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Found 1 result

  1. If you have been waiting for a battleship that would break the passive camping meta....be prepared to...keep on waiting! Do not waste XP on Nelson. -She is far too weak and eat citadels from the all across the frontal arc due to nothing between the citadel and bow is 25mm plates. -She has no armoured strake, like the Hood has, that allows for angling to be a viable tactic meaning that she can only engage other battleships from either behind islands or from within smoke. -She can't defend herself against any kind of strike aircraft as a combination of weak AA defence, high rudder time and atrocious turning radius and rate of turn means she can not evade attacks even when the evasive maneuvres are done as supposed to. -Does not have any kind of early warning against incoming torpedos which combined with slow rudder and bad turning abilities ensures you eat loads of non repairable damage and flooding. -Because of armour and citadel profile the ship eats a lot of non repairable damage making the zombie heal only a strong ability only in name. Yes the HE shells is a solid damage dealer but that does not make up for this turd of a ship's shortcomings. The overall impression of the Nelson is almost as it was deliberately made weak and vulnerable in order to increase the amount of the camping and passive gameplay meta as this ship can not push against anything like a BB is supposed to but can only perform as a supporting HE spamming cruiser. Will lose a one on one against the Dunkerque almost every time. Will have to call this ship click bait as it is the worst tier 7 BB. Can only recommend against spending 375k free XP on this turd - save them for the Missouri instead. Research and buy only for collection and historical purposes only.