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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to our recruitment thread! You may have heard of our cute clan tag and are familiar with our clan. For those who aren't, here's a copy pasta of our clan description for KotS: "We're a small group of players who identify as unicums, that have been together for over 2 years. Over the past year we have converted to a life of trash disposal and yeeting. We are Garbage Men. Totally not a recruitment post btw, but check out our Discord!" Now in all seriousness, this time it actually is a recruitment post. We're looking to compete at the highest level this game has to offer, meaning we strive for the very top in both clan battles and KotS (and other potential team events that may come our way as the game develops). Ideally, we're looking for experienced competitive players. A person we consider experienced is someone who has a lot of games under their belt, in both clan battles and KotS. An experienced person we're interested in understands strats/tactics, has good map awareness, can read the flow of the game, identify win conditions/goals, spot potential problems and things requiring immediate action and can offer potential plans of action that can be discussed with teammates. We try to function on a distributed responsibility principle, meaning that we don't have centralized leadership and decision making. That goes both for clan management and actual in game shot calling. Now, it's obviously not ideal and some people are more prominent than others in terms of leadership, but that sort of system is what we strive for. Basically if you're a wet cloth who needs to be told what to do all the time, we won't be a good fit. Having a lot of high level competitive experience means there's a very good chance a player has these qualities, but it's not necessarily the case. Anyone is welcome to actually apply, the above criteria are just what's necessary for acceptance. Now if you're obviously nowhere close to that level, don't waste everyone's time by applying, but if you think you can provide that kind of level of gameplay but don't actually have a competitive track record to back it up, that doesn't mean you're going to be denied flat out. We generally put potential recruits on a trial period which lasts from a week to a month, depending on the activity of the potential recruit and how much actual interaction he gets with the members. During the trial period the potential recruit just needs to participate in activities (randoms with the members, potential training matches, clan battles) so that the members can form an opinion about him, both in terms of his skill and his personality. After the members agree that they've seen enough to have a valid opinion, there's a vote to decide whether we accept the potential recruit or not. To become a potential recruit just PM anyone from the clan, either in game or on the clan's Discord server (link will be provided below). We do look at stats when deciding whether to put a player on trial, because, well... "Trust me bro I'm good" just isn't good enough. Even without a lot of competitive experience a player with the aforementioned skill set will show good performance in randoms and/or ranked, which will be reflected in his stats. Some general guidelines about what we have in mind when looking at stats, including, but not limited to: PR, overall winrate, solo PR, solo winrate, stats on relevant T10 ships (for example Worcester/Des Moines/Minotaur as high skill cap ships that are skill expressive), overall T10 stats, recent growth... As far as "responsibilities towards the clan" go, there really aren't any. It's not mandatory to participate in anything, if you can't make it for an activity or just don't want to participate that's fine. Just make sure to be straight with yourself before applying that it's not going to be like that for every activity. If you're completely inactive or cut off from the rest of the clan, why join in the first place? Finally, the obvious, a potential recruit must be fluent in English, both written and spoken as we use Discord to communicate and our community is international. Our Discord link: https://discord.gg/m8uSV29