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Found 2 results

  1. Since i didn't find the answer i decided to ask. The question is.. - Does acceleration of engine boost stack with propulsion modification 2? My harugumo would really like to know it.
  2. Hello commanders, I am starting this poll to have a general opinion of those who like to play DDs mostly. I'm preety sure that 90% of the veteran players know by now, that everytime you pop your engine boost (EB) consumable your detection range is increased by a small amount (something like 0.2-0.3 km, corect me if I'm wrong) and we all know how frustating this thing must be when you were taken by surprise by the enemy and you managed to boost out to the distance of your normal detection range, but you are still spotted because of the boost penalty. Because of this penalty, those extra few seconds that take you to get completely out of sight while EB is on can be decisive if staying alive or beeing sunk. Also I'm preety sure most of you use EB to move quickly to a location and then smoke inside it when you are overwhelmed. By slowing down you remain hidden but we all know how smoke works these days and that it takes a while to go out of sight, and with EB on it takes even longer. Wouldn't you like to cancel it and reduce the detection range penalty? So my question is: Would you like Wargaming to add a cancel functionality for Engine Boost consumable (by pressing right click on the EB button), just like the ability to cancel your planes take-off or switching off AA Defence consumable? I'm open to all opinions, Best regards.