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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone else experiencing constantly crashes after I've never had any crashes except now and then - once every 4-5 months - shenanigans, but this micropatch made my game unplayable..
  2. Kittiwake_2017

    gameplay errors

    Ok, played a battle in which I came up against a T6 Battleship Bayern. I had the Dunkerque, and suprised him head on. As I fired and landed my first salvo, I was blown up....by a TORPEDO from Bayern! MMMMMM....Bayern does NOT HAVE TORPEDOS!!!!! text changed and said it was a salvo....he never got a chance to fire as I suprised him! My salvo landed a split second before i was blown up. End of game report said that I was sunk by 1 torpedo from Bayern, so it changed its mind again! Took a screen shot as proof. think game has a flaw at the moment, as in last 20 or so battles, the VERY FIRST salvo I take...no matter what direction it comes from, incapacitates my engine!! Surely this cant be right?? I am then killed less than 30 secs later as my engine has stopped and I am dead in the water. Is it because I wont pay for Premium or buy anything from shop and I am being punished ?? Anyone else been affected by rogue actions from ships that have suddenly aquired extra weapons not advertised???
  3. CIA_MAN

    Kaspersky macht bei WoW Probleme

    Hallo, immer wenn ich nach der Installation von Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 versuche WoW zu starten, lädt das Spiel entweder gar nicht, oder es kommen beim Anmeldebildschirm im Game Fehlermeldungen und Abstürze... -> Was mache ich hier falsch?! Bitte gebt mir Tipps :) Mit McAfee hat alles 1A funktioniert... Benutze Windows 10 64bit...
  4. firstly german and now french helmsmen has to have apparently eyes like x-men to navigate their vessels this is kaiser's second hull - as you can see additional rangefinder is completelly obstructing view from navigation bridge konig's second hull has the exact same issue emile bertin received this issue as well fictional upgrade adding some additional bofors. however unlike german bb's this could be fixed with some effort. with moving the bofors on top of the conning tower the navigational bridge will have free view again. however some devices on top of the tower will be still obstructed. but this is probably better solution
  5. Hi there... in reference to the latest anouncement of the forum update there are at some errors. Stated in "can't post replies to topics..." the reply function doesn't work for all not-closed threads but also are settings done during the last week reset, most notable the ignore list.
  6. ValerioWTF

    A turn for the worst

    I joined Alpha of WoWS on July 2014. I remember when I first logged in and I first saw the game....I immediately fell in love with it. The basic idea was the same as WoT, but the responsive team (at that time), the friendly community and the sheer beauty of ships hit me hard. The game went on and everything looked fine more or less, until about 5/6 months ago. First, the community team and managers vanished. No direct contact for ages. Then some balance changes were made against the opinion of the whole community (IJN DD eg). Then the game was launched. There was no celebration, no incentives to get new players, and again, no response from the team when we warned them about this. Then the bundles arrived. Direct money-grabbing. (I don't really mind them, but selling ALL the ships in budles only is just RI-DI-CU-LOUS) Then the specials arrived, or better, they didn't. (just look at the "Tora! Tora! Tora!" for this weekend where they didn't even put on sale the ships that were historically involved in the attack) And here we are now. I also used to be a tester for WoWP and a player of that game, and I'm seeing the same mistakes made here years later. In WoWP they didn't listen to us and look at the pile of rubble it is now. I still like this game and I'm not the kind of person that goes "OMFG THIS GAME SUX WG FFS", and I never wrote a post like this before, but I can see how this is going to end. But I don't want it to end like WoWP. I want it to be glorious as I know it can be. Please don't do this. Don't let it die.