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Found 9 results

  1. [update] since CW is most likely 8vs8 were currently looking for cruiser players We do: - play in division - build clanbase - some clan battles - talk bullsh** - have fun We dont do: - *justpotatothings* - rage in chat - require certain online times (RL first) what you need to bring? - >50%WR *exceptions can be made for new players or friends - play regularly - able comunicate in english (written and spoken) - beeing able to behave in chat - if you want to take part in CW we need you to: *see most recent post questions to me either ingame or over the forum
  2. You like to rule the sea? Join us! You like to play clanbattles and you have no crew to do so? Join us! You like to get gud? Join us! You like to have some decent m8s for random divisions? Join us! You like to benefit from clanbase bonuses? Join us! You like to expand your Discord server list? Join us! As for now all new recruits will be inspected and drilled individualy. Safe sailings and may always be a hand's width of water under your keel. PM me
  3. [FALCO] TVFALCONS GAME WORLD OF WARSHIPS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Dear captains, FALCO CLAN is on the hunt for great captains for Clan Battles and Co-ops and random and possibly other tournaments, we need someone with very good individual skills, a good understanding of game mechanics and the ability to be a team player. Requirements: Before you apply, please ensure you meet the minimum criteria: - You are fluent in Dutch / vlaams - You are fluent in german - You are fluent in English. for international players "example Dutch players play whit an english player talk then english. it same a germany player talk english." - You are 18 years of age or older. - You have the Ability to get along with our odd mix of players. - You have to use Discord and have a decent working mic. - Experience in competitive isn't that important. - Finally, you need to be present for CBs sessions at least 2 times a week. "For mods / helpers / founder can be longer inactiv" Bu second helper can help you. - Be not an [edited]. - no rasim - be freindly in chat. - you tier ships minimal tier IV and up. if you are interested you can reply to this post PM me on the forum or in-game or through Discord. #join our discord 1 server :ingame batlles. https://discord.gg/fUz7vcT #Join our discord 2 server :tvfalcons community streamers. https://discord.gg/eEzXUBW #follow on twitch.tv/tvfalcons Clan bonuses can be exemple: (WG can change any time less or more) +2% XP Bonus per Battle at All Tiers +10% Free XP per Battle at All Tiers +6% Commander XP per Battle -15% of post-Battle servicing cost at All Tiers -10% to the cost of researchable ships at All Tiers +7% to Coal that you receive +5% to Steel that you receive Good luck captains and have fun, TVFALCONS [FALCO] Clan members can win a nice price out wows premium shop. Sponsort by TVFALCONS. The best player win . three months each played total XP Info on http://www.tvfalcons.com
  4. jerkchicken

    [ENG] Competitive player.

    I'm currently still in: [WOLF] Team Wolfpack. Since the group falls apart, I decided to look for another clan as well. I'm Jerkchicken aka Quincy 18y old. I'm from the Netherlands. I have been playing for 3 years now WOWS. What i can expect from the clan: - Active players: Divisions and CB. I want to improve my stats to +/- 60% WR. Were I'm striving to right now aswell. - Communication: mainly Discord but TS is fine. - Nice people What you can expect from me: - I'm very active I want to mainly play in div's - Playing CB -> I have the STALINGRAD. - Speaking English & Dutch. - Competitive playstyle. Information: STATS WOLFSTATS If I have forgotten to mention something, please do not hesitate to respond. Thanks for your time! Jerk
  5. "Angry Ducks" [A_D_C] is wanting you. We are a newborn clan with lots of WOWp experience, that just moved to wonderful WOWs. If you have a cooperative mind, an easygoing yet serious attitude, you can enlist. We don't have rating standards prerequisites, we just want to grow with you. Build up Oil barrels with us an make our clan stronger and stronger! * English and Italian preferred languages, but not needed. Feel free to contact me "Shudragon" in game. Check our website (ENG and ITA). http://angryduck.it/
  6. Hello and welcome, fellow bathtub captains. Wrath of the Ocean [OCEAN] was founded with the clear intention of assembling players who wanted to "git gud" together, whilst biting their way to the top and curse RNG - all of that without enforcing over the top commitment. Are you looking for; - Stalingrad? - the benefits of an evolving clan base? (the earlier you join, the more impact you can make on growth and build decisions) - a mature environment that welcomes sarcasm and humour? - Divisions to have fun and quality games, including the occasional operation/event? - no demands regarding logins/hours clocked per week? - the will to get Stalingrad? - Discord? - no potatoes? (excluding the occasional brain farts and bad decisions/games) - honest top brass that won't abandon projects half-way through? - also, did I mention Stalingrad? What are we looking for in you? - mature players of all nationalities, preferably aged 20+ - the willingness to acknowledge mistakes and improve - yourself and others - the ability to clearly communicate in and understand English (no one is asking for Oxford English, but in regards to Clan Wars proper communication is a must) - if you wish to participate in competitive game play, aka Clan Wars, commitment to your team - at least 51%-52% winrate, preferably upwards (non-negotiable) - at least 1 T10 ship (no rentals, non-negotiable) - at least 1,5k games (exceptions can be made as of 1k games if you show promise) In order to judge your application initially, please have your statistics open. Ideally you should be either between or better than those two scrubs; https://eu.warships.today/player/526952086/_XFire93_ https://eu.warships.today/player/515759576/Admiral_Dragon If we like what we see, you'll most likely be invited to Discord and a couple of games in division, before - if mutual interest persists - receiving the time-honored rank of "Fresh Meat". Due to the current staff situation and focus, we have neither the time nor the will to groom new players. Still, 3-5 slots are currently reserved for grumpy lonewolves (*cough* oil miners *cough*). Fair warning; currently the clan only consists of my second-in-command and me. Since I lift the entirety of this effort, I only ask for a bit of your patience. I will be available again at around 16 o'clock CET to read/review PMs and applications. Good hunt and may you reds eat all the citadels. Ours is the fury - Admiral_Dragon
  7. Good day to all I'm Emanuele Just started this game 4 weeks got level 6 queen all the rest 4-5 (struggling with money to buy them all :-p skilling up is easy) 53% win ratio, so I try to make the difference, still struggling with nuub mistakes :-/ I would like a group of people who want to execute tactics and pull their weight I would like to rank up to 1 when it open, already done 5 skills all the maps events, but I would like to go for the hidden achievement too I offer my skills and want to learn and execute tactics, I can play just at night I'm working 38 year, too old :-p I've grow up with tribes, mech warrior, cs, wow, and other games always on the world top teams, 4th in the world in wow, so I think this prove what kind of dedication I can muster with a party of peers Thank all to have read this
  8. Wotcha mateys, Since the clan stuff is taking off a bit here in WoWs I thought it may be time to be in one (may even go so far as to make one depending how things go). I am not the greatest player, but try hard not to be a complete scrub and have never even been in a division so far. Prefer to play cruisers and battleships since I am probably more of a danger to my own teams with torps, but I've never hurried up the tiers so haven't got past tier 8 so far. While not massively competitive (never really even done ranked) I do try my bestest (subject to RNG and mood), just like playing the game. Due to health issues I also keep strange hours (insomnia etc.) so don't have set availability. Also due to hardware errors (brain) my memory aint all that brilliant so complex tactics would be impossible for this old sea dog. I can be quite taciturn (and sweary), sometimes not playing for weeks at a time but try not to over sell myself. I do have a reasonably good mic and already use discord, I do stream on twitch at times also (sometimes to as many as two people). I am scottish (hence sweariness) so do actually speak fairly good english but not any other language. This be my stats on the official type site. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/506413186-vereybowring/!/pvp/overview/ EDIT: Here's a replay I stuck up the other day (forgot, yup my memory is bad) - https://replayswows.com/replay/5338 Anyhoo thought I'd stick up a note and see if any EU clan wants a broken old sea dog nice chap to swear ship with. . .
  9. Hello there fellow captains. I am looking for a new clan since the newly added clan feature. I played since closed beta and got over 1200 battles with a nearly 60% winrate. https://eu.warships.today/player/501289258/CrasH_CTB My native language is polish but I can speak english aswell.