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Found 4 results

  1. Turin7

    Duca d' Aosta

    Greetings fellow captains, I was very excited to see the first Italian ship introduced into the game, but unfortunately I missed its sale as I was taking a break from WoWs at the time. Anybody knows approximately when we may see her back in the shop? Thanks in advance and good hunting!
  2. Hi all, As we have seen in the reviews of the WiP Duca degli Abruzzi, the ship is in a very "meh" state. I'm fine with it being a glass cannon. Being a cruiser main i am quite used to the consequences of broadsiding ecc, but as of now it also lacks heavily in the dmg dealing department. Is there any plan to change it before release? I am really in a "take my money!" state of mind , but not in the current state. Thanks a lot
  3. I am one of those captains who really looked forward to the arrival of the first Italian cruiser, and who was commensurately frustrated by the gameplay experience when she finally arrived. Because, let's face it: The guns on the Duca D'Aosta are weak. The Duca has quite a lot going for her. She's fast and manoeuvrable. Her guns fire rapidly and they have a great shell speed. She has an unusual combination of hydro and defensive AA consumables. Her long range torpedoes make for surprisingly sneaky area denial weapons. Unfortunately, when she's up against ships of higher tiers, none of the abovesaid strengths really make up for her weak artillery. Her main guns do anemic damage and have a comparatively low fire chance. She has a main armament setup of 4x2 turrets, which is generally weaker than a 3x3 setup (such as on the De Grasse) and markedly weaker than a 4x3 setup (such as on the Cleveland). Her base range of 14 km is a bit on the low side for a ship that relies on accuracy and rate of fire rather than high alpha strike potential. Fortunately, this can be augmented with judicious use of the spotter plane - but another thousand metres or so of base range would have been most welcome. Although I do believe that the abovementioned drawbacks can be mitigated with a captain that has both the IFHE and the Concealment Expert skill, my experience is that the Duca D'Aosta really struggles in random battles. In the 'Defense of Newport Operation', however, she absolutely shines. Her guns, while weak against higher tier cruisers, make mincemeat of any destroyer that happens to stray within medium or close range. They will also tear apart any cruiser that gives her a broadside target for more than fifteen seconds at a range of 10 kilometres or less, which AI cruiser captains in operations are more than happy to do on a regular basis. Her fire chance, while low, is perfectly adequate for setting fires on tier IV-V battleships such as the Myogis, New Yorks and Königs she will face in defense of Newport. And her hydro and defensive AA consumables provide good (or at least adequate) self-defense capabilities when she has to handle herself on her own from time to time. Captain Mario, on the bridge of my Duca D'Aosta, is currently quite a happy camper on the Newport harbour station. I am looking forward to unleashing him in future operations as well!
  4. Procrastes

    The Duca d'Aosta

    So, what are your thoughts on the Duca d'Aosta? Pros - She's fast and nimble. - Her guns have high shell velocity. - She has both the 'Acoustic Search' and the 'Defensive AA' consumables. - She's a beautiful ship. - Long range torpedoes. Cons - She's easy to citadel (because, cruiser). - She has a harder time getting out of trouble than getting into it. - Her HE has low fire chance and seems rather lacklustre overall (see below).* - Slow torpedoes. * A special note concerning the High Explosive ammunition on the Duca d'Aosta: Is the IFHE skill more mandatory on her than on other light cruisers? Last night I landed thirteen (13) hits with HE on the side of a Mogami cruiser, at less than 10 km range. Apart from setting one fire and knocking out some torpedo tubes, these hits did zero (0) damage. I do kind of suck at gunnery, but still - what the heck? Is the HE ammunition on the Duca especially weak, or is it just me? Is the IFHE skill more mandatory on this ship than on other light cruisers, or was I just unlucky? I have chosen the IFHE skill on the Belfast and the Perth, but since they both have smoke, that was a no-brainer. After all the long-range AP chastisement I have taken in the Duca, I was sort of leaning toward CE as the first 4th-level skill, but being able to avoid damage won't do any me any good if I can't dish it out. The 152 mm AP can do some real damage, of course, but it's always so very situational and can't be relied on at long range.