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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. We are recruiting clan members mostly for collecting oil and enjoying the benefits. You don't have to talk to us, you don't have to play platoons, your stats don't matter to us :) If you want, we can play everyday together, if you don't we respect that. Our first building bought for oil is going to be the one that lowers BB's service by 10% (5000 oil) - so that you know what the first goal is. No pressure, no hard feelings, no stress. It would be nice to play a clan battle or two if we manage to gather some folks, but then again nobody's gonna cry if we don't. Everyone's welcomed, and I hope I'll see you ingame. Applications can be submitted ingame, here in this topic, through PM or whichever way you prefer. I check the game and forum quite often, so you won't wait too long for an acceptation. Regards, Metalheart.
  2. Mr_Tayto

    BBs... So which is it?

    This thread is for discussion, and (I hope) self-reflection. Full disclosure: I play roughly half BB and half CA/CL, with some DD thrown in occasionally (about 1/5 of my game time). My overall WR is 56%, improving daily, along with the important stats like ave.XP and ave.DMG. After a long time playing only RN CL (1-10) and BBs from tier 5-9, I've decided to go back to my roots, where I originally mained CAs but wasn't very good, and my BB playing has dropped off in the last few weeks. I don't have a problem with the 'meta' as most do, except where one line or faction has unbalanced ships. Bismarck is the oft-repeated example but since the Denmark Strait missions I meet many of these which only exist to bump my damage numbers up, in CAs and BBs. I have noticed parallel arguments/complaints on this forum about BBs. It's either one or the other of these, sometimes both: BBs are too easy to play! BBs are only ever piloted by casuals/noobs/potatoes! Point 1 seems to be the most common, and is understandable given WGs daft insistence on handing too many advantages to KM BBs - hydro, secondary buffs etc. Does this make IJN and USN BBs also too easy, or is it a reaction to the KM BB launch? I wasn't around on the forum prior to the KM launch, so I don't know what complaints there were at this time, but the skill level for these other nations BBs does seem to be that little bit higher. As I mentioned on another thread, to do well in BBs isn't easy - at least not if you want to 'carry', or have some influence in the battle leading to higher rewards. It's very easy to be sidelined in a battle within the first few minutes and mopped up if you make a mistake. This leads me onto point 2. If the above is true (and this is where the discussion should come from), shouldn't the unwashed BB masses do better? Or is it true, in fact, that no single line of ships is more or less easy than the others, and just required different playstyles? Isn't this the essence of balancing? Of course, BBs will always be popular because of what new players expect them to be able to do, but the reality is quite different. What do you think?