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Found 9 results

  1. Attention All Gamers! The Dank Meme Bois are in trouble and they need your help! Whether you are an inexperienced player looking for a clan full of epic memel0rds or an experienced player looking to help build a clan up from the bottom, look no further, for the Dank Meme Bois are now recruiting. The clan is brand new, so we don't expect anything from you. You don't even have to send us your credit card number and the three numbers on the back. We don't have many of the clan buildings built yet, but we can offer you a friendly, mature community of dank memesters for more fun fun fun fun than the Kazoo Kid could EVER deliver! Join by simply sending a message ingame to Holzlover or searching for Dank Meme Bois [DAB] and applying directly for an EPIC Victory Royale!
  2. Hey fellow warriors, Our newly formed Clan is looking for additional players that help us and claim spoils and riches (especially Oil :D ) You are looking for the opportunity to gain Oil (also for your own account) ? You can behave like a normal adult? You like playing Warships, but dont want all the stress that comes with a large, competitive Clan, like mandatory TS and stuff? Then wait no longer and join us. We not only offer the opportunity to gain Oil, but also - stress-free clan athmosphere to gather Oil for mutual benefit (it rows better when not alone in the ship) - a relaxed athmosphere where you can play without any pressure or make new friends to play together, just as you like. If i catched your attention, then wander no longer alone, but come onboard. ;) Best Regards
  3. Hey Guys! Just opening up my new Warships YouTube channel! World of Warships Gameplay with Epic Music. Will try out commentary as soon as i got a decent microphone. http://www.youtube.com/TheSnakerino Since Im just starting this channel every Feedback, Like, Comment and Subcription is very much appreciated! Thank you all very much! :) Your friendly Neighbourhood Snake ;) Hope you enjoy! ;)
  4. Hey guys, I got linked a few times to video's from this youtube channel and trust me his video's are awesome! I searched this forum and he doesn't have a thread here, which I think is a damn shame! So, to make sure even us Europeans can enjoy his video's I decided to make a thread to put his channel under attention Eurobeat's youtube channel Some of the most funny one's ->
  5. SmartassNoob

    [Suggestion] Epic map idea

    Imagine a map that has an active volcano at one end! The volcano would constantly be spraying lava over the nearest capture area next to it (like a HE rain) and there would be a very thick black smoke flowing out of it. The smoke would make it impossible to see to the enemy side of the map (at least down wind of the volcano) and act as a permanent massive smoke screen on one side of the map. Imagine the gameplay options! Push through with radar and hydro-acoustic search, only to run into the whole enemy team? Wait and do nothing only to have all areas captured by the enemy? Make use of an english BB and capture the lava rain area? Avoid smoke in the clear area, only to find that by the time you get there the battle is over?
  6. https://vzhabin.ru/US_WoWsStatInfo/clans.php?realm_search=eu&clan=500139791 http://picosong.com/DYGn/
  7. abacs21

    This was my finest hour.

    Ever have one of those moments when you just feel like facedesking until your skull cracks open?... That was me, after I finished this battle and realized I haven't set the config to record replays after the latest update. Oh well, even though I missed that opportunity, what do you guys say about my chances in the XP contest?