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Found 24 results

  1. Kauvana

    XP conversion discount

    Hello, in the May missions post under the 18-28 May tab, a conversion discount for elite XP was announced. As I checked the game just now, it wasn't active yet. When will it be? I have a boatload of points lying around, eager to unlock the Bismarck in time for the German BB discount. EDIT: Just realised that this discount goes for commander XP. My bad.
  2. Set_Abominae

    Exp vom Schiff auf 0 zurückgesetzt?!

    Habe heute ein Game mit meiner Omaha gewonnen und 3,3k exp bekommen. Wieder zurück im Modulbaum sehe ich dass ich auch dem Schiff 0 exp habe. Hat jemand den Bug schonmal erlebt und weiß ob sich das von selbst regelt?
  3. FazzoMetal

    Next move in my tech tree

    Hi everybody! I'm currently playing battleships in the American tech tree and I'm a bit stuck at the North Carolina. Going over tier VIII is extremely difficult and I'm evaluating what to do next: - converting experience from older BBs to speed up the path to the Iowa - using the free experience to start the Japanese BBs tech tree reaching quickly the Fuso (I really enjoyed playing the Haruna) - using the free experience to start the new German BBs tech tree I would like to do the best possible move to really enjoy my next matches in WoWs. What do you suggest me? Thanks in advance!
  4. barratheon

    Zu wenig von allem!

    Heute ist nicht Freitag oder? Gut. Also, mein Thema ist das folgende; Das Spiel belohnt einen für die "falschen" Dinge und gibt zu wenig exp (und damit auch credits) für Dinge die man richtig macht. Wann ist mir das aufgefallen? Nun, eigentlich ist mir das bisher noch nie aufgefallen und erst als kürzlich Flamu in einem Video davon sprach und es auch, mMn schlüssig, erklärt hat habe ich mal darauf geachtet. Heute dann hatte ich eine Runde in der Kagero mit 0 Schaden - da würde man ja jetzt sagen "crap happens" aber wenn die BBs ganz wo anders sind, dazwischen jede Menge Radar unterwegs ist und massig T10 DDs (was aktuell wieder echt geil ist 5 DDs gegen 5 DDs), sowie obendrein noch alle Weltmeister im Ausweichen ...dann passiert das. Aber ganz Nutzlos war ich nicht, denn wie oft rege ich mich auf das nicht gespottet wird oder nicht gecapped wird - in dem Spiel tat ich beides, ausgiebig. 2 caps solo und eines zurück erobert, hielt quasi die gesamte Flotte bis zum Ende offen und hab das getorped was möglich war ohne dabei harakiri zu fahren. Wir gewannen das Spiel auch relativ einfach und ich dachte ich lande trotz der 0 dmg Runde wenigstens im Mittelfeld (spotting, capping) - MÖÖÖP falsch gedacht... letzter. Ein BB, der offensichtlich AFK war und irgendwo am ADW (komplett am anderen Ende des Kartenrands, eine Richelieu) herum dümpelte war sogar vor mir. Der hat vielleicht 3-4 mal auf irgend etwas geschossen...wenn überhaupt. Die Leute waren sogar froh das ich gespottet hab und es hagelte förmlich Lob das endlich mal einer alle offen hält, so konnten die (Radar)Kreuzer fix zerlegt werden und das dürfte das Spiel zu unseren Gunsten beeinflusst haben. Und bevor jemand fragt - ja die waren natürlich gleich hinter mir her, aber ich wurde im ganzen Spiel nicht einmal erwischt- kein Kratzer an der guten Kagero^^ Aber das ist eh uninteressant. Warum bekomme ich für dieses Spiel nicht wenigstens "durchschnittliche" XP? Ist denn wirklich nur Schaden entscheidend dafür? ich finde da müsste mal etwas getan werden.
  5. Where should i start. First im not a forum person so my presentation will be a bit messy or not well forged . Second it will be long with suggestion and things i think they should be changed or reworked. Suggestion: There should be an allied collision indicator llike when you are closing to a coast. Scout planes should have a circular indicator of their spoting range, like ships have a circle showing the fireing range. Auto pilot map should have maybe 1 or 2 zoom level for more precise rout planing. Also in auto pilot map there should be a counter how many waypoint you can put. In the port there should be a depo where i could see my equipments ship upgrades and so on. Also in the port a reserve option where i could check my captains. IMPORTANT in the port there should be a tab where i could check my battle reports (now they can be seen for a min maybe and they will disappear) Customizable interface like, i want to see the ship name not the player names. The HP of the ship the name and the tier without pressing alt. Changes or revisions The collision indicator when shown​ should change its colour depending how far you are from the coast (i made a topic about this a few week ago here's a pic i made: http://i.imgur.com/WlN8AQ4.jpg?1 Thats how the allied collision indicator should work as well) Ships after tier VI are really underperforming for egsample the Nagato, after the Fuso that ship is just plain useless. Guns are inaccurate, the whole ship is like a citadel the same with cruisers every hit is a citadel hit. Aurora guns are not working properly the shells fall befor the maximum range. The fireing range is 11.2km but the shells land at around 10.2km so 2km is the difference. (or at least that is my observation and read a forum topic about this as well, here it is: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10488-auroras-guns-bugged/ ) I think that is all. Feel free to comment and add more thing if you have something and/or criticize if you dont agree with me in something Thank you for your time. And keep up the good work WG really loveing this game (little edit: also if you are not lazy i would want to hear opinions )
  6. Kopi_G

    Damage Dealt experience reward

    Yo forums! So I am not sure how the game rewards you with experience, but I think if you deal 10k damage to a 20k max HP DD you should be awarded the same amount of experience as if you had dealt 50k dmg to a 100k max HP BB. This could encourage cruisers and BBs to shoot at the important DD targets instead of just mindlessly farming experience on big BBs. If this is the case already, then this discussion is of course pointless, but I think it is not and the game should award you with XP as per my suggestion. Discuss, Kopi_G
  7. Hi everyone, I'm opening this topic regarding Captain experience reward for every battle during first weekend after Grand Naval Battles. I've played a few battles and realized that two rewarding missions are available, however my captain receiving standard 100% experience per battle, the same as my ship. Is this reward not working just for me or there are some other great players around with similar problem? I hope that someone can explain me how it works Good luck and fair seas!
  8. Daylot_Usta

    Experience for Spotting and Scouting

    Devs, I have few ideas to encourage spotting and scouting in the game. Just ask if you want to read.
  9. Edit: Ignore the message below, the flags DO stack, sorry for the confusion. (I wrote down the wrong numbers on my first observation, Commanders really do get +100% XP when both flags are equipped.) Can somebody else please confirm that the flags for +50% Commander XP (Zulu Hotel) and the normal +50% XP flag (Equal Speed Charlie London) do NOT stack, i.e., the commander of the ship does not get +100% XP and instead only gets +50% XP more than the base XP (as seen in the in the aftermatch team panel). That means that mounting both flags simply wastes the Zulu Hotel flag. At least to me this seems to be a bug. Edit: Did the Equal Speed Charlie London flag give XP bonus for both the ship and the commander before the 0.5.2 patch or did the commander always only get the base XP?
  10. Excavatus

    French BB line pointers

    Hello gents, I've just researched a little (and cant find much - didn't actually researched the forum that much though), I am seing that Lyon with 16 guns.. and that thing sparkles in my eyes. But as a not so eager BB captain, I am thinking about the french line. I've watched some of the videos about the line, but I believe the most valuable piece of information for me and people like me, who are thinking about the line is the experience from the people who actually plays them regularly. The thing is, after tier 8, gun number and gun placement looks not so good In my totally subjective opinion.. (tier 8 only 2 bow turrets, tier 10 only 2 turrets in total!) Can the captains who has the line, give some pointers? what to expect? what are the general chars of the line? the play style? strong and weak points? Thanks!
  11. Hello Topic speaks pretty much itself. But do you still get xp and coins after for example: Im in a battle... i die... i leave the game/get back to port... Have i lost my xp and coins from that match because i left afterwards? Do i have to spectate the game until the end to get coins and xp from the battle? I'm pretty sure I get it afterwards but i've never noticed, so I just thought I could make a topic about since some others are probably wondering about that too.
  12. Sadstories

    Increased exp 1st player loosing team

    Hello captains, I am sure most of you are already used to the mechanics of the Ranked battles. The first player in the loosing team looses no star at the end of the battle. But how about the regular matches? Lets say that you play a game and you do it well. You deal a lot of dmage, kill a lot of enemies, cap and decap bases, all in all you are amazed of your own gameplay, but in the end your team don't keep up with you and, althought you did most of the job, you lose the game. Everything was in vain. You get rewarded with some change. So why not reward the first player of the loosing team with a coefficient of lets say 0.3-0.5 more experience/ credits? Pros: Players will become more agresive (WG was looking for ways to make players more agresive lately) Players will be more satisfied of the outcome of the battle.(Specialy those in 1st place) Lemmings may reconsider and actually go in the closest directioan as a run around map ends in poor outcome. More fun for everybody Cons:Edit() Will promote DD playing.(I have to agree) Posible camping after the lost of ships in the beggining(not that it is happening already all the time) So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Edit: Admiral_noodle also propose the "First Looser" achievment. Maybe for players in 1st place which take more than 300 exp than the second player. Would be very nice
  13. As I am sure people have noticed themselves, there are some odd offers in the tech trees. For example, the majority of the Japanese destroyers can savely ignore improving the range of their guns as these usually are secondary weapons. Or a torpedo upgrade for American DDs which actually reduces their range by a kilometer but increases speed and damage. For some cruisers, I've met the odd offer where the speed and damage of the torpedoes could be increased ever so slightly for a comparatively high cost in XP and silver. Take the Japanese Tier 7 Cruiser as an example, here the increase of 3 kts and about 1000 damage cost 11.000 XP and 800.000 silver. Just seems like a total waste of funds to me. Question being, will there be more interesting choices in the future for all ships, including those whe already can play?
  14. KRBeC

    BUG: Bonus exp for defeat

    Hi guys, yeasterday I encountered (or perhaps just realized, not sure how it worked before) that I get my bonus experience eventhough I lose the battle. Repeated it today so I can provide scree shot (attached bellow). It only rewarded bonus exp, no bonus credits. No mission completed at same time. Could someone please try to verify this problem (don't have free exp. ship in port any more for today), epsecially whether it is for every defeat or you have to meet certain circumstances. edit .. Adding few more screen shots. Still no idea why is it working this way, but today I completed 1,5*exp on both Ranger and Cleaveland eventhough I lost both battles. screens: | |
  15. So I have started to browse the forums again looking for people from the Alpha tester times. But it seems they are no longer as active as it was back then(of course). Still I wanted to just start a (non hate war) discussion on what we can and can not talk about from those days as alpha testers. I also just wanted to get to know what you guys have been up to all this time Had any ridiculous encounters or just weird moments? And what is in your opinion the best thing that was changed to the game?(both surface as well as core changes) This is me just being curious Good luck and fair seas to you all lads! May the tides be ever in your favour.
  16. Hi all, I don't recall seeing this on forum (and it is very interesting to know and great read)! From April "LittleWhiteMouse" @LittleWhiteMouse - "Spotting, Scouting and Experience Gains" http://shipcomrade.com/news/365/spotting-scouting-and-experience-gains.html Leo "Apollo11"
  17. IXe Flotte intrépide de la Marine Française Commandant Hughz Commandant en Second JBB28 La IX Flotte intrépide de la Marine Française, recrute de fidèle Capitaine, afin de subvenir en besoin de pétrole pour sa base maritime et obtenir les bonus qui offre une progression plus aisée. Nous voulons simplement progresser ensemble et faire progresser ceux qui demande une bouée de sauvetage. Parmi nous, le Commandant en Second, JBB28, joueur expérimenté, pourra former les plus jeunes Officier. Pour finir, l'entente et la convivialité sont les deux grands mots de notre flotte. S'amuser en jouant ensemble Augmenter l'expérience de jeu de chacun Monter une élite pour de la compétition Faire en sorte que la flotte reste souder La IXe Flotte intrépide de la Marine Française, ne se base pas sur le niveau et l'expérience de l'Officier. Elle ne recrute simplement les plus actifs d'entre vous. Nécessite également un casque/micro et TeamSpeak3 (optionnel) Ainsi qu'une certaine maturité et un humour salasse. La IXe Flotte Intrépide de la Marine Française, Vous souhaite bon vent Camarades. Navire de ligne Français Dunkerque
  18. German Destroyers - tactics! Hello fellow Players! German DDs are here. And I wanna start discussion about gameplay tactic and experience on them. Have Fun playng! So some first questions to put in : Play aggressive, or carefully? What is more important or succesfull for you torps or guns? Do you prefer close or medium distance to fight? What will be better on VI and VIII tier, 128mm "antidestroyer" guns or 150mm "anticruiser" guns ??? and i dont have U.S. destroyers, how is gameplay on them different or similar to german ones? . . . feel free to add questions, and of course answers ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have now T-22, i prefer agressive fight (but I always read situation, dont all time go suicide to close "zerg rush" fight) more close than medium. Torp attacks prove for me to be more succesfull than gunfire, against enemy DDs too!
  19. Hi there. Is there somewhere Experience and Cash gain mechanics ? I know some ppl. say that when you do % dmg to ship then u get experience, same for cash... Can anyone tell me where i can read this ? I was looking in this forum but cant find anything about this. If anyone knows it be cool. Regards Boold
  20. Small bug, annoying if you don't know it. After having some battles with my St.Louis i went back to port. The XP seemed to be the same as before I started the battles. But I didn't really know how much XP it had, so i went back into battle with the same stock Cruiser. After the next battle i went back to port again, still no XP was added. So I reconnected, and now it is there. Thats the story. sail away...
  21. I was wondering if the team battles give more experience (on ship or on commander) or more credits than random battles?
  22. D0dger_1

    Ingame chat

    There needs to be some decorum within in-game chat. Granted not a lot of chat occurs in World of Warships Beta currently, but it's only a matter of time before the intolerant and antagonistic players ruin the online gaming experience for newcomers as in World of Tanks. I'm amazed at the lack of common courtesy and respect players extend to one another within the War-gaming franchise. Those players that insult others frankly need to grow-up, after all it is suppose to be an enjoyable gaming experience; not a platform for you to abuse others. For the record, everyone at some point began as a beginner and yet the cowardly minority hide behind their computers and make derisive comments without thinking about consequences. I fail to understand the acrimonious behaviour of insulting chat. What are they hoping to gain? Inspiration...more like a desperate plea to gravitate negative attention to themselves which is frankly pathetic and their actions utterly deplorable. And for all this, the War-gaming community has volumes of informative content available online to improve the playing abilities of new players. (So it isn't all bad..neh) I would like to see more condemnation from team players in retaliation to insulting players.
  23. Bonjour a tous , J'aimerais savoir si sur le serveur de test qui viens juste de sortir il y a moyen de tester tout les navires en ayant xp illimité ?
  24. StifflerStyle

    Musashi Vergütungs Berechnung?

    Servus an alle Capitäne da draußen o/ Als liebhaber der japanischen Schiffe hab ich mir sofort zu release die Musashi zugelegt. Nach einigen durchschnittlichen Runden (ca 80 - 120k dmg) fand ich die credit und xp ausbeute ziemlich meh. Auch bei gemischten schaden auf alleSschiffsklassen war das Ergebniss selten über 300k was im vergleich zur Missouri niedrig ist. Selbst meine Yamato mit gold camo macht mehr. Weiß jmd ob da noch was dran geschraubt wird in Zukunft? Sind immerhin 750k free XP...