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Found 4 results

  1. Rangers From The North RFTN is a Danish clan, all communication is in Danish. RFTN is a clan that has existed for 20+ years. We've played a bit of everything over the years and is still going strong. RFTN now runs as a multi-gaming community where members themselves are to determine and create the games. Here there is room for more than just a single game. At this writing the World of Tanks and World of Warships, which is focused on decidedly clan games. Whether you want to play any of these or perhaps enjoy playing something else - it's up to the members themselves. We are very much a fun clan with a focus on the social, but we also run more serious game for those who want the kind and possibly will help to create the framework. We plan to time various events such as Team Battle and Strongholds in WoT and we play countdown every night in wows. Clan members and the carrying value of RFTN is that on the basis of a common interest (the game) come together to create a community for the purpose of cosiness and enhance our ability to succeed. Our members range widely, both socially and play wise. Some are relatively new, but is working to reach higher tiers while they improve their game. Others are very experienced, talented players who like to pass on their expertise to their knowledge in the handling of the individual tanks / vessels, tactics or cooperation in the retaining elements of the game. The focal point of RFTN is our TeamSpeak server. Moreover, we maintain a usable website with a well-attended forum. Comfort, teamwork, professionalism and volunteerism As is hopefully seen, cosiness central in RFTN. It is reflected both in ordinary Platoons, bad jokes and talk about various games and what else is going on in the world. But we also work more seriously with teamwork and playing solid Stronghold / Team Battle / Training Rooms. Here we can win, learn, improve and have fun - even when we are not winning. What it can become in the future remains to be seen. Therefore, we seek also like players who have tier 10 tanks / vessels and want more of the game. In wows's ambitions very high and we are most likely to run all sorts of forms of CW and tournaments for those who want to test themselves in the more challenging aspects of wows. However, we do not buy with the cosiness and voluntary nature, as many of our members are in their 30s or 40s, have families, jobs or other commitments to attend to. Facts on recruitment in RFTN RFTN seeks members: Is fresh to learn to know new people. Can withstand a good dose of black humor and bad jokes on TS. Is fresh to socialize with, in short. Demonstrates understanding and respect for each other's differences, socially, as well as playing wise. Show respect for the game, its rules and opponents. We are more into "gg, well played" than "noob". Are willing to learn, as well as to teach, depending on the situation. WHAT CAN RFTN OFFER YOU. A good and relaxed training / play environment Thrilling matches Permanent training days Fun Adults people to share experiences with TeamSpeak 3 Server professional website WHAT RFTN EXPECT OF YOU. You are 18+ years. You use Teamspeak when you play. You have a microphone available. Your PC can run the game optimally. You have a stable playing pattern. You keep an eye on the website. You connect / unsubscribe training and matches You are welcome to drop by Teamspeak 3 and meet us for an informal chat if you like to hear more before you apply.Teamspeak3 server-adresse: ts3.rftn.eu or Apply for membership in RFTN
  2. Ohøy alle DANSKE kaptainer Lidt om DDU : Vi er en forholdsvis lille clan pt. 17 medlemmer og aktiv, vores primære del er casual play, vi hygger på Discord som er vores fælles platform, alderen er 25+. Et UFRAVIGELIG KRAV er at man skulle kunne opføre sig ordentlig, samt snakke dansk !!!! Vi søger medlemmer til hyggelig "samvær" på discord, dette er ikke et krav, men spillere der gider komme online og være med til at skabe noget holdånd og fællesskab vil blive foretrukket. Clanen er blevet størrere, og lysten til at starte op på lidt Clan Wars er der, kunne du tænke dig at være med til at starte dette i næste sæson, men på hygge niveau, meld dig endeligt under fanerne. Aktiviteter : Clan Wars : Vi vil gerne spille Clan Wars, vi spiller på hygge niveau, hvis det er competitive Clan Wars du vil spille er dette IKKE clanen for dig. Ranked : Vi spiller Ranked Random Battle : Vi spiller Random battle, både alene og i divisioner, samt nedtælling. Generalt hjælper vi hinanden med opsætning/råd. Kom endelig ind på vores Discord server og få en snak, vi bider ikke Discord server : https://discord.gg/7EpfYMc Mvh TheGrimReaper76
  3. [TGD] The gray devils We are a couple of old farts that plays casual COOP for our own enjoyment. We are international and try to have as casual and fun time as possible while still being serious about the game. Who are we seeking we are seeking people which wants to play with us in COOP casual games and you can say yes to most of the following: English and/Or Danish speaking Older or mature (If you are 13 or thereabout forget it) You have ships from level 2-10 (We sail mostly with ships from level 3-8 pt but that may change with time) You got destroyers and cruisers (If you got carriers and battleships fine) You use Discord and/or TS3 with a working Mic/Headset You are relaxed, polite, humoristic, and behave like you want to be treated yourself We have no expectations of you coming on every day actually the opposite as we only wants to see you when you wants to play with us (family is more important than gaming) You don't need over 1000 battles or other demands just the want to play We deliver the following: Through us you can play other games in our community Wargame Red Dragon Steelbeasts Pro PE (Danish, German, Finnish, Australian, Austrian army tank simulator) EFT (Escape from Tarkov) Dungeons and Dragons Star Wars Arma 3 Stellaris Rainbow Six Siege DCS and others Forum as needed Help with coms and pcs We are looking forward to see/Talk/Play with you
  4. [CXFDK] Clan eXtreme Fun DK er en gammel dansk klan. Vi er en hygge klan med mere end 60 medlemmer, hvorfor der næsten altid er nogen online på vores TeamSpeak server. Aktuelt rekrutterer vi både spillere og ledere til vores WoWs division, som har over 40 meget aktive medlemmer. I CXFDK sættes det sociale samvær i højsædet, og vi forventer, at medlemmerne ønsker at bidrage til klanen på en positiv måde. Vores ambition er at have det sjovt, imens vi bliver bedre kaptajner. Vi har 2 niveauer: - hyggesejlads, hvor vi bl.a øver god kommunikation. Der sejles sammen efter laveste fællesnævner, så alle helt uforpligtende kan deltage. - holdsejlads under mottoet: There's No "I" in "Team". Der er sjovest at vinde, men det kræver lidt mere disciplin. Klan livet tager udgangspunkt i at vores liv (familie, arbejde mv.) kommer først, så klanen er på ingen måde professionel. Om dig: - Du taler dansk - Du er voksen - Du har spillet mindst 1.500 slag i "Random Battles" - Du har en winrate på mindst 48% - Du har mindst 1 Tier 8 skib (ej premium skib) - Du er indstillet på at deltage i aktiviteterne på Teamspeak 3 - Du er klar til eXtreme Fun Hvis du er interesseret, så besøg vores Team Speak server på adressen ts01.swifthosting.dk:10038 Password: Danishbacon. Vi ser frem til at høre fra dig :-) Gamer-hilsen fra Danmarks sjoveste klan Ludwig45s PS. Du kan kun blive optaget efter en samtale på TeamSpeak.