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Found 75 results

  1. In [-NH-]New Horizons we have: Competitions, Operations, Divisions, Training, Clan Battles, Tournament ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are an active player (not a casual) and you are looking for an active Clan... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the minimum stats if you want to join us: - At least 2pcs T10 in your port (more will be nice) - WR 52% (win rate) here we can make some exception if your T10 stats are OK - PR 1200 (personal rate) - Battles >2000 - Active player - Like to play: Division/Clan Battle/Tournament - Discord is mandatory (even if you can't speak all the time, but at least u can hear us) - English language (here we are International people) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But for sure what u looking for is "YOU vs. ME - Tournament" A place where we training our team with other Clans, and prepare for next CB Season, where you can learn how to play in a team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of this event, join us today! This Tournament coming soon, be here! (more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to talk with us, join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/R6vdH2Z In this way, you will know each other, and you can decide more easily what do you want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ABOUT US: Waste no time, I'll simply go straight for the introduction. Created during the 1st Season of Team Battles by a group of mercenaries, who wanted to have a quality game experience and didn't have the nerve to deal with extensive clan rules or the patience to undergo a lengthy recruitment process. At first, we didn't take the gameplay too seriously and played or grinded mostly tier 7 ships in tier 8 MM (1st Season of Team Battles), but when WG introduced the demo version of Clan Portal, we suddenly realized, we did quite all right and gotten ourselves in the Alpha League with minimal efforts. Then we decided, we'll give this a try and lo and behold, our gloriously hilarious clan was born. For more info, read down below and check some of our tournament highlights feat. on prominent YouTube channels. W We had or were associated with many teams on the official Clan Portal, I'll try to name a few of them here, so you can look them up and research the stats, if you're into numbers and results, but due to the nature of the ELO MM system being heavily broken, we rather focused at actually playing the game, than grinding (with 30 mins queue times) 1 single team into top 3 or top 5, so take that into consideration. W Our YouTube Presentation. Viewer Discretion Advised. Main YouTube Account and our Stream Account. Twitch channel currently under construction. WGP2W: Pay 2 Win team was established way too late into the 1st season of Team Battles, it'll be our main team for the 2nd season (currently shaped into Clan Battles, e.g. [WGP2W] tag and Clan Group) The Ministry of Silly Shots: we teamed up and helped to push the rankings up, ended 5th best EU team in the 1st Season of Team Battles, 276 battles, WR: 81,5% Scared Cit less: team, we grinded a little bit, but due to non-existent MM, we gave up after reaching Alpha League, number 22 in the ranking, 79 battles, WR: 75,9% Hunt For Flamu Is Here: our troll / 4lulz team, tier 7 ships only (keep in mind, that Team Battles were for tiers 7 to 8), number 34 in the ranking, 73 battles, WR: 71,2% REQUIREMENTS: be interested in competitive gaming / have a competitive attitude, because we're mostly Team Battles / Clan Wars / Tournaments focused clan (although, we do casual divisions in Random Battles as well) needless to say to have a working headset with a mic and the ability to communicate in English over comms (which means, you must be able to both understand and be able to answer back) be an active Discord user (Discord platform is our main communication hub), in case you don't have Discord, you can still be our member, but Discord users will always receive information first age?, winrate?, number of battles? (we find those kinda inferior, we judge applications solely on individual basis, mostly based on how people perform during our trainings) WHAT DO WE OFFER? be part of stable mature group of experienced players focused on having quality games: 5th best EU team according to WG's ELO rating (1st Season of Team Battles) winner of the 2016 French Community Contributor Tournament among others, participation in the top tier EU tournaments: here's a game against ASEET (top 10 EU ELO rating) in the OMC we managed to win within top 8 EU clans during The Winter King Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas 2 Tournament winner of the 7v7 T6 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 4 EU clans during 9v9 T8 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 8 EU clan during King of the Seas 3 Tournament within top 4 EU clans during League of the Sea Tournament join The (in)famous Hunt For Flamu, during which we're trying to add Flamu to our OMNI Rare Collection™ within top 4 EU clans during King of the Seas 4 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/kots4) winner of the King of the Seas 5 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/KotS5) winner of the King of the Seas 5 NA vs. EU server clash 8th EU clan during the Season 1 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 2 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 3 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) TBD while being competitive, we're still having fun (laughing hysterically) on TS, if someone f*cks up, instead of raging / crying (which is common for hard-trying pro-clans) we run our own tournaments with very decent prize-pool, e.g. 150€ 3v3 WGP2W CUP (where top 4 teams win Doubloons or Premium Time) be part of large international multi-gaming community, which means 2 things: A/ our team won't randomly die over night (there's plenty of people) and B/ you can find new friends to play other games with weekly events in Training Room (be that skirmishes vs. other clans, tournaments or just other kind of derpy things) during Team Battles season, we do at least 3x events per week, usually lasting 3 hours (so you can look forward an epic dosage of some 7v7 action) during Ranked Battles we help each other over comms as well if you just want to derp around in a division and go clubbing, you can division up with some of the best EU players HOW TO JOIN (via Discord)? USING DISCORD: 100% supported - all you need to do is to click on this link @ https://discord.gg/38JcBPW USING STEAM: full Steam support have been terminated (use Steam, only in case you want to get in touch with me, but response times might vary, usually it's several weeks, anyhow, you can reach me @ MY PROFILE) USING TS: TeamSpeak support have been terminated for time being (apologies for the inconvenience) if I'm unresponsive via PM (I could have died, got kidnapped or got hit by a car), please, contact one of these guys: Idlaaja | Send me a PM! (English) SimplyKarl | Send me a PM! (English, Deutch) dark6799 | Send me a PM! (English, Français) t3h3th32 | Send me a PM! (English) And that's pretty much it guys and gals. I think, we covered everything important and of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask them down below or simply PM me, as I stated above. We're a friendly bunch and we'll look forward hearing from y'all. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  3. Dionysian

    Want to Play Clan Battles?

    HEATH was created during the first season of clan battle when a group of us grew tired of having too many inactives in the clan. Members consist of English speaking people from all over Europe and most is 30+. We do have a Discord, and you are expected to be on Discord when your are in the game. If you are in division, you will be expected to be on voice comms. No real demands on stats, but T6 and a wish to go higher is preferred. Talk to us on: https://discord.gg/4sChc8c
  4. Hey captains, the [IJN] Imperial Japanese Navy is recruiting new players to play some clan battles together. Created in the early stages of the clan system in World of Warships, our main goal was to have a great time together while sharing a bunch of bonuses, and I must say, it worked quite well, our facilities are almost fully upgraded and are prepared to host anyone ready to step in with us. Now, we are looking for active players willing play some clan battles and even some other games, we've already expended to a few other games ranging from FPS games, MMORPGs to even sandbox games. But now you might be wondering : who the hell are these guys and what can I gain by joining them? Well that's simple, really! We are : a bunch of grumpy sailors ranging from 17 to 29 years old. from a bunch of different european countries. big history nerds (the imperial weeb, the authentic german wehraboo or even our honorable tea drinker from the UK). weebs (you probably guessed it by now, didn't you?). a bit of WH40K fans. So now that you know a bit about all of us, check if you are interested in the following : An active community playing a lot different games (but mainly World of Warships). A clan with almost fully upgraded facilities and a lot of bonuses to gain from it. At least one player always ready to div up with you and play some random battles. A bunch of seasonned players ready to share their experiences and knowledge of the game. Looking for more casual clan : we do love ranking up but our main goal is to have fun and improve at the game. Now you're wondering : what's the catch? What's hidden between the lines? Honestly not much, I started this clan purely for fun and I'm looking forward to expanding it, there are however a few requirements to complete to join us Aww come on, don't be scared it's just the basics of communication, you thought I was going to ask for your stats huh? But seriously we require a few things from our new members : A basic understanding of the english language (like seriously, how could you read this otherwise?) An active use of Discord (to be fair, it would be a shame to communicate via keyboard during clan battles) The ability to take a joke, if you're easily offendable this might not be the right place (we're constantly nagging eachother and for good reason : try combining french, germans, british, polish, dutch and swedish players without one trying to invade the other) Are you convinced yet? Do you need additionnal informations or even a trial period with us? You can contact us using the following methods : By joining our Discord By contacting me on Discord at the following username : Annacube_Skyfire#1418 By contacting any of our recruiting staff on world of warships : Annacube_Skyfire, Starkillerscat, SS_Unsinkable, MLP_Thundersky or UnumVolatile. By asking directly on the forum (even though you will probably be invited to join the Discord server or a private discussion to chat a bit if you're feeling uncomfortable of joining right away)
  5. Moin, da ich bisher keine passende "Umgebung" für mich gefunden habe, setze ich mal dieses Gesuch hier ab. 1. Mein Alter: 30+ 2. Meine höchste Schiffsstufe: T9 3. Meine bevorzugte Schiffsklasse und/oder Nationen: entfällt, da alles irgendwie Spaß macht 4. Gewünschte Kommunikation: Discord/Riot (TS3 ist ausgeschlossen) 5. Meine Onlinezeiten: Mo-So; 0:00-24:00 (immer wenn ich Lust habe und mir Zeit nehme (Lust steigt mit dem richtigen Umfeld)) 6. Gesuchter Spielmodus/Meine Ambitionen: da ich derzeit Zufallsgefechte nutze um meine Schiffe fahren zu lernen, würde ich es auch gern dabei belassen. An Clanbattles bin ich (derzeit) nicht interessiert, sehr wohl aber an gemeinsamen Gruppen. 7. Persönliche Ziele: die Weltherrschaft, was denn sonst? - im Spiel möchte ich gerne meine eigenen Leistungen verbessern (stetiger Prozess) und so viel Spaß wie möglich dabei haben. 8. Wünsche an den Clan: Ich wünschte, es gäbe die Möglich für Spannung, Spiel UND SCHOKOLADE! - bis das möglich ist, würde ich mit einem freundlichem Miteinander abfinden und habe Hoffnung, dass evtl der ein oder andere im Clan nicht ganz so unwissend ist wie ich und bereit ist bei mir 2-3 Lichter anzuschalten und mir diverse Dinge im Spiel näher bringen kann. 9. Sonstiges: Ich nehme vieles (u.a. mich selbst) nicht ganz so ernst und freue mich immer, wenn mein Gegenüber ähnlich tickt. Mir ist bewusst, dass einige von WOWS ihre Miete finanzieren müssen (zumindest spielen/reagieren so verbissen), ich gehöre allerdings nicht dazu und sehe das Spiel als das, was es eben ist: EIN SPIEL! 10. Link zu meinen Statistiken: https://worldofwarships.eu/de/community/accounts/503410771-Trugbild/!/pvp/overview/ Für eventuelle Kontaktaufnahme, meldet euch bitte hier, per PN, Ingame oder per Discord (Gneisfried#0228). Ich brauche nicht als einzige Aussage einen Link zu irgend einer Webseite, da ich wenn ich mir die ansehe nach wie vor nicht weiß, ob wir menschlich zueinander passen. So denn, man liest/hört sich. Trugbild
  6. Age Group: (25<>35) Real Name: Just like the nickname Country: Mauritius (UTC +4) Languages: English, French Discord: LeGiry #8542 Ships&Stats: Click here My Random stats used to be in the lower 40's for a long long time, cause I couldn't care less in randoms, Warships has for the most been a play-for-fun activity for me, my fun being: "Get in ship →blap or get blapped →go port →Rinse & Repeat." So please don't write me off based on those. I can assure you in a competitive clan battle I am an entirely different beast. I also make my best to be regularly available for CW. Previous clans: [FMP] Season 1-3 (eengrish speaking weebs) [CF40] Season 5 -6 (Baguettes & Croissants) [_ZOO_] Season 7 (It's freaking Monkey's clan duh!) [-SOG-] Season 8 (English speaking fellas) ^ All cool lads, good humour, lots of laughs. Definitely recommended to anyone looking for fun divisions. However I am now looking for a clan with bigger competitive aspirations at Typhoon level with seasoned captains invested in tactical approach and much finer strategic game-play. Ideally I'll make a nice fit to a clan that plays as early as the clan wars sessions start or even during RU prime time. Clan Wars History:
  7. Greetings Captains. We are Bring Your Own Booze [BYOB], we have members from all over Europe and communicate in English. We are looking to recruit some skilled and reliable players for Clan Battles to replace AWOL players and those who can no longer commit to playing every CB session on a regular basis. Last season we finished in Typhoon 1 scoring regular wins against Hurricane clans on our way there. But this season we find ourselves slightly short of players who are good enough to be comfortable getting back to Typhoon and push for Hurricane. We are especially interested in people who are comfortable playing DD (YueYang/Gearing/Z-52) and the BB position would be opened up for the right player. That said, we are mainly just looking for proficient players who own a range (5+) of viable CB ships, and are willing to play full CB sessions on a regular basis. We understand that people have lives outside of the game, and missing some CB sessions is unavoidable, but those who are present regularly will be given priority to play. Stats will be looked at, they are not an exact science, but there is undeniably a difference between a 48% player and a 58% player. The core of our CB team are Rank 1 players in the 55-60% range. Outside of Clan Battles there are no specific requirements of being in the clan, regularly playing Clan Battles is more than enough of a commitment. Our CB players do regularly division up for randoms, but you would never be required to join them, and you will never be required to be on voice comms for anything outside of Clan Battles. We generally use TS3 for Clan battles communication, but we also have a Discord server and optional Whatsapp group for shitposting and Gal Gadot gifs if that's your kind of thing. Anyone who is interested can contact me in game or with a PM here. I also use Steam and discord if you prefer that, but you will need to PM your info for those.
  8. MotorBoatin

    UK Clan to Join

    Hi all, I'm a regular World of Warships player :) I'm still learning the game mechanics but I'm looking for a clan to join and people to team with in a Division..it's a bit lonely playing on my own each day aha If anyone could help, that would be much appreciated :)
  9. Die Starfleet ist eine aktive Flotte mit Spielern aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern. Demnächst bauen wir auf 50 Member aus und um ehrlich zu sein, will ich mir das gebagger ingame diesmal ersparen: :) Daher dieser Forumsaufruf. Wir vereinen ambitionierte mit versierten Spielern, um alle Facetten von WoWs gemeinsam und erfolgreich zu erleben. Körperlich sind die Meisten über 30 Jahre und kommen zu rund 80% aus Deutschland. In Divisionen und random sprechen wir natürlich deutsch. Englisch wird in der Regel nur zu Wettkämpfen gesprochen. Abends sind in der durchschnittlich 1-3 Divisionen unterwegs und viele Einzelspieler. Ich als Leader bin darauf bedacht, die Flotte aktiv zu halten. Das heißt, ich und mein Stab achten darauf, dass wir keine "Accoundleichen" in der Flotte haben. Wir stellen eigentlich nur drei Bedingungen: - nur ein "Weekendwarrior" zu sein, ist uns nicht genug (da wir regelmäßig an competetives, clanbattles etc. teilnehmen) - deine Stats müssen in der Nähe des Flottendurchschnitts liegen aber gerne auch übertreffen - in erster Linie solltest du geistige Reife mitbringen Habe ich dein Interesse geweckt oder möchten Du uns unterstützen? Besuch uns auf unserem discord https://discord.gg/vmf9X4H Unsere WoWs-numbersseite : https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500140970,SFT-StarFleeT/
  10. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and recently seperated from our main clan VV to start a competitive team VIVIC we are now looking for some new faces within our community to bolster our strenght and numbers. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and managed to rank 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles with VV. For any further stats regarding the VIVIC clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500193291,VIVIC-Virtus-Victoria/ Feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/xa4v3HD NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining VIVIC , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Other ways to get in contact? - Reply to this post - Send me a PM on the Forums or Ingame I will get back to you as soon as possible. :) Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  11. Cooey! I'm Jamdear(est), and I've been Twitching for just over a month now, so I thought it was time I posted here! I'm filling in that female British ships streamer gap in the market, so I hope to do WG proud. I offer a laid back, salt-free stream and I've been described as a "positive streamer", whatever that means. I'm an average player, nothing special. I'm in All at Sea [--] and we just made gold this evening! Wheyyy!I play all the botes, some better than others. Even dipped my toe into CV-ing after the rework. I'm still learning about Twitch and also about the more technical side of the game, which I can't learn fast enough. Take a cheeky peek at me Discord, it'd be lovely to have you! I stream weekdays, except Wednesday from 11.30am - 3.30pm GMT (or later). I'm hoping to build up my stamina too, to hopefully stream until gone 5pm. I'll pop the kettle on and get the biscuits out for when you pop in. D'you take sugar? F12! Jam o7
  12. Are you looking for a clan with a great community, funny guys, training evenings for all levels and where you will get help to get those ships you want most? Then... THIS IS THE CLAN FOR YOU! If you are motivated and like to be part of a Clan and looking for excitement and enjoyment as well as being part of a team in the game, then come and join us. Yes, [-NH-]New Horizons is a new Clan, but we have something to offer you. Real friendships, respect for all members, and most of all fun! At the end of the day, it's a game. It doesn’t make you any better or any worse than anybody else. So by winning a game, you’re no better. By losing a game, you’re no worse. But what matters, in the end, is to... ENJOY IT! These are the minimum stats if you want to join us: - At least one T10 in your port (more will be nice) - WR 52% (win rate) - PR 1200 (personal rate) - Battles 1300 - Be active - Like to play: Division/Clan Battle/Tournament - Discord is mandatory (even if you can't speak all the time, but at least u can hear us) - English language (here we are International people) In [-NH-]New Horizons we have: Competitions, Operations, Divisions, Training, Clan Battles, and other exciting challenges like "YOU vs. ME - Tournament" (more details at https://you-vs-me.eu/) If you want to talk with us join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/R6vdH2Z
  13. when i stopped playing the warspite i had a 61% win rate with it. today i came back after about 12-14 months and cannot get it to perform well at all. a mogammi engaged me so i rushed into my shortish range like i used to to avoid plunging fire. however unlike before every ap shell i took to the front deck was Heavy damage and wasent repairible. leaving me down about 18k hp in the time it took me to close in. i continued closeing the range to about 12k so he was hitting the very heavaly angled side of my ship and he was still doing 8k+ salvos every 14 seconds*ish* where as my salvos were all overpenning the waterline for around 1100 dmg per shell of which i was landing about 3-7 per volley as he knew how to manuver well. off course i lost the dps race and sank 1st. this never used to happen. bow on the warspite used to be Immune from smaller guns other than the superstructer which is acceptable. now she just feels outclassed and when uptierd unlike an uptierd DD she feels like a burdon on the team. how do you guys play the warspite in the current patch? and how the ***************** do you try to 1v1 a tirpitz? in a later game me and my mate both in warspites got rushed by a tirpitz and he torped us both and continued on his merry way on about 15k hp. even angled he was able to citadel us infront of the number one turret which seems odd while his hull armor bounced or took very little damage in return. turtle armor weak at range pahahaha nah, turtle armor vs low tier ships is op..... in otherwords since i stopped playing the warspite and learned how to play BBS well, comeing back to the warspite the ship feels terrible. slow, burns easy, torp pretection is pritty meh. tall. blocky bridge takes lots of damage, turrets get knocked out by other BBs, your down on total shells compaired to other t6 BBs and the hull damage model is very unforgiving. send help
  14. BirdMouth

    EBC is looking for peasants

    There aren't any requirements. We do generally stay in the tier 8-10 bracket, but if you're new we will help you grind up a bit in a division. Ask for discord info when you get approved.
  15. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! ( And everyone else that might be reading this post - we know you out there CIA ) We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and are looking for some new faces within our VV community. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and ranked 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles. For any further stats regarding the clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500168391,VV-Valour-and-Victory/ As i am honestly not somebody who checks the forums a lot, Best way to get in contact with us is looking us up ingame and sending us a message there, Or feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/dchQc9p NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining Valour and Victory , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  16. SweneyB

    NUNC Recruiting

    Hallo commander NUNC is opzoek naar spelers die door de weeks redelijk actief zijn en die geintereseerd zijn mee te spelen tijdens clanwars seizoenen. In het algemeen zijn wij bij NUNC een rustige clan die bestaat uit mensen die graag na hun werk of school een potje willen spelen. Ben jij geintreseerd? Neem dan contact op via het forum of discord @7814 sweney Hello commander! NUNC is looking for active players that are active during weekdays and weekends and we expect you to participate during clanwars seasons. We are on average a very relaxed clan consisting out of people that like to play after their work or school. Are you interested? Please contact me on the forum or on discord #7814 sweney
  17. Hello everyone! I am looking for a clan that will let me engage in clan battles! I have tried to set up an International clan with a couple of friends for some CBs but in the end it proved to be a LOT of work and little was gained. Since now, that clan now only exist as a base for casual players that enjoy bonuses. That being said, I don't consider myself that much casual (although I do have my "tunnevision" moments), I am a University student, 24yo, and I have a bit of time on my hands. I can follow orders, respect the chain of command, but I will surely make suggestions or comments if I deem necesarry (in a discrete way, ofc, and definetly NOT in the middle of an engagement!). I would say I'm a proficient user of the English language and I can stutter a bit of German, but since I am Croatian, any clan that speaks similar languages is also welcome, if it tickles my fancy ! My stats: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500010910-CroPanzer/!/pvp/overview/ I hope I find a nice new home and find plenty of buddes to pew pew with! Cheers!
  18. ******* UPD. (21.7.19) Recruitment to the ALPHA team has already been opened in English! The ALPHA is the full competitive team Decent stats 57+% solo winrate in majority high tier (VIII-X) Look for 2mybe in-game! ******* ******* UPD. (18.7.13.) A 3. szezon alpha-bravo rendszere miatt úgy döntöttünk, hogy egy tisztán eredményorientált játékot fenntartunk a klánnak! A WoWS legmagasabb színvonalú űzésére merült fel alpha tagjainkban az elszánt igény. Gyere és csatlakozz, ha hasonlóan gondolkodsz! ;) ******* "Whenever we enter a battle someone going to get rekt. Sometimes us, mostly them. Our greatest glory is not never failing, but rising every time we fail." Mit jelent a REKT? Gyakori kérdések.hu-n az első válasz: "Általában gyerekek vagy trollok szokták használni online játékokban annak érdekében hogy valakit idegesítsenek vagy provokáljanak." :D Nem vesszük túl komolyan magunkat, az arany középutat választjuk az élet és a játék egyensúlyában, ami annyit takar, hogy nem engedünk abból a jó dologból, hogy jóízűen töltsük el a játékra szánt közös időt TS-en, de azt is elismerjük, hogy az igazi eredményekbe időt és energiát is kell fektetni, különben nincs igazi fejlődés, ill. azért nincsenek olyan aktivitási követelmények, amik egy átlag családos vagy valódi párkapcsolatban élő (stb.) embernek már túlzásnak hatnának (nincs pl. heti 2 kötelező gyakorló). Követelmény a barátságos hangulatra törekvés mindenkitől, és a heti 2 gyakorlóból a felén való kötelező részvétel hosszútávon. De meg van értve a magánélet miatti ideiglenes inaktív időszak. Clan Battlen az aktív játékosaink többségével kimaxoljuk a nyereményeket pl. Stalingrad Blueprint. Valamint tornákra járunk. Az utolsó tornán a League of the Sea-n első szereplésünk volt és a liga 4-ből továbbjutottunk a liga 3-ba a torna top 30 klánja közé és eddig is a liga 3 és liga 2 klánjaival szoktunk izgalmas gyakorlókat játszani. Statisztikai követelmény az alpha csapat részére kb. 60% wr, a minimum követelmény, amivel vállaljuk a játékostudás félzárkóztatását az a 53%-os winrate solo nagy (VIII-X) tierben. Ezenkívül jelenleg ideiglenesen gyűjtünk valamivel gyengébb játékostudású embereket is a főklánba, akiket 2018-ban a [REKT Academy]-ben akarunk foglalkoztatni, ha eléri az utánpótlás klán a stabil aktivitáshoz szükséges létszámot. Ha pedig ellenség vagy akkor jól megREKTálunk, haha! Majdnem elfelejtettem: A humorérzék klánfelvételi követelmény!! Felvételi elbeszélgetéshez keress meg engem vagy egy Deputy Commandert a klánból! Amúgy meg várunk baráti szeretettel, reméljük megtalálod a számításodat játéktudásban és közösségi hangulatban is nálunk ;) Ja és azért mert nem vagyunk gosu kockák, azért még elég elszántak vagyunk a nemzetközi klánok megREKTálása terén! :-))
  19. L'Arpeggio of Blue Steel Escadre Française, clan nouvellement formé recrute. Tout joueur ayant des navires T5 ou plus est accepté. Aucune obligation de jeu particulière sinon une activité régulière ou de faire gagner du pétrole au clan. Un bon comportement est exigé (pas d'insultes ou autres). Nous parlons Français, Anglais et Italien. Si vous êtes intéressé, contactez-moi (Mastoran) ou notre recruteur (Caveman_03) ou envoyez votre candidature directement au clan ABSEF. À bientôt, Mastoran // The clan, Arpeggio of Blue Steel Escadre Française, a new clan is recruiting. Every player with T5 or higher ships is welcome. There is no obligation except having a regular activity or earning oil for the clan. You must have a good behaviour (no insult or else) We speak French, English and Italian If you are interessed, please contact me (Mastoran), or Caveman_03 or send your application directly to ABSEF. See you soon, Mastoran
  20. Hello Commanders, We are currently looking to expand our clan and would like to hear from you if the following terms apply: - You are over the age of 18+ - Have at least 1 Tier 10 - Have more than 1000 Random Battles (or close to) - You are active on World of Warships - Have TeamSpeak - Are looking to take part in Clan Battles - Have a good sense of Humour - English Speaking Only We currently have a small clan base size where most of our members are from within the UK but we do also have members within the EU from various countries. If you love to play World of Warships and want to have a good bit of fun and up for a laugh then please get in touch, We would love to hear from you!
  21. [YURI] The purest form of love What are we looking for? We seek players with a winrate of about 55%/ Players that are willing to improve themselves. Decent English skills. People that want to play in divisions and want to hangout with others. Players with atleast one tier 10 ship. Exceptions to the min stat requirements can be made. You will need to be able to use Discord to communicate and keep up to date with clan related happenings. Personal stats should be somewhere around the average clanstats For the future we also seek competitive players for clan battles. How to join? Simply join discord and ask! Discord invite link - https://discord.gg/Br2uFZS Or PM me ingame. this post might not look like much atm, but it's gonna get upgraded at some point down the line. We hope to sail with you in the near future!
  22. Looking for ACTIVE international clan, which is using DISCORD to communicate. I am sure you can easily find my stats on website, but tl;dr: almost all T10 ships - including bourgogne and stalingrad, average stat with approx 57%wr, some commanding experience, but would rather not take the leading role. Negative stuff: on work days only 2-3 hours of playing, late evenings. Weekends online and playing almost all the time. My clan migration list is quite long, but there is always a reason behind it, but in most cases its low member activity at times when i am active and especially on weekends, because we all know that solo randoms suck :> would be great to get some invitations from clans that have approximately same average WR stats as mine, but not too important. as long as active. clans with 52 WR or less - please dont bother also, please: no clans with trollish or just plain stupid tags
  23. iiDutchy

    Valour and Victory

    Dear, Are you looking for a fun and active clan in world of warships? Looking for some nice and friendly people to division up with? Learn a thing or two from other player or willing to teach a thing or two to other players? A good and fun community to have a laugh with? Well, we are VV - Valour and Victory - We are a Storm League clan looking for active members. We obviously play clan battels but this is not mandatory if you do not want to play them or you do not yet own a Tier X ship of your own. We use discord for our base of operations. This is the invite link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/ffX7kA8 Should you be intrested, or have questions feel free to stop by introduce yourself and say hi :) Your also always welcome to join our community on discord should you be looking for people to division with but arent intrested in a clan right now. Greatings! Sincerely iiDutchy - Valour and Victory Recruiter.
  24. I'm looking for a team who are interested in doing events / scenario's / clan battles and arms race, I'm also looking for division mates. I have an open schedule, I'm 26 years old from Guernsey in the Channel Islands so my time-zone is GMT, I can be active whenever needed. I'm very competitive and I strive to improve myself with every game I play. This is a team game and I would like an active and reliable team to train with/improve with and start making some noise. Team must have Voice and Text Communications. I've been playing WoWs for almost 6 months now, I'd say I'm fairly average, my main win percentage is 52%, but everything is solo play, I'm sure with team play I can improve that. I've lead clans on other games, mainly RTS games but a few FPS games also, but I'd like a knowledgeable leader who I can sponge information from. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask, thank you for your time, and good luck out there <3 [Edit: I'm currently in a clan I am looking to leave because they do not do anything that I am interested in, I want to play competitive.]
  25. Galen_512

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    THIS IS ACTUALLY A EUROPEAN CLAN, AS SURPRISING AS IT MAY BE GIVEN THAT THIS IS THE EUROPEAN FORUM [AKI] AKIZUKI'S AA PARTY If you're looking for a clan that doesn't shy away from competitive modes like clan battles, but you don't want to throw your life away just for the clan, then Akizuki's AA Party is (probably/maybe/possibly) the clan for you! The main goal of this clan is to provide a comfy environment for it's members and their friends on our discord server, and to generally just have a good time. Most of our members came from a different clan in which we reached Typhoon league and managed to unlock the first Stalingrad blueprint for a bunch of our members (if you're curious about which clan I'm talking about, then look at the transfer history over at wows-numbers or similar sites). We are planning on playing the next clanbattle seasons as well, so if you want to unlock those flags in a more laid-back way, then feel free to come check us out on our discord server. Permanent invite link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/sZ7Hpng This is what we're looking for in people who want to join our clan: Personal stats should be somewhere around the average clanstats [WoWS Numbers Site] - so at least all time PvP PR of 1700 and 58% WR You should own at least two T10 ships that are currently in the typhoon+ clanbattle meta [Hint: Mino, Khaba, GK, Shima and Grozovoi are not in the meta], and have decent stats in these (decent implies at least 58%+ WR and 1700PR) Exceptions to the min-stats rules can be made but won't happen regularly If you want to join because of clanbattles, then it is expected of you to continuously try to improve your own performance Discord - a microphone isn't required, although it would help a lot when trying to play the more competitive gamemodes Decent English skills Age 17+ Chill personality Tryhard statpadders who only wanna play T5 divs with T4 carriers to exploit the matchmaker are a big no-no PS: even though it may seem like we're mainly a weeb clan, we definetely don't have that as a requirement. PPS: this post might not look like much atm, but it's gonna get upgraded at some point down the line. PPPS: We fully endorse the Holy Squirrel