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Found 6 results

  1. AnuSuaraj

    Quick question

    I see that there is a special discount on equipment, but I also see that there is no way to say buy 10 Concealment System Mods without first having ships to put them on, right?
  2. I've been getting back into tier 8 and up since the wipe and I decided to try the 'Target Acquisition Distance' equipment. It reads "+20% to maximum acquisition range" and I've been interpreting that as a 20% penalty to surface detectability ranges of enemy ships. It apparently doesn't seem to work like that as the maximum distance I was spotting Minekazes at was still 5.9km. My question to you fine folks would be: What exactly is it supposed to do?
  3. BloodyTourist


    I am the proud owner of the tier VIII premium IJN cruiser "Atago". This fast, light cruiser kinda depends on its stealth sometimes so i wanted to buff the camo. I was glad that with open beta in rank 8, there was camo consumables available. Also I invested 2 million credits into concealment system modification 1. Now, as I'm sure the actual mechanics already take account with these consumables, the numbers in port remain the same. They don't change. And you can imagine how I would like the have the numbers correct to be able to adjust my tactics on that. When unlocked I'd like to add a commanderskill regarding this as well. Can anyone tell me how I can get the numbers right? Or do i have to wait for WG to patch it someday?
  4. AkosJaccik

    "What does this thing do?"

    I'm probably not alone in our community when it comes to being totally and utterly clueless about actual and everyday naval issues (sitting in the middle of a landlocked country does not help either). Webpages and books often cover tactics, technical data and whatnot, but I often come across unanswered questions when I rotate the 3D models of ships in-game and look at specific pieces of equipment. What are those? How do they work? What happens when I push the button? While I have doubts about this topic being overly popular, let's give it a shot. The "rules" are simple. - Link one or some pictures about any in-game ship - Ask or tell about one or more of her equipment, or any 3D model part of her. You can even make a picture showing a wild array of explanations with arrows, or you can talk about one specific piece of equipment, how did it work, why did it installed on the ship, etc. You can even share curiosities about things that seem trivial to a seaman, but not to us ("Why is this rope here?"). Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
  5. The equipment module we receive for finishing the first part of Oktober Revolution marathon is wrong, it's the old one... We get a Main Battery Mod. 1, a module that's no longer used in the game, we should receive a Main Armaments Mod. 1, which is the one the old one was switched for when they updated the equipment modules. Someone at WG done goofed this one, and put the wrong one in the mission... why is it even still in the game? Please fix it WG.
  6. TL;DR: PM2 DOES help at all speeds, WHEN YOU CHANGE THE THROTTLE. I set out to disprove this post on the NA forums: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/87597-propulsion-mod-2-precise-effects/page__hl__propulsion__fromsearch__1 Because while that post seems thorough, it is wrong. PM2 DOES help at all speeds, contrary to the seemingly thorough test in that thread. I put my CL at half speed(17.4 knots), and then noted the time it took to get to 30 knots from 17.4 knots. With the upgrade, 15 seconds, without it well above 20. While this is known to those of us who use it a lot of players seem to think it is useless, according to the above link.In short, the upgrade allows the ship to adjust its speed to the setting on the speed meter faster, however, there are a few situations where it doesnt help. For example:If you have your speed set to full, and you do a sharp turn but keep the throttle at full, the ship will already be at "full" speed even when bleeding and the benefit isn't activated. Concerning deceleration: From 35 knots (full speed) to 17 knots (half speed), it takes 11-12 seconds with PM2. Without it, it takes the same amount of time or slightly more (hard to tell) BUT the weird thing I discovered is that the ship keeps decelerating to 16.3 knots without it, while it stops at 17 knots if you ahve it installed. To get down to 16.3 takes another second or so, and then the ship has to accelerate up to 17 knots half speed) again. Clearly, the PM2 makes the ship more responsive to speed changes, even decelerations although not nearly as much as when increasing the throttle. *edit* none of the above has anything to do with the engine boost it gives you below 6 knots, that is just a pure Horsepower boost unrelated to this post. (but very useful, too)