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Found 9 results

  1. BlackYeti

    HMS Exeter fighter plane

    I have to ask...why is it baguette? Ok, the roundel is British but the tail markings made me confused...
  2. Captain_Riley

    HMS Exeter's return

    Does anyone know when HMS Exeter will be back in the game/shop? I'm dying to get my hands on her.
  3. The Exeter was and still is the first British heavy cruiser added to the game. My question is, do you think this is just a one off premium or wargame testing the waters to gauge if a full 10 tier British heavy cruiser line would be viable. I for one would love to see the British cruiser line split into heavy/light. I think it would be a welcome addition however I only want to see it once we have Italian DDs, Cruisers and BBs. Give the spaghettis some love before we pad out the British. Also does anyone know if the Exeter was removed from sale? I cannot find it anywhere in the armory or premium shop...
  4. So many kill steals. Awful Driving me mental. Stupid 'effin mission.
  5. Flavio1997

    exeter mission part 2 bug

    finished today the 2nd part of the "exeter last stand", i was happy that i finished it ( took me 25 games to do the 15 decaps of the 2nd directive, then 2 for the 10 fires). But....i cannot start the 3rd one, i even tried with restarting the game... it says 10/10 fires, but doesn't unlock the 3rd part someone else found this problem? how and what should i do? customer support maybe?
  6. Hi all, First time posting to the forum!! HMS Exeter is missing 2 AA mounts. While under repair in 1940–41 after her battle with the Admiral Graf Spee, the Royal Navy decided to upgrade her armament and fire-control systems. In game we seem to have her 1940-41 refit because 'her single four-inch AA guns were replaced with twin-gun mounts for Mark XVI guns of the same calibre (the dual 102mm guns in game - Secondary and also AA) and a pair of octuple mounts for 40 mm "pom-poms" were added abreast her aft superstructure. This is true when looking at he AA, we can clearly see the 2x8 40mm PomPoms. HOWEVER Enclosures ("tubs") for single 20mm Oerlikon guns were added to the roof of both 'B' and 'Y' turrets under her 1940-41 refit. We have the "tubs" vvisualised, but no 20mm guns! I know it's such a small change and won't affect much in the way of AA, however for history Accuracy, I'd like to see them added. Please bump up this post so Devs can see it. As I said, it's my first time posting so don't roast me too much! Have fun and RULE BRITAINNIA! Kind Regards Chopsy
  7. LemonadeWarriorITA

    Exeter switch repair party with smoke?

    I kinda feel like the repair party is useless. The damage I mostly take: Getting citadelled by a BB. 203mm, or above, HE that causes a black out on my ship with every shot. Now I can imagine that some people are still happy with the repair party, but I would prefer to switch this survivability consumable with another one, namely a smoke generator. So what I am suggesting is to give us the option to give Exeter access to the Smoke Generator in the Repair Party slot. What are the thoughts of you guys on this? Don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying the Exeter a lot. It is only so now and than when a lost AP shell of a BB finds its way to my hull that I lose 30% of my HP. Which is pretty frequent due the shotgun spread of BBs at the lower tiers. It is also difficult to make the concealment work with the carriers around. A bit less frequent now, but should become more frequent in the future. Greetz Lemon.
  8. FukushuNL

    The Knight of Devon chain

    Since those that will try to get the Exeter for free will never get to do The Knight of Devon mission chain, why not just make it a personal assignment for those that bought the ship? There is no need to try and bait me into buying the ship while giving me the sense I got an extra combat mission, which I clearly can't complete or even start on without buying the Exeter. Or make the mission chain available 1/2 weeks after being able to get the Exeter via the Exeter's last stand mission chain, so the Knight of Devon chain gives me something to look forward to as I try to get the Exeter via ingame missions.
  9. I have always wondered if part of story of why the British (with her Commonwealth crew members) were successful at the battle of the River Plate was the fact that Commodore Harwood had his flag on the Leander Class Light Cruiser Ajax and not the Heavy Cruiser HMS Exeter normally a Commander of a fleet or Squadron will have their flag on the most powerful warship of a group (assuming there is one). In the battle the weight of the Graf Spee's attack concentrated mainly on the York class Heavy Cruiser HMS Exeter as the most dangerous opponent. These attacks damaged HMS Exeter very badly early on knocking out A & B turrets and killing most of the senior bridge crew apart from the Captain who was wounded. If the Commodore Harwood had been on HMS Exeter he would have had a high chance of being killed or wounded by the shrapnel hitting the bridge early in the battle and he had survived then been stuck on a ship which was on fire and flooding, barely able to steer, fight, and unable to communicate. However being on HMS Ajax meant that Commodore Harwood could control the British side of the battle with much less risk of being injured as the two light cruisers were a lower priority for the Admiral Graf Spee which could not effectively spit its main armament though Commodore Harwood and many of HMS Ajax's crew was very lucky that the 11 inch time delayed HE shell that penetrated the shell handling room below X turret (killing all) exited and then exploded in Commodore Harwood's cabin did not cause a catastrophic explosion instead of just incinerating his personal kit and more importantly taking out both X & Y turrets. That shell hit wounded my cousin Wilfred, once removed, with shrapnel in X turret as the hatch to the shell handling room below exploded upward into the turret decapitating Marine Corporal Cyril Bashford and injuring most of other Marines in the Turret. His opponent Kapitan zur See Hans Langsdorff obviously had no choice of which ship to use and though the 6" shells of the light cruisers did little damage to the armored parts of the ship they did significant damage to the upper decks and Langsdorff himself was wounded, knocked unconscious and concussed which understandably makes for poor decision making afterwards. His decision to head to the Uruguayan port of Montevideo to the surprise and dismay of many of his officers was the beginning of the end of the German ship as it severely limited Graf Spee's options of future escape with many unfriendly British and Commonwealth and neutral local eyes on the ship at all times. The uninjured Commodore Harwood was able to stay in control of his battle plan throughout the operation though it was HMS Achilles with all four turrets in action that took the leading role in the last phases of the battle. HMS Exeter, limping from the battle was in a bad way, after the fires were put out and the flooding controlled the damage was later assessed that the strength of ships structure forward of Frame 111 was down to only about 40%, most bulkheads, floors and frames were broken or distorted above the waterline with only Y turret operational. However via some luck the steam power plant and engines were in full working order. The crew buried their dead at sea every day for three days until they reached the Falkland Islands where they buried more shipmates. Wilfred left HMS Ajax in the UK in early 1940 and joined 1st RM Battalion later volunteering to be one of the first Royal Marine commandos. In 1949 Wilfred received wartime naval prize money a “1 ¼ share” worth £5 and 5 Shillings. At the rank of Corporal (though he was a Marine at the time) this is most likely a “Prize Bounty” related to the destruction of the of the Graf Spee in 1939 rather than “Prize Money” as the three German merchants caught off South America by Force G were either sunk by the Allies or scuttled by their German crew rather than captured and taken to a port as a prize.