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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I was hoping to get that camo as it really looks really cool, however the price is way too higher for just a skin replacement as it gives nothing in addition to the standard perma camo. So, I want to ask you, do I miss something or is it just overrated price for visual? As my practical character part takes prevalence and saying that it does not worth it.
  2. Bad_Mojo_incoming

    Full price for 25% HP LOSS?

    I have only played 614 battles so far, but I haven't really noticed this yet, but now I have. I finally got my hands on a Bismarck, my first Tier 8 and I love it, except for the hectic accuracy, but that's not the point I want to make. My point is that I have fought 17 battles in the Bismarck, and there were a few battles where I have survived with MORE than 60-70% of my ships health (without repair crew) remaining, yet the game STILL charges me the same FULL price for servicing/repairing the ship as it does for a sunk ship. HOW IS THIS? Ammo resupply coasting the same is ok and understandable, but charging FULL repair for a 30% damaged, surviving ship? Am I the only one who finds this a bit unfair and MORE than a little bit greedy on WG's part? In World of Tanks you pay repair in accordance to the level of damage your tank has suffered. But you have to pay full price in Warships even if your ship only gets a few scratches?
  3. Ich war ja darauf Vorbereitet das sie teuer werden würde aber 750.000 Free XP ? Bis auf das Testteam wird die wohl keiner fahren denke ich. Da steht Aufwand <> Nutzen in keinem Verhältnis zueinander.
  4. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    [IDEA] overhaul of the camouflage system

    Hello fellow captains Since today the permaflages reached tier X and I have to say they look ugly and boring in many parts. Not only I, but many other people are actually really disappointed the way you implemented permaflages for different ships. The way you implemented them is just the same pattern/sytle for several ships/classes and that is boring and looks not great tbh. Gearing looks really bad why would anyone go for it? look here: So here's my idea: Give us at least an option to either choose our own pattern or one from the different camos in the client eg: Iowa with ranked camo: Iowa with restless fire camo: So when you purchase/get a permanent camouflage you should be able to choose either its own style/colour sheme or be ablte to choose between the current existing ones (not the unique ones of course) in the client. I think you should give us for example an option to choose between these: and it would give us something for the money/doubloons. The way it is now it is simply easy work for you and literally no diversity at all for us. It looks plain boring. This of course should apply to every permanent camoflage for at least non premium ships To sum it up: The effects of the camouflages should stay the same but at least give us several visual options to choose from I hope many of you guys agree with that and we will see more diversity and options for us soon™ Cheers
  5. Hello. To begin with i'm no expert. I'm probably a somewhat casual player. I recently got my first tier X, the Shimakaze. But i lose money when using it. In one game i noticed i spent 68k in ammunition.. If someone sink me it's so insanely expensive. Even with the india bravo terrathree flag. So.. The way i see it the devs wan't me to sit at 16km range to try and not get hit or sunk, only shooting a few torps so i don't have to pay a huge amount for ammunition. And if i think that we are losing i should run away to some distant corner. Obviously i don't do these things because i feel a responsibility to cap. But this seems to be how tier X games are for the most part. And i have to wonder if these prices are part of the reason. Do the devs not wan't us to use tier X ships? Does it cost this much to play with every tier X ship there is?
  6. Hi ! I have 48 ships and i need to redistribute a lot of points of my captains. But the price in gold is too expensive ! At least 275 gold for only one captain ! It is impossible ! Please, make us a much lower price ! Thank you !