions when distributing teams.
  2. KapteinSabeltann

    Borderglitching is as bad as ever.

    0.5.1 wasn't exactly the patch of patches. Tons of bugs and tons of changes not documented - love how all IJN and USN DD's with possibly the exception of the Fletcher was nerfed under the title - USN dds get better torps. Yeah. Anyways - one of the changes introduced was supposed to deal with players spending half the game with half their ship out of the map. Reducing their speed - wow - amazing. It's pretty much having NO effect at all... This issue isn't hard to deal with you know. A ship sailing out of the map should simply start taking some form of ramming damage. Not instantly - but after say 10-20 seconds (bb's can be hard to bring about) they should start taking damage. Ideally if the engine allows for it the damage could increase over time until it starts to really hurt. Problem solved: Sailing into the mapborder by accident is not getting you punished - staying there glitching like a pr0 on the other hand - well you will die if you stay. Max it out as flooding damage or similar.