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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, fellow commanders! I did not spend doubloons on any boosters and neither I purchased Gorizia, so I was not expecting to get any far with the dockyard build. But with my normal play I was able to finish directive 4 and daily chains to get enough tokens to boost the build progress so it is to finish at phase 30. This will open the possibility to finish the build by spending 15,000 doubloons, giving me total 15 rare camos, 11k coal and 2.2k steel (including the clan base bonuses) and also that t10 supercruiser. Is it in your opinion fair price or should I save my doubloons for something more reasonable? (I know how it can sound given we are talking about the virtual game.) I somewhat like playing Alaska and I can use my Montana/Missouri/Alaska Fleet Admiral Steven Seagal (now renamed to John Doe) on Puerto Rico. But some players and CCs I know say that Puerto Rico is quite meh ship, compared to the other t10 cruisers. And I have a strong suspiction that WG will not allow me to refund the purchase after playing no more than one battle with the ship, as they are providing it as a bundle with the stages rewards, so I cannot test the ship handling and general combat behaviour...
  2. Hi all, Did you or will you use the 10%, 15% and 20% coupons "Ships for Doubloons" that expire in 7 days? Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Chop_

    Missing doubloons

    I logged in today to find that I have zero doubloons left, last I logged in I had 5,256. Does anyone know a way to check in-game transactions?
  4. Hi all, Both "Resources" and "Doubloons" coupon restart tomorrow - did you get any ships with them? Last time I checked the "Doubloons" coupon it was valid until March 2020 but when I checked it today I "discovered" that it will restart tomorrow so I bought the "Massachusetts" (effectively just around 20 Euros with 25% OFF coupon and the fact that I bought Doubloons with 30% OFF)... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I will get my "Stalingrad" with Steel tomorrow when "Resources" coupon restarts...
  5. Let's call this the Operation 'Big Haul'. The basic idea would be to intercept a mega huge doubloon convoy leaving Puerto Rico and bound for Cyprus. The players' team would be tasked with intercepting the convoy and transferring the doubloons from the convoy to their support ships. Please discuss and help with the details! Seasons greetings everyone!
  6. So since of late my clan name is no longer mentioned on my purchased patch. Is this a bug?
  7. anonym_2hneAFaIyP4T

    What to do with my doubloons?

    So... As a F2P player, doubloons are a rare resource for me. Over time (after spending some on various things, including discounted captain respecs), thanks to various container drops etc. I have a balance of just over 3,000. I have a number of lines (mostly US) that I am currently grinding, and my eyes are on many more! My two main issues (as others no doubt have) is credit generation (I am returning pitifully small profits at t8 when running prem consumables, so there is an element of git gud!) and captain retraining. FXP is a pitifully slow grind - It took me over a year to get enough for the Nelson, and I'm now back at just over 50k. I don't use it on anything! The question: Considering my two 'economy issues' (aside from my poor quality gameplay), what is the optimal use of my 3k doubloons? If you want more blurb and context... the current background to my lines are: Sorry if this is too ambiguous a question (at lot of it comes down to personal preference I suppose) but any suggestions would be appreciated.