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Found 77 results

  1. I just got tossed out of an ongoing game. When I managed to log back on, I found that I could no longer switch signal flags or camouflage patterns on my ships, due to a "Transaction processing error. Please try again later." This thing, in the past, also prevented me from moving commanders between ships, so it's quite disruptive to the gameplay. My impression is that these "transaction processing errors" have started to happen more and more frequently during the last couple of months. Without wanting to sound overly petulant, I must say that they are fairly annoying. As my life is currently organized, I usually have to plan ahead in order to get a few hours of game time. I can't always just log out and try again later - not without it becoming, perforce, a whole lot of days later, anyway. New ship lines and reworked carriers and historical collections are all fine and engaging - no sarcasm intended - but they all come second to having a working game. @MrConway, there is a rumour that you can be summoned by speaking you name aloud on the forum. Can you perhaps shed some light on this matter? Are these transaction errors becoming more common? Is there something we, as players, can do to stop them from happening?
  2. "Errore di connessione al server. La versione di gioco attualmente installata è più vecchia del server. Aggiorna il client." Questa è la scritta che mi perseguita da un po' di tempo quando avvio il gioco. Premetto che il gioco è aggiornato ed il PC pure. Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie in anticipo.
  3. piotrintes

    Blinking objects in menu + crashes

    Wellcome. I would like to raport two errors I have encountered in game. 1.) After update (I do not know which one, because I havn't playd long time) all objects in port are moving rapidly from it's positions with evry camera move. After each move all screen is blinking because of jumping objects like ship parts, landskape, other boats etc. It didn't happend in first open beta, so it seems to be relativly new problem. Inside of battle there is almost gone, but still in some moments I can still see something blinking, or shaking. 2.) Second problem seems to be something with memory I think. After first battle if I do not reload game it crashes almost evry time during second one. If not second one than in the beginning of third one. I can't see error message, because it is below hanged game screen which is still in fulscreen. Alt+tab doesn't shows it, so only methood is to run task manager with alt+ctrl+del and stop game process. Restarting game after evry battle is a "little" problem. I have 4 GB of RAM, so this shouldn't be lack of memory.
  4. StringWitch

    Error: Harekaze's smooth deck

    Metal segments of HSF Harekaze's deck are smooth instead of greebled, despite the anime appearance rendering it with greebles. In fact these areas appear to lack normal textures at all and only have the preshading, bumpmap, and a transparent 'wet patch' texture applied over the top. Attachments show comparison with Shiratsuyu and screencap of anime showing the deck detail. There's also official art depicting the greebles here: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2326299
  5. Darkcruiser

    Game lagged seit Heute MASSIV

    Hi Leute, Seit Heute ohne vorwarnung habe ich massive lags, als ob die Server stehen würden. Dies betrifft aber nur mich und alle andern können spielen. Ich habe dabei aber einen Ping von konstant 50-53 und kann alle anderen Spieler hören (z.B. SOS oder andere Befehle). Das Spiel steht (wie als ob ich in der warte zeit bin) für mich 2-3min dann warpe ich in die Richtung in die ich den Motor gestellt habe und ramme eine Insel. Da bleibt das Spiel für mich dann wieder hängen (Spiel läuft weiter als ob ich im warte modus bin) und ich kann zusehen wie die anderen Spieler mit ihren Schiffen durch Inseln oder andere hindernisse fahren. Dann für 1-2sek warped alles in die neue Richtung, die ich gesetzt habe und da bleibe ich wieder hängen. Ich kann wärend der Zeit, die ich stehe, angegriffen und beschädigt werden (Brand oder Wasser einbruch) oder sehe torpedos. Diese juckeln 10km oder mehr an mir vorbei, treffen mich aber trotzdem. Ich habe von Gestern (wo alles ohne probleme lief) auf Heute nix installiert oder sonst etwas gemacht Hoffe ihr habt eine Idee und könnt mir helfen.
  6. Humorpalanta

    Critical error

    I played the game 2 days ago. Nothing was changed since on my computer. Yet now 9 out of 10 tries I get critical error when push connect to server. I managed to get in 1 time. I started a match and in the middle it froze and said critical error again. What the *Edited is WG doing again? There was another AFK player in that game. Yes, I have mods (Aslain's), but they have worked well ever since update. So what now?
  7. Hi all, Ticket submitted already but im hoping for some serious fast assistance as I am getting really angry at this situation, I worked my #*@*@ off to get myself a beta invite and key and finally got one, now downloading the EU version and download updates, it just refuses to update the game and you will find attached the error log from the launcher that shows what happens, I have tried %appdata% clean and even deleted all files in the "Updates" folders and redownload everything, still same issue. I am getting so angry, I want to play this game when I get home this afternoon and that's the end of it. Can anybody please help! guys, can anybody help me please Error log.txt
  8. Hispano

    Error de mejora en el Furutaka

    Soy poseedor de este "complicado" crucero japonés y me he decidido a instalarle una mejora ( Modificación 2 de la batería principal) que consiste en: +10% al tiempo de carga de la batería principal. +15% al tiempo en apuntar de la batería principal. Si el tiempo de carga de la batería principal antes de la mejora era de 17 segundos, ahora se queda en ... 17 segundos. O_o . Y el tiempo en apuntar sigue el mismo. Ademas esta mal traducida la descripción de la mejora. Quisiera saber si este error ya es conocido o por el contrario no lo es, gracias.
  9. Coto_alejandro

    Error del laucher

    Hola buenas a todos, hace tiempo que el laucher del WOWs no me funcionaba, como tal cargaba el juego directamente abriendo la aplicación. El problema es que parece ser que se ha actualizado el juego, y al no poder cargar el laucher (me da error no lo puedo abrir) no se como actualizar el juego. ¿Qué puedo hacer, a vosotros también os pasa? saludos
  10. piotrintes

    Locked ship

    Wellcome. I wish to report a terrible bug which prevents me from use one of my ships. A little time after loading into battle game has crashed. Of course after restart ship has been locked, because it was in battle. Problem is, that game is not unlocking it since more than hour (one battle takes about 20 minutes, so I'm sure that this battle has been ended), so my ship has been locked permanently. I hope you can do anything to unlock this ship or just remove it from slot. Edit: After second restert of the game ship has been unlocked. So problem is solved.
  11. DavidWhatever

    Imposible conectarse al servidor

    Hola a todos marineros. El otro día hice la actualización a Windows 10, y desde entonces, no puedo entrar a jugar. Me han dicho que hay gente que tiene W10 y sin problemas. Ya he probado a desinstalarlo e instalarlo ya 3 veces y sigue el mismo error. He abierto las excepciones en el cortafuegos, y todo lo posible que pueda intervenir en la conexión y nada. Por eso hago este post xD. Y también he buscado soluciones en los foros y nada. Gracias por la ayuda.
  12. Bodziu_OLD

    Yellow Submarine

    Hello fellow captains, my today yellow submarine in 1 of the battle. Bod
  13. Hello shipmates, During the update of 0.5.8 the installation stops on the update game components: extracting updates. (at 66%) With the critical error screen, with the comment to check the log files. Also added these. Already complete uninstalled the game and installed it again same errror. Fixed register but still same error. How can help me getting the game installed? Thanks in Advance!! WargamingGameUpdater.log WargamingGameUpdater_host.log WoWSLauncher.log
  14. freakycell


    huhu, kann seit dem heute nicht mehr spielen. siehe bild Was kann ich tuen, geht es noch jemandem so, gibt es Lösungen dafür? mfg freaky
  15. Shockwave_78

    Can someone help me with this error

    Hello. Can someone help me with this error: I have clean installed Windows 7 x64,latest nvidia drivers and clean game install with no mods. Error appears every 5-10 mins in the middle of the game or in port doesn't matters. The error started after 5.3.1 update. Can someone help?
  16. NightHawkish

    Something wrong with the server

    Greetings WG developers, The server suddenly acting strange, We cannot start a battle and it keeps sending everyone back to the port add to that, the web server is down, so we cannot see our base, etc.. The news page in-game is acting strangely. Thank you for reading regards, NightHawk
  17. Humorpalanta

    Great lag...

    Greatest job WG! i log in to play a game. Use my resources to put on a *Edited ship. Then game freezes, my ship just swims out of screen and no idea what's happening. Same thing happens to others in my team as from chat I understood.
  18. weaselciuy

    Critical Error Ocured WoW crash

    Hello, As of yesterday I keep getting this error constantly. Sometimes it logs in game, but starts when I search for Random Game. Other times when I log in. When that spinny wheel comes up...I hear a beep and that's it. Error message. PC ran WoW for last 12 months. I reinstalled C+ Visual Redistributed something package, it worked for 1 game. Deleted preferences. Reinstalled video drivers. antivirus checks and disable. It just came out of nowhere, no PC changed in last 30 days. Only one is the 0.5.9 update. Help me out. PC Specs: Win 10 x64 Pro (I hate this OS) I5 4670K 3.4Ghz GTX 760 20 GB RAM SSD + HDD. Game on SSD. Error in print screen. Please help. All other games work fine.
  19. buenas madrugadas, a eso de las 5:15 AM al decidir meterme en el juego, recibo un parche de 36MB, este falla al intentar aplicarse, vuelvo a abrir y me aparece otro nuevo parche de 29MB, este se aplica sin problema alguno... pero cuando intento entrar aparece este bonito e informativo mensaje: Fallo al intentar conectarse con el servidor. Por favor inténtalo (eh eh eh, yo no le he dicho a ustedes que puedan tutearme) de nuevo. Este mensaje se repite como un mantra. Actualizo: a partir de las 6:00 AM funciona... seria cosa del mantenimiento del servidor
  20. HMCite

    Critical Error

    While playing world of warships today, my game crased twice in first game giving an error. Any one Else having same problem? And if any one has a solution, please respond. Thanks
  21. oruor

    Tecla Control no funciona

    Pues eso, que no me funciona la tecla Ctrl en el juego. La presiono y no me aparece el cursor (para seleccionar aviones, pinchar en el mapa, ver el alcance de mi armamento...). Antes funcionaba, pero cambié la configuración de las teclas (sin tocar la de control), y dejó de funcionar. Le he dado a poner por defecto otra vez y sigue sin funcionar. (La tecla en si, si que funciona, ese no es el problema, es solo en el juego). A alguien le ha pasado algo similar o se le ocurre algún modo de poder solucionarlo que no sea reinstalar todo? Gracias
  22. SirQuickyFarty


    Help I'm in the CBT but I'm unable to download the client . thank you in advance
  23. Hello, I try to install the game client to the public test, but i have received a Critial Error: Updating Localization Package. I think that it had taked the language for customization of the other client, in this case Spanish and it didn't have found the localization package. I have chaged the language of the client a russian and come back to english and the installation of the client have finished correctly Raul
  24. Loordbeny

    Smocze flagi - problem

    Witam, generalnie problem jest taki, że dostałem tylko 10 smoczych flag a powinienem dostać ich 160 wg rozpiski na stronie, czy ktoś coś wie na ten temat? Wg staff? Hmm?