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Found 2 results

  1. [NUKED] are looking for players!! What we offer: You can play with us in divisions You can join us for ClanWars and other activities Active members The core of the clan is German (most of us speak English) Players from Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland, Israel, Norway and the Netherlands - this is now a Pan-European(+) clan! What we expect from you: Be on our Discord on a regular basis Be active in Wows Own Tier 10 ships and know how to use them Be nice to other clan members Have decent stats - (no we do not require unicom players, but we do hold the right to deny applicants based on stats, please be reasonable in your expectations) Interested? PM me in-game, or my discord: bemljj#2732
  2. Welcome to the Recruitment Thread for Solaire Invictus - known by the moniker [TORCH] >> DUE TO IRL CIRCUMSTANCES, WE ARE IN NEED OF PLAYERS WILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN CB, BOTH CASUAL AND MORE DEDICATED CLAN MEMBERS NEEDED << Our Main Aims: - Friendly tight knit community with a dictatorship with an open diplomatic forum style setup. - Chilled atmosphere and jolly co-operation! - Regular CB sessions, at minimum 3 session per week. - Inter clan lottery, prizes ranging from flags to ships, and containers! General Guidelines: - English-speaking, Access to Discord. - PR of 1200* (>1500 Battles) - Having at least one Tier 8 Ship would be beneficial to get enjoyment from divisions. - Having a Tier 10 Cruiser for Clan Battles will mean some immediate exposure! We recruit on a trial and case-by-case basis, however general rule of thumb is your stats are 2000PR and 60% WR if you have a decent first impression and positive character. Therefore we usually use an extended trial initiation (7 days) - At the end of this period you are forwarded an invite to the clan. If you're interested please contact Myself on the forum here - or on our discord here: https://discord.gg/PxNbk5e So to summarise us, please watch the below introductory video to explain what we're about. Disclaimer - This video was included for purely entertainment purposes and has no explanatory content to the nature of the clan in question, viewer discretion is advised, as the audio track of the song in said content will likely get stuck in your head and drive you up the f***ing wall when you find yourself listening to it for the seventh time.