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Found 4 results

  1. ATZE_77

    [] Dog Tags_pin_up (KM)

    - some Dog tags swap against pin ups - Kriegsmarine pack (skins, pictures ...) dog Tags_pin_up
  2. Vasil_Dimitrov

    Badges and logos

    Devs can you pls make the badges that we earn for damage and top 3 exp apply to the specific type of ship and nation only. It makes no sense when I see BB with DD damage badge, or german ship with CCCP badge. Also the DD damage badge should get into consideration the assistant/spotting damage also, because the main DD role in the game is not to do damage but to support ( spot, cap, smokescreen...). Most DDs now are chasing damage and dont do what they are suppose to .
  3. Griva

    Clan flags / emblems form

    As everyone know we need and want some kind of clan insignia. I seen somewhere in old Q&A that: @MrConway @Kandly First part - question to developers: Clans came and we still didn't get any clan insignia so.. when we can get it? but more importantly and this is my question: In what form we can expect to see it? What do you think about idea to create building in naval base for clan flag? Also maybe it would be nice option to add some small bonuses for this flag? Second part - poll for players: I want to show you some examples how I see it and I want to know what is the best in your option - simply how do you imagine clan insignia. All options decribed here are in poll above 1. Clan flag instead of nation flag This is the best option in my opinion - visually and technically. Clan can set the flag in clan options (where description and tag) and if set, all nation flags are changed to clan flag. Optionaly there can be option in game that you can disable clan flags in you client but still everyone else can see your clan flag. 2. Clan flag as normal commemorative flag This is interesting option and technicaly probably the easiest solution but it makes some problems. Some flags like "Ranked league" flag gives some bonuses so by using clan flag we have to give up any potential bonuses and all other flags we have. Interesting solution would be adding some bonuses to this flag, for example there can be building in naval base And building it gives us clan flag for all members but to make it more interesting this flag could give us some some small bonuses like additional +2% more credits / exp / free exp or any other combat bonus. 3. Ship emblem This solution probably need way more work and actually it's not as nice as flag In very short we get emblem on our ship - very the same like in world of tanks. 4. Clan flag as the third flag This solution need some work but it's simple. Instead of change current flags, just add 3th slot for clan flag. Still there is one problem - not all ships has place for 3th flag probably and to be honest 3 flags at the same place don't looks so cool imo (it's more messy) 5. Clan camo This is very problematic in many ways and I think I am going to create separated thread about this feature becuase it's nice option but very hard to implement as clan insignia for many reasons. We would pick how ship camo looks and that would be our "clan sign". Big problem for camo is economy. Camos gives us bonuses but we pay for it... this means we can't create perm free camo like this. If you have any other ideas - share it with us Also would be nice if you like/upvote this question for greater reach
  4. haha_ufail

    WOWS beta emblem for WOT

    i was just thinking as beta testers it would be quite nice to have something to show it in WOT such as a perminant "optional" emblem on your tanks such as the WOWS logo or somthing