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Found 1 result

  1. T0byJug

    Asashio.. Please shelve

    The Asashio.. AS a DD player with almost 4500 DD matches in Random and 70 different in game (past and present) DD's played. I just fail to see how this Ship will add to the game. We get a Ship that is mediocre to useless against over half the ships she will meet in a match. She can CAP(but not contest CAP) and attack BB/CV anything ells? Well she is useless. DD players have the hardest job in the game (in my opinion) we Cap we scout and we attack enemy ships. Pan Asian DDs have deep water stealthy torpedoes and good guns to fight DD. enemy DDs have a big advantage of Torpedoes in any Knife fight they have against a Pan Asian DD. What will the Asashio bring to game.. We will get a destroyer that can do nothing against a CA/CL and and such Cruiser or any DD will just push you and kill you. She will struggle against any DD she meets as IJN DDs will have Torpedoes and all other DDs will have better guns and/or torpedoes. You are OP as hell against BB with her Uber stealthy torpedoes. So this will encourage BBs to hang back more and not support there team mates properly. Many Asashio players will just hang way back spamming torpedoes and not scout and cap.. (the same problem we had with the Shimakazee back in the day). The reason they will give "I'm too Vulnerable against DD/CA/CL). My opinion Asashio will just frustrate the team its in as the ship will not Scout/Cap.. Just hang back spamming torpedoes. Frustrating there team more as they will get Torpedo Alarms from behind them even if there are safe (CA/CL/DD looking at you). They will Frustrate the enemy team as the BBBabies will use the Asashio as a reason to camp at back. Having torpedo boost on a DD with 2 sets of launchers is just wrong. But having said boost on a DD with 2 sets AND Smoke, OMG wargaming what are you thinking My Conclution Serious DD players will probably not buy her as her role is too limited. BBBabies will buy her as they will think she is OP and be useless too there team as they do not know how to play a DD let alone one with such limited roles. Will have a few good successes and thing they are DD gods Asashio will predominantly played by bad DD players or a few good DD players that want to troll. These players I think will lose interest fast, as when there are no BB's Left they become almost useless Lets see if we can influence wargaming here. If you have account on any other Regions Server please feel free to copy this thread there.