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Found 33 results

  1. [R-U] Red Unicorns Red Unicorns is a Warships clan part of Red Unicorns gaming community. We are looking for active players to fill up few last spots in our clan. Any active player looking for steady groups for Division play, operations, Clan Wars or a good crowd to play with is welcome to join us. Since we are also doing casual Clan Wars we are looking for a few new Active Fleet commanders and officers to join us. If you are looking to join us just a few things; * We use Discord Click Here to Join * Be active on discord and get involved in the clan activities (working mic is mandatory element) * Be polite and respectful towards other players within and outside the community *You must maintain that you are no more then 30 days since your last battle or you will be removed from clan * You must be at least 16 years old to be accepted * You ought to have at least 1 tier 6 ship Current Clan bonuses include following: +4% XP Bonus per Battle at All Tiers +20% Free XP per Battle at All Tiers +10% Commander XP per Battle -12% of post Battle servicing cost at All Tiers -15% to the cost of normal tech tree ships at All Tiers +7% to Coal that you receive This is a Multi-National Community and welcomes everyone. Besides World of Warships we play many other games together as well: Some few examples consist of: WoT, PUBG, 7DtoD, Overwatch, AW etc. If you feel this would be a suitable place for you, then jump on our discord Click Here to Join or message one of the officers in-game directly: Spetznaz05 Aeliyah_Thord mellissus wellybob1975 Zenthilar
  2. Ok, we are a social gaming clan formed in 2011 originally just WoT. Sense of humour and a degree in sarcasm is a must have! We accept anyone over 25+ Relaxed mature gamers, English speakers from all parts of the EU. Don't be put off if you check my stats, crap but working on it :), there are some very good players in the Clan!! I just try and keep the ship on top of the water! We are looking to expand the WoWS membership. Will help massively with Clan wars. We would like you to have a tier 8 ship or were close to it. We have our own Discord Voice Comms server. Much better than TS, more flexible and mobile phone app. No specific times to logon, RL, families and work all get in the way, but we do expect you to be on Discord when you do get on. Our members do play other games too, like most gamers nowadays. Overall we have approx. !00+ members for various games on Discord. So bring a sense of humour with you and apply now! Any questions just ask, or contact us ingame via the Clan finder or PM Strider66, Vorcha, nextoops, Demurph, Sterling69 or Greatoak.
  3. RNSF (Royal Navy Surface Fleet) We now have the capacity for new members!!! (After culling in-active members) LOOKING FOR PLAYERS WHO WANT TO HELP US PROGRESS IN CLAN WAR'S We are a WOWS clan, made up of primarily English players, & expats but as long as you speak fairly good English, and can take our sense of humour you are welcome (GMT+/-3 time zone is a must) we are shall we say more senior in years. We have assembled a clan of like-minded mature members, who are committed to having a good time, who do not need micromanaging. You will gravitate to players with the same disposition if you are: ⦁ Over 26 (exceptions will be made if you demonstrate maturity beyond your years) ⦁ Not thin skinned (profanity is commonplace) ⦁ A casual player (but not too casual) ⦁ Have a good range of ship tiers & types 7 -10 especially ⦁ Have at least 1500 games under your belt (exceptions made for committed players) ⦁ Enjoy divisioning with like-minded people who can give as good as they get ⦁ Committed to playing the game for mainly fun/relaxation with an eye to competitive play This isn't a clan for you if: ⦁ You require a safe place (if someone calls you a ---- then look inward) ⦁ You are a ship professor i.e players waiting to go into battle while you reel off stats ⦁ You spend more than 20s camo/flagging your ship for battle ⦁ Your mic leaves a lot to be desired i.e others can hear everything that is happening in your household We are a well-rounded bunch who play most day's & evenings clan battles are encouraged but not a prerequisite we operate Twitch chat the in-game banter is adult themed so if you cannot stand banter/having the piss taken don't bother. We have a good mix, some play for fun others can get serious we play tiers 4 to 10 with a mix of classes but expect players to rotate types as requested We are looking for players who don't take themselves too seriously, who have a good tier spread of ships and can give as good as they get. DISCORD CHAT CLIENT IS A MUST https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500161631,RNSF-Royal-Navy-Surface-Fleet/ LOOK UP RNSF IN SHIPS CLAN FINDER
  4. Looking for active players to contribute to the clan. Most of the naval base is upgraded to tier 4-5 out of 6 and looking for additional members to help build the clans resources faster as well as participate in clan battles / clan events. If you are interested please don't hesitate to request to join [BERKS].
  5. Russ_57

    GKXS is recruiting

    Greetings Commanders, GKXS has expanded to 40 members. We are an English speaking, casual clan. We play for fun and to expand our base facilities We have players of all tiers and experience, and all are welcome. Interested? Apply and I will add you, so you can make use of our base facilities Yours aye
  6. [TO] - Total Oblivion Currently looking for a second commander for Clan Wars! What is TO about? Total Oblivion is a casual yet competitive clan who are looking for new members to participate in Clan Wars (Storm League), operations and general platooning. We don’t have compulsory participation every night but are looking for ACTIVE players who WANT to take part in Clan Wars. Therefore, we require that you have at least 1 tier 10, 54%ish winrate and at least 1000 battles. These requirements are subject to the commander's discretions and are flexible. If you have any questions feel free to message MAOwarrior on the forums, in-game or drop by the Discord and ask to have a chat with me. See you around! Our WoWs Stats Page -https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500142639,-T-O-Total-Oblivion/ 18+ Maturity - https://discord.gg/4BHUHnh The following is a funny example of our Clan Wars gameplay.
  7. Recruitment is currently OPEN Your personality and maturity are more important to me than your ratings. We do NOT recruit based on WTR We do NOT recruit based on number of battles played We do NOT recruit based on certain ships or tiers We DO recruit based on age We DO recruit based on personality We DO recruit based on becoming part of a social clan *edited* TeamSpeak server set up (awg.teamspeak3.com). If you have no desire or interest in using TeamSpeak - please don't bother applying TeamSpeak is essential for communication during battles, both for division play and especially for Clan Wars. If you are too shy to communicate via TeamSpeak then we are definitely NOT the clan for you. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Seeking mature members who are semi-serious while playing in Divisions or Clan Wars, enjoy a good joke and laugh, but above all, enjoy playing the game. Ideally, I'm seeking players aged 25 or older; players under 25 will be considered by exception, but absolutely NO players under age 21 will be allowed to join the clan I understand work and family commitments, so I'm looking for players who also understand we are playing a game, and the goal is to have fun. The clan is primarily for World of Warships, (a few members dabble in World of Tanks and Armored Warfare.) I am seeking players age 25 and older. Please apply via the clan Discord channel: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S A short discussion on TeamSpeak is required - we want to ensure you have the right personality for our clan
  8. Good morning all, This is a first for me so I will keep it short a sweet. We are looking for some new clan members that would like to actively take part in clan battles. The clan currently has a majority of the port upgraded with more to come, we hope to keep up our rapid fill out of this. Anyone that would like to join us is more than welcome!
  9. Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) is back and looking for salty seadogs to join the crew, it has been quiet for a while, but now back fully active and looking for active players. Force H Naval Base has buildings that give our players bonuses for their Captains XP and Ships XP from their games, that will improve more as time goes on, and will soon be fiving bonuses to coal for each clan member, as well as making buying your ships that you unlock in the tech tree cheaper to buy. You don't have to be superman, just need to have some or most of the following traits:- 1. Be active and playing regularly. 2. Be English speaking, as i have set up a discord chat server, to help in battles, and to generally have fun together. 3. Looking to team up with other clan mates, and when we have enough players, participate in clan battles, as well as other events as and when the are held. 4. Knowing which end of the ship is the front, is an advantage, but not a deal breaker lol. 5. Knowing what those things that go bang are for is also a plus, but again not a huge deal breaker. 6. Age is unimportant, just be ready to have fun and sink some enemy ships. If you would like to join a very small clan that is looking to expand, and help it to grow. You will get all of the benefits and rewards from being in a clan, and the more success we have, the more and bigger the rewards become. So if that appeals to you, then leave your details below and I will be happy to invite you to join Force H_Royal Navy (FH_RN) Give us a try, you know it makes sense. General_Montgomerie1966 (Base commander)
  10. [TGD] The gray devils We are a couple of old farts that plays casual COOP for our own enjoyment. We are international and try to have as casual and fun time as possible while still being serious about the game. Who are we seeking we are seeking people which wants to play with us in COOP casual games and you can say yes to most of the following: English and/Or Danish speaking Older or mature (If you are 13 or thereabout forget it) You have ships from level 2-10 (We sail mostly with ships from level 3-8 pt but that may change with time) You got destroyers and cruisers (If you got carriers and battleships fine) You use Discord and/or TS3 with a working Mic/Headset You are relaxed, polite, humoristic, and behave like you want to be treated yourself We have no expectations of you coming on every day actually the opposite as we only wants to see you when you wants to play with us (family is more important than gaming) You don't need over 1000 battles or other demands just the want to play We deliver the following: Through us you can play other games in our community Wargame Red Dragon Steelbeasts Pro PE (Danish, German, Finnish, Australian, Austrian army tank simulator) EFT (Escape from Tarkov) Dungeons and Dragons Star Wars Arma 3 Stellaris Rainbow Six Siege DCS and others Forum as needed Help with coms and pcs We are looking forward to see/Talk/Play with you
  11. Russ_57

    GKXS is now recruiting

    Ahoy Captains, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We have expanded our Clan to 40 places. Our requirements our simple, be able to speak English and have fun. We have players from various Nations and various skill levels. Do not waste your Oil, join our Clan and make use of our resources. All are welcome, hope to see you soon Yours aye
  12. HULK is based on active players. We aim to create a friendly environment for players that are willing to play in CB's, Team Devision, Ranked or even play SOLO. We are international players with one purpose: Entertainment. We use Discord as main comunication in English Be friendly with other players.
  13. Hello All, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan, we have just expanded to 40 positions. If you would like to make use of our facilites, extra XP, lower repair costs and discounts on purchasing ships etc, then come and join us. We have players of all nations and servers, and all tiers and experience. Sounds like what you are looking for? Apply and we will add you Regards
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Here at The Royal Navy Elite Fleet we are currently looking for more players to extend our current clan, the rules for applying are very simple: You have to be 18+ Have a vgood sense of humor (this is a must) Be of good English speaking We use a private rented TeamSpeak server (not only for Clan Battles etc.) where most of our members hang out to play Warships together again, a sense of humour is a must !!!! Lol Be prepared to undertake Clan Battles Be part of the clan, We dont just want you sitting there doing nothing on your own We are a multi range clan from all walks of life and ages (most of our members are mid age), we all play Warships but also play a range of many other game titles. Either reply to our thread for more info or apply through the Clan Search function in-game. We hope to see you in TeamSpeak / Game soon Captains !!
  15. Hello welcome to my new clan , i'm not interested in winrates Play for fun not stats! Must be able to speak english and write it as such , no abusing clan mates , adults only . voice comms will be needed ( for playing together and communication during battles) - uk/gmt and bst timezone preffered over 18's only minimum 1000 battles minimum tier v ship This is a no pressure clan but we can do other things like clan battles and scenarios if the interest is there! clan base will be built according to members wishes and thoughtfullness ie cost and use to the clan a sense of humour is a must , laughing at pretty much anything helps too , telling me how bad i am at ships is optional this clan loves carriers unless they are killing us... :-( if you are interested then apply ! send all applications to me or reply to this thread thank you for reading!
  16. DarkSteel85

    A.R.G now recruiting

    A.R.G (After redemption gaming), We are now recruiting new to experienced players to take part in clan battles, if you would like to join a friendly clan that can take a joke your more then welcome to join us (as long as you can take one :p). We are on discord which most ppl prefer today and there is always at least one active person on usually on an evening so why not drop by our clan is also active on WoT, And we like a variety of ships DD,CA,BB,CV so whatever you like playing we won't beg you to change your preference. So Come and join us and lets raise a bit of Hell.
  17. Russ_57

    GKXS Clan recruiting

    Hello All,GKXS is an English speaking casual Clan. We are currently recruiting for new members. Requirements, speak English and have fun. We accept all regardless of Tier or experience, we have member from Tier I to Tier IX. Interested? Check us out, if you like what you see, apply Regards
  18. Hello fellow pixel ship warriors we are the Axiom Raiders, we are a clan made up of players who like nothing better than jumping on to Teamspeak having a laugh and playing World of Warships. We currently have 2 clans Axiom Raiders [AXIOM] and the newly formed Axiom Raiders 2 [AX2OM] , what can i tell you about the clans. The Axiom Raiders [AXIOM] - Clan Wars driven with the focus on reaching the top league using teamwork, tactics and the right ships for the job, that doesn't mean that it's all business because as the saying goes " all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy " so we do let our hair down (if you have hair that is) and play operations, divisions etc. We would ask for any applicant to be willing to play multiple ship roles what we are looking for 1. Must have Teamspeak with working mic 2. Must be able to understand Basic English 3. Must be 18+ years of age due to mature nature of clan dynamic, exceptions can be made 4. Plays regularly 5. Willing to give and accept feedback to help each other 6. Willing to be a team player 7 .Willing to follow clan rules All applications will be on a Trial basis of 2 weeks that way it gives you time to see if you want to be part of the clan and you will be guided through by 1 of the recruitment team. The Axiom Raiders 2 [AX2OM] - The Casual side of the clan, working on promoting team play with in a group of players, playing operations, divisions and all other team based activities. what we are looking for 1. Must have Teamspeak with working mic 2. Must be able to understand Basic English 3. Must be 18+ years of age due to mature nature of clan dynamic, exceptions can be made 4. Plays regularly with in there means e.g. family life, work etc 5. Willing to give and accept feedback to help each other 6. Willing to be a team player 7 .Willing to follow clan rules 8. Must have a tier 6 non premium ship When applying for 1 of the above clans please do so in this format Clan name [axiom]/[ax2om] - short description about yourself & why you want to join - your top tier ship/ ships e.g. Tier 8 benson, edinburgh Good luck and Fair seas
  19. Welcome to the 5D (Fifth Dimension) recruitment page. 5D is an active clan with and 50 active players. It consists of three principle fleets (sub clans): 5D : This is the competitive fleet, and have achieved typhoon 1 in both both seasons of clan wars to date, and strives to be a Hurricance team going forward. (Min criteria: > 2500 battles, > 57% win rate, at least 2 clan wars viable ships (Des Moines, Gearing, Z-52, Yueyang, Hindenburg) 5D2: Is also competitive, but plays at a slightly lower level and has reached Typhoon / Storm in previous seasons. We are looking to increase the strength in depth in 5D2 and see it as base for good players learning their way or those that don't aspire to full on competitive (Min criteria: 52% win rate) 5D4: The entry level fleet, for players still learning but who want to be part of a clan to help them develop, playing clan wars at a lower level, allowing them to experience competitive play. We are an English speaking clan and you must use Teamspeak, though we do use Discord for messaging. We regularly have 20+ people online and encourage you to division with other members of the clan to develop your play style, asking each other for help and tips. If you have any questions about our clan please send an in game or forum message to Mr_Snoww, or Killerbin34. We will have a chat, understand where you might fit and get you set up on teamspeak. We hope this is the clan for you and look forward to playing with you.
  20. Russ_57

    Clan GKXS is recruiting

    Ahoy There, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We currently have two vacancies. We have players of various skills and tiers. Do not waste your Oil come and join us and use the Clan Resources Yours Aye
  21. Hello All, I have created a new Clan, GKXS, today. My sole intention is to have an English speaking casual Clan to use Oil for the mutual benefit of the Clan. All are welcome, no age or skill restrictions, as long as you are able to speak English and collect Containers you are eligible. Interested? apply in-game, first 29 applications are in. Regards
  22. Are you looking for a Social, Fun, & Experienced PC gaming Clan? [UKSF] Clan Are Recruiting Players for World Of Warships' Clan Battles! Established in 2005, the [UKSF] Clan have Members from all over Europe, You Must be English Speaking, and you must be 18+ Years old and a working microphone. To apply to join [UKSF] you must Join TeamSpeak3 or message: XanoXL, Daveymall, Hugh_Jaxident67 or _Riddy_ in-game for a discussion and entry requirements. MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN TeamSpeak Address Web site Address http://www.uksf-clan.com
  23. Hey. I am looking for a clan, or at least someone to play with in team battles. I speak good english (for a not native english speaker). I play games at tier 5-7.I play cruisers and batteships, and sometimes aircraft carriers. I am a generally good player. In the latest months I got average 50 000- 60 000 damage in my Pensacola. I would prefer a Norwegian clan, but an European english speaking clan could also work. I don`t want to play with people that is over 25 y.o. Not looking for a really serious clan, but at least someone to play with.
  24. Hey there! Just a casual bloke, starting a clan with a funny name (I play a lot of battleships) who is interested in bringing people together in a friendly environment. As long as you can write English, are level 15, and have >50% WR, you'll be accepted. The clan is really just a place for people to take advantage of the oil system, whilst still being able to platoon up with others if they want :) and if the clan grows big enough, we may even get involved in clan battles. Happy sailing! RecklessBanana