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Found 8 results

  1. I came across one wild idea in case of map border exploits. What if you guys try to make/implement "deserter" mod. By it I mean everyone who tries to exploit border of map is cast out of match and proclaimed deserter in game match (and gets color mark, like people who do dmg to their allies). U set timer that tells one if continue it will be thrown out of match and marked as deserter.
  2. Hello peeps, As you can see at video, you can completely bypass even AA Cruisers and drop hell on them. Video at below: Yuro's How to do it 101
  3. wilkatis_LV

    Tap that

    I'm sure at least some of you already knew this since apparently it has been a "thing" since the TST1, but lack of general mentions leads me to think that this tapping is far from general public knowledge... What am I talking about? W Why hold it and run out of boost quickly, if you can just tap it to keep your speed up? Sure, you'll lose couple knots on average... for multiple times the duration of your boost. What you do is: Hold W to boost up to max speed or at least close to it Instead of holding the W you start tapping it (practice makes perfect) Speed doesn't manage to fall, meanwhile duration gets "chunked" only by the fraction of a second you had your W pressed each tap Here's some recording of my very 1st attempt at this when I heard this might be a thing (recorded to compare the duration). Despite it being my very 1st attempt I managed to hold it around 2...3kts lost for x2.33 ... x2.67 the duration on the boost. Since then with a slight bit of practice I've increased that to about x3 ... x3.5 the duration And this is with a very short boost. As a comparison Langleys TBs and DBs - both of whom have a 24s boost (with the build I have, I think it's 20s base duration) - I can take off and then fly to my target in a permanent boost that lasts over a minute Don't know about you, but in my book this is a serious exploit
  4. A new (or new-ish) problem has been spotted above the horizon - people getting hit without being spotted. First signs of this (that I noticed) showed up in late 0.6.6 or early 0.6.7, slowly ramping up and becoming more and more... popular. Basics are quite simple - you are not spotted, but you are getting hit by someones main battery fire. Initially I always wrote it off with one of the following "explanations": -Long range fire, it was fired at the last moment and then took 10...20 seconds to reach the ship after it was spotted -Lucky blindfiring into a smokescreen (without any tracers to aim for) -Ridiculously bad aim at someone near me who was spotted, and it just happened hit my ship I started to pay more attention to this when I heard other players starting to talk about this, as well as saw more and more people writing in chat about it. While some situations could be explained with the points I made, they often just don't fit. Wasn't in smokescreen, was maneuvering after getting de-spotted, there are no allies nearby... This video is the best example I've got as of yet. The Maass, played by my clanmate, hadn't been spotted when at around 1min 20 seconds into the game enemy suddenly fired a reasonably accurate salvo at him (no hits scored, but all 4 shells splashed around his ship). And as you can see towards the end of the video - the spotting marker still works when you are actually spotted. Happens both - with and without - "Priority Target" trained on your commander, as well as both - with and without - any mods installed. My best guess is either it's a serious bug randomly showing the enemies some ship that shouldn't be visible or (most likely) some kind of a new exploit. Please do share any information / evidence you have about this, all of it could help to get rid of this problem before it's massively widespread.
  5. This really has to stop. [edited] This clan has been group queuing for days now completely ruining the random matches. Limit for 3 ships per squad exists for a reason. So until WG fixes it - let others do it as well. Over-saturation of this nonsense is the only thing that will make them fix it. How to do it? Gather in squads Meet on team speak All countdown from 3 to 0 and on 0 all press "join". This nonsense happens and the match is ruined This exploit exists since WOT closed beta and it still isn't fixed in this game engine. Next time I see them, I will exit a match. p.s. We lost a match.
  6. Moin Moin, Ich hatte heute eine Situation in der ich mich gefragt habe ob ein spezieller Exploit im Spiel vorhanden ist oder nicht. Es ist ein sehr spezieller Fall. Vorabinformation: Heute wurde gepatcht und Aslains Modpaket noch nicht aktualisiert weswegen sich wohl viele die Position der Schiffe auf der Karte nicht merken können. Ich hatte mich in meiner Hatsuharu hinter einer Insel versteckt um Gegner zu spotten und evtl. zu torpedieren. Da ergab sich die Gelegenheit eine Kutusov hinter eben dieser Insel parkte und wohl in Ruhe ein Käffchen zu trinken (oder was auch immer ). Ich also los, beschleunigt, seh noch ne Nebelwolke von der Kutusov und denk mir: " Das wird sicher interessant "... Also kam ich um die Ecke und sehe... Nix . Ne Wolke - und Schüsse seiner 2nd Arty. Aber seine Sichtbarkeit hat es nicht erhöht - und das ist der Punkt den ich im Titel ansprach. Ich musste erst nah genug ran (ich wollte nicht blind torpedieren, dann ohne sicheren Treffer biste dann eh tot) bis er aufgedeckt wurde... und letztendlich durch mich versenkt wurde. Aber bis dahin war ich schon fast tot - deswegen die Frage nach Exploit oder nicht. Frage: Sollte die Hilfsartillery die Erkennbarkeit eines Schiffes erhöhen oder nicht? Replay: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/4342-HunterHamburg-Hatsuharu-Trap Was sagt/schreibt Ihr dazu?
  7. ChronicleDude

    Blue line surfing.

    I know this have been talked about before, but this has to end the blue line surfers out there need to be stopped! I really dont get that this is that hard to find a fix for? How hard is it to make so the blue line kills you Instantly and on top of that gives the player a one million fine (1 million silver fine!!). Just END THE MADNESS. Of course there's gonna be the people that by accident hit the blue line and dont mean to do it, i say pay attention tho where you are going.
  8. Sehr geehrte Wargaming Crew, diese Mitteilung richtet sich Hauptsächlich an Sie, da ich verhindern möchte, dass folgende Anleitung zum Ausnutzen des Bugs führt. Es handelt sich um einen Exploit, bei dem man eine zusätzliche "Ladung" des Verbrauchsmateriales "Motorboost" erhält. Sobald man mit einem Match verbunden ist, man sich im Spiel befindet und der Countdown zum Spielbeginn noch läuft, kann es passieren, dass man aus Langeweile den Knopf für den Motorboost wiederholend drückt. Tut man dies und hört in der letzten Sekunde des Countdowns vor Spielbeginn damit auf, wird der Motorboost sofort aktiviert, ist jedoch weder auf Cooldown, noch hat sich eine "Ladung" verbraucht. Durch das Audiofeedback erfährt der Spieler nun, dass der "Engineboost" aktiv sei und wenn er abgelaufen ist, auch dass er nicht mehr aktiv sei. Das Problem an der Sache ist, dass der Spieler nun SOFORT erneut den Boost aktivieren kann, da er ja "offiziell" keinen Verbraucht hat und eigentlich auch keiner aktiv war. Mit diesem Thread möchte ich diesem Bug soviel Aufmerksamkeit wie möglich zukommen lassen, damit er schnell gefixed werden kann. Mit freundlichen Grüßen und Gute Fahrt Matrosen shadow_rising EDIT: Danke an Arakus habe meinen Fehler erkannt es ist lediglich ein Audiobug!!