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Found 9 results

  1. USSARIZONA_2015

    A tough Choice.....

    Hey there fellas, So I have a tough situation on my hands (somewhat) and I would like to know what you think. should I research the British Battleship Monarch? (For Colonizing anyone and Everything) or the USS Essex? (to prove that the USN CVs can give the IJN CVs a run for their money >:), and so that i can get easy XP when the Musashi comes out, due to her rumored, weak AA. ) I know that Cvs aren't the best class of Ship to play right now, but i need to expand my ability to play other ship classes. (and not only playing BBs) Also, I don't like how some say that the IJN CVs are the only good CVs to play (and thats their opinion) and I want to prove that the USN CVs can deal out some hurt as well ( i know they already can, but i mostly see IJN Cvs in matches I play, which is sad in my opinion :(. ) On the other hand, I'd assume that most will say to research the Monarch, but i feel like the KVG (King George V) is a fun ship to play, and I can tolerate the grind. But being that the only class I usually play is Battleships, (And NO, I don't camp behind the map, I usually try to Push in and play aggressive) I would feel Much more comfortable playing the Monarch, but constantly playing battleships gets stale over time, and I need to expand my gameplay. (as I previously stated) So, what would you fellas suggest I research? I appreciate any advice! :) until next post, USSARIZONA_2015
  2. Hey there fellas, So My first quick question is about the USS Essex (which I'm currently grinding) should i wait for the changes to come around and just play stock deck, or should i get the AS and Strike load-out decks? and the Second question goes for the Midway. If she gets 2/2/2 (I think thats what it was) will she be any better? and one other thing, both carriers will still keep their T9 and T10 fighters and bombers, but only get T8 torpedo bombers right? I appreciate any feedback and until Next post, USSARIZONA_2015
  3. Master_Kartof


    Ciao a tutti, è da un po' di tempo che sto cercando di trovare il giusto modo di giocare con la Essex. Non so se è un problema mio ma incontro notevoli difficoltà a far sopravvivere i miei aerei quando ingaggio degli scontri, soprattutto con CV giapponesi dello stesso livello. Ho settato la CV con 3 sq di bomber, 1 di fighter e 1 di siluranti che ritengo, almeno per il momento, la condizione migliore per il gioco. Un saluto a tutti Paolo
  4. Hello all! I need your advice because my experience with carriers is really really low and i have ALOT of trouble playing against other CV captains in tier 9! (and against saipan but that's a different matter) The following: my 2 fighters are about to engage the 2 fighters of the essex/taiho. What i usually do is dogfight ->exit strafe - strafe but how do i handle if the essex(taiho) does the exact same thing? I usually have always been successful but this time the enemy CV must be anticipating it (which does not suprise me) but they seem to know how to win this easily while i just sit there and watch me getting strafed into oblivion. What happens is this: *dogfight between our fighters while second squads linger. *setting mine to strafe and the other to exit strafe. *enemy cv fighter(dogfight) exit strafes into my second fighter squad which i'm still preparing. *while my first fighter squad (dogfight) is still stunned? and getting strafed now by his second squad. (exactly what i wanted to do to him) *all of a sudden my first squad is destroyed completly and the other one heavily crippled while enemy CV squad lost at max 2 planes. The solution seems to be simple... just be faster i guess? More reactive maybe? Is that the answer? I still can't be sure. Isn't it a risk to exit strafe a dogfight i to my fighters? i meam i could anticipate exactly that and punish this heavily no? So is what the enem CV does to me just a risk or gamble move? Should i always anticipate this kind of behavior? The problem is that if i hesitate to long with setting all this up he will simply delete my fighter in the dogfight but isn't that kind of the same thing? I'm totaööy confused, can't wrap my head around it please help Q_Q Yes i have watched all of Farazelleths videos more then 3 times already, ALL OF THEM *huge fan ♡* but i can't seem to find him getting into those situations or i simply don't recognise them yet.
  5. First off I’m not some jaded carrier player. Carriers are not even my main class that I play. Out of 3500+ games I played 460 something where in carriers, or around 13%. My main class right now are battleships and cruisers. I’m just an average carrier player myself, but lately I shy away from them, but from a simple reason, they are too much of a drain of time and silver and I almost never get as much out of the games with them any more. But in the beginning I did start as a carrier player, long time ago, over a year now, when I was an alpha tester. I loved them, I enjoyed them and always said how they bring a new 4th or 5th dimension to this game. Without them the game loses something. Soon I fear most of us will start taking our high tier 8+ carrier out for some fresh air only from time to time. Why? Well let me tell you about my new carrier Shokaku and how much it cost me before I even played one game with it. So first I buy it at a discount at 8.5 mil (Japanese fleet weekend EU server). Then you have too spend 14k free xp for normal tier 8 planes (fighters, torpedo bombers) and 30k free xp for the 2/2/2 config. That’s 14x2 + 30 = 58k free xp and 3.4mil to buy all of that. Add another 1.7 mil for the upgrade slots (that’s without the concealment upgrade) and your are at a grand total of 13.6 mil without playing a single game. And I’m using the minimum I think I need not to be destroyed by the other CV. How is this different from other classes you ask? Well, unlike carriers most other ships will do fine without immediately spending free xp for that hull or radar or you don’t need all those upgrades but if you miss them in a carrier they are necessary so your planes if not upgraded immediately are not going to come close at being worth anything in tier 8 matches. Now finally, after all that you spend some time playing in your shokaku and you have a good game with 128k dmg and a kill some 11 planes shot and your grand total of net earning is : 63 611 silver (this is premium) no other flags, camo or other modifiers apply. Without premium 7 207. I also own the Essex tier 9 and its the same story, yesterday with 154k dmg my net income was exactly 100k and some change. Now comes 0.5.14 (disclaimer: not confirmed)with the cost of planes almost doubling for high tier carriers. For tier 8 is around 77% more expensive per plane and going to 112% for tier 10 (on average) As you see I didn’t even touch other issues everyone says carriers have, but this economic ones puts them at a clear disadvantage then the other 3 classes in the game and makes more people shy away from them, and new players can’t afford them without premium time and premium ships. Even without this playing carrier after tier 8 is a net loss for almost everyone and it’s going to influence the game in a negative way. You lose that extra dimension I talked about and the game is then just plane flat and monotone. I don’t know who is running the things in WG but they seriously need to fix at least the economic side of carriers cause this is just another reason players don’t see them as much in higher tiers. TL;DR: In a decent game for tier 8 carriers u earn around 60-80k profit and for tier 9 is around 100-120k while the investment in carriers is more then in any other class of ships what monetary and what in free xp, and at the end of a line is a net loss of credits for increasing worse carrier experience.
  6. Clearly this is perfectly balanced, the so called "AA BB" should get oneshot by a CV one tier lower, missing half his upgrades. Carry on.
  7. It's a good thing 0.4.1 came out so players can now more evenly fight higher tier CVs. Kappa.
  8. Hey there fellas. Upon deciding to research the USS Essex, I now come to the question of how to give the other T9 CV, the Taiho, A run for their money in a 1 vs 1 Situation. What I'm guessing is that I should research the Anti Air load out first, since the strike package only has one fighter, but in any case, is it possible to Cv snipe Taiho using a strike loud out? or is 1 torpedo bomber and 3 dive bombers not enough to do the job? I will be researching both load outs, but which of the two is better for fighting against a Taiho player? (regardless of skill) I appreciate any advice! until next post, USSARIZONA_2015
  9. USSARIZONA_2015

    How to Play The New Essex?

    Hello there fellas, A couple weeks ago I posted a topic asking people on how to outplay the IJN Taiho in a Stock Essex, But with the Arrival of the USN Cv changes, Its time I ask the Question on how to play the "New" Essex. At the time of posting this, This is how my Essex is Decked out with, Hull: A (Stock Hull) Fighters: Vought F4U-1 (Tier VIII) Torpedo Bombers: Grumman TBM-3 (Tier VIII) Dive Bombers: Douglas BTD-1 (AP Bombers) (Tier IX) Consumables: Premium Damage Control Party II and Defensive AA Fire II Upgrades: Slot-1: Air Groups Modification I Slot-2: Damage Control System Modification I Slot-3: Air Groups Modification II ( For keeping my fighters alive) Slot-4: Steering Gears Modification III (To Avoid Air Strikes and Torpedoes) Slot-5: Air Groups Modification III (For Keeping my strike package from dying faster) Slot-6: Concealment System Modification I Captain Skills: First Row: Aircraft Servicing Expert and Dogfighting Expert Second Row: Torpedo Acceleration Third Row: Torpedo Armament Expertise Fourth Row: Air Supremacy (This is a MUST have skill, no questions asked in my opinion.) (Side Note: I don't have any skills geared towards AA, so its basically stock AA) So, is this a good Build? or is there something I'm doing wrong? I was thinking about switching Air Groups Mod II with Flight Control I (But to be honest, I don't mind the waiting time of re-arming your planes, as it allows me to think of my next plans of action.) and Air Groups Mod III with Flight Control Mod II, just Because I think the Fighters are TOO SLOW (It can't catch ANY of Taiho's Aircraft if they are on the run.) But I'm thinking that Air Groups Mod III is Crucial for your Torpedo Bombers, since they already go down like the Berlin Wall. Also, In my opinion, I also think the AP bombs are quite nice, but I also would like to know what you prefer, HE or AP? I Appreciate any Opinions, Tactics, or Advice that will help me become a better Carrier Captain :) . Until Next Post, -USSARIZONA_2015